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Reading Reviews for Sweet Dreams
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Review #1, by TearsIMustConceal Sweet Dreams

24th January 2016:
Hi Jenn! Here with your requested review! I'm sorry it's taken me so long!

I love a good angsty Sirius story so this did not disappoint at all!

I love the way you captured Sirius' downward spiral – everything you've mentioned him doing is so realistic and I can imagine it all. Sirius surrounding himself with girls and drink is the type of destructive behaviour he seems like he would do when hurt or upset, which obviously he is here.

Marlene must have really affected him not to go to Order meetings because he loves being in the Order! I wonder why she cancelled the wedding? I'm really intrigued. Is it something to do with her death, because we know Death Eaters kill her family so did she not go through with the wedding to protect him? I hope that's the reason because I don't like seeing sad Sirius!

And for him to ignore James? That's when you know it's bad. He obviously doesn't want to listen to anything he doesn't want to hear and James is the type to tell him how it is, whereas Remus knows when to back off and leave him to it and that's why Remus is allowed in. But James has a point when he says Sirius needs closure and needs to see her before he can do anything else – he needs his head in the game and he can't do that moping around.

I knew what Sirius was walking into to moment I knew he was going to see her. That whole scene was so heartbreaking. Him closing the Marlene's mums eyes and then saying 'goodnight sweet angel' to her little sister – that broke me! Urgh, too many feels here Jenn! You've killed me here! And then him holding her and crying.I couldn't take anymore!

This was an amazing story Jenn and I hope you do well in the challenge!!


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Review #2, by ProfessorMinnie Sweet Dreams

8th January 2016:
“Sweet Dreams” by Eurythmics to me is a song about people doing negative things to make themselves feel fulfilled. In this story, you show Sirius doing the same thing, trying to get over Marlene by throwing himself into self-abuse instead of taking the bull by the horns and living with Marlene’s decision.

Sirius draws away from the mere mention of Marlene and from his friends and co-workers because he thinks that they don’t have his best interests at heart, like narrator in the song expresses.

When he sees Marlene’s body, Sirius reminds himself to hold his head up and move along. Move along from his loss, from Marlene leaving him at the altar for his own good, and beating himself up for losing her.

Overall, I think you did a great job. You captured the theme of the song very well, with many different interpretations that could be made: Sirius abusing himself or Peter using James, Lily, and Sirius; and others.

You also incorporated the lyrics written by Lennox and Stewart into your dialogue, which at times it seemed forced, but fit nevertheless. I feel like this was a good response to the song you were given, and I want to personally thank you for being the first submission. Thank you.


Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing this! I was so excited when I saw that someone else wanted to use another song which left this one open to use!

I appreciate that you were able to see the song come through on more than one level. I am glad that you enjoyed this!

Thank you for hosting such a fun challenge!


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