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Reading Reviews for Cold Feet
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Review #1, by Dirigible_Plums Cold Feet

11th April 2017:
Hello there!

I've come to break Ineke out of jail for the CTF event :)

I remember this challenge! I'm pretty sure I even entered a one shot into it where I sank Jily. That's right. I sunk The Ship. Which was why I was so interested in seeing how you sank another popular ship in the fandom (I'm sure Blackinnon fans everywhere are seething after reading this fic).

Getting stood up on your own wedding day isn't something I'd wish upon anyone. It's already a terrifying leap to make, even when you're certain you want to take it with the person you love, so to have that other person simply not turn up... Well, it's pretty awful. Insert inappropriate language here.

I understand Marlene's reasoning. I mean, they're in the thick of a war and it's not pretty, especially when you're on the front lines. Death can hit anyone anywhere and it can hit hard. So she's right in saying that she's scared that the fear of losing him is what encouraged her to rush into a marriage she hadn't fully thought through.

I just wish she'd thought of that before Sirius was waiting for in front of a dozen odd people.

Regardless of that, this was certainly a compelling read and I'm glad Ineke chose to review it.

Plums xo

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Review #2, by ANightingaleInAGoldenCage Cold Feet

11th April 2017:
Hiya! Here for CTF!

First of all, that was a very rude move to make from Marlene. First saying that she'll see him in an hour and then bailing out regardless? I can only imagine the pain Sirius must be going through at that point. Besides, especially during a war it'd be nice to have some happiness and lightness, even for a little while, to remind everyone that there still can be some things worth fighting for. I mean, I get why one would be scared to have their loved ones taken away from them and the fear of war making them make choices they regret. But honestly, saying that she doesn't love him anymore is a huge step to make and makes me wonder if either she is lying or otherwise has been holding out for him for far too long if she was truly not in love with him anymore. Eitherway, it's a lousy move to make. That being said, I did love the additional notes and hints about the strength of their friendships and how Marlene isn't the traditional sort of woman. Also, the circumstances the wedding are for makes me wonder if there isn't more going on than what's being said in this prequel as it is, and could maybe have used some more explanation, though then again I also feel like it would be explained in the sequel as it is.
Very well written otherwise and it's very rude for you to shatter my heart like this!

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Review #3, by EverDiggory Cold Feet

25th May 2016:
Wow. I don't even know what to say, I need to take a minute to process this. I knew something was going to happen, but I truly didn't think it was going to be Marlene to bail out. You didn't give away any clues with Marlene's reactions, which made it very shocking to me when she bailed on Sirius. I love that it felt as surprising to me as it was to Sirius.

I really liked this one shot. I feel like Sirius doesn't get enough attention and there is just so much writing opportunity for him. It was nice to see you exploring all that good Sirius potential, haha. To me, this one shot is just very reasonable. I'm struggling to put this into words especially since i'm easing back into all the fan fiction goodness, but I feel like this one shot fits with Sirius so well and could explain why he is the way he is later on. I don't know if that even makes sense, but in my head it does. Kudos to you for another great piece, I'm looking forward to reading more!

x Ever

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Review #4, by Claire Evergreen Cold Feet

24th January 2016:
Hey! Here for our review swap!

I haven't read the story this is a prequel to, but I'm going to have to because now I want to know what the aftermath to all of this was!

I think you did a really good job capturing the emotions throughout the story. I felt nervous just reading it and I love when author's can make their readers feel the same emotions as the characters.

I felt so bad for Sirius throughout the whole story. I was convinced that he was going to call off the wedding when Marlene called him in or he was going to say something to James, but I was pleasantly surprised when he didn't. I knew that someone was going to end it based on the challenge this was for, but I honestly did not expect it to be Marlene. I love that it wasn't Sirius, though, it was a 'twist' that I found refreshing than how he is characterized a lot of the time.

This was a great story, I'll definitely need to stop by again soon! Thank you for doing the swap!


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Review #5, by Fonzzx Cold Feet

16th January 2016:
You have taken my ship and sank it right to the freezing depths of the ocean.

I am not sure I can forgive you for this (I am kidding, of course I can because the writing was awesome and I can really feel Sirius' confusion at Marlene's note).

My Blackinnon/Jily for the challenge has now been validated (my character was James but OF COURSE I had to put Blackinnon in there because it's Marauders era) so it's really good to see someone else out there who writes Blackinnon, it seems to be a rare ship on HPFF.

Good luck for the challenge!

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Review #6, by Ignis the Imp Cold Feet

6th January 2016:
Boo! Ha, you weren't expecting that, were you? I like to surprise people, you see. I also like the Marauders! Those four boys are almost as good at making mischief as I am!

The beginning of this story was intriguing! It made me wonder what was going to happen, and for a moment I thought that maybe James and Lily were getting married and Sirius was preparing to be the best man at their wedding. Soon I realised that Sirius was getting married himself, and to Marlene! I always liked Marlene. She came across me one time at Hogwarts when I was helping Peeves with a prank on Filch and she never said a thing...

I was really excited to see Sirius and Marlene getting married, although I was a bit nervous too because the tone here made me think the story wouldn't have a happy ending. Marlene seemed very reluctant before the wedding when she broke tradition to see Sirius. It was really sad when she didn't arrive and sent the letter to Sirius instead of getting married to him. War is such a horrible time. I don't see why anybody wants to fight when they could be flitting around the archives like me!

Ignis the Imp

Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review this! I am glad that you enjoyed it.

You are very intuitive Ignis the Imp! :) You're right her tone does suggest otherwise and she was leaving clues all over the place of her true feelings. I am glad you were able to pick up on those!

Thank you so much for this wonderful review! It has truly made my day!


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