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Reading Reviews for Amorous
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Review #1, by Sam Chapter twelve

19th March 2017:
Is this story not going to be finished?? Need more chapters how does this turn out?! So many unanswered questions we need to know please please can we have more chapters!!

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Review #2, by HarryPotterFan Chapter twelve

6th January 2017:
I just love how true you stay to all the characters! I could really see this happening afther DH and as a fan I am so greatful that you are writing this and i really really hope you will continue. Your writing is very good! Can't wait till the next chapter! Thank you so much

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Review #3, by Katy Chapter twelve

6th January 2017:
Can't wait till the next chapter!!

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Review #4, by Avanell 2 Chapter twelve

31st December 2016:
Sweet fun chapter! The camera, the revenge...lovely talks too.

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Review #5, by klrowe4 Chapter twelve

13th December 2016:
Completely enthralled with your story and your portrayal of everyone is amazing. Looking forward to more.

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Review #6, by HARRYPOTTERISLIFE Chapter twelve

5th December 2016:
IM IN LOVE WITH THIS STORY! I love how much you develop as a writer too! This was the first story i read on this website and i couldn't have asked for a better way to start!! YOU MUST KEEP WRITING! I THINK ILL DIE WITHOUT ANOTHER CHAPTER! HA! I have a few ideas that u could use too! One of them is to develop Ron and Hermione more! I want to find out what they said to each other about Lavender! I also would LOVE if Hermione was focused on more too! I also think that Ron and Harry and the details of their scars and wounds were absolutely FANTASTIC! I would like to hear more about the wounds you came up with for Hermione including her terrible scar from the Malfoy Manor!!! I am so excited to keep reading once u post more chapters! Hopefully we don't have to wait too long! I love how detailed and long your paragraphs are! The longer they are for us, the better! however it must be hard for you to have to write so much! If you need any help with ideas I can definitely help! Lots of love!

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Review #7, by Elfimaledeti Chapter twelve

18th November 2016:
Hello :),

I have read this chapter, as soon as it came out and yesterday again. I'm not sure, but my feelings are, that you are getting better with every chapter. I will have to re-read it, to confirm it (for myself :P ). You are jumping between points of view, but it suits the story and all in all its your story that we are reading.

Ginny's break down? Well yeah, its sad, but we don't really know what have happened in the Hogwarts during the war and I'm glad that Harry comforted her and they're getting together again. But they should move on, to stop be depressed and all (at least a little bit?).

I'm still curious about how it is with Harry's magic :D, about adventure that will come. How it'll be with Aurors training, with return to Hogwarts. and so on and so on. (I have no bad words for this story and i hope they will never come O:-) )

Again, thank you that you are still writing this story, i love it still! Looking forward for next chapter.


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Review #8, by WizardsOnlyFools Chapter twelve

10th November 2016:
Wow wow wow!!

This story is so incredible! I love the long chapters and the fact that you're taking the plot slow enough to give these characters the detail they deserve. It's amazing how believable and natural all of their interactions and thoughts feel, especially considering your story picks up directly after Deathly Hallows ends. The details you provide for a setting are few where unnecessary (like the Burrow and Hogwarts, that have been described a hundred times before), but deep when it comes to changes or new developments, which I have found perfect so far. And I don't even know where to start with the characters.

The care you've given to staying true to J.K. Rowlings characters is absolutely astounding. Even more so because your story includes so many of the main characters. Every one of them, from Harry himself to Kingsley or even Rita Skeeter, feels exactly as they should. How they react, how they think, how they feel towards one another, their humor, their worries, all of it! I know that's just my personal opinion but I've read some fanfics about the same time period and the characters just felt off or the author took them in a different direction, which is totally fine, but it's still nice to see them acting how I think they should.

At the same time, however, you've changed them in a very realistic way due to the simple fact that they've matured throughout everything they've experienced. All of the grief and anguish they've endured is dealt with differently, with each person attempting to put the past to rest while they all try to adapt to how the future will play out. They are not quite the people they were before, nor should they be, and your writing shows that beautifully.

I'm not sure where the plot is headed toward or if there is something other than them just picking up the pieces of their lives together and moving on, but either way I'm excited for whatever comes next!

The ONLY issue I'd like to bring up is that I'm sometimes confused about the amount of time that has passed since the battle, up until the June 2nd chapter. But it might just be me not paying attention! Otherwise, Amorous feels like a seamless extension of the HP series and I couldn't be happier with it! :) I know I've said it a few times but you really do the characters and series justice and I can't wait for more!!

Author's Response: There are no words to describe how grateful and happy I am to read your message. I'm so pleased that you enjoyed it so far.

I do try to keep it as realistic as possible and take a step at the time. Therefore, you telling me you see it that way, makes it feel like I achieved that!

About the amount of time, I agree with you. That's why I specifically mentioned the date. I'm currently rewriting the chapters with the help of a betareader, so the next chapters will be a bit more streamlined.

Hopefully you'll enjoy other chapters just as much! XX

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Review #9, by May Chapter seven

22nd October 2016:
I am enjoying your storyline it's good

Author's Response: Thank you for all your reviews! I'm glad you like it! XX

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Review #10, by May Chapter five

22nd October 2016:
I like the family get togethes sad Fred not there

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Review #11, by May Chapter three

22nd October 2016:
I liked your chapter just as it is another great read

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Review #12, by May Chapter two

22nd October 2016:
Another great read enjoyed it

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Review #13, by May Chapter one

22nd October 2016:
Great really enjoyed your storyline

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Review #14, by Elfimaledeti Chapter eleven

12th September 2016:
On 29th of August I was like yey, new chapter, but i had to wait till now to read it. (Some complications with school, but I managed it)

And I had some time for reading this new chapter, and I'm surprised. Much better then the previous one O:-) thank you. A lot of things happened, Hogwards, Burrow, Hogsmeade. Curious about, how much powerful Harry become and what we will learn (read) about it. How will the relationship between Harry and Ginny (and Hermione and Ron) develop. I wonder if Harry and Ron will return to Hogwarts as well as Hermione and Ginny? Or will they use the opportunity to become Aurors, without completing 7th year?

Thank you, that you still continue with the story. As always, looking forward for next chapter.


Author's Response: I'm so glad you've enjoyed chapter eleven! Chapter twelve is ready to go, I'm just waiting for the staff to validate it. So, possibly within a few days you can enjoy another chapter (hopefully ;-)). XX

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Review #15, by Wren Chapter eleven

28th August 2016:
Keep writing . you got us started on this adventure . don't let us down.

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Review #16, by klrowe4 Chapter ten

2nd June 2016:
Really enjoying this story. Looking forward to more chapters.

Author's Response: Thank you very much for reviewing!! A new chapter is out now! X

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Review #17, by Elfimaledeti Chapter ten

9th May 2016:
I was so surprised, when i saw a new chapter popped out O:-).

You know, that I'm enjoying long chapters ... But today, well I guess, that some parts are longer, that they should. It doesn't change anything on that point, that I read it "on one breath" :) . And end of this chapter makes me angry, 'coz I'll have to wait till the next chapter. I want to read it! What is going on with Harry's magic! O:-) Well I'm rally looking forward for next chapter.

Don't apologize, thesis and your life is more important, but I hope for more chapters of your story ^^ . (Im writing my thesis too ... Carbon nanotube growth in the presence of water vapour O:-) )

Again looking forward for next chapter (and again sorry for my English)


Author's Response: You, my friend, are an extremely kind person. Truely! I know this hasn't been one of my best chapters, but you've been able to motivate me to up my game by tenfolds. Even if you didn't mean to.

Less busier times are coming and I have loads of ideas, so hopefully I'll be able to satiete your curiosity. ;-)

Your thesis ounds very complicated and you've already lost me, but seems interesting! My thesis is about recidivism by mildly mentally impaired men who have committed sexual misconduct, so I've been completely enthralled into research.

And don't mind the English. As a Dutch person myself, me and Google Translate have been the best of friends during my writing. See it as a means to improve our language skills. ;-)


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Review #18, by Yank Chapter nine

16th March 2016:
Now you have to write. It would be inhuman to let us wonder what the gang in going to do to "the Beetle".

Author's Response: Tumtumtummm... It's coming! In a few chapters your curiosity will be satiated. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #19, by Elfimaledeti Chapter nine

14th March 2016:
Great, new chapter! :)

Well, first i was confused what is going on. Then the remains of dark curses pop out, well i thought that madam Pomfrey had managed to get rid of these remains of dark curses. Well, I guess that something left. It's something that slows your story, but not too much and I think that is ok. We still got something ... #}{*&#}{*^&#}{$*...SKEETER ! How dare she?

Harry wil be alright i guess, so I'm still curious about his magic power(core or how to say it) and about Gringots. Well I don't like Skeeter even more now. And wonder how will they take it.

About your previous "author's response" I'm glad, that makes you feel happy with writing etc. :) I Like your story, so I'm just comment on how i see/feel it. But please, your chapters doesn't have to be long, if they are well written. BUT your are both, long and well written. (It's my personal feelings, I'm enjoying reading your story, so I hope it never ends and that's the reason, why I like long chapters, 'coz it takes more time to read O:-) = more fun.)

Looking forward for next chapter. (PS: Again sorry for my English it's not my native language.)


Author's Response: Just saw this review. You actually made me laugh. Bless you. :-)

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Review #20, by sweetie88 Chapter seven

10th March 2016:
Wow I just all the chapters up to this piont and I can just what a great writer you! Everything wrote I think is something JK Rolling would have written herself! Well done!

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Review #21, by SweetGinny88 Chapter eight

6th March 2016:
You should be really proud of your writing! Your really talented keep up the good worke

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! XX

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Review #22, by sweetie88 Chapter seven

6th March 2016:
Wow I just all the chapters up to this piont and I can just what a great writer you! Everything wrote I think is something JK Rolling would have written herself! Well done!

Author's Response: Biggest compliment ever! Thank you so much!
Now I will have to strive to reach that level everytime, but hey... what's life without some exciting things? ;-) X

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Review #23, by Elfimaledeti Chapter eight

4th March 2016:
New chapter Yey!! :)

I read it twice, well and only what I can say ... it's just brilliant. I love this chapter. And the press conference oh And Rita is back? Well, I wonder what our heroes will find in Prophet and other newspapers. O:-) I'm curious what it is about, that Harry cast spell without words or wand movements. Ginny kissed Harry in front of the rest of family? Well, everyone in family knows it and I guess, H and G have healthy relationship. And last, I'm really curious, how it will be with Gringots. (Will Harry inherit some more galeons or house or something after his ancestors? Or it's just his vault which got many years ago?)

Really looking forward for next chapter, you're writing great, I like it. And about the amount of words in this chapter? It's awesome, I personally enjoying reading your story and when you write detailed, I enjoying it more. I like all the descriptions, feelings, speeches etc. I like it's not mainly only speeches like in some other stories, it makes these stories run quick and make me feels they're hurrying. But yours follows smooth (lovely).

PS: In fanfiction for different book, author added chapter with 18200 words, so don't worry about yours 11k + :P ;)

Thank you.

Author's Response: I'm starting to look forward to your reviews! They make me really happy!!
As a thank you, I will continue writing chapters as long as the last one, or even longer. Promise! ;-) XX

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Review #24, by EtiSpaghetti Chapter seven

29th February 2016:
I like your story really much. But, it says your last update(add new chapter) was 27th of february and I can't see the new chapter. :( Please can you look at it?

TY, so much.


Author's Response: Thank you! Glad to hear it!
Yes, chapter 8 is being checked by the staff right now, but the backlog is around 2 days, so I'm not really sure when that'll be up... But I also reviewed some of the other chapters since I wasn't completely happy with some of its' writing (and I made some pretty stupid mistakes as well ;-))

I've started writing chapter 9 today, so that'll be finished within a week or two! :-) X

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Review #25, by 4now Chapter seven

28th February 2016:
Let us see the adventure you have planned for us.

Author's Response: It will be available within a few days! (Backlog for the staff to check its' content is around 2 days, so I'm not sure)

I hope you'll like it! :-)

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