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Reading Reviews for Room 49
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Review #1, by Serpendor Summer After the War

11th November 2016:
This was beautifully written. You didn't even need complicated diction, you just seem to have a way with words. Wasn't expecting this from a 15+ but it seemed more like a poem, really. It just kind of flowed, you know? I loved the instability about the Room 49 light coming on.

I think this is something that we, potterheads, don't think about too often, which is that everyone needed to recover from the battle. The book leaps from the battle to 19 years later and we see nothing in-between, but you wrote this in a way that Its not hard to imagine this is how it really happened. It was like a deleted scene in a way and it was great. This story gets a 9 from me for sure!

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Review #2, by x0nanashi0x Summer After the War

22nd May 2016:
Beautifully written. It was incredibly honest, especially with Hermione coming to depend on the stability and consistency of Room 49. It's understandable she would have desperately needed it because with the end of the war came the end of the life that she had before.
Bittersweet in the best kind of way.
Thank you for sharing!

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Review #3, by confusedlover Summer After the War

20th March 2016:
Very lovely!

This was a beautiful little story and I enjoyed it very much. It was wonderfully written. Keep on writing!

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Review #4, by ABlack Summer After the War

5th February 2016:
Hey raisha!

I have to admit I was curious how you would manage to do smut with a 15+ rating, but I shouldn’t have doubted you. First, you created a great framework in which to bring Hermione and Draco together. You weren’t afraid of showing us that Hermione did have wounds from the war. This played perfectly with her need to use a sleeping potion and the mask. Very clever inclusion of these items! Then there’s that kiss and how it seemed the world had faded around them.

I will say that I was hoping Hermione would stay with Draco, but I think the way it ended is what gives the story that bittersweet, poignant sense. Altogether, you did a fantastic job!


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Review #5, by EnigmaticEyes16 Summer After the War

16th January 2016:
Hey raisha! I know I'm late but I'm finally here to give you a Hot Seat review!

I loved this story! I like how Hermione fixated on this room, not knowing who was in it, and when something changed she just goes out and knocks on the door. And of course on the other side is Draco Malfoy. I thought it was really great how they got together, slowly, building up a friendship before they finally kissed. I thought it was great how they both kind of helped heal each other in their time together.

I did find it kind of weird that Hermione chose to be completely inactive in reforming the Ministry and that she didn't even speak to Harry and Ron for months. I was a little disappointed though when she chose to leave Draco to go back to Ron (after returning to Hogwarts of course). But I did like how instead of leaving him completely alone, she pushed him to meet the girl moving into her room, who also may need a bit of healing after the war. I thought that was really sweet and I do hope he does go visit Daphne.

All in all though I thought this was a great one-shot. I think you did a superb job writing this. I don't remember seeing any mistakes to point out to you.

Great job on this!


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Review #6, by Dark Whisper Summer After the War

5th January 2016:
Ugh! Who can resist a smut-tastic Dramione? Who? Who? I cannot! And so it is...

Firstly, your banner and chapter images are gorgeous! I would love to have that talent. They are both mesmerizing.

And gah! I loved how you incorporated your requirements (I'm assuming Library and Mask). I adored the reason behind the mask. Of course it would be so that she wouldn't have to be herself... to help hide their past history. I really loved the deeper meaning behind it as an important story element. And hello! Of course seeing her in a mask as a solution to their "problem" would make his blood boil, in a good, wonderful way. :D

I love that you had him untying it though... it was HER and he would share intimacy with her. All perfectly awesome in my book.

You broke our Dramione hearts with Draco's wanting her to stay and wanting more and her saying no. Wahh! Boo hoo. But along with a good Dramione there is always a sad piece to it. (At least those are my favorites of this pairing).

I loved that you did give us a hint as to there coming together in the future, but alas, their love (if you can call it that in this fic) will always be short lived.

Having a summer with Draco... whew. What a fantastic smut-tastic story!

Dark Whisper

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Review #7, by a fan Summer After the War

5th January 2016:
what a nice surprise to find A CUTE STORY to read.I was hopeing to have a happy ending..

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