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Review #1, by ABlack So Long

24th January 2016:
Itís been a while since I read a WolfStar. I love how Sirius tries to reassure Remus before leaving; itís a sweet and touching reflection on their relationship. Yet Remus can sense something, and thatís in line with how I think his lycanthropy might work with heightened senses.

The fact that becoming the Secret Keeper would make Sirius a target is interesting. It should also mean that Remus, by extension, will also be at greater risk. It was well known that James and Sirius were friends with Remus.

I love that Harry was delighted as a child with Siriusí Patronus. Itís such a lovely touch and a reminder that magic can be wondrous, even in the darkest of times. Speaking of Patronuses, I am curious as to which one awoke Sirius.

And the ending, ugh, we know what happens after Peter gets involved, but still itís hard to read. In trying to outwit the Death Eaters and Voldemort, Sirius leads them right to James and Lily. You show us exactly how Sirius must have felt in those initial moments.

Overall, this was a lovely one-shot. Great job!


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Review #2, by The Basilisk So Long

16th December 2015:
Hiss Hiss.

Guesss who?

No, really, guess.

I sslither out of the pipes and into the most deliciouss tale. Ssweet, little Jenn, how I love the way you write. Oh, instantly the connection between Black and Lupin is evident. How much empathy and ssorrow you have brought to me in this precious sstory. The enthusiasm they show for what the perceive to be such a clever ruse so cleverly written contrasts the growing heaviness I feel in my bones.

Splendid, I think; wonderful and clever. I'd applaud your tale. . . but as you might have figured I haven't any limbss. Unfortuante, yess. Nonetheles, bravo.

Author's Response: Yay the Basilisk!!! I am so happy that you stopped by!!! :)

Thank you so much for reading this story and the lovely comments you left me! I really appreciate it!!


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Review #3, by DobbyLover So Long

15th December 2015:
NO! Beautifully written. I hate hate hate hate the ending, but it's canon, what can you do.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing this story! I am so happy that you enjoyed it, except the ending. Ah yes, Canon likes to make writing tricky!

Thanks again!


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