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Reading Reviews for And Then There Were None
16 Reviews Found

Review #1, by rosehedwig243 The Invite

25th April 2017:
Hi, here for CTF!

This looks like a mysterious read! I love how've you described Cho in the starting, not being able to find much work, getting that letter, and then the looking away from the eyes. It shows that you can get into characterisation even with as little information as this and yet have so much description.

I also enjoy how the next person is Andromeda Tonks, she is also the receiver of a mysterious letter, and she is on the move now, which also shows that change has happened in the story timeline, someone is home, someone is travelling, it is quite a nice way of writing.

Aw, it's sad that she is so alone after her grandson has left, so it is good (or is it?) that she has something to look forward to.

Harold? New character! His disdain for the island and the wizards doing stuff like this is very clear, giving him an edge to his personality and I liked reading about him. I have never read much Agatha Christie but this seems to be following a mystery novel format - and you make me want to read her work now too!

Miriam strout, another new name, this one is a healer, very interesting. Same sort of letter!

AND CHARLIE? Yes! I like him so it is awesome he is a part of this too, though I hope he does not die or something! He gets lured by gold and dragons, and nothing illegal, of course. Very realistic!

We also have Creevey, Stan and Dawlish. What an odd and fascinating mix of people! I wonder what will happen when they get to the island! Your writing has interested me a lot. I loved it as it has sparked my curiosity so much!

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Review #2, by ABlack The Invite

25th April 2017:
While Iíve never read Agatha Christie Ė itís on my reading bucket list Ė Iím intrigued as to how you will handle this.

Typically, I find it a little off-putting when an author introduces so many characters in quick succession right at the beginning, yet at the same time this approach lends, which you handled deftly, lends itself to piquing the readerís interests.

Itís obvious the letters are a setup, but I wonder why these characters in particular have been selected. Cho and Charlie and Trewlawney and the rest? Oh, but my imagination is having fun here trying to figure out where you will go with group.

Youíve struck a fine balance here as to why these characters accepted the invitation Ė some out of curiosity, some because of financial need. And then is Dennis with a Muggle weapon and Andromeda who is in hiding? You pepper the tension carefully in such a short chapter.

And can I say that I love Miriamís Ďowl turdsí? Clever wizarding idioms add a perfect touch to a story and Iím always on the lookout for new ones.

As for the location, Iím curious as to why itís named Muggle Island. At first glance it seems kind of a bland name, but Iím also wondering if there isnít a reason behind the name. Like, why does magic not work there? Curious, indeed!

Overall, a good job handling so many characters in an opening chapter!


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Review #3, by Gabriella Hunter The Island

21st March 2016:

This is Gabbie from the forums here with your very, super late review! I remember you posted this on my review thread a month or two ago but I wasn't able to stop by. I was moving and stuff happened, cause RL sucks like that.

I'm back now though!

So, I hadn't forgotten about this story and I was really curious to see what was happening. I have to say that I'm really curious about how all of these characters will interact with one another more, they all are so guarded that it might be impossible to really see any similarities just yet.

This island and the backstory with each character is really interesting too. There's this ominous aura around it that gives me the chills too, what exactly are they all here for and why the heck is Stan Shunpike the only one who seems happy? That is going to linger in my mind for a while because it simply doesn't make any sense right now. I have to wonder what is going through his mind and hopefully, we'll be able to delve more into his character later BUT we do get some more insight into Cho and a few others for the moment.

The one thing that I love the most about this story so far is that each character is so different and you write their POVs so wonderfully. You really get the sense that each person is their own, they don't seem artificial. Their grief, confusion, anger and shame all seem to pop right off my computer screen and I'm left hoping we get to find out more answers. I do hope that the mysteries of this island become more clear though, it gives me the creeps but that just means that I'll be anticipating the next chapter even more!

Sorry for the long wait!

Much love,


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Review #4, by nott theodore The Island

6th January 2016:
Hi again!

Oh my goodness, this is SO GOOD. I'm really hoping that you get chance to write more and update soon because I want to know what's going to happen next - I thought I'd know the one behind all this before I started reading but I already have no clue. I feel like, right now, you're trying to make us think it's Andromeda or Harold Minchum or Strout, or maybe even Stan (who's going out with a bang...) but I just don't know and I'm so intrigued and curious.

The structure of this is fantastic, as well. I loved the opening when we got to see all of the guests together for the first time, and their differences really highlighted when they're matched against each other in different ways, and then broken down into shorter and shorter sections focusing on the individual characters. It's building the tension in this so well.

I think you did a great job switching the narrative perspective, too. I think Robbie's section here was probably my favourite, but also the most worrying, in a way. He seems so innocent about all of this and I don't know whether or not to trust him. I mean, right now, I don't trust anyone in this story. But it did say he was excited to meet his employer, Blishen, and it's never good if you're working for someone you haven't met, let alone ferrying EIGHT PEOPLE across to this mystery island. WHAT IS GOING ON???

I'm so intrigued about what sort of history and connections there might have been between Strout and Minchum, particularly what they did during the war. They seem to know about each other in some respect and not like each other for what the other did... their opinions of each other aren't great, and I'm wondering if they'll work together or if there'll be a lot of animosity between them.

I love your adaptation of the poem! It's so clever to change it so that it's your own version for your own story, especially with the way that some of the Muggle boys disappeared, and I love the idea of it being an old wizarding poem so it doesn't really excite any interest straight away in the guests - I imagine it will do soon, but I just loved the way that you wrote your own version and included it. It's so original and creative.

Andromeda's section creeped me out quite a lot, actually. I think it's partly the fact that you mentioned in the last chapter she'd just seen Teddy off to school - I don't want anything to happen to her! But those words in her room are really creepy too, and I'm hoping they don't apply to her or mean that she's the one behind it, either.

You did such a fantastic job with this chapter! It's really creepy and so well written - I loved this, and I'm looking forward to you updating!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Your second review is even better, and I'm just glowing over here!

HAHA, I love how the characters you think are the most obvious are four out of the ten(and those aren't even the four I'd pick if I was the reader) XD Chaos abounds!

I'm really glad that you think the structure of this works so well, but I can't take too much of the credit - I'm following Agatha's lead here! Over the last year I've really enjoyed writing short, intense stories and chapters, so taking on an adaptation like this was kind of intimidating, but I feel right at home in these short sections.

Thanks for your compliments on the poem - it was a lot of fun to write!

I'm glad the last section with Andromeda was so effective. I personally tend to get antsy for things to speed up when we're first meeting characters and waiting for them to die, so I wanted to end it on a strong, ominous note.

Again, thank you so much! Though I know it will be a while before I get the opportunity, I do really look forward to getting back to this story, and can't wait to hear what you think of what's to come.

Also, I know that you've left me MTA questions for this that I've been neglecting for too long. I'm actually going to neglect them a bit longer, in hopes that they'll help propel me when I return to writing this story. I plan on doing a few challenge entries and getting WIGOWY going again first, but I definitely look forward to continuing this story!


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Review #5, by nott theodore The Invite

6th January 2016:
Hey Sam!

So I've been wanting to read this story for ages - since you first mentioned writing it on the forums, I think. I've heard so many amazing things about your writing and I love mysteries, and everything about this story - the banner, the summary, the original novel it's based on - just make me want to read it. And I'm finally here! :D I haven't actually read the book of this yet (though I've read a lot of Agatha Christie novels and love them) but the BBC just put on an adaptation of this after Christmas and it was amazing, so I can't wait to see what you're doing with this story. Especially since you're keeping this a mystery and I probably don't know who is behind everything... I'm going to have to keep guessing all over again! :P

I really loved the way that you've opened this story. The short sections introducing most of the main characters here help us to know who's going to be forming the cast of this story (although not quite all of them, since there are the servants - the Madams Rosmerta and Trelawney you mention in the summary, I guess, to come as well). I feel like there's a lot of information and hints packed into each of those sections and I'm going to end up rereading this like ten times to try and get as much as possible from it. But I loved the way that you've set up something intriguing about the characters here, and the way that they're all so different and yet we know they're going to be drawn together.

I'm really curious about how you chose the different characters from the wizarding world to correspond to the characters in the story. One thing I've noticed already (and that I love!) is that there are a lot more female characters here than in the original. Some of them I can kind of see corresponding to the characters from the first story (the Healer and the doctor, Dennis and Lombard), but others are a lot more intriguing. I can't wait to find out what they've all got hiding in their pasts - there's certainly a glimpse with some of them, especially Cho, but I'm so intrigued to find out what's going to happen in your version of this.

Muggle Island is such an intriguing name, too! I'm so curious about what's going to happen there, and who invented it and everything. I'm kind of guessing that Dennis thinks he needs a gun because they're not going to be allowed wands (because let's face it, things would be very different if they all had wands) or any form of magical transportation or anything, which is going to make things seem a lot more deadly and probably scary for them, too.

This was a great first chapter, and I really loved reading it! Onto the next one now!

Sian :)

Author's Response: I;m returning to your wonderful reviews two months later to finally to my responses, and I just can't say thank you enough. Your feedback and compliments both mean so much to me, as does the fact that you were excited about my writing before ever reading it.

I haven't seen that BBC adaptation, but I just read over the wikipedia article on the differences with the original. In general, it looks like the adaptation makes the original crimes more dramatic (sometimes excessively so, to the point that it doesn't make sense for them to be outside the reach of the law?). Okay, and a few other changes I could get very indignant about. OBVIOUSLY by HP fanfiction adaptation will be much more Alan Grant as MacArthur though. I could be DINOSAUR ISLAND!

Anyway... I definitely drew a ton of inspiration from the original, particularly for how to balance narrative sections. It's quite a challenge to try to equally balance 10 different characters (which is, naturally, why I need to start killing them off).

Also, YES for female characters. I wouldn't have it any other way. Each character definitely corresponds to a character from the original, but in the context of how their HP counterpart would act.

I'm so pleased I have you hooked for this - off to your second review!


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Review #6, by TreacleTart The Island

2nd January 2016:
Hey Sam,

I'm here to leave you a review for the Psychological Horror Challenge. I'll be breaking this review down into categories to show you how I'm judging the entries.

Plot - So we're only two chapters in, but I already love how you've set up the plot. From the moment that all of these different people started receiving invitations to the island, I new something was fishy. It sort of reminds me of the game clue, where a murder happens, and you have to figure out who committed it. I feel like that's what's going to happen here.

Characterization - I thought you handled the massive group of characters really well. Each person felt unique and their reasons for being there seemed to fit in line with who they were. I also really enjoyed the limited bits of interaction that they had with each other. The awkwardness amongst them really hightened the tension.

Creep Factor - Because this is a horror challenge, I'm grading on how creeped out I was when I finished reading. To be honest, while I certainly felt that something was off in this story, I didn't really feel creeped out or a sense of fear. Perhaps, it's just because there's only two chapters, but I felt more puzzled/curious/intrigued than actually afraid.

Typos/Spelling/Grammar - Your writing is pretty much flawless. I caught two very small typos in the second chapter, but it wasn't anything that really made much difference. As always, your words flow and you develop a beautiful pace to the story.

All in all, I'm really excited to see where you take this and I hope you'll have more chapters up soon.


Author's Response: Hello again, Kaitlin

Thanks for the clearly broken down review.

I am really thrilled to hear that you are so interested in the direction the characters and plot are going. These characters are a ton of fun to play with, as is this very different writing style that I have long admire.

I definitely get what you mean about the creep factor. It is definitely a slow buildup. However, I am glad that what I've written so far has caught your interest, and I hope that when I finally get more posted you'll check it out.


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Review #7, by TreacleTart The Invite

2nd January 2016:
Hey Sam,

I'm here to review your story for my Psychological Horror challenge. I'll be leaving a shorter review on this chapter and then a longer, more detailed one on the last chapter.

This opening chapter really did grab my attention. I've seen rotating POVs before, but it's rare to see it done with quite so many. I hope that doesn't get too complicated as the story progresses. I know I struggle with writing two or three POV characters, so I can't imagine how you'll balance this whole lot.

I really liked that each character had something distinct happening. While I can see that they're most likely being set up and that the letters are phony, I can see how each of them is desperate to break away from real life for awhile.

I am really curious why Dennis Creevey is in need of a gun. I mean I get that there's no magic on the island, so if he wanted to kill someone he'd need a muggle weapon, BUT WHY ON EARTH DOES HE WANT TO KILL ANYONE?!

Ok. I have to go read the next chapter now and find out what happens! And I'm going to preemptively demand that you start writing more chapters!


Author's Response: Hello, lovely!

The first couple of chapters here are quite a bit of setup, and unfortunately I wasn't able to get the more horror-ish chapters written by the deadline. Still, I really appreciate you considering my story.

I am glad that this opening chapter grabbed your attention, and seems like it wasn't yet too confusing.

SPOILER: You know what helps rotating perspectives from getting confusing? Killing off the characters.

Why indeed...

(I'm going to preemptively apologize for not writing more by now, or probably not anytime soon) Okay, that wasn't really preemptively. The empt has come and past...

Thanks again!


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Review #8, by marauderfan The Island

20th December 2015:
Back for more Hot Seat reviews - you'd put this in my review thread ages ago but I've been really busy and haven't got to those yet - so I'm doing it for hot seat! (otherwise it'd still probably take me ages.)

The morning fog clung to the Hartshire shore like smoke clinging to the ashes of a forgotten world. -- WOW. DROOLING OVER YOUR DESCRIPTIONS. This is beautiful.

Hmm, Stan's appearance. I bet that's going to be important later. Is he a Vampire? Is the fog important because it's preventing Stan from catching on fire? I have a feeling I'm way off the mark :P

Ooh, Rosmerta/Trelawney is a ship I didn't see coming and I kind of love it. Also it's interesting to see Trelawney in such a different situation than Divination Professor.

Also, the Blishens... do they even exist at all? Why are they not at their own party? Something weird is up with them.

The poem. It's good, and yet it feels like pretty strong foreshadowing in that every single character in this story is going to die. I have a bad feeling about this.

And the little snippets of all the characters are really good. It's nice to see where everyone is at with all this going on, and it doesn't even need to be a long section, just a few sentences in some cases - but seeing the way each of them react to this weird situation is really interesting, and keeps building up this tension you've done a really good job of maintaining. I think that's the strongest facet of this piece, for sure - the way you've written this subtle but foreboding tone. I get the feeling something bad is going to happen, but I don't know when. And it's a tone that definitely comes across in other Agatha Christie books I've read (though I haven't read the one this fic is based on) os I must say that's really well done.

You mentioned areas of concern in your request ages ago, so I'll get to those as well - flow: It's a bit choppy, but I mean that in only the best way because I feel like something like this NEEDS to be choppy. Those short little sections and shifting POV's are what make it choppy and they're also what helps to build up this remarkable tone. So, the kind of jumpy flow is perfect for the story.

Characterisation: Since we've only seen little snippets of each person, I don't know anyone well enough yet to trust them. Which is much the way every one of the characters feels, I'd imagine. As the reader I kind of feel like another guest at this weird shindig who doesn't know anyone well enough and constantly has my guard up.

Plot: I think I mentioned this before - it's slowly building, and I sense bad things are coming up. Mostly because of the tone, but also because I know it's based on a mystery novel and I'm pretty sure people will die. What has been revealed of the plot so far is wonderful because you're so good at maintaining the mystery of it all without giving away too much. (This is something I struggle with!)

Spelling and grammar - I recall reading one part towards the beginning of the chapter where it said 'hi' instead of 'his'. Otherwise I believe that was the only thing.

So overall, I am super into this story. I love the way you write! The way you maintain the mystery is really great. And I'm eager to see all of these characters interact, because I think each of them vaguely knows at least one of the others, but not well enough to know much about them. Miriam Strout in particular seems interesting, and Harold Minchum's less than friendly greeting to her. I hope we get to see more of the past of the characters and why they're acting like this. And I wonder how much the boat driver knows and if he will play a role.

Great chapter!

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Review #9, by SunshineDaisies The Island

19th December 2015:

So I've never read And Then There Were None, so I had absolutely no frame of reference for this and I'm so mad about it because I'm hooked and THERE ISN'T ANYTHING ELSE YET. You've done a really excellent job of drawing the reader in here. The vibe I'm getting is ominous, but isn't heavy handed in any way. I'm not super invested in any of the characters yet, I don't think we've seen enough of any of them to really make a connection. Except for Dennis because he is just like ? WHAT THE HECK DENNIS

But everyone else is more like ~Tra la la my life is boring/sad/hectic/disappointing and I'm just casually being stranded on an island with a bunch of strangers and mystery hosts because that is totally normal and not at all creepy~


And ok I just goggled the Agatha Christie novel and I AM UPSET WITH YOU SAM. I mean you've done an excellent job in choosing the characters to bring in to the story. It's a perfectly eccentric group, and an excellent mix of 'this makes perfect sense' characters and 'WHAT THE HELL DID THEY DO' characters.


Okay I'm done shouting at you now :)

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Review #10, by Queen of Nerds The Island

2nd December 2015:
I adore Agatha Christie, and it looks so far like you're really doing the story justice! Can't wait to read more (in the meantime I'll drive myself a bit crazy trying to decide if theses characters correspond directly to the original AC ones... there seems to be similarities as far as Dawlish/the military guy, Stan/Anthony, Cho/Clara, Miriam/Armstrong, Andromeda/Emily... I might be totally off base though). Great job!

Author's Response: Salutations, oh Queen of Nerds!

I have loved Agatha Christie for years and read so many of her books. I've always wanted to take a stab at writing mystery, but it can be kind of intimidating. And Then There Were None is one of the great classics that I've read many times, so it makes sense as a way in through an adaptation.

And yes, there are definite correlations between the characters, though they of course have their own unique features in this adaptation.

I'm glad you find it faithful so far!


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Review #11, by adluvshp The Island

1st December 2015:
Ooh new chapter! I am about to head to bed so I'm afraid I don't have time for a very long review, but I checked my favourites and you had updated so I couldn't resist reading! Apologies if this is incoherent xP

I LOVE THIS. You have captured Agatha Christie's style so beautifully, and at the same time, there's a certain originality to your narrative - what a perfect way to adapt a celebrated novel! I need to take tips from you!

I loved how the beginning bit was generalised, focusing on no particular person's POV. The initial tension and confusion was well-written. I loved Stan's entry, and the way you said everybody would remember his "immortal seeming" form like that for days to come. It already hints at something sinister!

Ah, as I suspected, they can't use magic on the island. Their wands have been taken away! It now makes sense why Dennis carried the gun, though of course, there might be ulterior motive. As you can guess by now, I have more or less forgotten the original book and plot and characters, which makes it all the more fun to read your story as I will be surprised!

I absolutely loved the section when Robbie is observing the fellow people in the boat. Your description of Charlie and Cho especially struck with me. I loved it. You really do have a beautiful way with words and paint great imagery!

I noticed a typo here:
"The savage unpredictability of the thought only fuelled hi excitement for this adventure."
Should be "his excitement".

Trelawney and Rosmerta! Now that's a couple I couldn't imagine being together! Again, a surprise, and an interesting one. I like!! Trelawney's jumpy nature makes sense and I'm curious to see how she and Rosmerta behave when things take a turn for the...worse. Great job on the characterisations.

The fated poem appears, yay! I LOVE what you've done with it. It was adapted into the magic version so perfectly and effortlessly. Creative mind eh xD Reading the poem, I can obviously predict the deaths that are going to happen, but I'm curious to know who dies how and the way everybody reacts. The poem is brilliant.

Ah, poor Dawlish. Something tells me he won't be able to leave in the morning as he hopes to xP

I am liking Dennis and Andromeda more and more as the narrative progresses. I am excited to see them (and others too) in the upcoming chapters.

All in all, what a great second chapter! I am already loving this story. Your writing is phenomenal. I am all praise and gushing and no CC because really I'm so engrossed and enjoying this so much. Great chapter!! Can't wait for the next!


(Lost Muse)

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Review #12, by adluvshp The Invite

27th November 2015:
Hey! I'm here for our review swap. I'm so terribly sorry for the delay (man it's so delayed I can't even remember whether you already reviewed me or not haha). But anyway, I can't believe it took me so long to get here because THIS STORY IS GOING TO BE AMAZING.

I've read And Then There Were None - I loved the book so much I read it in one night straight - which was a bad idea because I was thoroughly creeped out and sort of scared (I tend to scare easily xP) but my god I loved the book so much! I read it about two years ago so I don't remember all the details very well, but I remember a good enough sketch to expect what's going to happen next, and I CAN'T WAIT!

I love, love, love how you've kept the writing style so similar to Agatha Christie's. She's one of my favourite authors, there's barely any book of hers that I haven't read, so it was a relief to see that your writing has not "ruined" anything. You're doing great so far.

The cast of characters you've chosen here is very interesting. I am especially intrigued for Cho, Charlie, Andromeda, and Dennis. I wonder what will happen next, who plays what part in the book, and how things turn out. The idea of the "Muggle Island" is brilliant - I wonder if they won't be allowed to use magic there?

I love how ominous certain things already are, especially with Andromeda hiding and Dennis carrying a gun - what is really going on - so it's really a brilliant start. I'm so so excited to see how the story moves ahead, and how it'll be similar and different to the original. You're doing amazing so far, loving the characters, the narrative structure, and the descriptions. Please do update soon 'cause I need to read more, haha!

Loved it! 10/10
(Lost Muse)

Author's Response: Agh, thank you so much - this review totally made my night!!

I reviewed Beautiful for our swap, but I had forgotten that you owed me a review, so this was a wonderful surprise!

My last several readers have not been familiar with the original novel, so I definitely appreciate your feedback and perspective.

I've been a huge fan of Agatha Chritie for years and years, and while I've always wanted to try writing mystery, I've been intimidated by the scope of plotting involved. Doing an adaptation of one of her greatest works has been a really great way to try out the style. I definitely base my narrative and style around her material, though my narrative style does have my own touches in it (more descriptive language than her trademark minimalist he said/she said style)

All of the characters here line up with characters from the original, with a couple key differences. I am glad to hear about which characters interest you - Cho, Charlie, Andromeda, and Dennis are all really fun to write, and are seeming to be consistent favorites among readers.

I'm glad you like the idea of Muggle Island. At first I thought it might be too cliche, but it actually plays out really well as a symbolic and literal trap for these characters.

I actually just finished writing chapter two today, so expect an update very soon!

Again, thanks so much for this amazing review and the swap!


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Review #13, by marauderfan The Invite

25th November 2015:
Hi Sam! Sorry for the wait but I am now here for your requested review!

Wow, what a start! I love it! I like that you're beginning with all these totally unrelated stories, a snapshot of people just living their average daily lives as they all head off to this same meeting place and time.

also, Muggle Island? haha That sounds like such an amusing place, and given the knowledge wizards seem to have about the Muggle way of life, probably nothing like what a Muggle island would be :p I'm really curious to see what it's like though!

I actually haven't read the original by Agatha Christie, so I have no idea what to expect! But I can tell you that having read this first chapter I am very curious, I'm mainly wondering how the Blishens know all these people and what the real purpose of the meeting is - because it's clearly been told to different people as different things. And what's going to happen there?! Because according to the summary, it's about to get intense.

I like the way you've divided it into sections with all the different people - it makes for a very good introduction. I hope to get a little more in depth with each character later on to figure out everyone's motivations/thoughts etc. But anyway, I really liked the tone for this chapter, it sets things up perfectly in a way that makes the reader wonder how all these stories are going to tie together.

I did find this typo:
He laid removed the galleons from the envelope -- this might be left over from a copy/paste or something, but the word 'laid' doesn't really belong there

This is a great chapter - I don't have much in the way of CC because this is a really effective set up. It leaves me with a lot of questions, but that's the whole point of a mystery/suspense story so you're doing the right thing :p Lovely work!

Author's Response: Hello, thank you very much for your review! No worries about the delay - I know it's a very busy time for everyone.

I am glad you like the start of this! It was both intimidating to write and very rewarding.

I think this story can definitely be interesting to people who have and have not read the original. Because I am so familiar with the original, I really value the perspectives of people who aren't.

Hehe, I'm thinking Muggle Island will be fairly true to reality, though your version would be amusing as well! But n this story the stark absence of magical familiarity has a larger role to play than comic peculiarities.


I kind of feel like I can't take credit for a lot of the stuff you liked, as the chapter structure and style is based on Agatha Christie's, but I'm certainly glad you thought I did it well!

Thanks for pointing out the typo =) I'll be posting a revision soon.

I'm really looking forward to hearing what you think of future chapters... Once I get around to, you know, writing them.

Thanks again!


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Review #14, by Gabriella Hunter The Invite

24th November 2015:

This is Gabbie from the forums here with your review and stuff! I'm sorry that this is coming kind of late, Thanksgiving is in two days, I think and I've been trying not to go crazy from wanting turkey so bad.


Curious. I'm trying to find the right words to describe this and I'm having a bit of trouble, not because this is confusing but mainly because I'm so intrigued. What is this mysterious island? It seems like someone has this organized well, the letters and encounters that everyone had ranged from personal to downright sly. Does the person over this event know something about each of the characters? Everyone has something that they're trying to hide and I'm really, really eager to find out what is going on with them.

I'm particularly interested in Andromeda, Cho, Charlie and Dennis. I'm not sure why but there was something very ominous about all of them, have they killed someone? Are they GOING to kill someone? Andromeda mentioned that she was hiding and needed to go to the island in order to hide more successfully.

What did she do?!

Cho on the other hand seems like she's just kind of waiting for a break but it's clear that she has a few secrets too. Dennis is bringing a handgun and Charlie just wants adventure but his motives appear very dark, making me curious as to what is really going on in his head.

There's so much mystery surrounding this but even still, you introduced all of these characters wonderfully. There's just the right amount of detail to grasp what they're really like, how their lives are and what kind of people they MAY be. I really think you did a good job setting things up, this island has me worried in fact and I'm wondering if everyone will make it out of this situation alive.

I like all the different characters, lives and situations that you've hinted at and I'm wondering what they all have in common. I didn't have any trouble following this and I think your pacing was great, I didn't spot any glaring spelling or grammar issues and you've got me really anxious for the next chapter!

Good job!

Much love,


Author's Response: Hello Gabbie!

Thank you for the wonderful review! No worries at all for it being a little delayed. I blame everything on Thanksgiving these days too.

Thanks for highlighting the characters that you found most interesting! It's probably no coincidence that those are also the characters I am most interested in, so there is naturally much more to come there.

"have they killed someone? Are they GOING to kill someone?" No comment.

As far as Andromeda goes, I'd say that there are many motivations for hiding, including anti-social behavior, fear, and guilt, regardless of whether actually facing the world would have any actual consequences. I will not say here which (or which combination) Andromeda is dealing with.

You'll definitely see a lot of darkness in this story in characters you may not be used to seeing it in, which is part of what makes writing this story both very challenging and very fun.

I am glad to hear that you thought I balanced the mystery and character introduction well.

Thank you very much for the review! I'll be sure to let you know when the next chapter is up.


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Review #15, by Gail Welin The Invite

20th November 2015:
Hi Sam!

I'm here from the forums with your requested review :) I love Agatha Christie, I love a good mystery and I love odd pairings (you had a Rosmerta/Trelawney in your form, I love it already!).

Poor Cho is one step away from breaking apart... Her eyes reminding her of his - Cedric, I assume. She's still not over his death and now has even more struggles. I pity her so... I wonder what do Blishen Family need her for - so many possibilities ranging from normal to super weird, I'm really looking forward to more already!
I loved the "there wasnít much place for skills learned in a broken society" bit, it is wonderfully well expressed!

Andromeda isn't doing so well either and I wondered: if Teddy's at Hogwarts for the first time (very nice way to tell the reader he's 11 and set the time, by the way!!) and that leaves her alone in the house, where is Ted Tonks? Has he passed away?
I wonder who sent her that letter and what Muggle Island is! I'm already looking forward to read more about that!

I love that you gave Harold Minchum a voice in this story (I had to look him and Betty Braithwaite up, haha). Ooh, and he's headed to Muggle Island, too!! I'm starting to feel like this is going to be the place where the mystery unfolds - from description he gives, I'm even more excited about it now!
"the first muggle locations where no muggles could step foot" I'm not sure but I feel like there should be an "on" at the end of that sentence.

I really, really love Miriam, she's my kind of gal. Those five more minutes are vital in a morning. ♥
I love your use of "owl turds" as a wizarding idiom, it's a refreshing creativity in the lingo!
More informations on both the Binshen name and Muggle Island! Yay!!

Yay, Charlie! I love his connection to the island! It's credible and exciting!
I looked it up with no helpful results, but what does "sace" mean? (if that's a typo, I have no idea what that could mean xD) It's spelled Magizoology ;)

John Dawlish is almost straight out of a noir movie :D I can picture him as a bored PI snoozing his chair with his feet on his desk and everything xD He's sick of it all and needs a break (and maybe even a hug, but most of the characters so far could use one, too ^^)

Stan! Don't drink and fly - again, refreshing idiom! I wonder what role he will come to play in the Island reunion!

Yay, a Creevey! Oh wow, the plot twists and thickens - what a perfect way to end this first chapter! I obsessed over the second to last paragraph - whyy?! Why would he need to take that? What's his plan? I WANT TO KNOW!! :p

Muggle Island is so amazing already! It's like Pinocchio's Pleasure Island where it all seems amazing and great at first (all characters are looking forward to going there each for their own reasons) but will take a baad turn. :D

This chapter is an amazing explosion of character introduction balanced perfectly with plot progression and so much mystery! Your writing is wonderful and I love the tiny connections between all characters and locations.
I seriously love stories that make me think and getting to research a bit and I'm loving this story. 10/10!
I'm really looking forward to further chapters, feel free to re-request when the next one's up!


Author's Response: ZOMG, your review is amazing, thank you!

I am really glad that you commented on each individual character. As it is a large cast (to start with, wink wink) it is a bit of a balancing act to make them all engaging, and your reactions there are very helpful.

It is also really great to hear the reactions of somebody who has not read And Then There Were None. I definitely want this story to be accessible to those who are and are not familiar with the story.

Naturally, this being a mystery, I cannot answer all of your questions, but you are definitely asking the right ones, and that's very satisfying for me!

Thanks for that comment on the "skills learned in a broken society" line. I really enjoy that one as well, and think it can apply to a lot of things for the young people who were involved in the war.

The rest of the story isn't super specific about when this takes place, so I'm glad that you caught on to the significance of the reference to Teddy's age. Ted Tonks was actually killed by snatchers in Deathly Hallows. It was a rough year for Andromeda.

I wasn't sure how you would feel about Harold and Miriam, since you said you don't like OCs and they're so minor that they feel like OCs (I don't think Harold was ever mentioned in the books), so I am glad that you found them engaging.

I'm glad that you can say that you "really, really love" one of my characters.

"sace" is a typo - it should be "space." Another typo is when I say Dawlish died his face. Oh dear. I'll fix those.

I really like your image of Dawlish as a noir character!

Yay, I'm really glad that ending was so effective!! The structure of this hapter is a little repetitive, seeing glimpses of the characters getting ready, so it is so wonderful to hear that you were interested by them all and that interest only peaked by the end.

Haha, Pleasure Island from Pinochio is a hilarious comparison!

I am so flattered by your review and glad that I hooked you! I'll definitely be letting you know when I post new chapters!

My characters may not get the hugs they need, but you sure do!!


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Review #16, by Willowjay16 The Invite

18th November 2015:
Hi there,

The chapter was really good! I have read the original "And Then There Were None" and I must say you have done a great job with your version of it, considering the spellbinding effect the original one had on us. All the best and I am looking forward to the next chapters! :)


Author's Response: Yay, thank you! I didn't cheer out loud when I saw this review, but there was definite waving of the arms.

I am really glad that you like this chapter and think that it compares well to the original. It has been a lot of fun to write so far, and I'm looking forward to the coming chapters just as much as you! I can't wait to hear what you think =)



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