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Review #1, by AtrociousFangirl one.

2nd November 2017:
ohhh buddy, my pal. this is the BEST, Trans Ginny is my ultimate headcanon holy heck I love this so much!!!

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Review #2, by Anonymous wizard one.

12th March 2016:
It's good for being so short.
It gives a new perspective on Ginny.
It relevant today, with transgender being accepted into society more,and more.
I would like to see more, of this story.

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Review #3, by cherry_pop94 one.

25th December 2015:
Hello! I could not stop myself from reading this once I read the summary!

I adore your interpretation of Ginny. Her characterization is so strong right from the beginning when she's still little. It's lovely how understanding everyone is. Especially her family. Though Percy's comments had me fuming a bit. I do love how Arthur is the one who knew what transgender meant too. It makes sense, he knows so much about muggles!

I was so happy at McGonagall's letter that it somehow slipped my mind that first year was a very dark year for Ginny. It wasn't until I read that she wrote in a diary that it occurred to me and my heart just sank. I cannot imagine the pain Ginny went through and she was just eleven years old!

Diary Riddle's behaviour is so classic abuser. The whole idea that no one but him could possibly love her because she's trans made my skin crawl. It is exactly what so many trans people hear daily from their own abusers. And being so young, its just horrible that Ginny was in what amounts to an abusive relationship.

This had a lovely ending though. Ron and Ginny's conversation at the end (and their conversation at the beginning about nicknames) was so adorable. I love the dynamic between them and how you've kept Ron so in line with his canon character. Oh and did I mention Fred and George yet? Well I really did laugh out loud at their Hufflepuff comments. Poor Ron, poor Hufflepuff, always getting the short end of the stick!

Anyway, thanks for sharing this wonderful story!


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Review #4, by prettywishes one.

17th December 2015:
I really enjoyed this! It was interesting to imagine how Hogwarts would have handled a transgender student and I love how it was so easily accepted. I thought it was interesting to see how it would have changed her relationship with Tom and then the seed of doubt that was placed, and how it all related back to her crush on Harry. Really well done for something so short it got a lot thorugh.

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Review #5, by RoseRed one.

5th December 2015:
oh god, I loved it! this is awesome. especially the part where George and Fred are talking to Ginny, it's totally like canon, I mean the way they're teasing Ron and Percy. and the way everyonce accepts Ginny, that's exactly what one would expect from the Weasleys. this is really precious. thanks!

Author's Response: thank you so much, i'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #6, by marauderfan one.

4th December 2015:
I love this! I remember ages ago I read another trans Ginny story and really loved the idea as it adds so much to the idea that the Weasleys were so happy to have a daughter. And I absolutely love what you've done with this story - especially in the description of Ginny with the diary. Gah, the added detail of her being trans and not wanting her classmates/crush to find out for fear that they won't like her anymore, that's so sad, but even sadder that she admits all these feelings to Tom Riddle, who just twists it all in the worst way and completely abuses her trust and makes her feel so unloved. :'( the fact that she's trans just adds so much depth to her dealings with Voldemorts diary and makes me feel even more terrible about what he did to her.

Also, I love Ron in this. He may be kind of ignorant in the beginning, but he's very supportive, and I found it amusing that he makes fun of the name Ginevra for so long but the reason is that he thinks it's too long and formal, like Ronald. and I love the whole weasley family in this and how supportive they are, with the exception of Percy, but I assume he'll come around. he always takes a while to adjust to things but he gets there in the end

okay and HARRY. That's exactly what Harry would do, just be okay with it because obviously to him the real pressing concern is that Malfoy is the Heir of Slytherin XD God, Harry is such a conspiracy theorist. I love seeing this through Ron's eyes because he puts it so bluntly and everything is so different when not viewed through Harry's lens. I think you really did Ron justice in this story, even though it's not really about him, but the way you write him so fumbling and always messing things up but his heart is in the right place and he's there when it matters - as in how he accidentally told Harry but then it was his admitting the aftermath of that to Ginny that helps her feel better and not believe Tom. Anyway, wonderful characterization all round and I love how much depth you gave Ginny and her first year experiences in this one-shot. Well done :)

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Review #7, by TheHeirOfSlytherin one.

4th December 2015:

Oh, my God. This was so lovely. And sad. But only near the end, with the horrible things Riddle said to her and her fear about Harry not liking her because she's 'not a real girl'. Damn right she's a real girl and Harry is not that much of an idiot. I mean, I'm not the biggest of Harry/Ginny shippers, but he'd still not be discouraged by gender vs. sex and stuff. Because he's awesome like that, with his casual 'tude and all.

(Is it obvious I love Harry...?)

Anyway, I loved this and how supportive Molly and Arthur and (most of) the brothers are from the get go. As I knew they would be, because they're awesome, too.

Henry who? Hello, Ginny. :D

Loved this!


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Review #8, by BookDinosaur one.

4th December 2015:

did you think that was just a thing for the haversham westley school for boys verse? it's not. you are going to have to get used to this. yay?

omg elisabeth i love this and i love you and this is so wonderful - you tackle the challenge of writing a transgender character so so well and i believed you, in every word, and i think that counts to you as a triumph.

If I were a girl, what would my name be?

Ginevra, darling.

i know i always comment on the ending of your stories - and the ending to this was great, don't get me wrong - but i wanted to take a little space to appreciate your introduction, because here it was just lovely and so evocative. it did such a good job introducing the story and maybe it's the title drop that does it for me, idk, but i have such admiration

“Well, Molly, you have always wanted a daughter.”

aaah the weasleys are so accepting and lovely to their daughter and elisabeth i am so happy i have all the weasley feels right now. arthur's muggle knowledge did come in useful. the weasleys, and luna's mother - of course luna would get her calm acceptance from somewhere. i love that everyone was just so openminded and accepting about it. it made me happy

“And it can’t be Gin,” Fred says, joining in the conversation, “Because that’s a kind of alcohol, and that wouldn’t be appropriate, would it George?”

oh my days can i ever express to you how much i love fred and george weasley. their humour and your humour and the way you write them is just spot-on and so great

aw, percy. :( stahp. there's always one.

“I’m fearless,” says Ginny.

“Yes you are, little sister.”

bless. i love this so much

oh no, tom. tom. it's just - he violates her trust so deeply with that diary and you bring in a whole new factor of her having a secret that she's terrified people will find out, and him seeming to accept her, and then violating that - i mean, the extra factor that you brought in here just enhanced the story so much and i hate what tom does to her but you're such a good storyteller

UGH, and tom uses ginevra darling in his words and yes i hate him for corrupting that so thouroughly now. why did i decide to write about him

“He just said ‘but she’s still a girl though’ and then kept talking about how he thought bloody Malfoy was the Heir of Slytherin.”

BLESS. this is so harry it's unbelievable. and ron complaining about how he's a conspiracy theorist - like, harry's theories make sense to us but honestly i love how you show them like this from an outsider's perspective and it's the tiny touches like this that builds your world so well

“Well,” she says, “I think you’re a bit young to be dating anyone, Ginevra darling.”

omg this ending is perfect and i love it. bless the weasley family.

elisabeth i have so many weasley family feels and it is 100% your fault. i love this story and i love how effortlesly you made ginny a transgender character, and used that to enhance the story so much - you are such a great storyteller, elisabeth.

♥ emily

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