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Reading Reviews for With or Without Magic
5 Reviews Found

Review #1, by princesslily_36 Burned Sausages

27th April 2017:

This story has been on my reading list for ages and I've been hoping you would update! I remember thinking this was a bloody brilliant idea in the first place.

And now it's Wolfstar in muggle AU.

EEEPS. These are things dreams are made of!

Maybe that's because he knew that you had an enormous crush on his only son. - Haha! Lyall Lupin seems like a hell of a man!

The whole scene was super adorable! Them cooking together, teasing each other. Of course Sirius is the one who can't cook, haha! And that part where he hugs Remus from behind - *squeals in super super joy*. It doesn't get cuter than this, does it? Does it? DOES IT?


A RING. SIRIUS GOT LUPIN A RING. This is precious on so many levels I can't even begin to describe. Such a short chapter and yet it feels like so much happened and we know them for ages. Your writing style is amazing (of course, I've always been a fan, and maybe it's about time I start leaving reviews). You have managed to bring out their characterizations so well in so little words.

These small snippets - first Harry/Ginny, now Wolfstar - they're small snippets of joy! Could you maybe please update one with James/Lily in high school perhaps? I'm so curious to know how that would have turned out!


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Review #2, by krazyboutharryginny Burned Sausages

27th April 2017:
Hey, I'm here for CTF.

This was sweet! I must admit, I love a good Muggle AU. This was really short, so it wasn't exactly a super in-depth AU, but I think you have is a healthy amount of backstory - that Sirius and Remus went to high school together and have known each other that long is about all of the backstory we need for this, and that little tidbit of Sirius being intimidated by Remus's father is the cherry on top :)

I thought this was very believable in terms for characterization, with Remus being more practical but still a bit mischievous (with his dry, sarcastic sort of tone and light teasing) and Sirius being a bit more lighthearted and a bit of a brat (but in an endearing way hahaha). I really enjoyed the way that the two of them played off of each other, it was, again, very believable.

I do have a bit of a critique, which is that I found it a little odd that Sirius/the narrative kept referring to Remus as Lupin. The first time it made sense to me and I thought it was cute, but I thought it was strange that he was never referred to as anything else, and it especially stuck out to me in the last paragraph when Sirius was thinking about his plan to propose. I think a few "Remus"s would be good :)

That said, I really enjoyed reading this and I thought it was super cute! Great work!


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Review #3, by ravenclaw_princess The First Flame

13th December 2015:
Merry Christmas. Here is a give for the Ravenclaw gift exchange.

This is super cute and an awesome concept as well. I had to giggle a little bit when Harry was a police officer.and that he was in a coffee shop.with doughnuts. Yes, kind of cliched, but hilarious. And him being a police officer...and now detective, is very comparable to him in the wizarding world.

And again, Ginny falls into a natural roll as being a reporter. Her personality suits this as she was never one to back down from a fight and I'm sure she would do everything she could to get a story.

Harry's awkwardness around girls really comes through here, what with brushing the crumbs off of himself and then his unintentionally suggestive comments and his blushing. Ginny, as usual, had to take control of the situation.

I saw one small error
"There were a few people he didn't recognize, and one he didn't." The last didn't should be did.

This is pretty cool and I will definitely pop back to see what other ideas you come up with. Its well written and I you have mirrored the wizarding world with the muggle world really well.


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Review #4, by cherry_pop94 The First Flame

12th December 2015:
Hello Olivia!

I'm here for the gift thread in the common room. I love muggle AUs and this one was so cute! The coffee shop - cliched, but for a good reason! It's never not adorable.

I love how Harry's a detective and Ginny's a journalist. She's so forward and confident and he's so awkward and shy. I could just imagine awkward Harry getting doughnut crumbs all over him and fumbling over his words as Ginny smoothly flirts.

Thanks for sharing this fun story! I can't wait to read more of these!

Happy Holidays!


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Review #5, by princesslily_36 The First Flame

28th November 2015:

I suddenly remembered that one of my title suggestions were taken up by you and I wanted to come along and check it out.

I loved your first chapter and hope you'll write more. Harry and Ginny in a muggle AU is really fun to read. I wonder if you'll continue with them or represent a new set of characters in each chapter.

Waiting to read what you come up with next.


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