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Reading Reviews for Circle of Silence
15 Reviews Found

Review #1, by looneylizzie Three

28th April 2016:

Okay, I couldn’t help it. I had to come and review this chapter before I moved on. :D

Hehehe, Scorpius is totally coming off as the better guy. Maybe I’m weird for liking this, but it’s kind of refreshing to see him painted in a slightly better light than Rose. Usually she may be prejudiced against him, but he’s usually shown acting the same way towards her, so it’s really refreshing to see that he doesn’t have a bad opinion of her, despite the obvious fact that she doesn’t think as highly of him.

Although her opinion is obviously starting to change in this chapter. ;)

Oooh, the bit about The Wastelands and the people in them is really interesting!! I like that you touched on mental health — especially bipolar. I’m bipolar, and while I do have a supportive family and have been able to get treatment, I’ve had more than a few people who’ve treated my badly or said some nasty things because of it. The stigma associated with mental health has made it really hard for a lot of people in the world, and you did a really good job of capturing that here.

And the magical twist you added to it is really nice and I really like that the meds are a modification of muggle ones. Although I do want to note that there are a LOT of different meds to treat bipolar, and not all of them have the same side effects — you mention that: ”The person still ends up feeling quite groggy, and like they’re being held down without any physical force, if that makes sense. Inhibited, unable to do everything they can. But it reduces the mania and depression. Makes them as normal as they can be.” — the meds that I take don’t leave me with any grogginess or the feeling of being inhibited at all. While that very well is the case for some people, it’s not the case for others. It might be better to rephrase it to reflect that. Maybe grogginess is one of the few side effects that the magical medicine still has, or Darla in particular experiences grogginess because of the meds.

Sorry, that was a totally random rant there. I mean no offense, it’s just something that caught my eye and bugged me a little bit. :D

Moving right along…

Ooooh, the Ministry doesn’t want people to know because they don’t want to spend money on treatment for those people?!? That’s so WRONG! And infuriating!

UGH. Now I kinda want to punch something.

I feel kinda like Rose — sick to my stomach.

Ah, there goes all those prejudices she had of Scorpius. At last, she sees the light!

I like that Scorpius has already let it all go. He’s grown up, he’s moved on and he’s not letting the past (both his father’s and his own) define him, and that’s incredibly admirable! You’ve created a really wonderful and complex character in Scorpius, and I’m loving it!!

Hehehe, Scorpius tap dancing — that’d be fun to see (I mean, read)!!

Amazing chapter Erin! I shall be anxiously awaiting the next one!

Keep writing!

Author's Response: I logged on to basically back up everything because I don't think I'll be posting anything more over here for quite some time at least when I saw your reviews. Thank you so so much. You just made me decide to continue writing fic, although it'd not be as much as I used to but it's something and I have you to thank for that. :)
regarding the bipolar, I have a mild case of it called cyclothymia and I completely agree with everything you said about the meds. In this case, however, what ScorpiUS is talking about is a potion that's used for treatment, not muggle medication. It's actually a reference to astoria's bipolar which is seen in my fic Turbulence (spoilers!!) and he'll elaborate further on in this story when he explains it to Rose. I hope that clears things up for now. :)
Thank you so much for these absolutely incredible reviews once again!

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Review #2, by looneylizzie Two

28th April 2016:

I’m here for your second (and last :( ) review prize for the Name that Fandom Challenge!

Okay, wow! What a second chapter!!

I knew Scorpius was going to be part of this at some point, and I really like the way you introduced him! He’s clearly a bit of a mystery, but I don’t feel like he’s got that classic ‘bad boy’ vibe that some people give him — he’s definitely bada** though. I kinda like it.

And he doesn’t seem particularly stuck up or snobbish. He’s confident and likes to tease Rose, but I think the tension between Rose and Scorpius has more to do with Rose’s stubbornness than anything else.

Maybe I’m reading into things, I tend to do that.

Regardless, their relationship is clearly a rather complex one, and I think it’ll be really interesting to watch as it develops as the story goes on.

I also kind of like that, especially towards the end, Rose is clearly the more stubborn and stand offish one of the two. Like, Malfoy has been more than polite to her, you could even say that he’s been quite nice, while she’s been rather rude and impatient with him. And even though we’re reading this from her POV, it’s still obvious that she’s the one who has the problem, not Scorpius.

Which begs the question, other than their school rivalry, what else does Rose not like about him? I’m guessing it’s that he can read her so well… it’s probably driving her nuts. And he’s got more answers to the puzzle than she does.

It’s kinda funny actually.

Anyway, another great chapter Erin! I’m looking forward to more (I’ll probably be back to review chapter 3 soon!)!

And thanks again for participating in the Name that Fandom Challenge!

Keep writing!

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Review #3, by looneylizzie One

28th April 2016:

I’m FINALLY here for your prizes for the Name that Fandom Challenge (after, oh, about 8 months since the challenge actually ended… *facepalms*)

Uh, have I mentioned how much I LOVE reading your stories? I really don’t review enough, because I just realized that I’ve read pretty much all of your AP, but I’ve only reviewed just a few of your stories. *bows head in shame*

Anyway, I actually haven’t read this story yet, and since Next-Gen is my jam, I figured I’d R&R this story!

Oh man, this is incredible! So much mystery! I can tell already that this story is going to be really good. The plot is already intriguing, and you’ve just hit the ground running with this. While there’s not a lot of information on Rose’s background or what her situation is, we don’t need to know because it’s really all about the case at this point. Plus, any information we do need to know, you’re providing along the way in a very natural manner — it doesn’t feel like: action, stop and explain, action, stop and explain, etc…, which is something that I’ve seen in a lot of action/adventure/mystery stories before. It’s all flowing really nicely, which makes the whole story that much more intriguing.

Great start Erin! See you in chapter two!

Keep writing!

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Review #4, by Secret Slytherin Snowflake Three

30th December 2015:
Hey dear! I'm finally here to camp on your AP. I'm so sorry it took me so long. Hope you had a great Christmas, and wish you a very Happy New Year. Have an amazing year ahead!

Now, on to the story. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I love it. I love it so, so much. I ploughed through all three chapters because I couldn't stop reading. I love Rose, she's so relatable, and I love how you write her. Her character is strong, fierce, smart, and very real. Her dynamic with Scorpius is very interesting and I can't wait to see how things progress further. I absolutely loved the little details that bring out the humanity in her character, like her apologising to Scorpius in this chapter.

The mystery you've built here is pretty awesome too, and I'm very curious to find out more. And of course, Scorpius. He's totally swoon worthy. I love him already, haha.

I am really enjoying this story and I'll definitely be looking forward to more chapters. Please do keep writing. Your plot is strong and your characterisations are great. The descriptions are absolutely lovely and the narrative reads so well.

It's like an engrossing novel. Great, great job! Love!

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Review #5, by ReeBee One

23rd December 2015:

Here for our swap! :D

THIS IS SO INTERESING!!! I haven't ever actually areas Rose as an auror so that was different (in a good way) and I'm interested to see how you're going to characterise her as the story goes on! And then the mystery man- I'm guessing Scorpius? Oh well I'll have to read to find out ;)

God I'm starting to really love mysteries and must get to more of your stories honestly :P

And the mystery itself woah. How do you think of these things!! Like the hair and everything I'm so intrigued and I think it was an amazing beginning!! I also found it odd how they were the same height like exact same so I'm guessing that that has something to do with it?

I'm actually so curious and excited for you!!! And of course knowing me i want the romance to begin ;) BUT YES. MYSTERY YOU GO GURL. love your style of writing to it's like so on point with the genre and there was nothing I picked up on as for CC.

I also found the description of the morgue pretty interesting like honestly I don't think I've ever read a description of a morgue (both in fanfiction and novels) and your description was awesome and I could totally just picture it.

The mystery though. Wow. I'm going to read on as soon as possible! :D

Thanks for the swap love!


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Review #6, by SophieWinter Three

17th December 2015:

I wanted to thank you for lovely chapter!
I liked the your descriptions and that you revealed bits more personal character information. As a Scorose fan I loved development in their relationship.

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Review #7, by alicia and anne One

14th December 2015:
Erin!!! My beautiful, beautiful Erin!! I've missed you *hugs*

Ooh Rose works in Law enforcement, I love this! I never see stories where Rose works in that department. I love that she's getting more involved and dealing with cases instead of paperwork. I hope that she does a wonderful job and solves the case and then becomes head of the department!. am I getting too far ahead of myself here? :P

Oh! I wonder who she's going to get to help her?

Oh no! There is a serial killer out there! I wonder if they're doing the same thing to every body they leave behind? I FEEL LIKE I CAN HELP SOLVE THE MURDER ALONG WITH ROSE! WE CAN WORK AS A TEAM!

Although, so far I've got nothing... so, I might have to just stand around and nod along with everything that Rose finds out.

AH! I need to know who it is that she needs to recruit! I can tell that he's going to be awesome!!

I love this so much! I love your writing so much! I love YOU so much! Stay awesome!

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Review #8, by TearsIMustConceal Three

12th December 2015:
Hi again!!

Here with your promised review for chapter 3 because I made you wait for your review on chapter 2 plus, I just wanted to carry on reading!

Urgh, your description of the food is amazing! You've made me hungry so I now have to get more food once i've finished the review! My mouth was watering – your descriptions are just incredible, the detail you put in is just amazing and yeah, I loved this part.

I love your detail about the Wastelanders – it was a really interesting pin you've put on them but it's so realistic, real life isn't much different. It's so sad to hear that they've been forgotten about and that the Ministry isn't willing to help them and would rather just ignore them. They're still people at the end of the day and it's tragic that they've been left to just waste there. I also think it's clever you've used bipolar as an example of something they're suffering – it makes it realistic and it's unsurprising that purebloods, such as Darla's parents, wouldn't want to use muggle methods, despite modifications. It just shows that the wizarding world isn't that far ahead of the muggle world, which is just sad.

I like that Rose swallowed her pride and realised that she had been unfair towards Scorpius, just because of his surname and family – obviously the prejudice is probably partly to do with Ron but for her to base her whole opinion of him on his family's past, is pretty harsh but I am glad she's come to her senses.

I absolutely loved this chapter – although there's no drama here, it's nice to see a bit of background and the start of what could be a beautiful friendship and maybe more, eventually. It's nice to see Rose develop, maturing in her opinions about both Scorpius and the Wastelanders and it's nice to see Scorpius is the one to make her see the world differently.

I cannot wait for the next chapter Erin! You'll have to let me know when it's up!


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Review #9, by TearsIMustConceal Two

12th December 2015:
Hi Erin! I'm so sorry it's taken this long to review this and in the end, you had to request it! I've had so much going on right now, life is stressful at the moment so for making you wait, i'm gonna reivew chapter 3 as well!

So, onto the story! You know I think your writing is amazing anyway but this story has me hooked!

I knew it would be Scorpius who she was going to see! I just knew it! (I don't think it was a secret though?) But yeah, I knew it would be him and I love that it is! And I love the tension – it's so different to how most people do a Rose/Scorpius, I love how you had them as bitter enemies in school, that they were so competitive, it's a refreshing change and it really makes me want to know what will happen in the story to change all that! The fact that Scorpius invited him, surprising Rose made me smile – obviously the enemy thing was possibly more one-sided for Rose than it was for Scorpius, either that or he's just that laidback, he doesn't care what happened in school, even if she pranked him! I love this Scorpius!

I love Rose's jealously at Scorpius doing something interesting job wise, unlike her. This is the Rose I love – the one who is still determined and competitive and get jealous. I can never write Rose like that, it never works but you've done it perfectly! And her surprise when Scorpius calls Auror Henderson by his first name – her irritation with everything is perfect! The underlying tension really works between them but I do love that they can put it aside and act professionally towards each other.

I loved the Wastelands scene – it really shows just why Scorpius was reccommended to help Rose on the job – she seems to be the type to affront people with her manner, not unlike Hermione in that respect. You can sense she tends to rub people up the wrong way and Scorpius is the perfect oppoiste to this – easy going, charming. As a pair, they really balance each other's personalities out – I feel like this is a sign of a relationship to come!

I also love how he plays on her need to know everything when he invites her in for dinner – it's clear he knows her well and can push her buttons. You just know she can't help herself because she's deperate to know what he does.

Plot wise, you've moved it along at a good, steady pace. You could easily have rushed it but you haven't, I feel like i'm reading a true invesitation – it's realistically paced and you're revealing things slowly but in a way that we just want to know more, not unlike Rose herself.

I absolutely adore this story Erin, which I'm sure i've mentioned before and I can't wait to read the next chapter! Your writing is simply stunning and I love reading anything of yours!


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Review #10, by TreacleTart Three

12th December 2015:
Hey Erin!

Alright! Chapter 3 and the dinner that Scorpius promised to cook!

So you know I'm a bit obsessive about food descriptions, so I was excited to see you dedicate a paragraph to describing what Scorpius had made for dinner and how it compared to others that Rose had had. I would've loved a touch more description, perhaps something like the tannic bite of the wine or the smell of sauteed garlic and onions in the air from the tomato sauce, but overall I was glad that you dedicated some time to the food because most fanfic writers gloss right over it.

It was terribly sad hearing about the Wastelanders and how most of them are victims of a poor healthcare system. It's a shame that the magic world isn't any farther ahead than the muggle world in regards to treating these types of illnesses or issues. And to think that the Ministry knows whats going on and has just abandoned these people. It's terrible. Of course, it mirrors real life unfortunately.

I do like that Rose sort of begins to realize that her prejudices towards Scorpius are unfounded at the end of the chapter. I'd hate to see her waste a bunch of time treating him badly.

I caught a couple of typos in this chapter...

teaching me since I was fifteen – when I was

She never got received any – take out the word got

Pureblood family get disgusted by it, - take out the word get

After reading all three chapters, I'd say that I really like where this story is going and how you've set it up so far. There's definitely intrigue, a bit of politics, and a budding friendship that will certainly make this an entertaining read.

Good work! And thanks for an enjoyable swap!


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Review #11, by TreacleTart Two

12th December 2015:
Hello again,

Back for chapter 2.

I knew it was going to be Scorpius. As soon as Auror Henderson started acting weird about telling her who it was, I knew it was going to be him.

The dynamic between Rose and Scorpius was interesting. The two of them behaved very professionally towards each other, but you could tell there was a lot of tension underneath all of their polite banter. I'm not sure why, but I get the really distinct impression that Rose is sometimes unfairly cruel to Scorpius...or at least she was during school.

The scene in the Badlands sort of illustrates why Scorpius is needed in this case. Rose seems to easily offend people and it's pretty clear that she knows little about poverty. Scorpius' approach yields them much more information and they actually make just a little bit of progress. Of course, instead of being grateful for the help, Rose decides to chastise the people who've just given her information.

I was a little bit vague on the ending. Was it the circumstances that the badlanders lived under that Rose was supposed to be inquisitive about or was it the case? I suppose I'll see in the next chapter.

Another solid chapter and the plot is moving right along. Everything's flowing smoothly and the dynamic between Rose and Scorpius is quite amusing.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter!


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Review #12, by TreacleTart One

12th December 2015:
Hey Erin!

Here for the first of our review swaps!

I'm a total sucker for a good crime/mystery type story, so I was really excited when I saw what this was about. Rose Weasley is an Auror and she gets assigned a case with several dead girls who have been suffocated. There are lots of little unusual details and it certainly seems to point to a serial killer. This is exactly the type of story I enjoy.

I thought you did a good job of characterizing Rose. I get the feeling that she's still somewhat young, perhaps not the most experienced auror in the office, but certainly competent and capable. When she gets assigned this case, the excitement is really palpable. It came through quite well in your writing.

You've also done a great job at making all of this easy to understand. There's a lot of detail and different things happening in this story that will set up the next chapters, but you manage to keep it flowing nicely and everything very organized and precise. There isn't a whole ton of unnecessary detail.

Since you did say you're going to go back and edit typos, let me point out the few that I caught.

turned out ot be of extreme – to be

A murder due passion – due to

a few monutes of her - minutes

such kind of information. – either that kind of information or such information

a corner at this place – of this place

wand over the woman’s next – woman’s neck

All in all, I think you have a very intriguing start. I have my suspicions about who this mystery character is and I can't wait to see if I'm right.

Off to the next chapter right now!

Good job!


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Review #13, by SophieWinter Two

10th December 2015:
Thanks for wonderful story. As a one who whish to be a forensic scientist I love what Rose is doing.

Author's Response: Thank you so much reading and reviewing! I hope you find all the details well written and I've done justice to Rose's work. :D I hope you continue reading!

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Review #14, by adluvshp One

28th November 2015:
ERIN! omg i can't believe you wrote a fic for me. i am so honoured. nobody has ever written a fic for me before and this makes me so so happy and i am having all these feels. it's even more special coz YOU are writing it and you're like a phenomenal writer and your writing is just wow. so thank you, i love you, you're the best!!

Now, on to the review. I'm going to write this review as I read so please bear with the incoherence of my thoughts xP

First off, WOAH. A crime mystery AND a Rose/Scorpius?! You've picked my favourite genre and favourite pairing... of course I'm loving this already! *hugs*

Ahh Rose and her craving for something more exciting. I already love her. Your characterisation of her is superb. I love a Rose who's itching for adventure and action. It's the perfect mix of Ron/Hermione and I'd expect nothing less from her. So, I wonder why her boss called her in.

Yes Rose is determined! Me likey! Her boss is going to love her work xD

Ooh bodies! What kind of bodies! My interest is immediately piqued, wanting to know why the boss said "you'd understand further" if she saw the bodies. Btw, while we're on the subject, very neat and well-written dialogue. Great balance between dialogue and narrative!

Oooh vague address. I love when bosses are vague. I wonder if this is Scorpius ;)

"It was going to be an interesting case, and Rose Weasley was going to make sure she enjoyed every second of it." YES ROSE YOU'RE GOING TO ENJOY IT. This sentence kinda defines what I'm feeling now because as soon as I started reading, I had a feeling that this is going to be an interesting story and that me Angie is going to enjoy reading every second of it xD

Great description there of the morgue entrance. I could visualise it easily and immediately in my mind's eye.

Ooh I love Rose's credentials. She has a fancy fun job!

Okay that morgue sounds downright creepy. "Rose shuddered inwardly as she thought of eating in a corner at this place filled with decay and demise." ugh i could never stomach it. but you go Rose, you are not scared!

omg both bodies died in a similar manner, similar marks, suffocation with the mysterious cloth? now this looks like the work of a serial killer or something. interesting, very interesting.

You go Rose! I love how quickly her brain works. She's already connecting the dots, realising these aren't random killings and there's something connecting the victims. You have characterised her beautifully.

Ooh I am loving the idea of Wastelands. You can expect the wizarding world to have something like that since the Muggle communities sure do. Your description of the area is perfect, again very easy to visualise, and great use of words there.

Ugh the state of the body sounds horrible. But also very intriguing. I love Rose's use of the word "ritualistic" here. Definitely something magical and meaningful.

I like Danforth. He seems like a nice guy. Good shaping up for your OCs! Looking forward to see how they're developed further as the story progresses!

Ahh that last sentence. IT IS SCORPIUS IT HAS TO BE. omg i am so excited. I NEED THE NEXT CHAPTER NOW. haha okay sorry i won't rush you but boy is this story amazing already?! i am super intrigued, about the mystery, about the dynamics between Rose and Scorpius, about what kind of work he does and how he's going to help, and how do they solve the mystery together!

Such a perfect first chapter! Brilliantly written, great narrative, and loving the plot. Your characterisations are superb, I especially am already connected with Rose, and you have just the right amount of suspense surrounding the piece. Solid first chapter, super excited to see what happens next!

You're such a beautiful writer, you have the most amazing way with words, and your plot concepts are always very unique, so I absolutely know this story is fantastic, the first chapter is pretty much amazing already after all. *bows to your awesomeness*

Loved it!! Thank you so much once again for writing this! You've to write more and update soon xD


Love and hugs,

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Review #15, by TearsIMustConceal One

28th November 2015:
Hi Erin!

It's been so long since I read any stories, especially your stories and this makes me remember how amazing you are!

And i'm a little rusty at reviewing because this is my first in a while so excuse me if this is the lamest review ever!

I was instantly intrigued by this story and the description - I love a good crime mystery and I know from your previous stories that you have a talent the genre so I already that this is going to be amazing!

The whole chapter flows perfectly and especially your description of the investigation - it feels genuine and I love the build up, that we learn what's going on when Rose does at not before - it really makes me want to know more!

The detail you use, the technical words and phrases really work well within this and it really feels like we're looking into a genuine murder investigation, not just a story. It really shows the time and effort you've put into this and just adds to the realism!

I love the way you've portrayed Rose here, she's exactly like I imagine her to be - intelligent, driven - very Hermione-like and ambitious in her career - she's pretty much my idea Rose and how I picture her to be.

Your descriptions of the wastelands was pretty amazing - I could picture everything, every little detail about it and I like how you pictured a place where deadbeat wizards go - you never hear about the wizards who have fallen off the wagon, so to speak so I like how you imagined a place where they would all congregate - it's a unique idea and I love it!

I can't wait to find out who Rose is recruiting - or what I mean to say is I can't wait for the scene because i'm pretty sure I know who it is, seeing as you mentioned it's a ScoRose. I'm waiting for petty arguments between the pair and Rose being right and getting him to help her because she can she has persuasive ways!

Anyway, Erin, this chapter was amazing and I really can't wait to read the next chapter! I definitely need to read some more of your stuff, I forgot how much of an incredible writer you are! The way you write mystery - it's my goal to write as well as you do!

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