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Reading Reviews for Flames, Smoke, Disaster
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Review #1, by krazyboutharryginny Treacle Tart

17th April 2017:

Okay listen Sam, I am having a really REALLY bad day and this had me smiling and laughing so before I do anything else I have to very sincerely say thank you for that.

Everything about this was great. I really liked Dean's reaction upon entering the flat. It makes perfect sense that, after the war, Dean would react the way he did. Him being terrified that he'd find Seamus dead and having a hard time relaxing was, I think, a really good reaction to go with because I think it kind of elevated this piece above just fluff and silliness.

Seamus's melodrama was honestly wonderful, like he was so upset but it totally made sense why because, like he said, he "like really thought about it". I think I, too, would be on the kitchen floor wailing "I killed it" if I put a lot of thought and care into a present/gesture for a loved one and then accidentally made it explode. Poor Seamus :(

But omg, they were so cute together. Forehead-to-forehead always gets to me, and I made the most ridiculous squealing noise when Dean said they could order out and eat in bed. And then when he was coming up with ways that the tart was still like their relationship?! Ugh just take my heart!

If I were to give you one little piece of CC, it would be that I think the ending is a little abrupt and could maybe use just a line or two more. Maybe Seamus saying something about the flowers.

Aside from that, this was basically perfect. SO POLITE. :P

Great work!


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Review #2, by melian Treacle Tart

17th April 2017:
Aww, Sam, that was adorable. From the panic Dean feels when he first gets home to the dead flowers at the end, I was totally hooked. Seamus was characterised like he is in the movies – prone to making things blow up – and it suited this perfectly, because who else would stuff up a spell for baking like that? (Nice touch, by the way, having different magical processes for baking and for other cooking. I’d never have thought of that but it works so well.)

And Dean, being the peacemaker, seeing beauty in what Seamus thinks is ruined … that was just lovely. Perfect anniversary behaviour, because in that situation who wouldn’t want to make their partner feel better, to have them see that you love the fact that they put in all that effort, whether or not it turned out the way they had intended. I think we’ve all been there and you captured it wonderfully.

The juxtaposition, too, of the fright at the start to the sweetness at the end was great. When I read Dean opening the door to the smoke, and panicking that there had been a tragedy even though the war was over, I never thought it would be the bundle of fluff at the end that it was. So that was really nicely done, because a lot of writers wouldn’t be able to carry that off. Great job!

Cheers Mel

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Review #3, by ANightingaleInAGoldenCage Treacle Tart

4th April 2017:
Hi there!

I'm here for CTF round 3 and here is my review for you!

First of all - I love the fact that it's Dean and Seamus and how you've so obviously wrote it for Kaitlin but still managed to get the story across as it is and make it a whole, functioning piece while even adressing the fact that they went through a war. It isn't easy, espcially seeing the smoke, and it's brilliant that you need to give Dean a moment to get through the thoughts before he can actually do something to fix it all. That was a very powerful moment you had there and I love that you put that in.
Second of all I love how you made the entire treacle tart thing work and gave an explanation as how it was a metaphor for their relationship while it was not overly mushy. I also loved the way you described that in the first place, and how Dean tried it with flowers but that they also didn't quite survive the entire ordeal. It's a great way to describe how they actually fit together and how it all works, by just going for little details like that. I never thought of things that way, but I am certainly happy that you made me do that, as it's a very interesting concept to use in writing.

Very well done!

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Review #4, by PaulaTheProkaryote Treacle Tart

4th April 2017:
Hi Sam! I’m here to make sure that Ravenclaw wins the Capture the Flag/read your lovely story,

So I love, love, love Dean/Seamus but I think a lot of times they end up being OOC with Seamus having sudden bouts of rage for no apparent reason (wut) or worse, like a flowery perfect relationship where they call each other snookums and dote on each other to the point of me wanting to file a restraining order. Your story definitely does not fall anywhere near that!

As far as anniversaries go, this starts out like it could be really cute. Like flowers and the playfulness that most people would probably associate with someone burning dinner. Like an 80s sitcom. Adorable. But then we get this post-war reaction from Dean that’s honestly pretty harrowing. The thick smoke. The horror. The chanting that no one is dead in his mind. I mean whoa, way to spin what could have been boring, static fluff into something so much more.

And can we just stop and marvel at Dea talking about running or covering it up. Like he's immediately problem-solving and halfway to packing a bug-out-bag and it's everything.

And honestly of course pyromaniac Seamus caused this kind of mass destruction.

And I never considered the semantics of baking or cooking and how that could relate to spells before. I love stories that make me rethink things like that.

Honestly I love their relationship as you’ve portrayed it here. I love their fantastic contradictions. 10/10 so cute.


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Review #5, by victoria_anne Treacle Tart

21st March 2016:
Yes I stalked you author page. No I'm not ashamed.

Hi Sam! I hope you're feeling better xx

You are the queen of short and sweet! I really liked this, I'm slowly being converted to a deamus shipper (you can blame banshee for that one :P). I loved the first reaction Dean had when he came home. Him thinking of the war was quite sad, but realistic. Of course it was only Seamus blowing things up!

And the metaphor for the tart! Aw it was so perfect! Both before and after it was destroyed ha ha! This is only a little glimpse into their relationship, but I can see how strong and loving and cheeky it is!

I really love this: “Don’t go scrunching your face up at our metaphor tart!” I had a little giggle at that!

Also, the banner for this is GORGEOUS!

B xx

Author's Response: You're my favorite stalker ever. Stalk me all the time.

Thank you for the well wishes. Getting writing again definitely helps me to feel like myself, as frustrating as it is to have to start over on some things.

Haha, in my mind this is one of my longer pieces because it's closer to 1000 words than 500 XD

I don't actively consider myself a Deamus shipper, as they are many other ships I would more actively freak out about, but I do accept them as kind of an inevitability, so it was fun to get a chance to write them in this.

I'm glad you enjoyed this! And I'm also glad that I can give you some giggles after all those heavier feels you stuck through!


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Review #6, by Jayna Treacle Tart

23rd December 2015:
Hello Sam! I didn't have access to internet for about a week, during which it was your turn on the hot seat. Therefore, I was unable to leave you a review then, but I'm back home and with wifi, so I figured better late than never!

Awww!!! This was just adorable. I've never actually read any Dean/Seamus, but I swear, this just made it a headcanon. Seriously, I'm still mentally squealing about the metaphor tart. As we know from the books, Seamus has a particular affinity for flames, smoke, and disaster, as you put it, and so this fit perfectly with that. I also really liked at the beginning the little panic attack Dean had, and I think it added a touch of seriousness to an otherwise sweet and fluffy fic. I mean, they've both been through the war, they both fought in it, so why wouldn't there be a little fear left over? Lastly, I couldn't pick a single favorite part, but overall, I loved how you were able to show their contrasting personalities in a fairly short story, keep them consistent with canon, but also add some things of your own. Overall, this was a super sweet story that was just a pleasure to read and it definitely brought a smile to my face!

Again, sorry for the lateness of this review, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season along with a splendid New Year!


Author's Response: Hello Jayna!

No worries about the delayed hot seat review ( says the writer who is responding three months later)

I had never written any Dean/Seamus before either, but as Kaitlin's favorite ship, I couldn't resist taking a stab at it for her gift.

I don't think I could ever write something that was 100% fluffy, so I naturally have to include panic and ruined dessert XD

I'm glad that you enjoyed this story and I brought you some late December smiles!


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Review #7, by MrsJaydeMalfoy Treacle Tart

21st December 2015:
Aw! Hahha, I just love this!!

First off, it's typical Seamus with the explosion and the fire. And the way that Dean kept thinking about the war and having to tell himself that nobody was dead is very realistic and heartbreaking.

Then, there's the endearing way Seamus tried to do something nice for Dean, only for it to end in disaster, and his explanation of how it represents them.

I really loved the way Dean turned everything around and made it still applicable to them and their relationship, and the scene where Seamus scrunched his face at the taste was hilarious!

This was such a cute, sweet little one-shot and I adore it to pieces! Well done, dear! And again, Happy Hot Seat!

Author's Response: Hey Jayde, I'm glad you liked this so much!

I haven't really focused on Dean or Seamus much before (though they are a bit of a background head canon for me). I had a lot of fun here, quickly exploring and juxtaposing both the lighter and darker sides of their characters and how they compliment each other.

Thank you again!


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Review #8, by marauderfan Treacle Tart

19th December 2015:

Aw, I just... this was adorable and so sweet. I really liked how it begins with smoke and flames and Dean legitimately panics and has a flashback to the war, because I think that's so realistic for him to have some form of PTSD. Especially as Dean was one of the ones held captive in the Malfoys' basement during the war - I'm not surprised that keeps coming back to him, especially when he sees stuff like this - it's just an instinctual response. Anyway, I thought that was super realistic and I appreciate that you included that.

And Seamus - bless him, he always does seem to create this sort of disaster, I think every time he shows up in the movie he's exploding one thing or another. He's chaos personified! (Which is why I think he and Dean are so perfect together because Dean is a lot more methodical and controlled, or at least how I read him in the books. /tangent) But this whole scene is really sweet, how Seamus is worried about yet another attempt to do something that ended in flames, lamenting his poor baking, and they create something beautiful out of it. I just love the end when they discuss their metaphorical tart and how they went through hard times and the sweetness is still there. Just... aw. I love it.

I adore these two and you really did a wonderful job writing this ship and creating this moment. It's fluff but also realistic fluff - sometimes situations/the world is difficult and it's really about how you perceive things.

Lovely work on this story!

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Review #9, by AdinaPuff Treacle Tart

19th November 2015:
Hi, sorry for the wait on getting back to you for our swap. RL and all.

I loved this! So cute and fluffy and just oh my goodness. When I started it, I was slightly horrified as Dean was because I thought something had happened to Seamus. I could really feel Dean's panic. But fortunately, it was just Seamus being awful at "cooking". It was such a sweet gesture and Dean did so well in making Seamus feel good about it. The whole crust and filling and charred edges and AH!! Fluff and feels and my heart just melted.

I really love this ship because it just seems so believable. I love it so much and this was a good little except of what could be for them. I loved it!

- Leigh xxx

Author's Response: Hello Leigh! Thanks for the swap, and no worries about the delay!

I am really glad that you enjoyed this so much. I actually wasn't sure how fluffy this would come across, given Dean's panic and Seamus' moping, but I am glad that it was able to both make you nervous at the beginning with a sweet emotional payoff.

They are both such sweet guys and they mean well in their hearts, though sometimes that manifests in funny ways!

Thanks again for the lovely review and the swap!


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Review #10, by TreacleTart Treacle Tart

19th November 2015:
Hey Sam!

I was so excited when you sent me this link and I opened it to find a Dean/Seamus story. They're absolutely my favorite pairing and one that I feel like doesn't get written about as often as it should.

I think you really nailed the dynamic between Dean and Seamus. Seamus is sort of the chaos, lots of well intentioned accidents and Dean is the calmness that sort of holds things together. You could totally see that here.

I love that Dean's first reaction when he walks in and sees the smoke is to think about the war. I always imagined that he would've been affected by his experiences. I mean he was on the run in the forest for awhile and possibly witnessed the deaths of some of his traveling companions. Then there was war. That kid of stuff stays with you and even though you normalize eventually, there are moments when those types of thoughts creep back into your mind. Him panicking at the sight of smoke, but not because of a fire, more because someone could be attacking really demonstrated that well.

I love how the treacle tart turned into a metaphor for their relationship. I understand Seamus' original intent, but I think Dean has got the right of it. The burned tart is more like any couple in real life, not perfect, but a great attempt. :D

Truly, I'm so moved that you decided to write a story for me. It means a lot that you took the time out of your day to do this, so thank you. It's very much appreciated.

:hug: :hug: :hug:

Thank you Sam!


Author's Response: Hey, Kaitlin! I am so glad you liked this so much and that I could bring a little joy to your day!

I have never had too much in the way as headcanons for Dean and Seamus, though I have no doubt that they end up together. I suppose they're the kinds of characters that don't interest me a ton, so I haven't spent too much time thinking about them. That was actually part of what made this story fun - to explore an intimate little moment with two people I didn't really know. Also, your story Livewire helped give me context for how you see them, which definitely was a factor in how I captured their dynamic as you see it!

I really like that you think the burnt tart metaphor is the better one!

You do so much for this site and its members, of course I'd write you a story!



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