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Reading Reviews for Like a Daydream
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Review #1, by victoria_anne Like a Daydream

23rd August 2016:
Fifty stories?! How could I choose one?! You spoil us! But this one sounded so nice and lovely :)

Aw poor Harry :( You've set up his headspace so nicely (for lack of a better word). He really could use an escape, even just for a moment.

I love this: Besides, I don't really need a charm to give in to my daydreams. It's so Luna (but also so me :P)

Luna is so genuinely friendly, and you show that really well in this. Isn't it funny how - for all the quirky her character is - she seems to be the one Harry can be the most normal around? That's what I find anyway, and that's what your story reminded me of. That Harry needs some normalcy and Luna is the one to give it to him.

Anyway, this story was short and sweet, and I know the challenge is long over, but I think you did a great job in depicting their platonic relationship :)

♥ Bianca

Author's Response: Thanks for taking the time to read and review =) xx

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Review #2, by princesslily_36 Like a Daydream

18th January 2016:
Heya! I saw it was your birthday and came along to leave a review :D

This was a sweet little one shot. It flowed very naturally, and I throughly enjoyed reading it. Though the fic started out with Harry's frustrations, I like that it was really light-hearted (thanks to Luna). Almost like a missing scene from the books.

Harry's frustrations are so natural and in character, and it just seemed so right that it's Luna who is around to make him feel better.

I especially liked Harry's characterization. I understand how tough it is to write him spot on because we know every small thing about him. But this was really well done.

'I don't really need a charm to give in to my daydreams' -> That's typical Luna :D You couldn't have put it any better.

I did hope you would put in what Harry saw in his day dreams. It would have been simultaneously sad and fun to see him reunited with the good marauders, and Lily.

Hope you have a really great Birthday!

Happy Birthday!


Author's Response: Naw thanks so much for popping by for my birthday, that's so sweet of you!

*squees with happy*

I'm pleased you enjoyed this little one shot. Harry was harder to write than I imagined, so it's nice to know you think I got him on character =)

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing.


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Review #3, by fwoopersong8 Like a Daydream

29th December 2015:
Hey there! It's Songs from the Totally Platonic Challenge :) I haven't got the results yet, but I'm working on it.

Harry's characterization is spot-on. I'm really impressed how well you did that, right from the start of the story. And you've got to love Luna. :)

CC -- A few lines were a little bit long and confusing. For example, "He didn't want to be the godson of a wrongly accused ex-Azkaban resident with a drinking problem and demons of his own." At first I didn't know if you meant that Sirius or Harry was the one with the drinking problem. For the most part, though, you got your point across really well.

I love how Luna just says whatever she thinks. It's my favorite thing about her as a character. This scene reminded me of the scene with the thestrals in the movie version of Goblet of Fire. Short but sweet. :)

Good job!


Author's Response: Hey Songs,

Thanks so much for making such an interesting challenge. I'd never tried my hand at Harry or Luna before, so it was really fun to give them a go and I'm pleased you thought I got their characterisation right =)


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Review #4, by A sprig of Mistletoe and a Nargle too Like a Daydream

8th December 2015:
From my perch on high,
many things observe I.
If Nargles would cease to bother me,
so many things encumbered would I see.

There goes Harry walking by,
Thinking, thinking, head not held high,
from the many things I've seen in these Halls,
so much happens to those who live within these walls.

Worried about his fate,
Concerned for his mate,
Harry has many other concerns and worries too,
Least of all what Umbridge wants him to do.

He passes out of my sight,
eyes burning bright,
off to who knows where, to see who knows whom,
and just like that Harry has left my room.


It's that Harry Potter again, little git. He always dodges around underneath my bower. This sprig of Mistletoe was put here, out side the Astronomy door, to catch the unwary. All those kids who come up here to make out, I give that lot a good head start once they pause under my perch. But I love it the best catching the prefects who come up here to catch miscreants themselves. Ha, such lovely emotions of embarrassment and some delicious ones of thwarted passion too.

Looks like no one else is coming tonight - just that brooding Potter boy. I'm going to ask the others if they mind me coming down and sharing their sprigs sometimes, I'm starving for emotions often up here.

Whoops, I spoke too soon, someone else is coming. This should be good, the Potter boy gets so uptight and emotional when he gets cornered by girls. He he he.


It was that Luna girl, AND SHE LOOKED RIGHT AT ME!

The students aren't meant to be able to see us. Maybe what the others were saying about her was true.

*sigh* The two are talking now and there's nothing there. From the few wisps of emotion that I can detect from over here, there is nothing between them at all. Not even friendship - *sniff sniff* -yet. It is merely acquaintance, normally it's exactly the type of people I love to see caught beneath the snare of the mistletoe, the awkwardness of the barely acquainted is delicious emotion.

But I can see that there is nothing. She comforts him, nothing. They touch hands, no awkwardness. She even gives him a gift, what usually will arouse thoughts of a even proto-romantic nature in anyone, but still there is nothing except a beginning of friendship. ARGH, it's purely platonic.

She's even calmed him down, I could at least taste frustration and suppressed anger when he came up here, but now that too is fading. What ever these two will ever be, will never be anything more than good friends.

I hope they go soon and their presence doesn't scare away other students. I want something tastier.

Oh good she's gone. Now I only have to wait for him to leave. It's still early yet, perhaps some others will sneak up here later. A nargle can only dream.

Author's Response: This made me chuckle so much. Thanks so much for stopping by to read a review!


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Review #5, by Santa's Elf Like a Daydream

8th December 2015:
Why hello there! I'm Santa's Elf who is helping him out by leaving extra presents in the form of reviews to stories! Lovely isn't it?

For today I landed on your story, and it must say, it really makes me happy to read it! I got a little worried as Harry sat with his legs bungling down the tower, as I very well know how high that may be, but luckily everything went alright! That really calms my little elf heart.

It did help me that the story was very calm too, with you only providing conversation where necessary, and with them mostly being silent and Luna just understanding what Harry needed right at that moment, without needing to ask all that much, or without needing to pry. It was exactly what Harry needed and it's very lovely of her to give her that gift, after helping out getting the kinks out of it herself. I'll make sure Santa will list her on the good list, so that she may receive something extra special for doing that. Yes, I'll do that.

Thank you in any case for having written such a pretty story, and I hope you'll be enjoying this gift from me.

Happy holiday season to you!

Author's Response: Yay! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing. I'm pleased that you enjoyed the story.


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Review #6, by kayt Like a Daydream

8th December 2015:
Very nice little might-have-been scene. I liked how you didn't go over the top on the characterisation.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! I'm pleased you enjoyed it.


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Review #7, by The Basilisk Like a Daydream

8th December 2015:
Ssso unique. The ssstory really put a thought in my brain. You did quite well with the charactersss but what really ssstood out to me was the idea of Harry getting to know what his life would be like as a normal perssson.

While the thought playsss in my brain I mussst take the time to compliment you. You played the charactersss very well and made them very believable. I could literally hear what Luna was sssaying. Her wordsss were dead on as were Harry'sss. You captured the momentsss and feelingsss quite well. I commend you.

While thisss is jussst a one shot do you think about writing more - writing out Harry'sss dream. Lotsss of potential there. It's what has given my mind a lot to think on.

Keep with the fantassstic work!

Author's Response: Are there two of you as the Basilisk? Because I've had two now in different styles. One with hissing and one without...

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