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Review #1, by melian Three Small Glimpses

28th April 2017:
That was really sweet! Three little vignettes from that day at Paltform nine and three quarters, when the epilogue was set. I liked how you set it up, with first a WEasley, then a Malfoy, then a Lupin, with different generations and different reasons for being there.

First let's lookat Lucy. I liked how she wondered if her father had intentionally sabotaged her second year at Hogwarts with his broomstick regulations. After all first years aren't allowed them, are they? Lol. Nicely done. Her seeing Uncle Harry was a nice segue into the next headspace, which was AStoria Greengrass Malfoy.

I liked how youc haracterised her. She nodded at Harry, Ron and Hermione ("the three most famous people in wizarding Britain", as of course they would be) but they didn't notice her among the crowd. And why would they? There were probably a million people who wanted to talk to them.

And last but not least, Teddy. You're right, Teddy. Being and adult is hard work, especially when your significant other - and it was a new relationship, by the sounds of it - is not yet there. After alll, she's legally an adult as you have to be 17 to be starting seventh year, but she's still got taht year at school. It's an interesting juxtaposition, isn't it?

All in all a lovely look at the platofrm that day. Well done!

cheers Mel

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Review #2, by rougette Three Small Glimpses

14th December 2015:
Really beautifully written! It was nice to catch a glimpse of what everyone is up to. And your quality of writing is superb. Really enjoyed it!

Author's Response: Oh wow, this is praise indeed. I'm so happy you liked this. Thank you, thank you! : )

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Review #3, by The Basilisk Three Small Glimpses

9th December 2015:
Interesssting. I like how you told the ssstory from the view of the othersss. It helpsss to give thingsss full light and round thingsss out a bit more.

Very well done. I am particular to the tale of Teddy. You ssseem to have captured the fearsss of a newly minted young adult quite well. Would that be experience talking? While it has been a long time sssince I as in a place sssimilar to Lupin I remember those feelingsss well.

Again nice job.

Author's Response: My first Basilisk review! I wonder what particular snake was behind this... This was actually one of the very first fic ideas I got for Harry Potter, the whole 'fleshing out the Epilogue' thing.

I like the Teddy tale too, but my personal favourite is probably Astoria... possibly because I know what happens once Scorpius gets to Hogwarts. (That tale is told in my fic Settling In...) But yes, the fears of a 'newly minted young adult' is definitely experience talking, heh... I came back to that time and time again in my writing, maybe I have some issues to work out, haha. : P

Thanks for this lovely review, dear snake! : )

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Review #4, by May Three Small Glimpses

9th December 2015:
I liked this chapter you could just see happening in your mind

Author's Response: Aw, thanks May. That is what every author hopes for, I think. : )

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Review #5, by Ohpl Three Small Glimpses

7th December 2015:
That was great. You have a real flair for writing different characters.

Author's Response: Thank you! It was a lot of fun to try to get into three different characters' heads in such a short story. : )

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