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Reading Reviews for Riddles of the Past
2 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Secret Cupid Voldemort Victorious

15th February 2016:
Hello again!

Oh dear Merlin. A very interesting premise where Voldemort triumphs!

The first section was done brilliantly. The way Voldemort killed Harry, took charge, and obviously got Lockhart under his control. And he killed Ron too. My goodness.

And then there's Malfoy doing his evil things. Ugh. The way you write him is really very good. I wonder if he's planning to succeed Dumbledore himself or put his puppet there.

Another interesting turn of events. They find out about horcruxes now! I am glad Horace told them. You really take your canon events and spin them around very well.

I loved how Dumbledore took charge and things kept moving along despite Harry being dead. The professors going into the Chamber, Ginny's confession, all was nicely put.

And then this ends on a very exciting note. It's going to be war from here. Dark times indeed. So much of action and adventure and darkness. The perfect mix. Your narrative and descriptions are great. I loved reading this. Good luck for the rest of the story! I am sure the plot is headed in a brilliant direction.


Author's Response: If I kept going with this, it would be very hard for me to stop from being absolutely sadistic to the 'good guys'. Heads would roll :P.

Though I don't know if I'll continue with this, it would certainly be very very difficult but rewarding to finish. Thank you for your third review! I'm glad you liked this.


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Review #2, by Rinso Voldemort Victorious

22nd December 2015:
Just saw a post of this story on the forum.

Interesting premise, and now I get the topics about the diary and Azkaban.

I know you hate Ron and therefore was not surprised you offed him with gusto, but it was a neat idea to have him and Ginny remain as ghosts. I assume they would be just like the other ghosts, able to be seen and communicated with by anyone? If so, that could lessen the blow for Hermione... but my heart breaks for poor Molly, to lose two of her children in one night.

Who will be the next Headmaster? Lucius' line implied he has someone in mind. I assume he'll want to throw his buddy Snape a bone, but you could surprise me somehow :)

All in all, I enjoyed this first chapter. Now, based on the topics in the forum, I have some vague idea on what the future holds, and am more than intrigued to see how it will get there and what else is in store.

Good job, Prof!

Author's Response: Oh, it will be a good one. Thanks for the review!

You'll just have to wait and see on who becomes the Headmaster, and next chapter will feature Molly and Arthur.


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