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Review #1, by Ignis the Imp loss

3rd January 2016:

This was an interesting story! How did you come up with the idea for it? I really didn't expect the ending, especially when I started reading the story since it didn't seem like anything sinister would happen. I thought that maybe Victoire was going house hunting or something and the house she was visiting wasn't very good but it was a lot more sinister than that!

Do you have a lot of characters driving their own cars? I like the idea of next-generation characters being able to be a bigger part of the Muggle world.

I recognised the name Bertram Aubrey. He was alive when the Marauders were, wasn't he? I started getting suspicious then. I thought for a second he had been frozen like Dorian Gray or something.

The vampire part was really unexpected! I liked the way you described it and I thought the way that Bertram killed Victoire in the end was sad and chilling.

Ignis the Imp

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!
The 'Kill Your Main Character' challenge is the main inspiration for this one-shot, as well as my desire to do suspense.
I don't imagine most witches and wizards driving cars. In an original draft, it was mentioned Victoire was borrowing her Squib brother's car. I decided to not include that information since Louis wasn't mentioned anywhere else.
I scanned through the HP Wikia and came across Bertram's name, and yes, he is from the Mauraders' era. He's actually a victim of James and Sirius' shenanigans.

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