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Reading Reviews for How can I walk away?
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Review #1, by Pookha How can I walk away?

5th January 2016:
So I don't normally read Dramione, but I'm glad I read this one. It avoids all the tropes and cliches by removing them entirely. It's a great way to show the ship without context.

You do a great job showing how they want to hide, but also want to be out in the light. The disappearing footsteps were a great choice of description.

I also like how Draco is showing more bravery here than he would have in his past. He wants to bring them to light, and he wants to show the world how it is now.

A great read for mood and tone.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review and I'm happy to have written a Dramione that you kind of like. I do ship them and think they match each other but there has to be a major shift of Draco to bring them together. But here, I did skillfully dart around the specifics :) He's a changed along and walked a hard road to bring him to this point. He's sacrificed a lot in his life but he wont sacrifice Hermione. Thanks for stopping by.


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Review #2, by The Basilisk How can I walk away?

30th December 2015:
Oooh, I quite like thisss! There's romance and rain and suspense and heartache, and a touch of angssst as well! You're quite good with catching an old Basilisk right in the feels!

I really like this interpretation of how Draco and Hermione could have wound up together. I think it's quite realissstic. And you conveyed their love for eachother quite brilliantly and ssweetly!

I really like thisss. I'll have to slither back to your author's page again sssoon!

Author's Response: o...I've been bitten :)

I do believe that Draco and Hermione suit each other, Draco just has to go through a bit of soul searching to find the right path. They love each other, though don't understand it at first and it takes them both by surprise.

I'm so happy that I made you feel all the romance and suspense and heartache and angst. You've made my day (except for the bleeding wound I now have to attend to).

I hope you slither back soon.


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Review #3, by Musing How can I walk away?

24th December 2015:
Hello there!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you are having a lovely time! Here for the QTR Holiday Fun!

This is a lovely little story! I really liked your descriptions. The lines in the first paragraph are so lovely, they describe the scene in an almost magical way. It's clear that Draco has changed a lot since his childhood. His desperation of being with Hermione and hurt at going away is evident. I felt bad for him. It's good that at the end Draco and Hermione took a mature decision and decided to face the world.

I really loved these lines: 'Our childhoods had created enemies of us, but our souls were a perfect match. When all the barricades were destroyed and left a smouldering ruin, our souls were finally able to find each other.' These lines describe their situation so nicely!

This was a great read! Loved it!


Author's Response: Hi Emm

Thanks for being the first to review this story. It just came to me one afternoon and I just stopped everything to scribble it down. I shamelessly admit that I love Dramione, but a major character shift has to happen in Draco for Hermione to forgive him. I didn't go into the details for this story as I didn't want to bog it down, only show that it happened.

I believe intellectually that Draco and Hermione are on the same level and they both have a drive and determination that would make them a powerful force together. This is what I wanted to bring across and the line you like (which happens to be one of my favourties too) is one I used to try and show this.

It's hard for both of them to accept the relationship at first. They can't deny the attraction yet can't understand it given their history. They can keep it secret for so long but as the attraction grows, it gets harder and harder to keep everything in the shadows. By this point though, their love is so strong that they will face whatever they have to, as they will always have each other.

Thanks again for the review.


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