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Reading Reviews for Heartbeats
3 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Sectumsempra7 Heartbeats

7th January 2016:
This story was very moving. Lucius' thoughts are very well written out. I like how you've written a moment in your 'Always' fanfiction from his point of view.

It somehow doesn't seem to me that he would have time to think all of that in the time it would take him to fall. It's as though he fell from a mile height.

Bellatrix did have her wand, however, right? She could have used Arresto Momentum to save herself from the fall. (Dumbledore used the charm on Harry to stop him falling to death from his broom in Prizoner of Azkaban).

Still, this one-shot was great. I enjoyed reading it. :-)

Author's Response: Thank you for the review!

While I wrote it, I also wondered whether he would have the time to think all of this as coherently... but thoughts are actually pretty damn fast and what I have articulated with words are meant to be perceived as more like emotions/feelings.

Bellatrix had her wand, yes. This reminds me of a very similar criticism I received for one of the late chapters in "Always" where I mention how Voldemort was able to conjure food and drinks for the Death Eaters while they were hiding in the Crystal Cave - in fact that is a mistake on my part because it contradicts the rules given in the books. The same reason why I made that mistake applies here - I don't remember a lot of those details from the books and while I try to do research, some things slip past my radar. If you want an in-story explanation... she was insane and way too glad that she hurt Narcissa by getting Lucius killed to think of using Arresto Momentum in order to save herself.

Thank you for the review, Sectusempra! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

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Review #2, by The Basilisk Heartbeats

21st December 2015:
Hiss Hiss. Guess who? It is I, The Basilisssk with a review.

Wow, I really loved reading this. It was short but impactful, to the point and yet very meaningful. I loved how showed Lucius' last moments here. His thoughts for his family, his son, his regrets, they made sense. You could see he loved them. And the way his own death caught him by surprise at first also made sense.

Your descriptions were very interesting and got me engaged into the story. I am glad to have slithered out of my Chamber to read this piece of writing. Good job!

Hiss Hiss
The Basilisk

Author's Response: *Tries to write the response with eyes closed as to not look The Basilisk in the eye*

Thank you for the kind words. Lucius did not expect his death... until it happened and he found out what his choices in life had amounted to.

I have no idea whether you've read the novel this one-shot is a tie-in to. If you haven't, I hope that it made at least a semblance of sense to you.

Thank you again for the review, o, mighty and glorious Basilisk!

*Rinso slowly and barely opens one eye to make sure that the pleased Basilisk has retreated and he's not about to turn into stone*

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Review #3, by ProfessorMinnie Heartbeats

19th December 2015:
Oh you are selling yourself short! I read Always and I read this and I can say that read very easily. Practice is all you need. I was surprised you picked Lucius for this challenge, but not displeased. Well done. Very well done.

And I know that you enjoy killing off characters...
*looks off into the middle distance*


Author's Response: Ah, Prof, you take it personally :D

Joke aside, thanks for the review. I don't believe I'm selling myself short, though, if I have to be honest, this one was easy because I already had everything done, I just had to switch the POV and imagine how would he feel in his last seconds. If Last Muse had told me that I couldn't base the entry on a finished story, I would have had a much harder time coming up with a self-sustained story within a one-shot. Still, it is a beginning.

Once again, thank you for the gracious review... and I'm waiting to see what you'll do with Grindelwald in the challenge!

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