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Reading Reviews for Circumstance
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Review #1, by Dinthemidwest New Beginnings

19th May 2016:
Great idea for gathering Harry to Hogwarts! I really like this chapter; Petunia's charcter development is fun & believable!

Author's Response: Yay! I hope you like the rest of it :D

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Review #2, by Unwritten Curse Introductions Must Be Made

25th March 2016:
Hello again!

What a twist in this chapter! I was totally not expecting Petunia to be a witch! (By the way, I got a good laugh out of Vernon calling a wand a "magic kebob skewer"!) Did Vernon know that she was a witch? Did she keep that private? So interesting! I always liked Petunia better than Vernon, so I'm intrigued by her kicking him out of the house and demanding a divorce. Maybe Harry will be treated better now. He deserves it.

The train ride was a riot! I'm intrigued by your version of Draco. I wonder if he and Harry will be friends. I'm such a fan of Draco, so if you manage to make them friends, I'll be thrilled. I always thought that if Draco had just gotten over his pride and befriended Harry, he would've been all the better for it.

I may read another chapter or two tonight, but if I don't get to them, I will be back. :)


Author's Response: You'll be even more intrigued when it's revealed how she kept it a secret... :P

Harry truly does deserve it, but I think Petunia knows that she abused him and that he may not (and probably will not for much longer) stay with her and Dudley.

Oh, Draco and Harry will be something, that's for sure. They're just too compatible to not be something. Draco will not be a sideline character or quite as antagonistic towards Harry as he is in canon, as you've seen here.

That concludes my responses for tonight! I hope to golly that you've enjoyed yourself here. I'll probably dig into one of yours when I get a chance ;p

Thank you thank you thank you!
(Aw shucks I'm blushing)

Happy Reading!

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Review #3, by Unwritten Curse The Journey Begins

25th March 2016:

It was interesting to read this chapter and to see McGonagall taking Harry around Diagon Alley rather than Hagrid. She was much more efficient! haha. She was more to the point, which was both good and bad, I suppose. She explained things more clearly to Harry. But, at the same time, she wasn't as… warm? I don't know how to explain it. But it was cool to read this chapter and to notice those differences. :)

I think you did a good job of showcasing Harry's confusion. Everything is new to him! However, I think you can spend more time building his emotion. I could sense he was confused because of his dialogue, but I felt a bit distanced from him because the description is sparse.

I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next! I'm sad that he had to return to the Dursleys, though I know that had to happen since school doesn't start just yet. I can't wait until he goes to school!


Author's Response: She wasn't as receptive, maybe? I'm not sure. I think she tried too hard to put up the wall of 'I am a scary old teacher who docks hundreds of points from First Years for breaking curfew' that she couldn't fully open up to Harry.

I'll be honest with you, I hate writing Harry, or Hermione. I've said it many times, but I really mean it. They're just so well-developed in the books that it makes it a really difficult challenge to write them without getting them wrong. Plus, when I do, it often comes out as a stereotype of them. So even though he's the main character, it bums me out to say that I can't write him. :P

Minor or supporting characters? Check. Dumbledore? Yes. McGonagall? I really hope so. She's a major player in my series.

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Review #4, by Unwritten Curse New Beginnings

25th March 2016:
Hello there, friend! I finally found some time to read your story. :) I'll read a couple of chapters today and then come back again to read more.

I thought this was a great first chapter! I'm a fan of AU's when they seem realistic, and this one does. In fact, I think your version is so logical that I wonder why they didn't do this in canon! And by they, I mean Dumbledore and crew. Why didn't they just come get Harry sooner? I suppose they did eventually--sending Hagrid to gather him. Anyway…

I enjoyed seeing McGonagall's concern for Harry. It was sweet. I know that Dumbledore cares, too, and so it was interesting to see them get into a bit of a spat. I can imagine them doing so, considering they're both headstrong people. ;)

And Petunia. You made her somewhat of a sympathetic character here, taking Harry aside to tell him about his parents. But then she made him clean up her spilled wine and I hated her all over again. Kudos on creating three-dimensional characters!

Off to the next chapter!


Author's Response: Yay! :D

I always wondered why they chose to leave Harry there. From our description in canon, I think 'family' was a looser term than just blood relatives. The wards could've been on Remus' house, or maybe even The Weasley's. I couldn't stand that.

Well, she seemed so... content with the idea that she and Dumbledore were basically sending Harry into a emotional death trap from the very beginning. This was the same woman that stood up to Umbridge? That dueled Snape, who she thought was a traitor? That rallied the castle behind Harry and fought to the death? No, that was not the Minerva I knew on Privet Drive. She would have more heart than to just leave Harry and never look back.

Petunia is an interesting character, if I may say so myself. I sort of threw her out of the story where I am now, but I really want to incorporate her back in when it's appropriate. I put her into interesting circumstances, that's for sure ;D

Thank you for reviewing! I know you've been terribly busy with all that's going on, but just keep swimming! :D

Happy Writing!


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Review #5, by poobear The Delacours

18th February 2016:
Hi There
A very good chapter again but a cliffhanger grrr no fair lol.
So is this going to be a harry/fleur or harry/gabrielle or both in the end ? be good to read what you think up.
Well i will be going now look forward for more to come and maybe longer chapter please if poss ?
Bye for now.
Bruce x

Author's Response: I'm not going to answer who Harry ends up with, but it surely will end in flames. As for longer chapters, I made them shorter so I could get more out more quickly. Since that plan obviously failed, I'll see what I can do.

Thank you for the review.

Happy writing!
-Professor McGonagall

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Review #6, by victoria_anne New Beginnings

17th February 2016:
Wow, so this is very different! I don't normally read AU, but this opens up a lot of possibilities, so I'm interested in seeing how this goes. The omniscient point of view isn't something I normally read either, but it gives me a quick insight into what everybody is thinking, and I think you've done a good job of it. It's not confusing, which is good!

Good chapter, all in all :)

Author's Response: I'll admit- It's only a slight AU until towards the end. I'll get in less and less trouble for the three line rule then than now :P

I'm glad you liked it, even if it's usually what you don't read. I usually write in omniscient myself, so I'm curious how anything else would be done.


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Review #7, by Secret Cupid Jelly Babies

15th February 2016:
Hello again! So, I whooshed through all the chapters to be able to read and review this last one (my boss won't be happy about this since I'm at work, haha).

I absolutely am loving this story. The way the events unfold is great. Interesting how things run parallel like the books and yet are different.

The characterisation of Lucius in this chapter was very good. Your style of writing his dialogue is perfect. While we're on the subject, I've to say you totally nail Dumbledore's dialogues throughout too, which is a feat as he's a difficult character to write (in my opinion).

Harry's personality is shaping up well too. I liked how he immediately jumped to the conclusion that he's going to be expelled. So like him, haha.

The world you've constructed is indeed very interesting. It's all authentic with the magical terms and inclusions that you weave in.

I'm curious to know what happens next - if they'll find Pettigrew or not, and how. Your plot is headed in an excellent direction and overall the story is coming together wonderfully. I had a great time reading it!

Cheers and Happy Valentine's!

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I always enjoy reading, watching, and writing characters like Varys in GOT or Dumbledore. Yes, they're supposed to be good, but they always have an ulterior motive. There's always darkness behind that twinkle. You'll get a sense of it soon :D

I still don't know how to write Harry. I've said many times before that he's one of the toughest nuts to crack. I'm glad that SOMEONE thinks I'm doing well by him :P

All I'll say about Peter Pettigrew is to always expect the expected at a later date. They find him, yet they don't. They don't find Pettigrew, but they do find him. Again, I'm glad that you've enjoyed this.

>.> It's my baby.

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Review #8, by Secret Cupid New Beginnings

15th February 2016:
Hello! Wish you a very Happy Valentine's. I'm slightly late with my presents but I think there're still 5 hours to go until the deadline ends. Phew.

So, on to the review. Great start to your story! I love your characterisations of Harry, Vernon, Petunia, and Dudley. They're very similar to how we seem them in canon. I'd love to see what you've in store for the plot seeing this is an AU.

This entire oath thing seems very mysterious and exciting. The interaction between Dumbledore and McGonagall was written well. Your descriptions are pretty amazing. I am easily able to visualise the scenes. And the dialogue and narrative flows smoothly.

All in all, I enjoyed this chapter very much. Definitely an exciting start!


Author's Response: Oh thank you!

I thought that I was rubbish at writing Harry. If you stuck around to the later chapters as well as the sequel, you'll come to find out a lot about those four, Harry most of all, of course.

It's really that conversation that sets the AU in motion. I originally had the beginning of PS, edited heavily of course, but decided that that conversation would be more original and therefore more exciting to read.

Thank you for the darling compliments!


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Review #9, by Freddie Lady

2nd February 2016:
I am disappointed in your treatment of Ron. in many ways he was mistreated by the twins and Jenny. And overlooked by his parents.

Author's Response: Excuse me, but who's Jenny? I don't see a Jenny in here. How have I mistreated Ron? Where so far have his parents been even mentioned? I need specifics, please. Plus, whatever Ron gets, he justly deserves it :P

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Review #10, by poobear The Heir is Defeated

1st February 2016:
Hi Again
A good chapter a bit short though soz just being greedy but such a good story.
I guess draco has an iou now to harry would that be a life debt ? and what will the malfoy's think of that and will they be good to harry now ?.
I look forward for more to come bye for now and i hope you have a good week to come.
Bruce x

Author's Response: Who knows what the Malfoys will do. Oh, wait, I do... :P

There won't be another chapter after this next one for a good while while I sort out the rest of the novel but I think the product will speak for itself.

Have a nice day!

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Review #11, by poobear The Letter

12th January 2016:
Hi There
I'm sorry for not reviewing before hope you forgive as i know what it's like to write a story and get no feedback it can be down heartening but do not worry about it as this a such a great story and you are a very good storyteller so please keep up with your great story.
I like the fact that draco and harry and co are friends rather than ron as i'm not a fan of him or gin or molly come to that but the boy's and dad are ok so i hope some ron bashing will come in to it plessse ? lol.
I very much look forward to a lot more chapters to come are you going to do a follow up bye the way ? or something total different ?.
I always thought harry and tonks would be a good match but not a lot of writers have gone down that road shame really might have to do one myself if i ever finish my story ha fat chance just always busy and never get round to do more.
Anyway enough of my pratel sorry so will say bye for now take care.
Bruce x

Author's Response: I won't even grace Ron with bashing. I sorted him into Hufflepuff to take him out of Harry's life entirely. Never say never, though :P

I have almost finished Year 2. I need a beta to hold my hand to do Year 3; I have *no* clue how to approach it. As for shipping Harry, well, I can't tell you who he will end up with.

Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #12, by Owlpost68 The Journey Begins

24th December 2015:
Hi! So, I found the premise for this story really intriguing. I love that Professor McGonnagall is his Godmother and that Petunia really is a witch who went to a dutch school. I also think it's interesting that you changed the trio to Harry Hermione, Neville and Draco. I'm a little disconcerted that Ron isn't in the picture at all, but it is AU so I keep my mind open. As much as I like all these new things, it is a lot of them. If you made the chapters a little shorter it might be easier to take in.
Thanks again for offering to be my beta :)
Good job with this though!

Author's Response: Hello! They get progressively shorter but I suppose I could shorten the earlier chapters a bit so it's easier to digest. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #13, by Rinso New Beginnings

19th December 2015:
Huh. I have to say, I am... impressed. The first word that came to me as I read this first chapter of yours was "ambitious". You set up a lot of very interesting changes to the canon that can result in potentially huge pay-offs. I will, of course have to read the rest of this story to see how will those things unfold.

If I may offer just one slightly critical observation - your work is ambitious but a bit rushed, in my opinion. I mean, in only a single chapter you reveal that Petunia is a witch (and for some reason her memory was altered not to remember it?), that Dudley has a talent for magic, then you oust Pettigrew and have Petunia throw Vernon away... All of this is very, very interesting and it makes me want to see how it would play out, but only in a single (and first) chapter?

Aside from that, I enjoy the brisk pace. In general, it doesn't always work for every story or every author, but you manage to pull it off.

Good job, let's see what awaits ahead...

Author's Response: Yes, well, I really couldn't stretch out this bit because it was still so involved with canon, but the next few chapters, by far and perhaps for the better, takes more time to explain themselves.

Thank you for taking the time to review!


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Review #14, by poobear New Beginnings

4th December 2015:
Hi There
A great 1st chapter i very much enjoyed reading it and so looking forward to the next chapter bye for now.
Bruce x

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing, poobear
The next chapter should be up in a few hours...


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