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Reading Reviews for Count the Ways
6 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Toni Chapter 1

6th July 2016:
Brilliant story! Made me laugh.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :D

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Review #2, by Marshal Chapter 1

18th June 2016:
For the LGBTQA+ Review Event

I am typically not a fan of wolfstar but with it being an AU I got curious. Also the summary caught my attention a bit. You played this really well and captured the Sirius persona well. I loved his attitude though out this.

The humor in this was amazing. The bit with Gideon was hilarious. I was cracking up at that. Honestly I can't say which I found more funny Sirius having a bad back because he tried to come on Gideon in such a forward manner or James determining to feed Harry as much sugar as possible to keep Sirius and Remus from 'having fun' in his house after Harry was asleep. The quips between the best friends was so perfect! As was Sirius working things so he could see more of Remus and denying everything.

One minor critique is the amount of times Harry was called a little 'piece of crap' (worded such as the actual word you used isn't 12+). It makes sense him being called that but it felt like ever other time Harry was mentioned at the start that he was a little 'piece of crap', but that maybe just me. The over all story was amusing to say the least.

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Review #3, by Dirigible_Plums Chapter 1

24th February 2016:

It's Plums here to review the one shot for the challenge and OH MY GOD I AM DYING. I don't know what I expected, I really don't, but this was definitely exceeded whatever it was.

I just loved so much of it. The beginning was making me smile just because it seems exactly like how I imagined an AU where James and Lily survive to be like: Harry being sassy from day one, Sirius being proud of it and being so... unparental (is that even a word?) in front of him, swearing left, right and centre.

And then it happened: Remus' entrance.

I absolutely loved the one shot from the moment Sirius saw him onwards. I mean, Wolfstar is always welcome, but the portrayal of it here is just great. Sirius' complete and utter fascination with him, his fantasies, the way he spoke about him - all of it was just amazing! I want to list practically every quote that had me cracking up, but unfortunately, most of them aren't 12+ haha. But here are some I can put in ;)

-“Have you seen that guy’s sweater collection?” (This was genuinely hilarious and I love how he stated it as if James was so dense for not realising it too.)

-The trousers he was wearing should be criminal. (Oh, Sirius. His internal monologue was just amazing.)

-“That’s it – Lily feed Harry as much sugar as you can! That boy is not going to sleep.” (I LOVE THEIR BANTER. This is how it should be! I refuse to accept it happened any other way.)

-Harry threw himself down into his chair (Oh, Harry. You sassy, moody child.)

This was absolutely amazing and I don't think I found a single fault with it. I only regret that I didn't read it sooner.

Thanks for entering it into the challenge! :D

Plums xo

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Review #4, by EnigmaticEyes16 Chapter 1

23rd February 2016:
Oh my God, Tammi! This is so amazing! I wish there was more! I loved how Sirius treats Harry and the AU-ness of it all with James and Lily being alive and Sirius and Remus not knowing each other before this meeting. I loved all of Sirius' reactions to Remus and how he reads James and Lily's mail (again! meaning not the first time, lol) to intercept Remus' letters to them so he can visit Remus himself. And I loved how Sirius just went and blurted it out, asking Remus to dinner and how Remus responded to Sirius very unintended pun with the perfect answer! Personally, I would love to see a version of this story from Remus' POV but this is still wonderfully brilliant on it's own and I loved reading every word of it!

Great job!

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Review #5, by krazyboutharryginny Chapter 1

11th February 2016:

This story is fantastic! I loved it so much! :D

You have done such a perfect job with Sirius' characterization! Now, we all know that I love to write Sirius, but we also all know that I invariably love to make him suffer (*shakes head at self*). However, you have done an amazing job of capturing his happy side! You got his sense of humour and drama queen personality down to a tee!

Your own wonderful sense of humour really shone through in this, and there were so many lines that made me laugh out loud :D James, Sirius, and Lily were brilliant together, their interactions were just really well done.

Also, your Harry is so good in this. I thought you were very true to his character, and I loved his sassiness (which he was clearly picking up from Sirius ;) ).

And! Diagon Alley Primary School! That's brilliant, honestly, I absolutely love that idea. And Remus as Harry's art teacher - already a brilliant concept!

Speaking of Remus, he was excellent too. I loved his dry line about his desk, and the cheesy "masterpiece in my office" line!

*sighs happily* I love these ridiculous boys (and Lily of course) and you have done such a brilliant job with them - and with this pairing - in this story! :D A+ dialogue, A+ characterization, and A+ internal dialogue from Sirius!

Brilliant work, Tammi!



I had so much fun writing this! So I'm glad that you liked it. I love that you make him suffer, it's so entertaining. :D

He is such a drama queen, I agree.

Harry is so sassy, which he does get from Sirius, you're right.

I think that Diagon Alley primary school is in my headcanon now!

Thank you so so much!!

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Review #6, by merlins beard Chapter 1

6th February 2016:
I believe I still owe you a review from a couple of weeks ago - I'm really sorry I'm takikg so long (again)...

This is the sweetest thing I've read in a while and you managed to make me laugh so much :D

I can really picture Remus as a teacher, it kind of suits him, and you captured Sirius so incredibly well! He's everything I ever imagined him to be like as a godfather and also as a friend to James.

I love all the banter and all the swearing - responsible of Sirius to teach his 7 year old godchild how to swear... but I guess harry would have picked it up somewhere eventually...

If I were Lily, I probably wouldn't send Sirius to Harry's school... but hey, where's the fun in that...

I think Sirius is amazing here (and I always found Remus rather adorable).
Sirius is fun and teases Harry a lot, but he's there for Harry to count on when he needs to be - threatening a 7 year old to arrest his father is certainly one way to make sure he stops bullying someone...

This is so light and carefree and funny and I feel like I'm flying... Remus is so happy and fun and I love that he smiles and grins so much and that he's totally up for any mischief Sirius can think of

Thanks for the opportunity of reading this amazing story, I think you might have had as much fun writing it as I did reading it. Sorry for the very rambling review

♥ Anja

Author's Response: Thank you!!

I had a lot of fun writing this and I'm so glad that you enjoyed it!

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