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Reading Reviews for Who Set the Jobberknolls Free?
11 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Pixileanin The thing with feathers.

1st April 2017:

Ah, a letter format story! I haven't read one of those in ages. This looks interesting. I love the little details you put into the letters that give us glimpses of the people that they were, like Sirius being afraid of water, and Lily not feeling at home anywhere. You make these characters so real, it hurts.

Lily, from afar, trying to help patch things up between Sirius and Remus is sad and rings true to me. The girl must be going completely stir crazy, what with taking care of a baby and having to hide out in the middle of nowhere, I'm guessing. She probably relies heavily on these letters to keep herself in the loop and live vicariously through the goings on that Sirius and James are up to.

The whole exchange about Remus makes me curious as to what happened between Sirius and Remus. I have my guesses, which come from canon, but since things weren't crystal clear, it could have gone several different ways. I know in this format, Sirius wouldn't just come out and explain things to Lily. That wouldn't be his way. He wants it left alone. From his perspective, I can understand this.

I have to mention the tone of each of the letters. I can tell without looking at the addressee who is doing the writing. You've made each voice distinctive, which is the good mark of a great writer. I thoroughly enjoyed these!


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Review #2, by Shubha The tune without the words

28th November 2016:
Brillant fiction. I always love stories that depict how much Sirius loved James and the relationship that Sirius and Lily shared

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! ♥ I love me some Sirius/Lily, or at least, plenty of complex interactions between Sirius and Lily. And of course, it's fun trying to fit James in.

Thanks again. :D


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Review #3, by ascendio The tune without the words

2nd July 2016:
Hey, Nicole! I'm here from the Review Exchange. I feel guilty because I remember leaving you a review on Let Perpetual Light, but I hadn't continued on. I must rectify that. But here's the requested review for this lovely, lovely fic. Honestly, it seems you're incapable of writing anything that isn't lovely.

This is my first time reading an epistolary fanfiction on this site (I guess there was a ban against them?) Well, I thought you handled the format expertly. You have Lily and Sirius speaking in turn and I'm so in awe over how you made them sound so distinct and how you presented their character progression over the years, with consideration to the increasingly turbulent times they're going through. (An aside: you really do bring canon to life. All those strands of information that Rowling gave us outside of the Potter books seemed rather flat and secondary to me, as it wasn't explored with the depth of the actual series. Call me unimaginative, but I just could never bring them to life in my head. But you can, and it's just so amazing how you render it, how you paint it all into something so tangible, so real. Hopefully that made sense. You're just a great storyteller.)

I haven't seen the relationship between Lily and Sirius explored much, but I understand the potential of that pairing. I really liked how you presented it here, where their bond seemed independent from the general Marauders group, and where they ultimately decided that they didn't want to hurt James by pursuing some kind of romantic relationship. The latter part made sense, especially since Sirius and James were such close friends and it would have ended badly. I savored all the lighthearted and humorous touches in their letter-writing. I think that sold the authenticity of Lily and Sirius's relationship and brought them to life. They felt like living, breathing people communicating with each other. God, I loved the details of Lily's motherhood. Of course not all of this story is light. From Elliot Vance to the increasing deaths, you wonderfully keep their communication within the sad frame of their fate. Lily's final letter really did jab at my feelings. It was expected - the darkness was always there - but it was like some shadow slowly growing over me. I didn't want to confront the inevitable, but I knew that I had to.

You are just absolutely gifted with details, and even within these voices, your skill shines through. The balance between light and dark was so brilliantly done, and you illuminated this bit of humanity within the encroaching tragedy. I'm reminded of this essay by Lawrence Weschler about Vermeer's paintings, where he described how the painter presented scenes of humanity and tranquility even though, at the time, there was conflict. (The difference between that case and this one is that you do present the reality of the First Wizarding War, while Vermeer leaves out any evidence of worry.) Your pace was slow, but it was naturalistic; you drew out the characters so finely that I really believed in Lily and James, and even felt life within those they talked about; it expanded beyond the boundary of our immediate interest.

You've done such a terrific job - basically every adjective relating to praise! I'm favoriting this and going to go sit in a corner somewhere, silently in awe.

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Review #4, by velajune The thing with feathers.

6th April 2016:
Dear Teh,

It's taken me 2 months, I hope that's okay.
I always enjoy a Sirius and Lily conversation, exchange, whatever. Just anything Sirius and Lily that's quirky, and lovable. Though it starts out like that, it doesn't last long. :'(

When I read letter format stories, especially that of the Marauder's, I get a bit anxious and I got pretty anxious reading the start of your story. (I slow down after the mention of a death, Elliot's. I think the weight of the war, the suffering, and loss got to me.) My hand wanted to scroll down quickly, but my mind kept telling me to read carefully, fear that I might miss some crucial information trying to skim. And it made me think about their set future, or lack thereof. It makes me teary now as I recall the continuous exchange of letters between Sirius and Lily.

The breaking of the heart doesn't end there. It just continues on... Continuing on with what I said about the war, I think you captured the essence of the violence, and the sense of all the combining feelings of loss of someone, of hope, and again, the weight of it all. It was heartbreaking reading it.

Whenever I saw Lily continuously sending letters and Sirius not, it tugs my heart. Is this it? Despite the dates, I still ask, is this it? Do we lose them here. I had to stop a few times just to catch my breath.

Your writing, it's beautiful, it's restrained- you say just the rights words without going overboard. It takes me to a sad place.

I'll have to read the next chapter some other time, but I'm curious as to what truly happened between Remus and Sirius (my mind has already touched the idea of them being in a relationship), and how you'll end the story.


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Review #5, by Dojh167 The thing with feathers.

31st March 2016:
Wait, I accidentally reviewed chapter 1 on chapter 2? Welp, that's confusing. So now I'm here to review chapter 2 on 1. Deal with it.

Finally, Sirius writes back! I hate them for not having spent that Christmas together.

Super nitpicky, but something that stood out to me was Lily's use of the word hoovering, which is a decidedly muggle word. I suppose it makes sense as a word she knows from her muggle childhood, but most of her magical friends can't know what it means, if that makes sense?

hehe, I love Sirius' recap of Lily

omg, the short letters when the Jobberknolls come up XD

Uh. yeah, totally don't buy Lily's excuse for not telling James about her background with Sirius. Also, it's very obvious to me that Lily wants to talk about those days a lot more than Sirius does.

I really love the sentiment that she is Mrs. Lily Potter because they both love James.

Also, it seems a little odd to me that Remus worked among werewolves in both wolves. Wouldn't his act be up when he tried to return during the second war?

I guess Fiendfyre runs in the Crabbe family

Welp, everyone's dying now. And I hoped this would stay funny... I knew better though.

omg, James and Bathilda talking crochet XD

Of course everyone hates Peter for betraying the Potters, but I had never connected the deaths of all those other Order members to him. In your version, Dumbledore knows there is a traitor and starts sharing information individually instead of a group, so it's possible Peter didn't have the information on them. But then again, they all trusted each other, and even if he wasn't getting the info from Dumbledore, Peter could get it other ways. Part of me wants to defend him, to say he couldn't have let that many of his friends die. But it also explains how he could already be so deep and hardened by the time James and Lily's time came.

I was actually a little surprised that Lily accused Sirius of backing down from being the secret keeper due to heroics. Like, I thought he was more playing the hero in his letter talking about how he could be tortured or killed and never talk (also, while he trusts Peter, I can't quite see him seeing that strong of a devotion in him). I definitely understand Lily's motivation of believing that they will be safest in Sirius' hands.

Tangent: Wouldn't it be safest for all of them if Sirius was the secret keeper and went into hiding together and had slumber parties and snog fests? Then at least they'd only be in danger to each other.

Hey, GUYS. If it wasn't an easy choice for Peter to make, don't you think he might not be the best person?

Peter aint going to Egypt.

Welp, she almost made it through her New Years resolutions. And it hurts.

The last letter and Lily affectionate description of Harry and how he softens her urge for vengeance, made me think of the part in the story when she said she had James and Harry, but never felt like she has enough. I want to believe that she feels a little differently about that now. Well, obviously I want to believe that because it's her last chance.

I got pretty sleepy during this chapter, but I made it through! Overall, I thought this was a lovely chapter, with great characterization, laughs, and sads.

I approve of your bending of canon with the DH letter.

I think this is an awesome product to come out of NaNo! Again, well done =)

(sorry again about mixing up the reviews)


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Review #6, by Dojh167 The tune without the words

31st March 2016:
Hello! Now that Quidditch and the Extravaganza is over, I'm finally here for your Hufflepuff review pairings review!

So I am immediately intimidated by the length of your chapters, particular the second. I would normally put off reading this because of the length, but I am glad that the exchange makes me sit down and do it. Also, it definitely helps that the letters here are so short, which makes the story feel like it's moving quickly.

One thing that I notice right away is how casual the first letter seems. While it's clear that they haven't been in touch much, Sirius is being very casual. It definitely makes me wonder what brought him to suddenly right to Lily.

That is a lovely string of god- words to describe Sirius. XD Dat Signature.

I really love the humor here. Each letter has it's own (at least one) variety of humor to it, and they function very well. They can be flirtatious, self deprecating, or just plain silly, and combined they give a lot of life to the story beyond just a few laughs.

I love how you've characterized Lily here, as incredibly blunt and mature, which is both an asset and a flaw for her, depending on the situation.

Wow, Lily's letter about sacrifices is really intense. For one thing, I love how she calls Sirius and James out for trying to be symbols of manly hope. But more than that, her thoughts on sacrifice have a lot of meaning because of the sacrifice she ends up making. I think it makes that sacrifice mean a lot more, that she did not glorify sacrifices, and really speaks to the fact that her point of view really changed when Harry's life was threatened.

It is surprisingly powerful when there are two Lily letters in a row. Of course Sirius didn't say anything, but his silence says a lot.

Oh god, Lily's New Year's resolutions, shut up!

I'm going to rush on to the next chapter, but it's late for me so I might not get through it until tomorrow.

Love it so far!


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Review #7, by bigblackdog The thing with feathers.

30th March 2016:
there is so much here that is worthy of acknowledgment!

these characterizations of sirius and lily feel like canon to me. you've captured both their flaws so well and yet they are still so loveable. i think you've written a particularly fine sirius- a lot of sirius in the books is almost overwhelmingly flawed, but you've really shown here the balance to those flaws. the details like his refusal to engage in a fight with lily after elliot's death, that she had to ask him three times about remus before he cracked, and the vulnerability of him not attending the funeral.

lily too, is wonderfully, wonderfully written. so very human and relatable in her desire to set things right, to interfere, to jump to conclusions. your repetition of lil needing to get out of the house or other feelings of being caged was heartbreaking and i admire the way your writing here really gives weight to their lives at this time and imagines their experience of being on the run. i also love the marital strife, not so much that i feel worried about their relationship, but enough that they feel real and relatable.

especially noteworthy: the different writing styles and tones you've crafted for each of their letters. i feel like i cannot commend you enough on this. these letters feel as if they were written by different people.

i'm glad we were paired for the review exchange- i've admired your writing for a while but hadn't worked up the courage to review!


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Review #8, by CUPID ♥♥♥♥♥♥ The tune without the words

14th February 2016:
Wow, this just got better and better. What an amazing story all around, and this section was like the first one taken up to a new level - everything more intense as the stakes are higher. Just because of the duration of time this has all been going on- Lily's more stir crazy, the war outside is worsening, everyone questioning themselves even more. Right from the beginning you can see that Sirius is slipping a bit, with all the pressure he's under trying to not die, and also worrying about his best friends and hoping they don't die either - you really captured how that's all taken a toll on him in his more cynical outlook on things, starting from that story about running around as a dog chasing rabbits, he's trying to lighten up his fear/anger/frustration with silliness, where once again Lily keeps him honest.

The worse things get, with the Order members dying right and left, the fiercer Sirius's optimism seems to be, while at the same time he admits he's terrified and hates it. It's like the war just pushes him like a pendulum so he's going back and forth, out of his zone of stability, increasingly as the story goes on - what with always being fighting or hearing news of his friends dying, or actually seeing his friends dying, and it's evident in the way his mood kind of swings in the letters, or how he retreats into discussing Hogwarts days or his past with Lily.

And regarding the Sirius/Lily aspect of this story, I think you did a remarkable job with that. I am very picky about that ship in stories because I feel like it has to be done right, and here, it definitely was. It doesn't take away from the James/Lily ship, but adds to it, especially how Lily and Sirius broke off because they both cared too much about James. The fact that Lily and Sirius had a fling at all is believable with the way you've written them, and the ways in which they're similar - and the reason they broke it off makes sense given the depth of the friendship between Sirius and James, and Lily's probable feeling of guilt at not doing the right thing (she is very into doing The Right Thing in this story and I love it, it's very much how I'd have imagined her.) And especially I love that the Lily/Sirius relationship doesn't negatively impact their friendship in any way - the relationship was a thing of the past and now there's no latent feelings or anything, they're just friends who really understand one another because of that history, maybe. Anyway I loved that dynamic.

Some of the little things just really brought this to life, such as the constant reappearance of Harry's love of Celestina's christmas hits, particularly God Rest Ye Merry Hippogriffs. One throwaway line from OotP, but here it's given a new context, and it puts so much story behind that line in OotP. Now when Sirius is singing that song during the Christmas in OotP, it's like he's remembering the past (...as he does) and the same feeling that the song gave him before, making him think of his two best friends and this happiness in the middle of war, as it's the same feeling both times.

Also, James and Bathilda talking about knitting! Gah, I loved this so much I can't see it any other way. It was a goofy line that made me laugh as I imagine James trying to knit and being better at it than Lily, but it also has this message behind it how James is really losing it being so cooped up in the house - as Lily has been suffering for a year and a half by this point. The ways they come up with to occupy their time are both cute and rather telling as to just how much they want to get out.

I must say, I absolutely love the way you incorporated the letter from DH. Truth be told, I have ALWAYS wondered how on earth that letter ended up at Grimmauld Place. Sirius wasn't living there at the time so it wouldn't have been delivered to him there, but it's not like received it elsewhere and just dropped by his old house to leave a letter there, nor would he have kept the letter on him for thirteen years until he moved back there, so... why's it there? And this explained that, so thank you for providing a solution to the mystery that's been at the back of my mind for 9 years :P I don't think you bent canon at all, I think you explained it!

And that last section, my goodness - it was so bittersweet and I just loved it although I also hated it. I'm sure you know what I mean. I love that they were happy and it was just a normal day (And that Lily didn't burn the pie! Celebrations in order!) and then it just. ends. because she died. Gah! My heart! But you couldn't have ended it any other way.

So overall, wow, this was such a great fic and once again I just love how you've written it. There's not a huge number of stories that really go into what it was like for Lily or Sirius in the time just after Hogwarts while the war was going on, and I'm glad that you took that on and am so impressed at what you were able to do with it. Especially Lily's side of things, and how you really went in depth of her feelings of isolation, her frustration at never feeling at home anywhere and constantly being on the run, and the little things that keep her going. Sirius mentions it in one of the letters about how he was glad they were writing to one another, and I think that helped both of them in multiple ways. Not only would it have been nice to be talking with a friend, but each of them kind of has what the other lacks. Lily is bored out of her mind hiding away from the world and changing soiled nappies, and through Sirius she keeps informed. And Sirius lacks any sort of stability in his life, what with having an estranged family and constantly running from one dangerous task to the next, so in a way I think Lily's letters gave him roots, or at least one thing that stayed the same.

I have to wait to favourite this story until after the reveal so you don't find out who I am immediately :P but this fic is incredible & you truly have a gift.

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Review #9, by YOUR SECRET CUPID ♥ The thing with feathers.

14th February 2016:
Dear Teh,

You are a genius of storytelling. I didn't realise, until just now, how glad I am that the rule against diary entries and letters has been removed, because otherwise this fic wouldn't have existed, and I'd still be just drifting around on my feathery wings shooting arrows of love at happy couples, and would have missed out on this story entirely, and that would have been sad indeed.

But I digress. I really love this story so far, and am immensely glad that this forum event gave me the impetus to read it. As with everything I've read by you, your details are incredible and your characterisations so wonderfully thought out. Even though there's no narrator to describe the scene, give any background, or whatever, none of that is needed, because in just these little snippets you've managed to capture so much. What I love most is the way you show the ups and downs of daily life with all of it happening off-screen, so to speak - just all the casual references every now and then in Lily's letters about moving house and all the things Harry gets up to as a toddler, or in Sirius' letters about the sorts of things he's doing for the Order. Most often it's just references to a thing that happened, or a quick anecdote, and even what's not said. The things that are left out tell so much, like how bored Lily is at the house or how, in the beginning at least, Sirius pointedly avoids talking about Remus. And all of this together makes up the complete picture - the whole being more than the sum of its parts.

The characterisations of Sirius and Lily are really wonderful, and I absolutely adore the idea that the two of them were friends in their own right without just being because of James - they had a friendship outside of their ties to James. And it's a really well balanced friendship and they bring out interesting things in each other. They're both very perceptive, though in different ways. I appreciate Lily's directness, she can definitely see through a lot of the things Sirius says, and I get the feeling that Sirius tells Lily a lot of things that James might not have, given the bit about Vance. And on the flip side, I love the little splashes of humour in the letters, like each of them writing a drunk letter, or Sirius thinking that colic was a horse disease or whatever - stuff that shows what kind of a friendship they have, and it's especially nice to see it in there as it's like a bright spot in all the misery that is apparent in their letters - like, life is miserable so in their letters they try and keep things light, if they can. (which, sometimes they can't, with Elliott Vance's death and such.)

Continuing on now to the next chapter (or, well, the second half of the same chapter)!

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Review #10, by nott theodore The tune without the words

3rd January 2016:
Hello love ♥


I think you enjoy torturing readers too much (I mean, not that I can talk, but...). This ending is even more upsetting than seeing the very final moments would have been, I think.

Also, thank you for the mention, even though I'm afraid I wasn't a very helpful NaNo mum this year ♥

This was such a fantastic chapter, even if you broke my heart more than a little bit with the way that it ended, right on the night that they died, with Lily writing that final letter to Sirius. As for your author's note, I completely love your version of canon and the way that you've made a whole story out of letters that were delivered and the one that we see in the books is the only one that Sirius never received.

This chapter felt a lot more serious and darker than the first chapter, and I think the tone of this really captured the mood and the way that life is getting so much more difficult for those involved in the war. Even so, there were moments of lightness and just humanity in these letters which made the characters feel even more real and made me connect to them even more.

The friendship between Sirius and Lily was so sweet here, as well. I mean, I know it's clear from these letters that they were once more than just friends, and normally I wouldn't like reading about that sort of thing much (you know I'm not a big fan of non-canon pairings) but as usual, you are fantastic and the will-they-won't-they relationship between them still fit completely with canon and your characterisation of them, so I found myself completely believing it. I loved the way that neither of them wanted to hurt James and that was the real reason they never continued - both of them loved James far more than each other. That fit so well with the friendship I imagine between Sirius and James especially, but I thought you wrote it really well.

The way that the Jobberknolls fit in to the story was fantastic, too. I loved the way that they seemed so innocent at first and yet they segued into revealing something much more secret between the two of them. And yet all the same, they were kind of innocent because they represented a simpler time.

It was so sad to see the way that the letters got gradually more tense as the time went on and they got closer and closer to the end of the war. I felt so sorry for Sirius having to keep telling Lily that more and more of the Order had died. His assertion that they were going to win was so moving, though - it felt horrible to think that he was right even though it would mean his own imprisonment and the deaths of Lily and James.

I think my favourite thing about this chapter was the lighter moments - those little snippets when Lily rushed the end of her letters, which held a snippet of normality compared to everything else they're going through. The little bits about Harry throwing things at the walls and trying to eat things he shouldn't so that Lily had to end the letter quickly and stop him really made me laugh. I can imagine Harry as a baby causing all sorts of mischief (don't all children?) and it was just such a cute image.

In a way, I'm really glad that you ended the letters on that last day, when Lily was writing to Sirius right before the end. Even though it's heartbreaking to think that they would die so soon and their lives would all change forever, it was nice to think that their last day was a normal one, as a happy family, and that Lily managed not to burn the pie that she was baking. It was just a kind of heart-warming picture of their last day, right at the end.

This was lovely, and I'm so glad that I've had some time to read it and enjoy your wonderful writing again ♥

Sian :)

Author's Response: Sian! ♥ ♥

Apologies for taking so long to answer your second very amazing review. And thank you for your MTA questions which I still haven't found time to answer. I'm an awful mess. *sobs* And your review has left me quite a mess as well.

Yes I know, how could I end this fic like that. I think I'll pass this question on to JKR. HOW COULD SHE KILL OFF LILY LIKE THAT. AND LEAVE SIRIUS TO FESTER IN PRISON FOR 12 YEARS. It was JKR who planned everything!!! In this fic!!! All I did was fill in some gaps about what happened before. :P

You were definitely an amazing NaNo mum last year! ♥ You encouraged me so much...and guilt-tripped me a couple of times...so you definitely gave me some help in writing. *hugs*

I would have liked Sirius and Lily to continue their correspondence but unfortunately Lily died. So that's that. :( I'm glad you like my version of canon, though! Researching the timeline for this fic was one of the biggest challenges of the whole story...because there's so much info on the Marauders' timeline, but they're all so scattered and contradictory that I had to piece them together to get my own coherent timeline without violating canon. I honestly wanted to defenestrate myself several times during planning. :P

Yeah, the second half of this story gets progressively darker in terms of atmosphere. Still, life has to continue, hence the moments or references to their daily lives, the moments of lightness...and the bits of humour, if you could find them amid all the impending doom. :P I always like to have a bit of humour in my angstiest of stories. :P

Haha, I wish Sirius/Lily were a real thing in canon! :P Plenty of diehard Jily shippers will be baying for my blood...but hey, I didn't totally sink that ship!

The Jobberknolls were definitely the something I threw into the fic...kind of like the way you throw a spanner into the midst of turning cogs to jam things up a bit. I'll probably elaborate on them further in my MTA answers! :D

Sirius telling Lily that everything wsas going to be fine, they were going to come out of the war unscathed and such is him becoming less and less stable, more paranoid, and increasingly reckless and foolhardy. The swap with Peter was a result of his lapse in judgement, like the way he fails to detect anything wrong with Peter and instead distances himself from Remus.

And I just had to write Lily's last letter the way it was written! There had to be some normal moments in them, some hope, because how can I not!!?? :(

Thank you so much once again, Sian, for your lovely reviews. They absolutely made my day, and I'm so grateful and honoured to have a friend like you. ♥ ♥


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Review #11, by nott theodore The thing with feathers.

3rd January 2016:
Hi Nicole! ♥ It's been far too long since I've read and reviewed anything properly, particularly your wonderful stories, and god knows I need to catch up, so please forgive me if this review is a little shorter than usual!

I love this. Which I'm sure isn't going to be a surprise for you right now, since I love everything you write, but I know it's been a while since you've posted a lot of new stories and I've really missed reading your work. Anyway, I really love this story and there's so much here that's just amazing.

The structure is fantastic! Stories like this one make me exceptionally glad that the no letters/diary entries fics rule isn't around any more, because I wouldn't have had the chance to read this otherwise. It's written so well, and so cleverly - there's so much detail in every single letter, and you've already told such a brilliant story with it. I love the varying length of the letters - some are like notes and some are actual letters containing a lot of love and care for the other. All of them seem to contain so much and I think that's just a testament to your skill as a writer, really.

The idea of Sirius and Lily writing letters to each other is absolutely amazing ♥ I know that we see one letter from Lily to Sirius in the books but it's great that you've taken that and expanded it into a whole story around their friendship and the way that they communicate during the final years of their life. It makes so much sense that they'd write letters to each other to keep in touch, especially if James is getting to go out on missions for the Order still and Lily is stuck at home more with Harry. But I think my favourite thing about this is the way that it captures the friendship between Lily and Sirius, and see the way that they genuinely care about each other. It's really heart-warming, and I love how close they seem even when they're not around James - they do genuinely like each other for themselves rather than just for the sake of him.

Your characterisation of both Lily and Sirius is just perfect. I loved the way that - like she said herself - Lily is both old and young at the same time. She sees right to the heart of the problems and she knows when Sirius is avoiding a topic (like with the hints at Remus/Sirius), but she also gets incredibly frustrated with her situation and the fact that she's cooped up at home looking after Harry, essentially living under a death threat, and can't really do anything. Sirius is perfect too, with the way he gets so frustrated and struggles to cope with the war and distracts himself from things that are happening by going out to fight. You just captured both of their characters so brilliantly and I loved it.

I'm almost afraid to go on to the next chapter right now, since I know it can't end well, particularly with the foreshadowing here, but I really enjoyed this chapter ♥

Sian :)

Author's Response: Sian! ♥ ♥

Thank you, thank you for taking the time to stop by my page and read my newest fic! You're the first reviewer, and I really needed feedback on this fic, so thank you for being my saviour. ♥ And yeah, this is the first new thing I've posted in aaages...my last one-shot was more than a year ago, I think? Can't remember.

Aww, I'm glad you liked it! I love reading epistolary works as well; I'm incredibly fascinated by their structure, and how letters and other documents are arranged together like a puzzle to provide a coherent story. I love the gaps in such narratives, and the way we as readers have to fill in some of these gaps ourselves because the characters won't. There's no narrator; nobody explains anything to us, and we're so deep in the characters' internal worlds.

I, too, am really glad the 1/3 diary/letter rule has been lifted, because let's face it: in the Potterverse, letters are /such/ an important way of communication! People send letters via Owl Post like every freaking day. Ginny writes in a secret diary; characters leave letters for other characters...the Potterverse is definitely suited for epistolary fics! :D

I was definitely inspired by Lily's letter in DH when writing this fic! :D I took that letter of hers and expanded it into something more. And I do like some Sirius/Lily, just to put a few cracks into the Jily ship. But hey, that ship still floats, doesn't it? :P

And yeah, the two of them do genuinely enjoy writing to each other. We know James was getting incredibly frustrating being cooped up, but I imagine Lily would be the same, even though she had a baby and all. Lily was an Order member after all. And to be a mum at such a young age (20/21)...I've been there, and it isn't the most perfect experience. Hence my less than perfect depiction of these characters.

And well, you've read the other chapter now...so you know how it ends...sorry. *hides*

Thank you for such a brilliant review, Sian! ♥ ♥


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