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Reading Reviews for inevitable.
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Review #1, by floobot one.

22nd December 2015:
i knew it i knew it i knew it. i KNEW essie and lys would get together in the end - it really was inevitable. and go lucy for getting the educational thing through! i think that was also inevitable.

i'm actually sort of in love with your writing style. it's so...i can't really describe it as any other way but nice. it's not too simple but it's not over-the-top pretentious either. it flows extremely well and you get the point across while still being interesting.

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Review #2, by Mirrormirrorlove one.

4th December 2015:
Yehheess I totally ship them

Author's Response: that's what i like to hear! thanks for reading :)

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Review #3, by BookDinosaur one.

3rd December 2015:

you succeeded.

could i leave that as a review? i feel like it would be such a short review but at the same time it would express everything and you, at least, would know exactly what i mean.

i considered it, for a bit, and then i realised i could never ever turn down the chance to throw your own quotes at you and flail and shriek in an unholy manner (can u hear the shrieking) so that is why this review has already gotten out of hand and is going to get even outter of hand soon. (do you see what you do to my grammar when you write lovely things like this?? do you???)

who doesn't love a context-free girl-meets-nonbinary-22-year-old-magazine-editor story amirite

who indeed

they made it impossible for anyone to think of Lys as one-or-the-other male-or-female boy-or-girl, resisted the binary with a stubbornness that reflected Lys themselves.

this description is out of this world. i cannot understand how you can write stories that are so heavy on dialogue and then bust something like this out, and there is something about that sentence which i like very much.

Essie, of course, had loved them for as long as she could remember – it had formed an undercurrent of her adolescence, a constant throughout a series of fleeting teenage crushes and abortive relationships


And it was simple, because they were already so caught up in each other, so embedded in each other’ lives, so entangled that there were only two possible outcomes – they would be together forever, or they would destroy each other

this is probably a more personal thing but i love this kind of description when it comes to couples. as unrealistic as it is - i love this so much. they would be together forever, or they would destroy each other. this is my aesthetic. i appreciate this so much

“Sorry for keeping you up all night.”

“You’re not sorry.”

“You got me,” she said, unrepentant.

bless these two munchkins. bless

It was a loaded question, and Lys knew how to answer it. “Inevitably.”

your endings are always so strong how do you do it elisabeth omg

you do such a good job, here, because really it isn't about essie and lys at all, but about lys, and how she factors into their life. (and she's inevitable, which is something else i adore. #aesthetic)

it probably wouldn't have taken half as much to convince me because ever since you mentioned the idea it's been germinating, but - like i said at the beginning, you convinced me.

♥ emily

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