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Reading Reviews for Dear Harry
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Review #1, by velajune Introduction

10th April 2016:

I don't think I knew what I was really getting into, but that summary was seriously intriguing. Also, I've never read any of the non-cisgender stories on HPFF. So, I just had to read this. Another reason why is because I've been in that situation, of being the one everyone whispered their secrets to.

To my delightful surprise, the story started off with Oliver Wood because I rarely check which characters are involved in the story if the summary has hooked me. (He was my favorite for a long time.) I was curious as to why the story started the way that it did, with Holly talking about the relationships she... he... they have with them, but I liked reading the interactions of the characters we've come to love in someone else's eyes.

I laughed when the bet was mentioned. Something about bets just makes you shake your head and laugh out loud. And then again at, "unfortunate last name jokes" because I try not to think about Oliver's last name. You've even added to that, which I find even more hilarious. Great Idea!

I can really hear Holly's voice in this first chapter, but at the same time, I found it a little difficult to read. Hmm, this is something that could just be me, but I found the sentences hard sounding. It's complicated to explain for me, but I shall try. The sentences often don't roll off the tongue nicely which is a bit unfortunate since H has such a strong character to them. Obviously, this can be disregarded if that was the intention.

Aside from that, I found this story charming and can't wait to read more of it. A few things that I loved, and didn't really fit the above stuff that I loved are 1. H's muggle-born mom, 2. the introduction of mobile phones, and lastly, your Harry, who seems to be in touch with everyone while they're all in the dark about his secrets.


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Review #2, by marauderfan Part One

8th April 2016:
Hello! Just wanted to stop by and say that I really love what you've written of this story so far. I've been meaning to check out all of the entries in the non-cisgender challenge, for which I actually wrote a genderqueer character as well and I just love seeing more genderqueer characters on the archives and more representation for a population that is kind of invisible in current mainstream society.

H. seems like a great character so far. I know they've only been introduced as Holly so far, but since you referred to them as H in your first chapter's author note, that's what I'm going to call them until further notice :P I like how you've managed to show these complicated emotions through the simpler lens of a child. As H. is only nine, they just focus on the frustration of being expected to wear a dress, and the idea that they can wear whatever they want and it's okay to be sometimes more like a girl and sometimes more like a boy. They haven't had society's gender binary forced on them too much yet, so they're still in a kind of bubble, just a bit confused who they are.

I think H. is really lucky to have Theo as a family friend, given what you said about Theo in this and how he doesn't really fit in with society's standards of who he should be either. It's great that H. has a support system of people who'll be able to understand them a little more and what they are going through. Theo seems really interesting and although I don't know him as a character super well so far, I love that you're writing about him because he's a kind of neglected character in fanfic and this is a great interpretation of him.

my brother will always be found in shorts and t-shirts or his pajamas (this time it's a dinosaur onesie) -- clearly he has excellent taste in clothing, I'm a bit jealous

H.'s narration is really fun so far! I look forward to reading more of this story. :D Love it!!! ♥


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Review #3, by Dojh167 Introduction

8th April 2016:

I was very interested to read a non-cisgender story, and sat to see that it hasn't had many reviews, especially given how excited you said you were about it. So I am here to be excited with you!!

I really love the comparisons you start with between Oliver and Harry. Oliver is such an interesting and driven character, and I can definitely see ways his personality has influenced H. I actually have never thought of Harry as being one of the more competitive characters, but it's certainly an interesting way to characterize him and serves the story well.

"You don't want Harry Potter hanging over your head." Haha, I reckon that's true!

I did get a little confused during the digression talking about godparents and the family friends. You mention in your author's note that this is being written by H as an adult, but it's kind of confusing in the narrative when you say things like "a couple of years ago" if that is based on the story timeline, or the time this was written by older H.

Ryder-Wood XD

I think you do a really good job of getting H's tone across here. It very naturally feels like someone writing kind of stream of consciously. The downside there is that sometimes the narrative seems to ramble with run on sentences and asides, but I think that generally serves your narrative structure.

hehe, I like this line: "Because, in case you didn't catch on, my parents are Quidditch stars and my godfather saved the world."

It makes me sad that H feels they can't talk to their father, that what they are feeling is a bad thing. I'm glad they've got Harry though.

I really relate to H's approach here of writing to try to make sense of thoughts. I am not sure if H actually intends to send any of their letters to Harry, or just to use them to make sense of their thoughts before talking to Harry in person, but I am interested to see how this unfolds.

I think this was a very interesting first chapter! We haven't really gotten into the action of the story yet, but you've set up your backstory and characterized H fairly well, and I'm certainly excited to see what comes next.

I hope to be back soon to read chapter two!


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Review #4, by nott theodore Introduction

30th December 2015:
Hey Connor! I saw that you'd written this the other day and I couldn't resist coming to read it when I got a chance. It's been far too long since I read any of your wonderful writing!

I loved the way that you started this, with the comparisons between Oliver Wood and Harry Potter. It was a really clever way of introducing an OC to the reader because you kind of situated them in relation to the characters that we already know. I also love the way that you explored the competitiveness between Harry and Oliver because I can really easily believe that might happen. The two of them are such competitive people and I bet they'd be both great friends and rivals in a way, too.

It was so funny to imagine Harry and Oliver betting over choosing a name for their oldest child :P the thing is I can actually imagine it happening, though I love the fact that their mothers just put their feet down when they needed to and basically told Harry and Oliver they were being ridiculous :P

I know it's just a little detail really - at least so far in the story - but I loved the way that you mentioned Harry's behaviour after the war. It makes so much sense to me that Harry would suffer from depression after the war and would kind of withdraw from public life when he could, seeking refuge with his oldest friends who he knows he can trust. They all went through so much in the war together and I think people often forget that when they're writing about his life after the books. So I guess I'm just trying to say I think it's great you've put so much thought into the story and everything that happened after it.

H. Wood is a great character - I already want to know a lot more about them and see what happens next. It's really a fantastic way to introduce a character and I want to get to know them better. Their relationship with Harry seems to be great - really close, especially for someone who's also lucky enough to be close to their family - and I liked the way that you introduced their gender identity quite subtly, while it's still a main focus of the story right now.

I'm hoping that Harry has the sort of reaction to H's letter that they need right now - and that I hope he will have - and that they'll find talking to their parents about their gender identity after discussing it with Harry.

Sorry this was just a short review but I really enjoyed this chapter and I can't wait to read the next instalment in the story!

Sian :)

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