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Reading Reviews for Oh, What A Day
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Review #1, by DragonPoxPixie Chapter 1

16th February 2016:
Hi there! I'm here for the review-swap (thank you so much for your fast reply to that by the way!). My apologies if it seems a bit chaotic but I like to write the review while I read :)

Okay, so, first off: I love the first sentence, it really drags you right into the story and immediately makes you curious as to what happens next.
And then Rose happens, which made me laugh as her actions are SO similar to those my own cousin!

"hoping she there so I could whack her with a pillow or something."

I assume this should have been: "hoping she was/would be there". Nothing major but I just though I'd point it out.

Also: Sobering Solution, love it! We totally should have this in RL! Sweet of Rose to give it to him (would have been sweeter if she had brought it to him when he was in bed but oh well, can't have everything now can we?), not such a bad cousin after all no matter what grumpy Al said.

Shannon reminds me so much of early-books Ginny! With the blushing and looking away- So sweet.

"That was when I realised that the thing I had thought was a shirt when I put it on, was actually a pair of Weird Sisters boxers"

Brilliant :'D Poor poor Al, not only being woken up in such a rude manner but then realizing he's naked in front of his guest. On the bright side, Shannon now knows exactly what she getting! If a crush is the reason for her blushing, not his appearance haha.

Hehehe, and trust Rose to point out the obvious after that :') it really wasn't a smart move of him. And then his stumble down the road, he is having a rather rough start to his day hasn't he? Can't get a minute of rest with her around. Which my slightly sadistic side thinks is hilarious.

I love how you included Percy! Book 4 immediately comes to mind when Fred and/or George say how horrible it sounds when Percy sings in the shower. Either way, much more preferable to having him nag as he usually seems to do!

Oh my! A exploding hat? Siriusly? Brilliant once more :'D Poor Percy and those Weasley-Woman! Mean-streak much?

Your last sentence was just as good as the opening, it would be a smart move for Al to leave Rose at the Burrow! I assume his body can't handle much more abuse in one day.

All in all I thought it was a really funny short story. I loved how you showed bits of personality of all the characters we know from the books and I really like how you portrayed Rose. The only bit of critique I have is that it might be nice to include a bit more of Shannon as she rather suddenly shows up and leaves again without there being much of an explanation to her presence (beside it causing Al to make a fool out of himself). But really, great one-shot, the Christmas-vibe came across perfectly without it being a cliche.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review. I completely understand what you mean about Shannon, she is sort of randomly in there.

Lea xx

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Review #2, by Marshal Chapter 1

15th December 2015:
Hello dear,

I am dropping by to leave a review for the Christmas Challenge. You did a nice job. You gave a lovely little snapshot of the Weasleys at Christmas. How you have Rose and Albus interact is different than the norm and I like seeing something different. Pretty funny with the boxers bit though. Nice job.

Author's Response: Thanks Marshal, glad you enjoyed.

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Review #3, by May Chapter 1

15th November 2015:
Really enjoyed this story

Author's Response: Thanks May, glad you enjoyed :)

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