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Review #1, by May In the Slytherin Common Room

10th February 2018:
Great storyline really enjoyed it

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Review #2, by nott theodore In the Slytherin Common Room

28th April 2017:
CTF Jailbreak Review

Hello! Ooh, I got to read a Scorpius starting Hogwarts and getting sorted story, and now I get to read the same with Albus! I wonder if this is your head canon for both of them, and they don't actually end up in the same house in your head canon?

Anyway, I loved the opening scene and the way that you wrote the conversation that was going on between the Sorting Hat and Albus. It's so interesting to see the way that different people reason what would make someone go into one house or another, and your reasoning here is very believable. I like the way that it wasn't easy for the Sorting Hat to decide where to place Albus, and that it clearly took quite a while (like father, like son), and then that Albus's choice was kind of taken into account. I thought you got Albus's nerves across really well here too, the poor kid. I wanted to give him a hug!

I'm glad that he had someone with him from his family at least, even if Louis did keep humiliating him when they were playing chess and poor Albus kept losing. But I suppose it was a way to get the others talking to him and help him fit in, wasn't it?

Sian :)

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Review #3, by Lady Asphodel In the Slytherin Common Room

28th April 2017:
I love how in-character you are with the sorting hat. I can imagine his voice and how he talks to Albus, trying to understand his mind and his line of thinking. It helped me as a reader to know what type of person Albus is in your story.

You wrote Albus' nervousness well here too, as he's waiting to see where he will be placed. Despite the reassurances from his dad about being in Slytherin, he still doesn't quite want to go there, but kind of funny that he ends up there anyway.

And then the whole attention Albus gained from being in Slytherin. I would have imagined that not only what he get the unwanted attention from his own housemates but from the students in the other houses as well. It can be implied of course, but I see you're just focusing on Albus in regards to being in the house of snakes. Even though he seeks not necessarily comfort, but... some sense of belonging with Rose and of those who know of, it still doesn't help him much. It's good that he does have someone in Slytherin, Louis. I like how he brought Albus out of his... comfort zone by inviting him to play chess despite that Albus didn't think it was a good idea.

It's a very interesting and cool way how it helped Albus get used to being a Slytherin and getting along with the other Slytherins. Even though their attention was on the chess game, just like Louis said they would, and they were focused on helping Albus win, it still forms an establishment between them, which everyone needs, and I'm happy Albus found his place among the snakes.

Good job writing this one-shot!

(Attack: CTF Gryffindor)

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Review #4, by pinkpanther16 In the Slytherin Common Room

1st August 2016:
So cute! I love the ones where Albus gets sorted into Syltherin. Fantastic work! :D

Author's Response: Hehe, yeah, I've also always seen Albus as a Slytherin. : ) Thanks again!

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Review #5, by May In the Slytherin Common Room

25th December 2015:
Great chapter enjoyed a lot

Author's Response: Thank you, May, I'm happy you enjoyed it! : )

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Review #6, by The Basilisk In the Slytherin Common Room

16th December 2015:
I really like how you addresssed Albusss' sssorting. You did a very nice job showing what it would be like for him to be in Ssslytherin.

I am glad that you did not make Albusss the only Weasssly/Potter who wasss sssorted into the houssse. With ssso many of them and the houssse not being bad sssomeone logically would be in Ssslytherin.

As odd as it may sssound I like how you choose different fabrics for the houses such as velvet, sssilk and sssatin. You did very nice with the detailsss and I find it unique that the houssse hasss an interessst in chess.

Over all, a very nice job and I enjoyed the read.

Author's Response: Yay, more Basilisk reviews! I loved it every time you slithered by, whatever incarnation of you it was! : )

Hehe, with the secret of the Basilisk revealed I see what you did here: "With ssso many of them and the houssse not being bad sssomeone logically would be in Ssslytherin." I'm happy I managed to represent your House in a way you approved of!

I put a lot of thought into the different fabrics for the different Houses, so I'm happy it paid off. I also think chess works very well for Slytherin House – if there are any House based chess tournaments at Hogwarts I'm sure the end match often is a Slytherin against a Ravenclaw, haha (except that one year that Ron Weasley won it all and Harry didn't even notice enough for it to be in the books, haha).

Thanks again for this review! : D

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Review #7, by cherry_pop94 In the Slytherin Common Room

16th December 2015:
Hello! I'm here for the Ravenclaw gift thread!

This was a really fun story! It is my headcanon that Albus was sorted into Slytherin and I've seen a lot of others put him there too, but I've never seen anyone put Louis into Slytherin as well!

I like how you've emphasized Albus's relationship with his family. Even at the beginning when the sorting hat was in his head. So it was lovely to see Louis helping his younger cousin out. He seems like a such a genuinely nice guy.

I love how Slytherin house is super fascinated with chess. It sort of fits them, doesn't it? A game of strategy. I'm happy Albus felt better at the end too and that Louis's still there to guide him along the way!

All in all, a really sweet little story! Happy holidays!


Author's Response: Aw, thank you for this lovely little gift review, Stefani!

Heh, yes, it is quite popular to put Al in Slytherin, isn't it? I actually hope that's where Rowling plans to sort him as well in the Cursed Child or whatever, but I'm also (very slowly) working on a story where he'll be a Hufflepuff! And well, when I came up with the Epi-verse version of Louis I first planned to put him in Ravenclaw, but he refused! He definitely prefers Slytherin, haha!

And yes, family is definitely important for both Albus and Louis. I think Louis believed he'd be the only of the cousins to end up in Slytherin, so he was super happy when Al was sorted there too... and then kind of at a loss when Al seemed so down about it. But he did what he could and in the end it helped! : )

And yes, Slytherin and Chess has been my headcanon since forever, ahaha!

Happy belated holidays and all the best in 2016!


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Review #8, by Sectumsempra7 In the Slytherin Common Room

12th December 2015:
Very nice story. Keep writing! :-D

Author's Response: Thank you. I will! : )

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