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Review #1, by krazyboutharryginny The Start-of-Term Feast

28th April 2017:
I must say, I absolutely love the thought of a Hufflepuff Scorpius Malfoy. I really feel like Hufflepuff is about as far away from Draco Malfoy as you can get, and I always want Scorpius to be different from his father and break away from his legacy. I really think that Hufflepuff is the easiest house for him to do that in, if that makes sense.

Man, thinking about his Sorting being greeted by silence like that... brutal. And people at his table not clapping or anything when applause finally did break out. I hope that his housemates will warm up to him, as he seems lovely from this first chapter. Very unassuming and open-minded, although still with a bit of a sassy tongue! Haha.

Aw, I like Kevin. His owl being named Hawkeye is brilliant! And he was so friendly, he was exactly what Scorpius needed in that moment I think. Just someone non-judgemental and in a happy mood. Scorpius didn't seem to mind him talking his ear off too much too, so it's easy to imagine that Kevin needed someone like Scorpius too - someone happy to listen and not judge him for being Muggleborn and maybe not knowing much.

Gosh, Louisa and her "little Puffies" talk had me cringing. I really can't blame Scorpius for his little outburst haha.

Really enjoyed this first chapter, great work!


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Review #2, by nott theodore The Start-of-Term Feast

28th April 2017:
CTF Review

Hi again, Kapa!

Another story of yours that I'm excited to get to read! I've read Scorpius in all sorts of different houses, but I think I usually see him in Slytherin (when Albus Potter gets sorted there) or in Gryffindor (again with Albus), so it's really refreshing to see him in Hufflepuff, even though he didn't expect or even necessarily want to be there. (Although why wouldn't you want to be in Hufflepuff? They're awesome!)

I really enjoyed the scene when Scorpius was being sorted and we got to see the Sorting Hat's insight into his brain and personality. It was also really interesting that the Sorting Hat said that Slytherin and Hufflepuff can be considered quite close at times and some people are hatstalls between them, because I think I've always considered them quite far apart in terms of qualities and values. I love details like that in stories like this one!

The final scene had me laughing so much! It's going to be hard for Scorpius to keep a low profile anyway at a school like this when his family has such a reputation, especially now he's the one who stands out as he's not in Slytherin, but if he goes making snarky comments like that one he'll earn his own reputation haha :P

Sian :)

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Review #3, by victoria_anne Mentors and Relatives

11th May 2016:
Hi Kapa! :)

A Hufflepuff Weasley, yay! ♥ and I love how she clearly doesn't care Scorpius is a Malfoy, but it's the first thing he thought of.

I definitely love Luce, though. She's very passionate, curious and not afraid to speak up about the things she cares about. And the whole mentor thing is so cute! I like how we're seeing more of the other students in his year, hopefully they'll all be fast friends! Scorpius seems rather shy, so the warm and welcoming environment of Hufflepuff is probably perfect for him.

So we see a lot about family in this chapter, and clearly ties in Hufflepuff aren't always strong either (what's going on with Luce, I wonder?)

I LOVE what you wrote about Draco wanting to befriend Harry though, that was sad but sweet.

The part about taking an opportunity sounds quite Malfoy/Slytherin-like, too. Can't wait to see the reaction of his family when they find out!

Another great chapter, dialogue and descriptions are all enjoyable :D

♥ B

Author's Response: Aaaah, another Bianca review, yay! I'm glad you liked this chapter too!

Luce definitely has her reasons to be open to Scorpius - maybe you'll find out about them in a later chapter. They have a lot to do with her parents, actually... ^ . ^

And Hufflepuff is definitely great for shy people - better than Slytherin, perhaps, that focuses so much on the members putting themselves out there, even though they too have the whole 'house as family' thing going - "We Slytherins are brothers" and whatnot. If Scorpius had been sorted into Slytherin I think he'd become a much more withdrawn person than he'll end up being here.

You'll definitely find out a bit more about what's going on with Luce and her sister in future chapters... but if you'd read my story 'Meanwhile, Nineteen Years Later' you might get some hints, hehe. /shameless plug

Haha, interesting how you point out that taking an opportunity that means you won't be in Slytherin can still be a pretty Slytherin trait. That really shows how the sorting isn't just about putting children in the obvious place they belong due to all their traits, but how it's more of a fluid system and not just 'personlity typing' but also putting the child in the house that has the best potential for them to grow, not just where they fit best due to a superficial list of traits, if that makes sense. Heh, I'm rambling again...

Hm, I'm not sure if we ever get to see how Scorpius family reacts... maybe I should add something in about that, haha, ooops. : P

It's great that you liked this chapter too, and thanks for the review! : )


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Review #4, by victoria_anne The Common Room

6th May 2016:

Okay, so yes, I'm back!

I'm having a little giggle to myself at how much Scorpius must hate being called a "little Puffie" ha ha!

Again, I'm loving Scorpius. He's definitely showing a bit of a Slytherin side here, by judging what he sees and showing a bit of bitterness toward the Hat's choice. But he still thinks rationally and tries his best to accept what he's been dealt with. I love it!

But at the same time, though Puffs have a (well earnt) reputation of being so warm and kind, they're still human, they can show negative emotions too.

Aw I love the honesty! GROUP HUG PUFFS!


Aw and that potion is such a sweet idea too! Okay Kapa, please request when the next chapter is up! I'd love to read it!

Much love ♥


Author's Response: Good to have you back so soon, Bianca!

Yeah, Scorpius definitely feels a little twitchy about that particular way to refer to first year Hufflepuff - but I'm sure he's not alone in that! Louisa, bless her heart, can be a bit much.

I don't think most of his year mates would agree on his judgement of the common room, though. But I guess one must remember that he probably grew up in a very different sort of environment. Both Draco and Astoria came from the upper classes, after all, and would likely style their home accordingly. Hopefully little 'Scorp' will learn to appreciate cosy and warm in time...

And yeah, not all Hufflepuffs being carbon copies of each other is basically the message of this story! I hate it when people make all Hufflepuffs (or members of another house) the same! (But still, I wanted to make sure that they have their trademark kindness and openness too, of course!)

I'm happy you liked the Badger Song. This is the first time that an Hufflepuff has said anything about it, and I was afraid that was because they all hated it, haha. I wouldn't judge them if they did, I actually felt a bit bad over its ridiculousness... But just having a House Song is such a good idea, I think! The other houses should follow suit, but maybe hire another writer...

I put the next chapter up earlier tonight, and now that I've replied to both of your reviews I'll pop over and request a review for it. Thanks again for this review, and watch out for me in your own list of unanswered reviews (though probably not that soon, sadly)!

All the best to you!


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Review #5, by victoria_anne The Start-of-Term Feast

6th May 2016:
HelloooOOOooo Kapa!

How do you do?

I can't believe this is the first story of yours I've read! (and may I say I'm honoured you chose me for this because I'm a Slytherpuff... Hufflerin? Anyway)

But Scorpius as a Hufflepuff?! This story is already up my alley! Love it love it love it!

Already I love your characterisation of little Scorp (as he shall henceforth be affectionately known). I have a good idea of who he is before the Hat has even sorted him!

(Butting in on my own review to tell you how much I love the name Sagitta. I'm a Sagittarius so the name kind of calls to me. It's so great!)

YAY Flitwick is Headmaster! Such a good candidate!

*splutters* You can't just leave it there! (Oh phew, there's another chapter). I need to know how Scorp gets on in the den! Burrow? Lair? Hm.

*flexes fingers and prepares slides* As Chief Slytherpuff of the Badger-Snake House, I hereby welcome Scorpius Malfoy!

I think you've done a wonderful job of making this Malfoy a Hufflepuff. From this short chapter I can already see he's sure of himself, yet still humble. Confident, but open, prone to question things because he genuinely wants to know, and not using them to get ahead. Still quite reserved, but I'm hoping he'll warm up soon!

So now, Kapa, it was wonderful to meet you, thank you so much for requesting this story :)

♥ Bianca

Author's Response: HelloooOOOooo yourself, Bianca!

I'm quite well, though very stressed; I'm procrastinating on uni work by replying to reviews, ooops.

It's good to have you as a new reader, and I'm actually not that surprised that you haven't read any of my stories before, I'm not very good at making myself known around the forums, really... (And it's my understanding that Slytherpuffs are Slytherins with a Hufflepuff side, while Hufflerins are the other way around...)

I'm glad you like the idea of Scorpius in Hufflepuff. I always like to play around with where I put the Next Gen kids, while still rooting it in a reasonable characterisation. It's good to hear that you think Scorpius' works. Your read on his personality is spot on!

(It's also good to hear that you like Flitwick as headmaster - I do too! Though I wish McGonagall had stayed on longer...

And I love the name Sagitta too - I love the whole 'star names' naming convention of the Black family, and I like to think that the Malfoys will keep it up, now that the House of Black has fallen...

And apparently the correct name for a badger's home is a 'sett' or 'set' - who knew? Though 'den' seems to work too.)

Scorpius says to tell you that he's happy for the welcome! (Isn't he the politest little badger-snake?)

It was good to meet you too, Bianca, and thanks again for this review (and the next!). I'll make sure to post a review for one of your stories as soon as I have the time! : )


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Review #6, by Penelope Inkwell The Common Room

2nd May 2016:
Hey Kapa! Penny here!

‘little Puffies’
--maybe it's the Slytherin in me, but I do not think I'd deal well with Louisa. I'm comforted by the sense that perhaps Scorpius feels the same way. But it's a fun bit of characterization!

I really liked that Scorpius first thought the room was a bit tacky (and I'm not throwing any shade at the Puffs when I say that). It just gives him a bit of that Malfoy-ness, so to speak. Scorpius seems like a sweet boy, and I'm glad, but I'm also really happy that you didn't just leave his roots behind. Basically, in like 2,000 words you've created a more well-rounded Scorpius than fics I've read with 10 times the word count.

like how the members of the House helped the house-elves hide wounded goblin refugees in the kitchens during the Goblin Rebellion of 1612
--is this a canon thing, or did you come up with it? Either way, I really like that detail!

BAHAHA, the Badger Song! Why are all the songs at Hogwarts so horrible?! I imagine that some headmaster in the past took the Dumbledore approach to hiring staff (i.e. Hagrid "Sure I'm not qualified as a teacher, I sometimes endanger students, and the sub is by every measure a better educator, but I'm a very nice guy!" I say that while loving Hagrid tremendously). So now I'm imagining some early Hogwarts chorus teacher, hired despite their complete lack of competence, forced to become the Hogwarts Head Lyricist, just because the Headmaster/Headmistress thought that it would be really fun to have ridiculous school lyrics forever

Good--and by good, well, you know what I mean ;) --job with the song, haha!

I really want to know who Scorpius thinks wrote this thing.

You know, I have my questions about all the laced cookies, but if you told me an hour of my sleep could count for 2, I think I'd eat pretty much anything you gave me.

CC: You write really well and cleanly, so I hope you don't mind that I had to get a bit nitpicky with the CC.

Now he and the other ‘little Puffies’ had instead been led by Louisa Boivin and another Prefect to a round, warm, and earthy, underground basement.
--There's something about all the commas at the end of this sentence that keeps it from flowing as well as it might. I say this knowing that I throw commas absolutely everywhere, personally. But I think it might be smoother if you took out the comma before "underground". I know it's technically an adjective describing the noun "basement", and I can't actually explain why, grammatically, but for some reason it looks like you could get away with losing it, and I think doing so might make the sentence flow better.

(Scorpius couldn’t see how anyone could get it wrong after Louisa’s agonisingly slow demonstrations, except perhaps by pure spite.)
-- "out of" pure spite might fit the sentence better than "by"

the bright yellow pillows of the bulky sofa he was quickly being led towards was round.
--"was" here ought to be "were" since it describes the pillows.

First: How many of you expected to end up in another House?”
--I think it would look better here if "How" were lowercase.

anecdotes about badgers (for example, that badgers would share their burrows with rabbits and foxes)
--technically, those are facts about badgers. It would only be an anecdote if someone told a story about an experience they had with a badger, or something like that.

So, as you can see, quite nitpicky. I just always try to do some CC, but you've got great grammar and mechanics skills, so I had to dig a little deeper.

This is a really cute fic, and I want to keep a lookout for more chapters in the future! It's nice and light and fun, and I could definitely use some more stories like that. Plus, you just write so well! I can definitely see why you won the Dobby for best new author last year! I think you certainly deserved it! Thanks for the swap. We should do it again some time; this was fun!


(P.S. I saw a reference to the Lizzie Bennet Diaries on your profile page! I loved those! Me and my friend ran into the actor that played Mr. Collins once at Disney world, which was kind of crazy and fun!)

Author's Response: Hey again, Penny!

Haha, yes, I had a lot of fun with Louisa. She's sort of the kind of person that Umbridge liked to pretend she was - and that comes with a certain level of, er... annoyingness. But it's easier to stand it when it comes with a good heart (as with Louisa) and not a hairy one (as with Umbridge). Louisa is actually sort of the super!Hufflepuff, to function as a foil for Scorpous more 'non-traditional' one. And you're right that he finds her a little hard to deal with... but who knows, maybe he'll come around to her later in the story? : P

As for the Hufflepuff common room... well, I definitely don't want to throw any shade on the 'Puffies' either, but Scorpius reaction to it is actually sorta based on my own, when I read the Pottermore Hufflepuff welcome for the first time. I mean, I love Hufflepuff (even though it's probably the house that'd fit me the least) but that decor...! I'm happy I don't have to live there, is all I'm saying (not that I think I'd like the Gryffindor common room all that much either - Ravenclaw or Slytherin is much more to my liking, and I was actually a Ravenclaw/Slytherin Hatstall on Pottermore...).

You write "Basically, in like 2,000 words you've created a more well-rounded Scorpius than fics I've read with 10 times the word count." and, ah! *blushes* That's one of the nicest thing anyone has ever said about a fic of mine! Putting 'Malfoy-ness' and Hufflepuff together is, of course, the living heart of this story, and I'm so happy you think it works so well. : D

The house-elves hiding goblins in the kitchen is completely made up by me, and ties in with another story that I hope to finish one day. I'm flattered that you thought it could have been canon, though. : )

Hehehe, the Badger Song. Yes, it is really... something. I had such a blast writing it (though I felt like I should apologise to Hufflepuff all the while)! I love your little tangent about Hogwarts employees, haha - though I changed the text a bit to make it clear who Scorpius thinks wrote the song. I wondered if that was too unclear, and apparently it was.

And as for the laced cookies, I'd probably trust any cookie that a Hufflepuff gave me (which might be much to my detriment, I realise, especially if they've read the Badger Song, haha!)...

Thanks again for the concrit! Nitpicky is always good, you know, feel free to pick every nit you find in my stories! I changed everything you pointed out (I'm always messing up my 'was'es and my 'were's, grumble grumble).

Thanks for this review, and I'm so flattered that you think I deserved my Dobby - it means a lot coming from someone who writes as well as you! I'm looking forward to our next swap! : )

(And that thing about the Mr Collins actor is so cool - not a big chance of something like that happening to me, here in Sweden...)


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Review #7, by Penelope Inkwell The Start-of-Term Feast

2nd May 2016:
Hey Kapa! Penny here for our review swap!

I love the idea of Astoria sending Scorpius off with that reminder. She equipped him for what he was going to face, but she made sure that he knew that nothing--nothing--was his fault. I imagine Draco and Astoria being fairly protective parents, so something about that just really resonated with the way I imagine their family.

- You have an admirably open mind for someone who isn’t Muggleborn.”

- “Er… thanks?”

--This was so CUTE!

There had been a few claps just after the Hat made its verdict, but they had echoed hollowly and quickly died out. Scorpius suspected they’d come from newly sorted muggleborns who didn’t know better.
--I loved that detail. Oh, poor Scorpius. This really is terribly awkward. But I'm glad he went with his gut and let the Hat do its job!

Oh! It kills me that Scorpius would have to deal with his surname being in the most recent edition of History of Magic textbooks in a negative way. That just makes it all so much harder! And to imagine him getting all his text books and having a peek at them early, gearing up for Hogwarts, and finding that for himself?? Oh, I just want to hug him!

I think you balanced Hufflepuff house out well. I'm glad to see that some of them started clapping for him, eventually. I'm sure that they were stunned at first, but that fits with the idea of Hufflepuff warmth and hospitality. But still, not *all* of them did, and that was good characterization, too. After all, everyone has their prejudices, and they don't just have all their house traits in equal dosages. I just appreciate when people don't write the houses as though they are monoliths; not all Gryffindors are brave, not all Hufflepuffs are warm and fuzzy, not all Slytherins are ambitious, and not all Ravenclaws are brilliant. I think you did a good job of portraying the mix of traits, both in the conversation with the Sorting Hat and in the Hufflepuff's response. It's the little things that get me :)

“Cool name!”
--Scorpius, make this kid your best friend right now. You may never find anyone who responds to an introduction that way again.

Kevin, on the other hand, only really learned that Scorpius liked lamb chops a lot.
--for some reason, this little detail just cracked me up!

CC: So, I always try to give a bit of CC, but of course you're the author and you know best what'll suit your story. It's yours to take or leave as you will :)

Scorpius Malfoy took a first, hesitant, step towards the stool where the Sorting Hat stood.
--I don't think you actually need the comma after hesitant. So: "Scorpius Malfoy took a first, hesitant step towards the stool where the Sorting Hat stood."

but the only one he could find was that of his aunt, Sagitta Malfoy, seated at the Slytherin table.
--how does Scorpius have an aunt whose last name is Malfoy, when Draco was an only child? Did Lucius and Narcissa, like, adopt later in life or something? Could it be a cousin? Sorry if this is a tie in to another fic of yours and I just don't know, but the title of "aunt" just gave me questions.

Other than that, I really only wished it were longer!

It may be a short chapter, but I had great fun with it. And I loved seeing someone (or maybe 2 someones) sorted into Hufflepuff who possessed a bit of snark! This piece is quite clean and well-written, and it's also just plain adorable. It's crazy that it doesn't have more reviews yet! I'm really glad that we did this swap so that I could enjoy it.

I'm gonna go ahead and bop over to leave a review on the next chapter, because any of mine will be about twice the length, and that doesn't seem a fair trade. So I'll see you in the little grey box at the end of chapter two! Till then!


Author's Response: Aah, Penny thanks for the two(!) reviews! This was a great swap, and I look forward to swapping with you again! : )

Heh, when you wrote about Astoria sending Scorpius off with a reminder I first thought you were referring to what she says in Meanwhile, Nineteen Years Later (which is sort of a prequel to this story, I guess...) and thought I had mixed the two stories up, somehow. But then I checked, and realised I wrote about a reminder from Astoria in this story too, phew! I definitely agree that she and Draco would be very protective of Scorpius!

I'm happy you like the little details of this story. I always love writing Sorting Hat dialogue (though not its songs, that is hard!), because the hat has such an interesting personality, and it’s fun to bounce it off against different characters. And the lack of clapping after Scorpius is sorted really is sad - but of course Hufflepuff wouldn't let any of their new members go completely without applause!

(I hadn't actually really thought about how reading the text books would be for Scorpius - not in detail, at least. That really is a horribly depressing image! And I doubt Professor Binns would handle the subject tactfully - though maybe he's been replaced by now!)

When I sat down to write this story (back in the day; this is an old one, that I'm re-writing and posting here at HPFF) I knew I wanted to write about Hufflepuff. I generally love writing Hufflepuff characters - Hannah Abbott is one of my favourites both for reading and writing - and I wanted to write a sort of 'character study' but for the whole house. And an important part of that is realising that, as you say, it isn't a monolith. I've always been interested in how characters fit into their houses, and what it's like to be an outlier in one's house...

Hehe, Kevin. He's sadly not much of a main character in this story, but I like him. Maybe I'll write more about him some other time. It gladdens me that you liked the line about the lamb chops, because it was be trying for some Rowling style humour, and I wasn't sure if I'd pulled it off!

Thanks for the concrit! I removed the awkward comma. As for Aunt Sagitta, you'll learn more about her in later chapters (and maybe we'll talk more about her in reviews and responses...). You actually had exactly the reaction I'm going for here - 'Who in the world is that!? ', haha!

All in all, thanks a lot for this review! I'm happy you liked this little story - adorable is definitely what I'm going for with it! I can't wait to see what you'll think of the rest of the chapters!

(Oh, and by the way, I saw you wondered what sort of museum I went to. My boyfriend and I went to an art museum that had an exhibition about the art of Disney's animated movies. He works in game design, so he really wanted to see it because of that, plus we both like art - and the specific museum, too - so we went!)


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