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Review #1, by Yoshi_Kitten Freedom

27th January 2016:
Hello, RoxiMalfoy from the forums, here for the Gryffindor RvG Battle!! #TeamRedFTW! OMGosh, wow!! You have SO MUCH stuff on your AP to choose from, lol!! But I am a sucker for all things Draco, so here I am. =P

This grabbed me and sucked me in right from the opening paragraph. I believe this may be the 1st story of yours that I've ever read, and already I am a HUGH fan of your work, Kaitlin!! I can tell that you are a super talented writer, just from the opening scene. The way you paint such a vivid picture with your words is incredible!! I actually caught myself holding my breath there when you were describing how suffocating the atmosphere was, and I got chills when you talked about how Voldemort had “unleashed his rage with round after round of Cruciatus Curses”. *Shivers* SO GOOD!!

I've always felt so bad for Draco, and the situation that he was forced into in HBP. It's just so heartbreaking. I myself am writing a similar story, based off of these events. (But I actually started writing my current WIP Novel in between books 6 & 7, which is why it's considered AU now.) So this right here is one of my absolute most favorite types of fics to read, in ALL that is the world of HP fanfiction, lol. That being said, I've read a lot of stories like this one. But I can honestly say that THIS little one-shot here is probably one of the most well done Hogwarts-Era Draco fics that I have ever come across!! Like, this could be a missing moment pulled straight out of the HBP book, for real. It's THAT good, and I just LOVED it!!

But getting back to Draco, lol! (sorry for ranting there...) His story is so heartbreaking, and you have certainly done a fantastic job at conveying his feelings of absolute hopelessness and despair in this. When he came to the realization that Voldemort was intending for him to fail, and that “his death during the attempt was meant to be the final punishment for his father’s failures,” I almost cried. I just always feel so bad for him. I mean, can you imagine your life and the lives of your entire family being threatened in that way at just 16 years old? And then you just had to go and throw in that little tid-bit about all the horrible nightmares he'd been having. *cries* ='(

It's easy to forget how young he is though, especially when we see him dealing with such mature/adult problems that no teenager should ever have to face. So I also liked how you described him taking a shot of the Firewhiskey to help him decompress from all of the pressure that the adults were placing on him. Even though he clearly hates the taste of it, he drinks it anyways because he just wants to turn everything off for a while. Again; break my heart into a million pieces why don’t you, haha!! XD

My heart started beating really fast when he got up and was testing the fence to see if he could get away though! It was so scary when Voldemort showed up just as he was about to try it. Although I get the feeling that he was secretly watching Draco the entire time, just to see what he would so. Gah!! Your Voldemort is SO scary... But I love it, lol!! There is nothing more thrilling than taking an emotional roller-coaster ride alongside a character in a book (of fanfic, in this case) that you love. And you certainly know how to do just that with your readers, that's for sure!

Also, I love the parallel that you made in here about the spikes on the gates surrounding Malfoy Manor being used to keep Draco trapped inside, as well as keeping any intruders out. And then finding out at the end what would have happened with the spikes if he had actually tried to escape... that just tied everything together so nicely. At first I'll admit that I did not totally get the title of this fic, but now it makes perfect sense, and it is absolutely genius!! Like I said in the beginning of this review, you clearly have mad skillz, lol!!

Seriously though, the only constructiveness I feel that I can give here is that you may want to consider giving this a quick once-over at some point, because I did notice a few missing commas here and there. But I only really seen that in like 2 or 3 places, so it's not even that big of a deal. It's not like it takes away from this masterpiece that you have here or anything, lol!! You may consider me as your newest fan now, lol!! I don't really have a whole lot of time on my hands to read/review quite like this one anymore, not with me working 2 jobs (70-80+ hours per week) right now. But I will be adding you to my list of favorite authors, as well as favoriting this story as soon as I get done leaving this review... I cannot wait to check out more of your works!! You are totally awesome Kaitlin. This was amazing!!

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Review #2, by Unwritten Curse Freedom

6th January 2016:
OMG. That ending, though. I was pretty engaged at the beginning, but as soon as Voldemort entered the scene, I think I held my breath until the story ended. You write him really well. I love the questions he asks Draco--about him trying to escape. He poses it as a question, but it's obvious that it's not a question, that he caught Draco escaping and he wants to see if Draco will admit it. So fitting. And how he matter-of-factly states that Draco would have been impaled had he gotten through the middle. OMG. He's such a monster.

Anyway, I had to read this story because I'm such a Draco fan. I love him even though he's a coward, and this fic perfectly displayed that. Yes, he's in a terrible situation. Yes, I pity him. But to run away? What a coward. His parents would be killed, but he doesn't really consider that. I love it. It's so Draco and it makes me love him even more, because I love all of his flaws.

I did think there were a few parts where you were showing rather than telling. Like here: "The thought of committing out right murder had kept Draco from sleeping." This sentence didn't really pack much of an emotional punch because you were telling your readers rather than showing them. The next few sentences in which Draco runs out into the gardens are GREAT because it SHOWS how scared he is. You could easily add something in there about him being tired or sleep-deprived, or something, and trust that your readers will know it's because he's scared (without you outright saying it). They'll appreciate that. It gives them an opportunity to connect emotionally with Draco.

But really, this is still a great one-shot. Mainly because your characterization is PERFECT. Draco and Voldemort are two of the most DESTROYED characters in fanfiction because they're so difficult to get right (people try to make Draco into a hero, for example (I myself tried to do so years ago)) but you just step right over all the pitfalls and do complete justice to Jo's world.



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Review #3, by kenpo Freedom

3rd January 2016:

I really enjoyed this story! I always love reading about Draco from this more sympathetic point of view, and you did a great job with that here. I think that in particular what I really liked was that he refer to Dumbledore as the greatest wizard of all time... I'm sure Voldemort would love to hear that from one of his supposed loyal followers.

It made me a bit sad to think that Draco knew what was happening to him this entire time... part of me would rather him just be an evil dude, so I didn't have to feel bad for him at all. Haha, that sounds weird I hope it makes some sense.

Really nice story!


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Review #4, by AlexFan Freedom

21st December 2015:
The quote from the song fit this story so well. I didn't even think of Draco when thinking of this song but it fits him perfectly.

I love how you showed Draco's feelings about the mission that Voldemort had set him. You only really saw the cocky front that Draco put on for his fears, and the occasional cracks that Harry saw when he caught Draco unaware so this was really great.

I've never been a fan of Draco Malfoy myself but this one-shot really got me to feel sorry for him, even if it was a short story. I could understand where he was coming and what he was feeling. I could see how hard this was on him, and even he knew that the task the Dark Lord had set him was meant to get him killed as punishment for his father.

I was so worried about Draco there for a second because I thought something really bad was going to happen him when Voldemort caught him trying to sneak out. I thought he was going to be hit with the Cruciatus for sure.

TL;DR I really enjoyed this one-shot and the look into Draco's mind that it provided. N.O is definitely one of my favourite songs from Bangtan Boys (and you should definitely listen to it, or any of their songs really, the lyrics are always really deep). The Challenge results will be up soon!

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Review #5, by The Basilisk Freedom

16th December 2015:
Hiss Hisss.

Guesss who?

No, really, guess.

I am rather fond of the fear you've sset into the atmosphere; one so great that the young Malfoy believes that the tress feel it too. How very poetic, indeed of you, Kaitlin. That poor young Malfoy. Sso fearful, so timid, it's... deliciouss.

Thiss tale, though small in size is large in it's impact on a reader. So concisely put, you've delved well into the dephts of young Malfoy's mind, his thoughtss and emotions. You craft your ssentences in the most sublime way. A very great little story, I must say.

Until next time

Author's Response: Hello Basilisk,

Wow! Another review! Thank you so much!

This is definitely a fearful environment. Draco is really fearing for his life.

I'm glad you thought it had some depth. I always try to add a lot of feeling, regardless of length. (although I'm not always successful.)

Thank you for another lovely review!


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