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Reading Reviews for Into the Next
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Review #1, by Elfimaledeti Into the woods

16th February 2016:
Well, i have to write it here. This is review for chapter 6. (promises) Because It isn't all, somehow the web page cut my review :(. and my review continuos: ... ring for Ginny oh ...

And there is more i would like to say, i don't if I'll able to express what i have in mind correctly, but i will try and i hope it'll help maybe. I like how you write. I'm enjoying reading it, but i have feelings that your story and you with this story hurry up. It contains a lots of direct speeches and it makes your story progress quickly. I don't know if it was your intention. Try to calm down and take your time, i guess you can write, just try to calm down and add some description and feelings. (For example when Harry told Ginny about Horcrux hunt, you could write more and Ginny could had some questions ...) I don't want to interfere with your story, but it could make it better. You can use my hints or not, its up to you. I'll still continue to reading your story and enjoying it, doesn't matter what. I'm just trying to give you courage to evolve your writing O:-)
Looking forward for next chapter.
PS: Sorry for my English.


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Review #2, by Elfimaledeti Promises

16th February 2016:
Yey, new chapter!

I like the idea, that Harry is a really rich and share lots of galeons with friends :) , maybe i guess he is "overritch", but yeah whatever he deserves it. I'm curious how will the Potter manor looks i truest that he don't want to live in Grimmauld place and his parents house was damaged right? :) And the promise ring for Ginny oh

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Review #3, by Elfimaledeti The Brothers

16th January 2016:
Another fast chapter :), everything alright between Harry, Ginny and her brothers :). Fleur and Hermione are angry at Bill and Ron. Well, looking forward for next chapter and i hope that next chapter/s will be longer O:).


Author's Response: Just updated, not very long but i've had a lot of extra curricular activities going on lately, hop you like it!!

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Review #4, by Elfimaledeti An Eventful Morning

10th January 2016:
It's something different, this time is Harry here for Ginny, i like it :). And i guess that older brothers are always overprotective for their little sisters. And the reaction of Mr. and Mrs. Weasley is as it should be, i guess.

I'm looking forward for next chapters. Keep writing you are doing it well.

PS:(Sorry for my English)


Author's Response: Thanks so much for your review I really appreciate the feedback!

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Review #5, by Beth The First Scream

4th December 2015:
Loved the chapter. Update?
Would love if you could upload this on fanfiction . net, its a bit difficult trying to follow a story on here :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! Still working on next chapter, should be up next week. I've never thought of fanfiction . net ( I only write Harry Potter fanfic) but I'll try it out!

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Review #6, by Sinterklaas The First Scream

2nd December 2015:
Ho, Ho, Hello!

Oh dear! How awful that Harry is being tormented by the dreadful effects of PTSD. Between the nightmares and experiencing flashbacks to those horrible parts in the war, the poor dear must be suffering terribly!

I do hope that the Healers at St. Mungo's can help him!

Have a lovely Holiday Season, much better than the one Harry and his close ones will be having!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing, I'm glad you read it! I think Harry will be fine though;) Happy Holidays!!

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