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Reading Reviews for Misery
12 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Secret Valenpuff After detention

28th February 2017:
Sweet Merlin in a classroom I love Neville the hero. I love love love that he was protecting the first years. But so sad that even now, when he's so injured, he thinks himself useless.

Hannah is such an angel, and Seamus is so perfect in his character, even though he's just in it a tiny bit.

Omggg THIS!: I’d rather be miserable with you, than happy anywhere else in the world. THAT IS SO SO BEAUTIFUL! Their kiss is perfect!! I love a relationship that develops during a dark time.

Of course, the way you write is just so beautiful.

The fourth letter in the secret sentence is: E

Love Valenpuff ♥

Author's Response: ANOTHER one??! B, lovely, you outdid yourself! Thank you so much for all these presents!

Poor Neville, right? I love him so much. And I love Neville/Hannah too.

Writing Seamus was a lot of fun - he always seems so sassy and fiery. :D

I'm happy you liked that line rather (or perhaps in addition to) finding it totally tacky. The language in this one is pretty heavy - I tend to do that with angst without meaning to. *shrugs*

Thank you again! *HUGS*

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Review #2, by dreamgazer220 After detention

18th April 2016:
Renee ♥

Here for our swap, which is mostly just an excuse so I can read more of your gorgeous writing.

Because this piece tugged at my heartstrings, it really did. I loved that you decided to write it from Neville's point of view, and you did it so well. And him not believing that he was brave even though he stood up to the torture against the Carrows :(

And Hannah being there for him! It was really sweet and adorable, and I could really feel her desperation and Seamus' anger as she tried to fix him. This is definitely something that I could see happening during the war, and I absolutely love that Hannah is what gave him hope that they could still win.

As always, your language and flow was on-point throughout this entire piece. A few lines really stuck out to me, but this one was my favorite: The world is a smear above me, an oil painting viewed too close up. It was just so powerful and really did a great job of painting a picture in my mind of what poor Neville must have been feeling and going through.

And the details you left were just enough to give us a whole picture of what was happening, but it wasn't overwhelming at all.

This piece was really beautiful- you did an amazing job painting the pain, the violence, the angst. I really loved this!

♥ Jill

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Review #3, by 800 words of heaven After detention

18th April 2016:

There were SO MANY good stories on your AP from which to choose, but I can't resist me some Neville/Hannah!

Oh no! Everything is so dark and horrible at Hogwarts! I must admit to preferring my Neville/Hannah a whole lot fluffier - and happier - but in this case, it worked so well. You wrote Neville so beautifully! I just loved how dark he came across, really showing the effect holding the fort has had on him. His self-loathing is just so strong and it hurt my heart to read about it, but the characterisation was just beautiful.

And Hannah! Go figure she's the de facto first aid person of the renegades. It's very fitting since she goes on to become the Matron at Hogwarts years later! I really liked how you wrote her so freaked out when Neville first comes in. It made so much sense and gave that scene a lot of urgency. I really enjoyed it.

And, ah. Thank kiss! OMG that kiss! Yay for kisses! And yay for hope!

Thanks for the wonderful swap! *hugs*

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Review #4, by RupertsPheonix After detention

31st December 2015:
This is, by far, one of the best Hannah/Neville war one-shots I've read. Great characterization, great (although somewhat terrifying and sad) descriptions. Excellent writing overall.

10/10, well done!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

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Review #5, by SunshineDaisies After detention

17th December 2015:

I love Neville and Hannah so much. They have become my secondary OTP, I think, but it's so hard finding stories about them! I mean, there are a lot of really lovely, fluffy one-shots, but I am a masochist and I want the serious stuff. And this was just beautiful! I love the story you're telling, it's a wonderful little scene between Neville and Hannah, and I think you captured both of their characters perfectly. The Hannah you have written here is definitely the anxious, clumsy character that we see in the books, and Neville has just come into his own and RENEE I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS

The writing is absolutely exquisite and I can't even form words right now honestly. AMAZING.

(Also Im sorrry I'm late to your hot seat!)

Author's Response: Ah, Katie, don't you dare be sorry! This review is wonderful!

I can absolutely guarantee that I am not, in fact, trying to kill you. Promise! ;)

I love Hannah/Neville so much, too! I was actually nervous to write this because I ADORE the Chai series about them - it has basically become my head cannon - and this contradicts it slightly. So now I have two head cannons for them :P

Anyway, the point is I am SO THRILLED you liked the story, and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for you AMAZING review!!

xoxo Renee

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Review #6, by TearsIMustConceal After detention

15th December 2015:
Renee! I know you were having a bad day so I figured I would give you a review to try and cheer you up! It’s not much but it’s something and I hope everything gets better soon!

So this is gonna be another one of those reviews where I quite literally praise and rave and tell you that everything you have written is simply incredible and that I’m awfully jealous of your writing because you know, it’s amazing! But who doesn’t love a review like that? And you most definitely deserve it because honestly, you’re writing is some of the best I’ve seen on here and I have been clearly missing out on all of your work!

The whole thing was simply stunning. Your descriptions of Neville’s pain are so beautiful that it doesn’t matter that you’re talking about pain, it just becomes magical to read. And Neville himself – his change into a young man is so clear to see but he’s still that insecure boy no one believed should be in Gryffindor, and you’ve portrayed that wonderfully. It’s so realistic that despite his growth and maturity, he still holds that fear of not being good enough, which is displayed in this sentence ‘I try to help her, but I am still so weak and I hate myself for that.’ – this portrays that feeling so amazingly! I’m running out of words to describe how wonderful and incredible all of this is!

I love the relationship between Hannah and Neville – it’s beautifully done and really well paced and I love how we begin to see the affection from the minute he walks through the door. She’s instantly horrified and by his side and her words and actions show how much she cares for him. ‘I imagine Hannah’s eyes – those eyes that seem to answer every prayer and warm the soul like a fire’ and this line just shows perfectly how he returns those feelings – in fact, I could probably quote most of that scene but I’m restraining myself – everything you’ve written is just magical to read! I’m so glad they kissed, you can just feel the emotions and love and affection and it was so so sweet!

I found one typo but it’s a little one - I am physical unable to move. I’m guessing that should be ‘I am physically unable to move’

Renee, you’re writing makes me want to cry in the best way possible! You can seriously write anything, I bet you could even make the dictionary sound exciting! I love your work and this piece was just seriously beautiful. I hope this makes you feel better and everything works out for you!


Author's Response: Hello dear!

It was so incredibly sweet of you to take the time to leave this review. You are SO NICE! *hug*

--> "honestly, you're writing is some of the best I've seen on here and I have been clearly missing out on all of your work"

VICKI, MY GOD... this is TOO NICE. Like, I don't know how to even read this. I think you are trying to blind me with kindness!

I adore Neville and I was quite nervous about doing him justice because he is so complex, especially at this time in his life when, as you say, he is transitioning rather dramatically into adulthood. Your reactions to this version of him are so so lovely, and I'm glad you really felt his and Hannah's affection for each other.

Thanks for pointing out that typo! I'll have to fix it!

--> "You can seriously write anything, I bet you could even make the dictionary sound exciting!"

I doubt that ;) But you are SO SO SWEET to say this and I just CANNOT BELIEVE all the kind things you said about my writing. THANK YOU! *infinite hugs*

xoxo Renee

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Review #7, by MrsJaydeMalfoy After detention

14th December 2015:
I'm a few hours late with this, but HAPPY HOT SEAT RENEE! *hug*

First off, I LOVE how you took the "Misery loves company" quote and turned it around to something positive!

Second off - YOUR DESCRIPTION is AMAZING. Siriusly! I noticed it in "Beyond Repair", and reading this just confirms it! I mean, "blissful nothingness"? Just BRILLIANT!

Also, you are SO GOOD at showing emotion. I could feel Neville's anger, Hannah's fear - you really know how to move your readers.

Although it really makes me hate the Carrows even more, I loved this snapshot of what life must have been like for everyone left at Hogwarts, and seeing how Neville and Hannah came together despite all this ugliness that was going on.

All in all, this is just a fabulous story, dear. Well done!!

Author's Response: JAYDE! HI!

Thank you for your review! I'm so happy you liked the story! And what you said about description and emotions... I AM NOT WORTHY! I mean, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Siriusly!

I don't even know what else to say. Just... Thank you! This made me so happy to read!

lots of love!

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Review #8, by marauderfan After detention

11th December 2015:

Wow, this story is incredible! Your ability to create a tone for the piece is really stunning, and I was captivated the whole way through the story. WOW, just the way you wrote the horrors of what Hogwarts was like under the Carrows... it's really incredibly written and gah it's just horrific to imagine this going on at a school, teenagers being tortured until they're inches from death, or having to torture one another. It's so awful and you really showed the depth of it here, from the way Neville is suffering, to the way Hannah suffers for him, and how Daphne suffers because she's too afraid to say no and has to use the cruciatus curse. I just feel so bad for all of the students in here.

I just love the way you write Hannah in this, btw. Obviously she is portrayed in a really wonderful light as this is kind of from NEville's POV and he likes her, but even without his biased lens it's still obvious what a good person Hannah is. The fact that she doesn't hold it against Daphne about the torturing says a lot - she can see that Daphne is a victim too. She has a lot of empathy and I love how you showed it here.

Ah, and how Neville and Hannah stick together and their misery is easier to bear in each other's company - what a beautiful way to end this story because it's so hopeful, and just having each other around gives them hope that it's not over yet and that they can help each other get through the rough world out there. Gah ♥

Wonderful story, I loved it!

Author's Response: Kristin this review is just SO NICE! Thank you so much!

I think you are spot on about Hannah. I adore Neville, and he has this incredible sense of right and wrong that I think his partner should match. Only, Hannah does so through empathy rather than through Neville's brand of deep courage. You know?

I'm so glad you enjoyed the story and I am so happy to read this super kind review.

xoxo Renee

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Review #9, by Dirigible_Plums After detention

21st November 2015:

It's Plums here with your requested review and can I just say that I am so glad that you requested one on the forums? Without one, I might not have ever stumbled across this and have been able to shower you with praise because - oh my God, this is amazing!

It's funny because I wrote a similar one shot featuring Hannah and Neville except their places were switched and not nearly as cute, but I digress. You composed this extremely well and I found several sentences that I loved. I think my favourite is this: 'Only this exists, only us, battered, and bold, and bathed in lantern light.' It's such a beautiful line and really sums up their relationship at this time well. At the risk of sounding incredibly cheesy, they might be battered and bruised, but their love prevails just as much as the lantern light! (Wow, um. I think I need to tone down the dramatic fangirling?)

Neville was portrayed extremely well here. His transition into a man - for lack of a better phrase - is clear here with his natural protectiveness and bravery, but the little seeds of his inherent insecurity filter through. This line more or less broke my heart: 'I try to help her, but I am still so weak, and I hate myself for that.' I mean, poor Neville. He's been bullied all of his life for not being enough of a Gryffindor and now that he's finally shown that he is one, he feels like he always has to prove it.

There's no need for any worries; the romance has developed at a nice pace here. There are suggestions of it from her first appearance (her 'sweet' voice, the shiver that runs through Neville when Hannah shushes him with her finger etc.) and it is clear that she cares deeply for him from her reaction at his state. Though all of them are clearly distressed, his underlying tenderness for her suggests that she cares for him on a level beyond what, say, Seamus feels for him. Therefore, the kiss doesn't seem out of the blue and is perfectly natural. None of it feels rushed.

I'll be honest. I can't think of a proper piece of constructive criticism. I found a minor mistake in a dialogue tag, but that's about it. The correction is in [this]: “Vulnera Sanentur!” [s]he says and I gasp.

It was a pleasure to leave a review. Good luck with the challenge! :)

Plums xo

Author's Response: Ahhh, Plums, this review is so amazing and made me smile so much!!! *hug*

I am so happy you liked the story! That line you picked out was actually added in revision, so I'm doubly pleased that you liked it! :D

Never tone down the fangirling. Never! ;)

Everything you said about Neville - yes yes yes!!! (Thank you!!!) He's become this incredibly courageous, compassionate, strong person, and yet he still doesn't feel like it's enough. I'm sorry it broke your heart though... er, maybe I'm not. But I was definitely broken hearted, too!

You thought the romance developed reasonably - yay! That's a relief :)

Thank you thank you THANK YOU for this incredibly kind review! You are so kind and I'm just so happy having read this!

xoxo Renee

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Review #10, by ScorpiusRose17 After detention

18th November 2015:
Hi Renee!

I am finally getting around to reading and reviewing the epic challenge entries I have received!

I really liked the way that you used your proverb. It is completely different than everyone else's I've read so far! You continue to amaze me with how wonderfully thought out each word is. I just find myself lost in your wonderful descriptions and hanging on your every word until I reach the end!

Good Luck in the Challenge! :)


Author's Response: Hey dear!

All the epic challenge entries indeed - you really had your work cut out for you! I'm always so humbled when I read the amazing writers around HPFF.

Thank you for saying such kind things about my story and my writing. *hug* I'm glad you liked how I used the proverb.

This was a great challenge!
lots of love,

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Review #11, by ascendio After detention

16th November 2015:
Hi! I'm here from the review swap. My connection kind of screwed up earlier, but I'm here now.

Okay, so this takes place during that time when Harry, Hermione, and Ron are off finding Horcruxes, which is a really interesting period, and we never got to see how everything played out, so it was nice to see this kind of hidden moment be explored in some way.

It was very well-written. I felt a mix of the tension of the times, the horror in Neville's injury, and how deeply Neville and Hannah felt for each other. It was a bit saddening to read about these students who we’ve seen grow up through the years now have to go through such horrible treatment, but you balanced the brutality and the lightness well, and that made the piece feel more genuine, if that’s the word I want. I loved that his feelings for Hannah inspires hope in him, hope that they’ll come out victorious in the end…and we all know what happens in the end. :)

I would like to point out bits of the writing that I enjoyed: "rents the air" and "an oil painting viewed too close up". All in all, it was really nice story.


Author's Response: Hi Mo!

Thanks so much for your review! You are so kind! I'm hoping to post a story called Lights with a very similar theme and setting soon, so definitely check that out if you liked the idea behind this. (*hangs head at shameless self-promotion*)

I'm glad that, from the sound of things, you didn't think this was too sappy. I was worried about that.

I adored your story and will definitely be eager to read more, so future swaps would be great!

Thanks again!!
xx Renee

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Review #12, by Musing After detention

16th November 2015:
Hi Renee! Here for our review swap.

This story captures a missing moment from the books and I LOVE such stories because they give me a chance to see JKR's world from a different perspective.

From the very first line, I was hooked to the story. The way you have described Neville's pain, it feels so real. I could actually visualise Neville pacing in front of the Room of Requirement, 'his arms hanging limp and legs swaying.' I cringed at his condition, and the fact that he had endured all this to save a young girl nearly broke my heart.

You have captured the essence of Neville's character so nicely. Even after going through so much and standing up to such horrendous people, he still thinks that he is 'useless' and 'weak'. That was how Neville was portrayed in the books, lacking confidence, which was only boosted occasionally by one of his friends.

Hannah gets a terrible punishment for healing Neville, and that too, at the hands of a fellow student. You reminded me why I hated the Death Eaters so much. In the books, this part was only told but not shown. The members of the D.A. and even the other students of Hogwarts had to bear such cruel circumstances in the time of war, it is appalling.

I liked the light and fluffy ending. Neville and Hannah find hope in each other to get through the war by sharing their misery. Your proverb blended in with the story perfectly.

There are a few trivial typing errors, for example, in the last line of the first paragraph, I think you wanted to say '...upsetting than my bruises.' instead of '...upsetting that my bruises.'

Some lines which I liked a lot:

'So many here are enemies, but at least the castle itself remains honorable.'
'...and a blood-curdling scream rents the air. It takes me longer than it should to realize it is my own, and then the pain rears its ugly head again.'
'In my dream, darkness. Behind my swollen eyelids, darkness. Wrapped tight around me like bandages, darkness.'
'...a sparkling thrill of innocence that fuels hope even when hope makes no sense.'

Thanks for the review swap and giving me the chance to read and review this WONDERFUL story!

-Emm ^_^

Author's Response: Hello lovely! *hug*

Your review is amazing! Thank you so much! It put the biggest smile on my face to read this and especially that you thought Neville is in character because I adore him and I was really striving for that. I mean, I know he seems all tough by the time we see him in DH, but I think that insecurity probably still lingers under the surface. I'm so glad that came across believably!

Thanks for pointing out the typos - I am not very good about editing once I've posted, but I will try! ;)

The lines you picked out surprised me, which is wonderful to see!

Thank you so SO much for your amazingly kind review! We should definitely swap again soon!

xoxo Renee

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