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Review #1, by maraudeer TEN: Consistency in Change

19th November 2017:
I just found this story and I absolutely loved it! The characters are so relatable. I especially related to the main character. You covered sensitive issues really well. I also think the romance part was written beautifully. I throughly enjoyed reading this. Have a nice day!

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Review #2, by morganthegreat TEN: Consistency in Change

14th August 2017:
ahhh this was such a great novella! i really enjoyed it, so much in fact that i whizzed through it without reviewing any other chapter. (apologizes)

anyway i love how you talked about serious common issues that arise during teenagers in a healthy way. i think it's super important to expose those to people who both know what it's like and don't know what it's like. shedding light to people that you are not alone in having something like an eating disorder or low self-esteem issues/self-harm issues. but also getting across that even if you don't personally have something like that, a friend or family member might.

i think especially that even though the story was in nova's perspective, her friends were the one to have issues with self and all that instead of nova herself. we got to see what it looks like from a friend's point of view and why it broke her heart to see them struggle with those things. it shows to people that their own struggles do cause our friends to worrie about us, even if we don't see it because we are dealing with the mental or physical health problems.

i really love that you added the bit of romance with Al to make it more fluffy and so high school. it's not everyday that when a boy asks a girl out she says no because she does like him and because it's for her friends. that shows a lot of maturity on nova's end.

i love your writing style by the way too! it's very eloquent and thought out. you have a great knack for writing! metaphors and all.

it gives me a lot of happiness to see that nova's group of friends are so so so different from each other, yet are juxtaposed very well. my circle of friends are more like that, it makes it a bit more realistic - everyone having their own personalities and all that.

the way you intermingle characters and their relations was really smart too! like cass being related to xanthe and scorpius, and nala going for xanthe and scorpius being al's friend, who has a thing for nova and knows alice as a family-friend. it kind of sums up boarding school/family relations well. if i'm making any sense at all.

the way that you descirbed all your characters, depsite having a banner and chapter images, gave your readers enough to imagine them themselves too. i admire that - the description of one's hair or skin or eyes or outfit; some authors forget those little details that paint the picture when i personally think it really helps (being visual-oriented with reading).

okay so now that i've analyzed your story more than a school essay and managed to fill up this box more than i initially intended...i should go before my phone battery dies - which is soon!

great story, keep up the good writing and don't ever sell yourself short! have a lovely day!
-morgan xoxo

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Review #3, by AlexFan SEVEN: Secrets and Sins

1st August 2017:
I CANT REMEMBER IF IVE SAID THIS BEFORE BUT IM GOING TO FIGHT SOPHIE BECAUSE SHE IS TRASH. Moving on. I get what it's like to have a crush on someone to the point that you think you're in love with them but like how well does Nala know Xanthe really? Why would she fall into the trap of I know him in a way that other people don't. And it seems so silly because Cass is literally his cousin if anyone was going to know the real Xanthe it would be her, especially since it seems that Cass's family and his family are close. It just drives me crazy because Nala is literally setting herself up for heartbreak when she should know better, she's living in the kind of fantasy daydream you have when you're younger, you're supposed to get it over it in the real world.

And poor Cass who was just trying to look out for her friend and to give her a warning and instead gets this backlash. And on top of that she's dealing with an eating disorder. SHE DOESNT DESERVE THIS OKAY SHE IS TOO GOOD FOR THIS MY CHILD DESERVES TO BE HAPPY.

And also if Nova doesn't stop being clueless about Albus when he's literally shoving it in her face that he likes her, I'm going to smack some sense into her myself. Like just get together both of you, you're so into each other and smitten it's too much to handle. The tension is killing me. And honestly it was so sweet that Albus helped her hex stupid Sophie and her stupid boyfriend.

If your crush doesn't hex the people who hurt your friends without asking for details, are they really worth it?

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Review #4, by AlexFan SIX: Disintegrate

31st July 2017:
I WANT TO SCREAM NOVA IS SO DUMB. Albus is literally making it so clear that he's into her like he's literally centimetres away from her face ready to kiss her and she's like nah he's not interested like girlie what more of a sign do you need like come on get it together.

It sucks seeing the friendships fall apart like this. Like I understand that Cass is trying to protect Nala but at the same time Nala is allowed to make her own decisions and mistakes. And I know that Cass is struggling because of what Sophie said to her but I feel like her friends would've been more helpful to her if she had actually bothered to say anything to them and what she need weed from them in terms of support.

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Review #5, by AlexFan FIVE: Hold Your Breath

31st July 2017:
I'M GOING TO FIGHT SOPHIE FOR MAKING CASS INSECURE HOW DARE SHE! Honestly I absolutely hate it when girls only blame the female when it comes to cheating like your boyfriend was a willing participant why don't you focus on him too. It just-URGH DRIVES ME CRAZY. I'll stop there because we don't have all day to listen to my rant.

I'm so excited for Nova she's actually getting somewhere with Al, it might actually happen, this is so exciting. And the effect that she's having on him as well is so exciting because he's falling for her too (unless he's a jerk and is just leading her on). I love me some romantic comedies they just make everything better.

I'm so excited to see their next encounter and to watch Albus grow an even bigger crush on her. I hope that Cass doesn't pay too much attention to what Sophie says and goes back to being confident and loving herself, it's so stupid to put so much stock by what an angry, petty girl said in the heat of the moment.

Honestly, if it wasn't for the occasional giggle, you probably wouldn't be able to tell that Nova liked Albus (if we didn't know her internal monologue). Like she still acts like herself and sticks to her morals and principles and doesn't let her crush alter her behaviour too much and you know what I can appreciate that.

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Review #6, by AlexFan FOUR: Fire and Ice

31st July 2017:
Honestly this is like the wildest group of friends I've ever read about. I think my favourite thing was the fact that Alice was implying that everyone should get in line and wait their turn before throwing hands instead of trying to put a stop to the fighting.

With each chapter that goes by I relate to Nova more and more like honestly it's the strangest thing seeing your exact thoughts and feelings written out in a story like thank you for making Nova so relatable.

I also really hope she gets with Albus I know the kind of crush she has, I've been there so I really hope she gets her shot.

Speaking of Albus, where can I get my own Albus Potter please and thanks.

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Review #7, by AlexFan TWO: I Dare You

30th July 2017:
I relate to Nova so much it hurts I know exactly what it's like to be the friend in the group that no one ever really develops a crush on. And then everyone makes a big deal out of the fact that you get a crush on someone. I feel for her I really do and I just want to say that I personally don't really see girls like Nova pop up in fanfiction. You know, the kind that acknowledge that maybe they're not the prettiest and that people would be more likely to go for their friend instead of them AND WHO DON'T KNOW HOW TO FLIRT. And it's just so nice to see it in this fic and its so refreshing.

To be honest tho if my friends ever dated me to do what Nova's friends dared her to do it would not end well for my friends. I feel so bad for her and what she's goings to do but fingers crossed that it works out.

On a side note I also really relate to Dahlia like one minute I'll be like oh my gosh that guy is good and then for the next four days I'll be like ew don't touch me if a guy so much as even looks at me. Her personality and view on romance is also refreshing it's nice to see a character who is just not about that life (or perhaps in her case asexual or aromantic?)

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Review #8, by SilverMoonFairy TEN: Consistency in Change

3rd July 2017:
Plums, this has to be one of my favorite stories that I've ever read. Probably up in the top three of recent memory. I don't normally binge read this much, but you have a way of pulling people in and this story was SO GOOD. And I just freaking LOVE the kiss scene. So much love. All the love. (All the freakin innuendos, too!) Boy, those Slytherins really DO know how to get what they want, huh?

I'm sorry this review isn't longer, but I'm tired and it's five til midnight, ahahaha.

So much LOVE. I can't WAIT for the Darzi child story! ^_^


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Review #9, by Wandless Magic TWO: I Dare You

29th May 2017:
...Oh well this is as you may have noticed I didn't realize this story was actually completed so just ignore that part in my last review lol

'Nova rolled her eyes, propped her arm on her desk and leaned heavily against her palm,'- Okay so this sentence right here with the leaning against the palm, I never knew how to write that without it sounding awkward as Hell so I thank you for that lol I don't know why it was always so difficult for me to write!

' It was something to envy, really, being able to have a power nap during a boring lesson, wake up and still look sane. If Nova tried that, she'd walk around for the rest of the day looking like a demon out for the blood of helpless little children.

So like Dahlia, basically.' lol i laughed way to hard at that. Honestly this is so relatable, i can never power nap for this reason, it makes my heart sad. I love Nova's humor and how she/you describes everyone, it's never awkward or out of place, its always a smooth transition.

Nova waiting for a group to realize they are one short is how I survived those awful group projects in high school to be honest! Seriously as soon as Binns said it a part of me died a little inside and then was resurrected when she was in Albus's group.

ALBUS AND NOVA ARE SO CUTE OH MY LANTA 'and that smile was totally worth it' OH WAS IT NOVA? WAS MAKING ME SQUEAL LIKE A PIG ALSO WORTH IT?!?!?! these two are going to kill me! Nay Nova's thoughts are going to kill me!

I love Aria and their sisterly relationship so far!

"I do. Boys are pathetic." YAAAS QUEEN!!! Dahlia during this entire exchange is me oh my goodness!

I love that they all knew about her crush and again I am so happy with this friendship!! I feel like female friendships are not shown nearly as much in fanfic form and they are so important and so wonderful! Seriously thank you!!

I seriously love girl code XD

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Review #10, by Wandless Magic ONE: Melting Ice Queens

29th May 2017:
This first chapter was absolutely amazing! I am already hooked and probably wont be going to bed now so thanks for that lol

This group of friends has to be one of my all time favorites! Mostly because of how different and real they are! When you mentioned how they never fight despite their differences I was like.okay sure Jan...but then briefly mentioned how that is actually not the case, foreshadowing a possibly bigger fight I became absolutely giddy with excitement lol

I don't know if you watch New Girl (if you haven't seen it you should! I highly recommend it) but their dynamic reminded me of the episode where Jess and Cece are like oh we never fight! We are more mature and loving than that! And then Schmidt says something like oh I saw that purse in Jess's closet (despite them agreeing not to buy it as there was only one left and that wouldn't be fair) which then caused a huge blow out between the two and everything that ever bugged them about the other comes to the surface...and I feel like that is what's going to happen here and honestly I can't wait for it because bottling everything up isn't healthy and plus i live for the drama haha.

Your writing is absolutely beautiful, i hope you continue with this story as well as Kiss my Lips (Which is also now on my reading list)

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Review #11, by nott theodore NINE: Honeymoon Express

27th April 2017:
CTF Jailbreak Review

Hi Plums! I know I read this all a while ago, but I couldn't review it before CTF, could I? I'm glad I get a chance to show it some love now because it's a really great story!

It is really such a joy to get to read this chapter again (I feel like I'm going to have to go back and read the whole story again to be honest, it's that good). There's so much that happens in it and I kind of just want to fangirl at you, but that wouldn't end in a coherent review, so here's trying.

I love the friendship group that Nova has! They've been through so much in this story and the fact that they've got through that and are still friends is fantastic. I think so often authors forget that teen friendship isn't just about being typical 'girls', but about being there for each other through some of the hardest years of your life, and these girls have really managed that.

And oh my goodness the scene with Albus! He was so adorable and cute and I had so many feels reading it, and then you go and do that to me! You are a cruel, cruel author and I'm not sure I should praise you for breaking my heart a little bit, but you did. I get her reasons for saying no, but NOVA!!!

I'm so glad that her friends made her see sense and that they don't want her to just concentrate on them at the expense of their own happiness. Does this mean I get to reread the final chapter soon too? ♥

Sian :)

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Review #12, by princesslily_36 NINE: Honeymoon Express

27th April 2017:

IT FEELS LIKE AGES SINCE I VISITED THIS STORY! Yes, your biggest fan is BACK! I do feel bad though because I did finish reading this chapter ages ago.

YES The gang is back! I am so excited to be reviewing this for CTF. Dahlia - Ohh! How I have missed her! And Cass - as a fellow vegetarian I'm all for Cass. You go girl! (Yes, meat isn't the only source of protien...). But its still lovely that the girls go along with her despite Dahlia not being able to order Chicken!

And there's Albus. Oh you write Albus so teasingly well. He's just there, through Nova's eyes, he's wonderfully deliciously there... just being himself. You write everyone so damn well. You're the only one I know that has successfully managed to balance so many characters and still maintain their uniqueness.

I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS STORY IS OVER :-( I mean, I remember feeling all low about it when I knew it was, but this chapter has so much happiness that I just can't think about that right now!

Ok now that's out of my system. (Maybe not, but I need to move on!)


I did NOT expect Nova to turn him down, but omg it is totally the kind of thing she would do. And Albus, he's just so perfect.

Everything about this story is perfect.

I just realized this whole review is about me gushing over your fic, but you know you've got a fan in me. I simple adore your writing style, and it helps that I'm a fan of the genre too (teen drama ftw!)

Loads of love!

(PS: Never stop writing. EVER.)

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Review #13, by AislingCotter03 TEN: Consistency in Change

29th March 2017:
if you write a sequel I will honestly marry you

Author's Response: *sobs* I accept

(But no, I actually just put up a spin off called When Dahlias Bloom. It's pretty different from Dormitory 2.6A, but I hope you'll like it!)

Plums xo

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Review #14, by EmmyRose TEN: Consistency in Change

28th March 2017:
You could write 20 more chapters and I would devour every one of them. LOVED this story! Especially your portrayal of Al, I do wish we'd seen more interaction of Al with his family and have Nova interact with them more too. Any thoughts on a sequel? ;) I'd read it :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! I'm happy you liked the fic, it's more or less my baby. Just like Al is tbh.

Yeah, I mostly focused on the girls in this fic since it was what inspired me to write the fic, but I've written a couple of one shots/drabbles on tumblr that explore more of Novus and interacting with their respective families is something I plan to write in the future.

ALSO I have a spin-off/sequel up, but it's focused on someone else from the group entirely. If you're interested, check out When Dahlias Bloom :)


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Review #15, by AbraxanUnicorn ONE: Melting Ice Queens

17th March 2017:
Hello :) I'm here to review this story as one of the nominees in HPFT's Nargles awards. Yay! I have read Dorm 2.6A before, but I won't complain in the slightest about reading it again for reviewing purposes!

This is a wonderful first chapter, which makes light work of introducing quite a number of characters and outlines the plot. Immediately, I can see why this has been nominated for its inclusivity; Dormitory 2.6A seems to have a very diverse cast.

I absolutely adore feisty bonkers Dahlia; I think she is my favourite character in this chapter. Interestingly, I think she is the only one out of the six girls whose physical appearance isn't touched on at all in this chapter?

There's a lovely balance struck between dialogue and description in this chapter, and the exposition is perfect!

It's all set to be an amazing story :)

Best of Nargles luck :)

Brax X

Author's Response: Brax, I am actually the worst when it comes to responding to reviews, oh my gosh. Sorry for being so late!

Ahhh, you're making me blush. Honestly, the response at HPFT to this fic is, like, my proudest achievement. I'm so glad you like this chapter, especially because I just chuck a bunch of OCs at everyone and expect you all to love them :P

I love all the girls, but I do have a special spot for Dahlia tbh - it's probably why she's starring in the spin-off haha. It's interesting that you picked on the fact that I didn't describe her appearance considering it wasn't even something that occurred to me. Funny how we all notice different things!

Thank you for the review! This response is a bit of a mess, but it did mean a lot :)

Plums xo

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Review #16, by lovegood27 TEN: Consistency in Change

6th March 2017:
Congratulations on writing a fic I was so addicted to I stayed up until midnight to finish ;) I TOTALLY LOVED THIS, I WANT TO SEE MORE OF NOVA AND ALBUS SO BADLY!!!

So in case you haven't noticed, I really liked this story. Brilliant job :D

Author's Response: Hey,

Congratulations on YOU making me blush harder than Nova in the middle of a crowd. I'm so glad yoy liked it, this fic is my baby and I feel such insane pride with every read/review. Honestly, having someone stay up to finish my fic is like The Ultimate Goal. So basically: thank you.

Plums xo

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Review #17, by lovegood27 ONE: Melting Ice Queens

5th March 2017:
Thought I should check this story out :)

And omg, I absolutely love this so far. I really enjoyed reading about the six girls' different personalities, and their friendship is very amusing, to say the least.

I think my favourite character so far has to be Dahlia. She's so loud and brash, but she just cracks me up. And the thing is that she may not be like a stereotypical Hufflepuff (which is a good thing, by the way!) but the way you've portrayed is still very convincing. I also like Alice, because, come on, she's so sweet and lovely! I loved all your characters, but these two are the ones who stood out to me :)

The storyline is also sounding VERY promising. We all have crushes sometimes, whether we like it or not, and you did a lovely depiction of Nova's feelings about Albus Potter. I love how Reagan is so supportive about the whole thing when she finds out.

Also, I just have to congratulate you for acknowledging the fact that they're in a school. There's the thing with Nova's crush, but you also fit in stuff about lessons, revision etc. Something which people tend to forget (myself included.)

Overall, great job so far! One thing that I'd like to see is a bit of the girls of 2.6B. I get the impression that the girls of 2.6A don't really like them, but I'd like to see them encounter each other in person. I probably just need to keep reading ;)

Author's Response: Hi!

Aww, I'm glad you enjoyed the first chapter! It makes me so happy to see people reading this, especially because it transformed from something on the side to my literal baby.

Haha, I'm glad you enjoy Dahlia. I've said before that the group are all based off aspects of my various friends' personalities, Dahlia being our tendency to swear the hell out of each other and be really critical of everything teenagery. That being said, one friend in particular is who she channels so I just love writing her.

Alice is just a sweetheart.

I haven't fancied anyone in years so writing about Nova's crush took me back. No one knew about my own one at the time, but I would've loved to have someone like Reagan on my side!

Honestly, I think it's easy to forget that they're in a school since we're focused so much on the plot and character development. I mean, they live in the castle for 9 months of the year so there's this whole other aspect to it that's easy to focus on. That being said, I was determined to bring in that little extra about their lessons and revision just because I feel it's so integral to being in the NEWT years (and therefore their daily lives).

Thank you for the review!

Plums xo

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Review #18, by marauderfan FOUR: Fire and Ice

17th January 2017:
Being dragged out of bed while you're sleeping? Nooopppeee. I'd kick someone. And then go back to sleep.

Al totally knows what effect his smile/wink has on people and knows how to use that, haha!

THE BROOMSTICK INNUENDO I AM DYING AHAHAHAHA but like, isn't this always the way it happens - where you realize what you said about 2 seconds too late and you can't un-say it. Ahaha this was hilarious and I would feel bad for Nova except I'm too busy laughing.

Omg nothing to spoil the fun chatty mood in class like a bloody lamb's heart slammed onto the table. I never had to dissect anything quite that bad in any of my biology classes but this takes me back, haha. Oh, and I love that they're combining biology with magic because that's totally something that should happen. in order to do a better transfiguration you have to understand the object, etc. Great idea to include that! Except what an actual disaster it turned out to be. WHY WERE PEOPLE THROWING THE HEART

purely because I'm a sadist and would like to put you off your food." -- hahaha this professor cracks me up

Re: the end - uh oh. That escalated quickly... I'm not sure how Sophie didn't see that coming. You don't insult someone in front of her best friends because they will tear you up. So much drama but I did enjoy reading them all fighting haha

I don't remember if I mentioned this in any of my earlier reviews but I adore your writing style. It's so fun, you include the perfect amount of detail, it's at times very thoughtful, and at times very funny. It's just great all around.

I can see why this story is so popular! I'm really loving it so far!

Author's Response: Hey,

I would so kick someone in the face if they tried to drag me out of bed just to stare at people flying around on broomsticks. And then I'd laugh.

You're right, Al completely knows what effect he has on people and Nova and he is fully prepared to use it :P

Haha, I couldn't pass up the opportunity for the broomstick innuendo. I'm a simple girl - I saw the opportunity and I went for it. Honestly, I've been in the position too many times myself *cringes as Year 8 memories haunt me*

I swear down, so many people haven't had to dissect a heart!! I actually didn't know that people hadn't before so I was in shock at the amount of people who said they hadn't. It smells and it's not pretty. AND EVERYTHING I'VE MENTIONED IN THE CHAPTER WERE WITNESSED BY THESE VERY EYES. The boys next to me were a bit too enthusiastic with their dissection and offered me minced meat by the end of class. Bleurgghh.

Aw, I'm glad you're enjoying the fic and that my writing isn't putting you off haha! You're making me smile like an idiot! :P

Plums xo

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Review #19, by marauderfan THREE: Matters of the Heart

17th January 2017:
Hhahahahaha, yeah I feel like Dahlia is kind of terrifying for young naive students. :P Poor second year.

I love that they still use "Your face" as a comeback. It's like one step below "Your mum" jokes. It's so bad that it's funny.

Somehow in the previous chapter I missed the fact that Dahlia had to be nice to everyone for 24 hours and o. m. g. this is going to be literally amazing. She might explode from the effort. like how do you even go from sailor to customer service representative (that's the extreme ends of the swear scale that I just invented) that fast? it's impossible. I know because I have been both in my life. *rubs hands together with glee and watches the chaos ensue*

Haha, Cassidy literally takes no care of her appearance and still gets compliments from a fit bloke. I'd say things aren't going too badly for her with the dare at least XD She totally still could have flirted with him.

REAGAN HAS TO SING EVERYTHING AHAHAHA have you seen that Monty Python sketch about reporting a burglary? it's super funny and the beginning of this chapter kind of reminds me of that, well at least Reagan's dare.

I sympathize with Nova. Flirting is hard XD

But it went rather well! I mean, aside from the bit where she ran into him, but it gave them something to talk about at least :P Ah, so proud of Nova. It all worked out! Even though her friends were CREEPING UNDER A TABLE to spy on them. that was hilarious. XD

great chapter!

Author's Response: Hi!

Do you remember how Ron and Harry thought they'd have to fight a troll for their Sorting? I feel like that's the feeling the younger years get when it comes to Dahlia.

I think my favourite thing about Dahlia's dare was that she was two seconds away from exploding at any second and she had to channel that into the most nicely-worded threat ever. Always looking for a loophole.

I wish I was like Cassidy and could have a fit bloke flirt with me when I put no effort into my appearance (read: 65% of the time).

Yay, Nova's flirting didn't end up in complete flames! Even if her friends were being the worst spies known to mankind and unbelievably embarrassing :P

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

Plums xo

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Review #20, by marauderfan TWO: I Dare You

16th January 2017:
I'm back!

I like that Professor Binns actually calls Voldemort by his name (especially because probably not everyone did, even after the war - just look at Hagrid in the beginning of Philosophers Stone). It malkes sense too since Binns was already dead by the time Voldemort because important, so he probably just never really cared.

Also I forgot to mention this in the previous chapter's review but I kind of love that you've characterized James as looking like a lumberjack XD

Random aside: How did Binns ever take attendance for his class? He literally had no idea who anyone was. /tangent

Can I just say that you write the mindset of a sixteen year old girl SO perfectly. Everything Nova says about Albus is kind of ridiculous when she goes on and on about his raven hair and his gorgeous jade eyes and how she swoons when he smiles at her and she stares at him all the time when she thinks she's being subtle... BUT honestly it's not too far off from how I reacted around my own crush at that age and how I loved the colour of his eyes (so blue). XD Like, Nova's narration about Albus is kind of silly but also SO relatable! Basically, I was Nova at age 16. Except none of my friends found out about my crush.

Nova's friends are hilarious. And they're all such passionate people, about different things but it makes for such a funny group dynamic. They are the first person to sass any of the others in the group, but also the first person to stand up for their friends if someone else hurts them.

I love Nova's sister too. And I can't blame her for being upset at having to wait three additional days for brownies that made a detour through Nova's pocket. Seriously what is it with wizards putting baked goods in their pockets? Hagrid giving Harry a squashed birthday cake, and Nova giving Aria some probably very flat brownies. Muggles know better. I hope the brownies were at least delicious XD

I am really excited to see how Nova's attempt at flirting goes. Ehehehehe

Author's Response: Hello again!

Lol I feel like Binns only vaguely knew about Voldemort when he was at large and it wasn't until he got on the curriculum that he was like... so this guy existed. Probably doesn't even know he taught him :P

BUT HONESTLY, HOW DID HE TAKE ATTENDANCE?? HE KNEW NO ONE AND HE COULDN'T EVEN HOLD A QUILL. How did he mark essays??? Omg, I am having an existential crisis just trying to figure it out.

I remember when I started writing this that the lumberjack look was so in and everyone I knew was obsessed with it and I was just like... I bet James is that. He seems the type.

*laughs awkwardly* Um... I totally wasn't sixteen when I began writing this. I just have a very vivid imagination. But honestly, Nova and I are nothing alike when it comes to liking people so, like, who knows? :P But yeah, she is so not subtle when it comes to fancying Al. Like she could've held up a banner announcing that she fancied him and it wouldn't have been any worse than usual.

I would kill my sister if she waited three days before giving me brownies. Without hesitation.

Thank you for the review!

Plums xo

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Review #21, by marauderfan ONE: Melting Ice Queens

16th January 2017:
Plums! I am here for this story, partially because of your wishlist and partially because this story has been recommended like everywhere. Honestly, I hear lots of good things about it. So here goes.

This is such a fun opening chapter, and I can really feel the personality of this group so strongly - it's clear they have years of inside jokes and their friendship is very secure (which makes Nova's comments at the end really interesting and honestly I think that was my favorite part of the chapter, as it adds a reflective twist to the otherwise more light hearted beginning and kind of makes me guess about the whole chapter which I just read, so I love that. I wonder how much of it Nova is kind of just making up in her mind, or whether cracks are starting to form in their friendship. At any rate, it makes me really eager to read more (which I will do tomorrow, but not tonight because it's late and I have to get up super early for work *sobs*)

Also I must admit haha, the way Dormitory 2.6a is so close it makes me wonder if 2.6b is just as close to each other, and talks about A the way A talks about B. Probably XD It's funny because yeah they're all hufflepuffs but the two different dorms really creates two different, isolated cultures.

Your writing style is a lot of fun, btw. I can see why this story is as popular as it is :)

Okay, so this opening chapter was sufficient to get me really excited about reading more, but I have to go to sleep. I'll be back tomorrow to fangirl about the next few chapters, I'm sure.

Author's Response: Hey!

Ahh, you've instantly made my day with the start of your review. Honestly, Dormitory 2.6A is unapologetically my proudest achievement so thank you for checking it out! :D

I'm really glad you enjoyed the first chapter! Yeah, my main aim was to introduce the reader to their group of friends and establish that strong connection of theirs - to show, as you said, that their friendship is really secure.

Yesss, you like the ending! I remember when I was writing that part, I was so hesitant on whether it flowed in well with the rest of it or if it was an awkward fit and end. It's a relief to see that it got your brain thinking.

Lol, I haven't given much thought to Dormitory 2B but they probably do talk about A like they talk about B XD

"Um, have you seen the way Nova acts like she doesn't know us? You'd think she wasn't our friend back in first year."

*Conveniently forget that they pushed her away*

Thank you for the wonderful review! I'm glad you stopped by.

Plums xo

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Review #22, by greenbirds TEN: Consistency in Change

14th January 2017:
i read this all in one sitting it was so good and twenty four hours on the vibrance of your characters and the quality of your plots still ring in my mind.

gosh. what a /fantastic/ piece of writing. there's so much to say and it annoys me that i won't be able to remember it all, write it all down for this review, but i'll try my hardest!

firstly- i'm sure you've heard this again and again from reviewers, but your characterisation really is fantastic. i especially love nova (and her face claim... mary from reign? what a dream boat, what a girl crush. i went through an intense phase of reign until i found out the actor who plays prince louis is a family friend and it suddenly felt weird. but !! adelaide kane !! so so cool !!) - her weaknesses only serve to strengthen her character, and i was particularly touched by the josh finch-fletchely & the 2.6b mean girls anecdote of her first year; my friends and i joke that you can't /really/ call it year 7 until some 'friend' outs your crush and mortified you in front of everyone, or a similar catastrophic event, but even beneath our jokes those savage twelve year old heartbreaks are particularly scarring. no wonder it turned nova into such a reclusive 'ice queen'! and even then, i feel like i should congratulate you on side stepping that awfully overdone fanfic cliche of ice queen melted by potter boy plotline. because she's not an ice queen, not at all, just a teenage girl that learnt early on it's safer to put her guard up. and, oh my god- i remember being so enthralled, so thrilled by the way in which you described her blossoming crush on albums in the first chapter. you dissected and examined the anatomy of a teenage crush perfectly, and it was a pleasure to read and subsequently reminisce on my own teenage crushs. (and, you know, teenage crushes of mine to come.)

your sensitivity and care for discussing a whole spectrum of the teenage condition- from benign crushes and mean girls to eating disorders and racism- was done so well, so magnificently, so perfectly. whilst i identified with nova throughout the entire story- like, she was my /girl/, i really felt like i could emphasise with her plight- cass's spiral into eating disorders really struck a chord. your author's note mentioned it was personal to you too, and isn't that the beauty of writing? two strangers who could relate to the same awful, awful process, united through writing about it and subsequently reading about it. there are so many hogwarts fanfics on this site that just bulldozes straight through the reality of teenage life to some sort of far fetched fantasy world of partying and hook ups, and i'm so glad you crafted this piece of literature instead. you actually inspired me to go over my own fanfic and question the reality of it all

above all, i just adored your portrayal of sisterhood. i recently had to sort through my bookshelf, deciding what i wanted to keep and what could be given to the kids next door, when i came across my copy of the sisterhood of the travelling pants- and this really does remind me of it! it really conjured such a sense of girlhood and friendship, i felt oddly lonely finishing it. the dormitory scene in which the girls forcibly reunite case and nala especially resonated with me; for such a short fic you managed to bring such humanity into not one, not two, but six OCs and ive said it multiple times before but it is SUCH a delight to read!

other things i want to mention, all in one breath- alice's sweet relationship with her dad & that scene cleaning up the great hall, cass's relationship with scorp, the slight miss you gave to scorpius's relationship with rose, the fact you actually included lessons, rather than some zooey 101 utopia of non stop partying. the normalness of the girls, which made them even more remarkable and lovely and exciting than had they been mary sue types. the fact that nova leaned into albus. nova and albus! the references to the multiculturalism within the wizarding world- the asian culture dahlia brought, that nala was black, even that the acclaimed playwright nova loved had an arabic name.

love, love, love it. feel like i could go on for ages but i'd only bore you. thank you so so much for such a beautiful read!

Author's Response: Hey!

Thiis was such a huge review that I've had to cut my response down as it exceeded the limit lol.

It's so great to hear that you liked this! Considering how big Fluorescent Adolescence is - seriously, I hear about it everywhere - so to think that this little ol' fic caught your eye means a lot :P I'm glad you like Nova too! One of my biggest fears when I was putting this up was that she'd seem a little vanilla compared to Dahlia & too martyr-like but yano, everyone seems to like her well enough so whew, reassurance is great.

Was gonna say I never had an incident like the Josh Finch-Fletchley thing but I realised I totally did (my friend's brother found out I had a massive crush on him, twas v. embarrassing) so you're so right on the Year 7 thing. It's basically a rite of passage to have your crush outed in public, isn't it?

(Gosh, the memory still stings.)

Something on Nova's level is *definitely* a reason to withdraw yourself - teenagers have a nasty habit of holding onto such humiliating memories so is it any wonder she decided to stick to what was safe? Her whole Ice Queen persona was influenced by myself since I tend to put up walls around most people & am actually a lot nicer than I seem.

...Wow that sounds bigheaded. :P

Point is that in peace-time Britain true ice queens are few & far in between. Nova's 16, was once hurt by people she trusted and just doesn't want to put herself at risk again. Even though she likes Al, there's that part of her that refuses to put herself out there since it's so easy to get hurt & it seems simpler to stay out of the mess, you know?

Tbh, I loved writing about her crush on Al. Took me back to when I had one - three whole years ago, what has my heart become - & it's so innocent, isn't it? Like, she doesn't even expect anything of it. I think that's what's nice about a crush: being able to appreciate someone without doing anything about it.

But yes, this fic does have its heavier themes & I really did want to bring them to life, especially from the POV of Nova whose central storyline surrounds the fact that she's developing feelings for a boy - & then realises that there's a lot more happening to other people in her life.

When people think about teens, it's usually about the partying+romances & I was so frustrated that the other issues were forgotten or even existed in the first place. So I wrote this to show that this is what it's like: negative self-image etc. can exist among happy times. You can be surrounded by people you love & suffer. My friends+I went through so much &, like the D 2.6A girls, held onto each other throughout it. That's what I wanted to bring to the page, show that it's possible to fall & then get back up. So many have gone through something similar & I felt that there was a real gap in showing that in fanfics without going all doom+gloom

I mean, ones that focus on the light parts aren't *bad* or anything bc loads are great e.g. yours is addicting - but it's great to hear that I made you think. #Writer goals.

I love sisterhood. I'm all for romance but there's nothing like a strong friendship & I loved writing about 6. Tbh, it's why I wrote the fic. There's a reason it's Dormitory 2.6A, after all :P

You've mentioned so much I want to comment on but all I can do is laugh at "some zooey 101 utopia" XD

To put it quickly: I believe that Neville would be a great dad & his daughter would be the apple of his eye. Love Scorpius Malfoy bc he is unapologetically uncaring to 99% of the universe+fiercely protective of his own. Also, Scorose is the Way. Also, made it a point to include more culture in the fic bc England is so multicultural anyway so there's gotta be some in it.

Also, NOVA LEANING INTO AL WAS SOMETHING I PLANNED FROM THE BEGINNING bc she was so *shy* & always blushing so the fact that she's the one who went for for it made me secretly proud bc I was like my baby's growing up!

Plums xo

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Review #23, by angelicdemon1209 TEN: Consistency in Change

1st December 2016:
I loved this one so much! I read it in one go, and it's amazing.

I love the characters and I love how feminist and empowering this whole story is. I am lucky to have friends who are like this bunch. Loud, inappropriate, completely bonkers, totally diverse, but loving and kind and good, and we are all close but it has been sometime since we could hang out, all of us, together, so this felt beautiful.

Thank you!

Author's Response: Hey,

Aw, you're too kind! I'm really happy you liked the fic and its message - I really didn't bother on making it any subtle, was I? :P You're a lucky girl to have a group of friends like the Dormitory 2.6A lot! Don't let go of them - I know I won't be letting go of mine.

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

Plums xo

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Review #24, by Jessie75775 TEN: Consistency in Change

23rd November 2016:
I really REALLY liked this fic. Although the diversity of all your characters is a bit unlikely, you've crafted them with depth and substance. Unlike others... *cough* Bella Swan *cough*

ANYWays, I must admit that I am a total sucker for good Al/OC stories and Al and Nova had me giggling and clutching my Ipad as I rolled around on my carpet. Al is 𝘴𝘰 suave. He's got me and Nova blushing.

I enjoyed how you showed that there is in fact more to Hufflepuffs than simply being a pushover. You showed this with everyone in the brilliant sexlet. (DALHIA DARZI IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL)

I 𝘓𝘜𝘙𝘝𝘌EEE the fact that while Nova does a natural b!tch face she does have a softer side. A refreshing change from the classic "sarcastic angsty girl with too many problems".

I have too say, you are certainly one of my favourite authors on this site!

This is the only fic I've seen that addresses issues like color, race, asexuality, and eating disorders all at once and so bluntly. It's really important that people understand just how damaging this sort of issue can be.

(That one-shot from Albus' POV?)

I just keep coming back for more!

Hope to see more works from you.


Author's Response: Hello!

I know it's been basically 50,000 years since you left this review, but put down my late review to me being an awful person + exams + Life. I really am horrible.

But on the plus side, your review made me really happy! I love it when people love my characters and I'm glad you enjoyed reading about them. As I've said many-a-time, they were significantly inspired by merging/exaggerating different characteristics of my own friends and when I sat back to consider the houses of my actual friends, I realised that 95% of them were Hufflepuffs without a doubt. There's the odd Slytherin and Gryffindor, but most are Hufflepuffs and they're all so diverse which I loved showing in this fic, especially with Dahlia. No sweetness in that girl! Just sheer craziness.

We should all channel our frustrations using Dahlia. She really is everyone's spirit animal.

I take a not-so-secret pleasure in having Nova's "image" and natural face be the complete opposite to her true personality. Fun fact: she was actually supposed to be more stand-offish with Al at the beginning just because she's socially awkward but damn, that boy writes all their interactions himself. Before I knew it, he was churning out his lines and she was blushing like hell :P


OH MY GOSH. I'm honestly one of your favourite authors? YOU ARE SO SWEET. I officially love you. Bring it in for a hug, love.

I'm really happy you liked this fic (and Al's one shot :D ) and you took the time to review. You're honestly such a sweetheart.

Plums xo

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Review #25, by Moony, Padfoot and Prongs. Brothers forever. TEN: Consistency in Change

13th November 2016:
So, to be honest, this was my best chapter yet. I'm very busy right now, what with exams and all, but I just felt that I had to read the chapter. (Mum was telling me to 'put that damn phone away, you have exams!')

I really liked the part about Al's date with Nova. I was smiling like an idiot throughout the whole time I was reading it. It was just so cute and made me go 'Aw, that's so cute'. And the thing about the blushing,I loved that part.

I really can't imagine Dahlia Darzi getting married. Poor girl. She must really hate her Aunt.

The pranks that were played on Xanthe were hilarious! And Scorpius is such a good cousin.

I'm really sad this absolutely amazing fic has come to an end. But I hope you'll write something that goes with this fic. I adore your writing.

xoxo, Moony, Padfoot and Prongs. Brothers forever.

Author's Response: Hello :)

Ugh. Exams. You don't have to tell me twice. I feel like my life consists of nothing but revising for exams. I live a sad existence.

Aw, I'm so glad you liked the final chapter! I honestly loved writing Al's date with Nova because they're just two oblivious little cuties. Such lovebirds.

Dahlia Darzi married is such a contradiction, it makes my head hurt to even think of it.

And yep, she definitely hates her auntie. I don't think any of us blame her for it.

This fic meant so much to me so to conclude it actually took away part of my soul. I haven't yet planned/written a sequel to this BUT there is an outtake I have up. It's named Ice Queen and it's Al's perspective of Novus' first flying lesson ;)

Plums xo

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