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Reading Reviews for Always Her...
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Review #1, by Marshal Lily: October 1970

3rd April 2017:
Aww cute little Lily! She is adorable! I love the ending here about how she worries about loosing friends but decides they might be worth it to learn magic. In some ways it's terrible but in others I totally get her. I might be inclined to think and do the same as her at her age.

Still all the questions Lily has are real and I get it. I feel for her as she worries if she can go to the magic school and wonders how she managed to get her magic as she didn't get it from her parents while Severus got it from his mum. I also like how she doesn't question Severus as they just met and it makes me laugh to think that he doesn't already fancy her. In regards to Snape, I think both girls are right, Petunia that he fancies Lily and Lily becuase Severus isn't lying and Lily is right that making up magic just to impress a person is silly. Still I love the hope she had as she writes this entry and it will be interesting to see where you go from here with the story. While this isn't the first chapter this is a very nice start to the story! It will be interesting to see where you take things.

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Review #2, by adluvshp Lily: October 1970

3rd April 2017:
Hey Amy! Here to review on behalf of Slytherin.

I had read the first chapter of this ages ago so it's awesome to come back for another! This story is so "you" - it's so "me" too. In the sense it talks of what it would be like if suddenly a muggle were to realise they were magical. I think the way you've written Lily's internal monologue is beautiful and very very relatable. If I were in her place, I would totally feel the same way too!

The mood of this was light and sweet and innocent and I loved that. I giggled at the beginning bit like "Saying the magic words and waving a wand? Itís all so ridiculous."

Her dilemma of wanting it to be real and not being sure and not wanting to go against Tuney was all perfectly portrayed. The yearning for it, and her life suddenly feeling "right" was also on point. I can see Lily weighing her situation like this. In the end, she reaches a satisfying decision, and I have to agree - losing your muggle friends for magic would totally be worth it.

I absolutely loved the feel of this. The first sentence highlights the confusion and puzzlement "I'm a witch?" and by the end she has decided it's worth it - so that transition was superb especially only through the thoughts. The snappy sentences and the clear descriptions made the state of mind come through well and the narrative was clean. It overall made for a nice smooth short yet gripping read and I really enjoyed it. It flows well with the first chapter too.

Great job! 10/10
Angie (Your bff Aditi xP)

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Review #3, by adluvshp Snape: October 1970

13th March 2016:
Hey Amy =)

This was very well-written. It's almost poetic and I'd actually love to turn into a podcast! Your narrative style is just perfect to make that work.

I like how you wrote this from Severus' point of view. The thoughts were to the point and made sense. You tied it well with canon, the way he watched them, the light in which he saw Lily, and how much he wanted somebody to talk to - how much he wanted a friend.

The bitterness he felt towards his parents was spot on. His longing for Hogwarts came through well and I liked how he already hoped Lily would be by his side. The way he musters courage to tell her by the end of the piece is nicely done.

I absolutely loved your descriptions and the overall theme. Glad I could stop by!


Aditi // Angie

Author's Response: Thank you for the review!!
You are free to turn it into a podcast if you want!

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Review #4, by EnigmaticEyes16 Snape: October 1970

25th January 2016:
Amy this is so sweet! I love little Severus and how he's lonely and just wants someone to talk to him, someone who will be there for him. And living in a muggle town, it's only natural he'd want to seek out the only other person like him. And of course Lily deserves a friend who will be nice to her and will explain why she's different. She should understand what's happening, and does not deserve to grow up being called a freak like Petunia likes to do.

This was such a wonderful little snippet into young Snape and Lily's lives and I very much enjoyed reading it! Great job!


Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #5, by The Basilisk Snape: October 1970

27th December 2015:
Hello there.

I heard you had posted your first new story in a while, so I thought I'd ssslither by your author's page to give it a read.

I really like storiesss about Lily and Severus' childhood. Those few moments when they were children proved to be so important to Harry's life and the series as a whole.

And this is the firssst story I have read that shows Lily's first signs of magic from Sssseverus' point of view. It's very interesting to see his thought process about how he'sss going to talk to her and tell her she's a witch.

And it's also very sad to hear how Severus feels about his life at home and his parents. I'll bet you didn't know that Basilisks can have a soft spot, but we do and you've touched mine.

This is an exsssellent story and I hope to see more new ssstories from you very soon!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review, Mr(s) Basilisk!
Snape is such an interesting character to me. I hate him so much, but I can't help but feel for him! He's so complex and writing from inside his head is so interesting.
I'm very glad to hear you have a soft spot. Maybe that would make a good story.

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Review #6, by TidalDragon Snape: October 1970

23rd December 2015:
Howdy Amy! Saw your status and figured I'd drop by to leave a review for you! It's awesome you posted something again!

I usually loathe everything Snape/Lily TBH, but I did find this really interesting, primarily because it's from a point in time that pre-dates canon about their friendship. I think what you've done, even though it's short, gives us not only a great answer to the HOW of Snape knowing that Lily was a witch, but also works to peel back how he sees the world even at such an early age. While keeping it age-appropriate (a big part of which is how you don't dive TOO deep), you still show that Snape's hatred for muggles likely stems from what he perceives as neglect by his father and is only reinforced by Petunia's reactions to Lily. The sense of purpose you give him at the end also reinforces how monumental a moment it is to him even as it's happening/about to happen too.

I look forward to seeing more of your writing soon!

Author's Response: Thank you, Kevin!
I also hate Snily, but these two are just so intriguing to write! Their friendship (and lack of by the time they finished Hogwarts) defined a lot of things in Snape's life and I really wanted to explore that more from their points of view rather than what we see in memories from Harry's PoV.

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