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Review #1, by ProfessorMinnie All I Want For Christmas

23rd February 2016: you!

I've always wondered why Draco didn't date Daphne. Daphne seemed much closer to his age and would've had more time to... get closer to Draco. I suppose this is an interpretation of why: She's a stone cold... person. Yeah.

Anyway, I think of my six year old self, gravitating around the small classroom Christmas tree so I wouldn't have to talk to anyone. At some point in everyone's life I suppose they hide behind the tree at a Christmas party.

I thought you did a good job with the pairing. They had distinct personalities and I felt a warmth somewhere in my body when I realized that this was the start to something beautiful. This could be, dare I say, a very good novel. Perhaps a chapter for every Christmas the two of them lived before, when, and after they met? I think it would be interesting.

However, I don't think Draco would totally give up Pureblood supremacy in a matter of months. It took years for him to build up the walls and be indoctrinated by his parents for him to be the snotty little brat he was in pre-HBP. It would take years, possibly even a lifetime, for someone to shrug something off as big as this, even if they were part of a losing battle.

But that's not the focus of the story.

I wonder if Malfoy Manor was always as empty, or if it was just a consequence of the war. Referring back to the previously mentioned novel suggestion, it might draw a parallel to Harry if Draco's Christmases were miserable.

Does Daphne consider Draco a traitor or is it something else? Could you expand on that?

I think overall it was bittersweet. Draco has found at long last a reason to live that doesn't involve him being an elitist git. It forms this source of conflict between Draco and the other Purebloods that wasn't as prominent in the epilogue in a few sentences. It also was a very well written one shot about one of the most unappreciated canon pairings of all time (at least in my view).

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Review #2, by Marshal Breaking The Fast

16th January 2016:

This was a very interesting story. You are one of very few people who have done something other that Christmas itself. For that you must be commended! I found this story to be an interesting learning piece. While there are no further chapters to read I am interested in knowing what other stories you have yet to tell for this fic.

Over all a wonderful job and thank you very much for the education in this particular part of the story.

Author's Response: Hey Marshal!

I'm glad that this helped you learn some. Muslim holidays aren't as well known, so I wanted to show them for what they are.

Going forward this story will deal with all sorts of winter holidays (Hanukkah, Christmas Eve, Posadas, Christmas, New Years, Kwanzaa, Chinese New Year)

Thank you so much for your lovely review and for the challenge!


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Review #3, by Marshal All I Want For Christmas

16th January 2016:

Thanks for joining my challenge. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get a review to you. Life just got far to hectic but I've not forgotten this challenge and I am aiming to get it done as quickly as possible with my crazy schedule.

Over all, I thought this story was very nice. It was interesting how you placed Draco and Astoria together. I like how you had them meet and in a lot of ways this little one shot has left me craving for more of their story of how you would finally have them be together as a couple and everything. Over all thought a lovely job and I shall be reading your next story here shortly.

Author's Response: Hey Marshal!

Thanks for the holiday inspired challenge!

I always enjoy toying with things that are hinted at in cannon, but never expressly described.

Thank you so much for your review!


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Review #4, by Unicorn_Charm All I Want For Christmas

16th January 2016:
Hey Kaitlin! Here for our last swap of the night.

I actually saw this story when I had my banner request in for my Hermione/Draco story and wanted to read it. I thought the idea of writing about all the winter holidays was a great one. So I know I'm going to end up reading all of this when its finished. But anyhoo, onto the review.

I've noticed a lot with Post-war Draco fics that he's either nearly exactly the same as he was in canon, or had totally grown up and realized his mistakes. Here you've chosen the latter of the two, but he still felt like Draco. He wasn't too OOC that I didn't believe it was him. I hate when I read adult Draco and he's suddenly this fantastic person who is absolutely nothing like he was before. It's not believable. But here you can still see a bit of the snark that we all know and love.

I like how you explained why he changed. When he told Astoria that he lost his entire family to Voldemort's cause. I think that would absolutely cause a person to reconsider their beliefs and change for the better.

I liked your Astoria. She seemed sweet, playful and a good person. Definitely someone Draco could use in his life. I loved how Draco immediately bashed Theodore Nott when she said how he was making those crude comments about her.

Good for both of them for staying away from all that pureblood nonsense. You'd think the rest of them would have learned after the war, but sadly prejudice will always exist. That was another thing I liked about this. A lot of the post-war stories make it seem like that kind of mentality doesn't exist any longer, but realistically it probably would.

I hated Daphne here. How horrible was she?! What does she think she's Astoria's mother? The way she treated her and spoke to her. And she actually slapped her across the face! I wish Astoria hexed her into next week after that. The poor thing.

This was a really cute way of showing Draco and Astoria's beginning. Just bonding over cider and biscuits, talking about how everyone they know are idiots haha. You made it feel like there was a deep connection right off the bat and that they were clearly meant to be.

I'm excited to read the rest of this collection of one-shots and see the other holidays that you explore. I really enjoyed this one and I know the others will be just as great. :)

Lots of love and hugs,

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Review #5, by AlexFan Breaking The Fast

22nd December 2015:
I've never read any fanfiction that focused on a holiday other than Christmas so you can imagine my excitement when I saw that this was about Ramadan. I was so happy to see a fanfiction that focused on the holiday of another religion, I really enjoyed this, I loved it a lot.

I like how you showed Demelza in this light, her helping out with her family and caring for the people in her family. Going to the mosque to pray and having people over to celebrate the end of Ramadan. I don't know if just gave me a really warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

I really wish you had gone into a little more detail about how the prayers went at the mosque or the atmosphere during the praying, it felt like there needed to be a little bit more added to make the transition from the beginning to the end of the prayers.

I also wish you'd gone into a little bit more detail about Demelza's mum preparing the food, I can only imagine how chaotic is must've been to have over a hundred people in her all at once. It must've been crazy for her mum to try and cook around that many people. Especially making the baklava, it takes at least four hours to make baklava and then to let it sit in the syrup so that it can be served properly, that must've taken a long time.

But anyway, I loved this chapter so much, you have no idea, it was so lovely to read.

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Review #6, by ReeBee All I Want For Christmas

21st December 2015:
Hi Kaitlin!!! :D

Oh my goodness YES A CHANGED DRACO!!! :D YOU KNOW. I'M A FAN OF CHARACTERS WHO CHANGE ESPECIALLY DRACO. like I know people believe that he can't change but i'm really not one of those people. honestly and this was just SO REFRESHING. after all he was just a boy when those things happened and I know I look back and regret a lot of my decisions or even beliefs at the end of each year, let alone when I'm grown up?? like honestly, he did do horrible stuff which he should take responsibility for. but i do think he has a lot of possibility to change and THANK YOU FOR SHOWING THAT!!! and i like how some people didn't change as well? Like it was awesome and now I'm just ranting on your review I'm sorry!

Anyway, this was adorable honestly like I said I love love love romance. and this just made me all warm and fuzzy like I love the conversation and the end made me sad! Will there be another one shot with these two? Draco really does need redemption and thank you for this!

other than that the only CC had was that when Daphne spoke it came out a teeny bit mechanical? It was a little stilted but I'm not sure if that was intentional to symbolise her 'proper' behaviour and her in her mind anyway- dignified ancestry?

Thank you for the swap!

-Curie :)

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Review #7, by krazyboutharryginny Breaking The Fast

17th December 2015:
Hi Kaitlin! I'm here reviewing for Day 15 of the advent calendar :)

There's so much that I love about this story! First of all, I never imagined Demelza as Muslim - in fact, I never really put much thought into her character at all. So I think it's really awesome that you took a minor character and added to her character so much :)

Second of all, I don't know too much about Eid, but from what I can tell you did a beautiful and sensitive job of describing the festivities. It was very much a standard holiday story in that it focused on the caring relationship between Demelza and her family (and their community) and highlighted the joyfulness and spirit of the season, but you focused on a holiday that, unfortunately, gets overlooked all the time.

What really brought this story to life for me was your descriptions of the food! My mouth was practically watering. I don't that's not surprising, given your profession!

My only bit of criticism would be to be careful with the spelling of Demelza's last name - it's not consistent throughout the story. It switches between "Robbins" and "Robins" (I can't remember off the top of my head which one is correct).

I really enjoyed this, it's so sweet and beautifully done! :)

Happy Holidays!

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Review #8, by AngelEyez3954 Breaking The Fast

16th December 2015:
Hi Kaitlin,

I really enjoyed this story. I'll be honest, I really don't know that much about Ramadan, but you told the story in such a way that it didn't matter! I enjoyed learning about this new holiday, and felt that Demelza's story really came alive.

Your descriptions of all of the foods made me hungry; and the details you included, such as what vegetables Demelza is chopping up, and how dishes are prepared made the story that much more realistic.

I loved your last few paragraphs, which seem to get to the heart of all holidays, not just Ramadan; and that is family and friends and celebrating together!

Beautiful story!
For Day 15 of the Advent Calendar

Author's Response: Hey LJ,

Thant k you so much for stopping by to read this!

A lot of people don't know about Ramadan, so it was fun getting a chance to explore it a little. It really is a cool time of year.

Ah. I do love my food descriptions. :D

Friends and family are indeed the center of most holidays!

Thanks again for the review!


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Review #9, by Owlpost68 Breaking The Fast

15th December 2015:
This was great too, I really felt like it expressed who you are, knowing that you're a chef, it was nice to see you include all the different kinds of food and spices.
My favorite line had to be this: "Morning prayer would be said before the sun finished its trek into the heavens." It's so eloquent and lovely, I really felt it.
The one thing I did notice was when the mother said that there were around a few hundred from church coming to dinner. Wouldn't it be mosque? Like you had written in the beginning?
I also noticed how you tied in the last chapter with Draco, who started out in the corner hiding from everyone, and ended it with Demelza in a corner, but savoring her family and surroundings. It's a great contrast.
Good job!

Author's Response: Hey Heather!

Thanks so much for dropping by.

I love writing about food and I actually try to incorporate it into a lot of my stories.

I like that line a lot too. :D

Good catch on that typo. Yes, it should be mosque.

I actually didn't intentionally tie Draco and Demelza's stories together, but I'm sort of excited that it ended up that way.

Thanks for the review.


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Review #10, by Owlpost68 All I Want For Christmas

15th December 2015:
but, but wait. There's more right?? How do they meet up again?
I found the irony that Draco was more or less hiding under the stairs really amusing. Not a cupboard, but close lol. Their interaction was so cute and then Daphne was horrible :P

I'd never heard of Nott being described as half troll, that was always saved for Marcus Flint, but it very well could be :P They're all pretty horrible.
I liked the little detail about Pansy, I've never heard of a version where she actually does charity work, that was really interesting.
Great job!

Author's Response: Hey Heather!

Thanks for the review!

Agh. Unfortunately, there's no more in this Short Story collection for Draco. I just wanted to show how he sort of became interested in Astoria.

I'm glad you liked that Draco was hiding under the stairway.

Daphne was horrible indeed!

Meh. I imagine Draco describing lots of people as half troll...sort of like a passing insult.

Yeah. Usually Pansy gets described as awful, so I thought I'd try something different and make her nice.

Thanks for the lovely review!


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Review #11, by Panda Weasley  Breaking The Fast

15th December 2015:
Hey there Kaitlin!

I'm here spreading some holiday love for Day 15 of the Advent Calander! I am going to keep reading this when the other chapters come out, though, because this story is great. I love your idea to show other holidays besides Christmas for a holiday themed story. I feel like at least where I am Christmas is the most popular holiday and all others get pushed aside. I don't know much about Ramadan and Eid (I know a little, but not enough), and I appreciate you educating me. I can't wait to learn about other holidays around the world!

One of the things I particularly enjoyed was the descriptions of the food. They sound so delicious and now I'm hungry again! I bet researching it all was really fun. I don't know about you, but I love looking at pictures of food. I only wish this story was longer!

Hope you are having a fabulous holiday season,
~Panda Weasley

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Review #12, by Dirigible_Plums Breaking The Fast

15th December 2015:

I've come to review this wonderful little chapter after seeing the celebration mentioned here. I'm a Muslim myself so it was really nice to see something related to Islam on HPFF and so accurately too. I loved how you showed the true meaning of the day and showed how peaceful it really is, especially in light of everything that's been in the media lately. It's just so lovely to have accurate representations of different sectors of society, you know?

Depending on your culture, you celebrate it slightly differently whether that's in food or some of the activities that you do. For example, I've never had koussa mahshi - because we're Bengali, we eat stuff along the lines samosas and curries :)

And the fact that you used an actual canon character - someone who I never would've considered Muslim - just adds to how great this is :)

Plums xo

Author's Response: Hey Plums,

Oh I'm so glad you've found this! And I'm even more happy that you felt it was accurate. I tried my hardest to make sure everything was as factual as possible.

I definitely like to see diverse representations as well.

Yeah. I understand that the foods and some of the customs can be different depending on region. Since my family is Lebanese, I sort of focused on the Lebanese traditions.

For whatever reason, Demelza seemed like the natural choice for this to me.

Thanks for this lovely review!


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Review #13, by PaulaTheProkaryote Breaking The Fast

15th December 2015:
If my review seems a bit disconnected, it's because I type notes while I'm reading. First of all, I love this story. I love that I had to google so many things because I wanted to understand it even more. Also, I love the name Demelza. It's so gorgeous. Demelza is an amazing daughter for going out of her way to help her mother prepare before anyone else was even awake. Being a zucchini lover, I now have what looks like a delicious recipe of kousa mahshi saved so thank you for that inspiration. I love that you discuss that giving charitably is so fundamental for this holiday. I really think it's important because it breaks down so many prejudices. I love that you used words like "habibi" because I had to google them! Akeem is 100% my brother. Ugh, he gorges himself on desserts every single year. I wish you didn't describe the food so well because now my mouth is watering. I used to get baklava every year at a cultural food festival and it's probably my favorite treat in the world. You really wrote this story incredibly well and piqued my interest in the holiday.

My only cc is pretty minor: the surname switched in the middle of the story from Robbins to Robins.

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Review #14, by MargaretLane All I Want For Christmas

13th December 2015:
Advent Calendar, Day 12 review.

I really ought to read some more of your stuff anyway. It's just that you update so FAST.

Do they drink eggnog in Britain?

I'd say that party could get awkward, considering how many people there are likely to have relatives in Azkaban and the tensions there are likely to be between those who still support Death Eater ideas and those who've realised how dangerous they are.

Should be "parents' mistakes," and not "parent's mistakes," since most of them have two parents.

Poor Draco. I find the question of how he coped after the war intriguing. Considering he was forced to attempt murder, threatened with his own death and that of his parents, spent a year watching people being killed and tortured, saw a close friend die and learnt that the man he'd been raised to idolise was actually a cruel tyrant who was willing to sacrifice Draco himself and his entire family, it seems likely to me that he would be suffering from PTSD or at least some psychological effects of trauma.

LOVE the description of Theodore Nott. He's a character you can do a lot with as we know little about him except that his family were involved with the Death Eaters.

The same is true of Pansy and I REALLY like the way you've made her one of those who has learnt how dangerous the pureblood ideology is, as she's usually stereotyped as a shallow bully.

I also really like the way you've given Daphne and Astoria such different personalities and views.

You've written "the clocks ticking," when it should be "the clock's ticking."

Hmm, Daphne seems to have a lot of control over Astoria. I am now wondering about their parents, as Daphne seems almost in loco parentis over Astoria. Maybe their parents are among those jailed after the war or something. And I now think that would make quite an interesting story - young adult children of Death Eaters trying to cope with the aftermath of their parents' arrests.

And ooh, the dark of Malfoy Manor really indicates how its inhabitants have been affected by the war. And you now have me wondering where Lucius and Narcissa are. Is Lucius in Azkaban, serving out the remainder of the sentence he managed to escape partway through? Or are they just too traumatised to care about celebrating? Intriguing.

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Review #15, by The Basilisk All I Want For Christmas

13th December 2015:
Hiss Hiss, Kaitlin.

It is my honour to be the first to review thisss collection. I am quite a fessstive Basilisk, believe it or not.

I enjoyed thisss chapter. Your insight into the pureblood aristocracy is fascinating, and exactly how I imagine it post-war! You've captured a very ssstrong sense of sssociety here, and I appreciate the worldbuilding evident in these lines in particular:

After making the obligatory circle of the room and greeting all of the people in it as if hed actually missed them, Draco had retreated to the quietest place he could find; the corner that he currently sat in. Sssounds to me like every terrible high school reunion, no?

Thundering laughter mixed with the occasional classist slur could be heard from the other side of the tree. I like the reference to classism here. I think it's overlooked a lot in favour of the obvious racist overtones of Pureblood culture. Good job pointing it out.

I enjoyed Draco's character here as well. You've made him realistic, true to what we sssee in the books, but given him a redemption arc as well. And I love that you've made Draco and Astoria meet at a Pureblood Christmas party, yet given them the common ground of hating that environment and the values of it. A ssstrong basis for a relationship, indeed!

Merry Christmasss, from the Basilisk.

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