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Reading Reviews for gaslights
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Review #1, by marauderfan gaslights

20th March 2016:
Here with your second prize review!

The title was what drew me in on this one, as I'm familiar with the premise of gaslighting and was really interested to see how you applied that to Lavender, who I think is a pretty misunderstood character because we only see her through Harry's eyes in the books, and he really doesn't understand her at all. I definitely disliked Lavender as well when I first read the books, because she comes across as whiny and needy and shallow. And it was only in reading fanfic about here on HPFF when I first got an appreciation for her as more of a real character. After all, you make such an important point here:

I have never felt such a thing as world-shatteringly perfect love, and hoped I could. As any budding women of sixteen would. -- she's so relatable here, because yeah, I'm pretty sure I was just like that at sixteen, before I became all bitter and cynical :P She's a teenager here, and a bit idealistic, and what's wrong with that? I love that you focused on the same aspect of Lavender we're used to - this part of her that craves true love - and twisted it in a way where I as the reader can sympathize with her and it's much more obvious that Ron treated her pretty badly. She deserved more than that, and Ron was pretty immature at the time and clueless.

Parvati is mentioned only a few times here, but it's clear how important her friendship is to Lavender, and this was shown in such a beautiful way. The way she knows what Lavender needs to hear, and lets Lavender know that it's okay to be emotional and feel the way she does. She's a good friend.

The style of this was really interesting as well! I loved its kind of poetic flow and the tone that it gave the story. I love what you did with this story and I'm glad you wrote it, because she (as well as Cho) definitely deserve a lot more than how Harry writes them off in the books because he has the emotional range of a serving spoon (lets be real he's a little better than Ron, but not much. it's like he has two settings: chill and angry) so yeah, I loved this - great job! Thanks again for entering the challenge and congratulations once again on your wonderful entry!

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Review #2, by EnigmaticEyes16 gaslights

14th March 2016:
Hey Ellie! This is such an interesting one-shot! I've never been a huge fan of Lavender, and I'm still not to be honest, but I liked how you took the idea of gaslighting, of belittling someone because you don't see the same way as someone else might and turning it into a story. I also really enjoyed all the rhyming! It was very fun to read and easy to follow, even if I don't really see Lavender rhyming this much, but it's something different which is nice. The rhyming gave the story a very nice sing-song kind of flow.

It is very sad that Lavender gets pushed by the wayside because Ron is too afraid to actually talk to her again about their relationship and instead just cuts her off basically. Of course, he doesn't even really know what happened or why they're suddenly not together anymore, he's just glad to finally be rid of her.

Poor Lavender, she's really does get the short stick on this one. To think she was meant to find her true love only to find out their was no real love between them at all when she thought there was is super harsh. Hopefully, she wasn't wrong though and she will soon find her true love. But then you mention how now she sees the grim in her cup... and I wonder if you are implying that she'll die before she ever meets her true love...

Anyway, great little one-shot! It was truly a pleasure to read!


Author's Response: Hiya Nix!

Thank you for the Hot Seat lovin' :)

I share your feelings on lavlav. no worries. but she's the perfectly naive, silly scorned lover woman for this gaslights theme I crafted on a whim here.

I'm not sure what the grim implied - could be metaphor for her views on love, I could have used it for rhyming purposes haha, sorry I wish I had a better answer!

thanks again for reviewing - see you in the Pit darling


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Review #3, by Secret Cupid gaslights

13th February 2016:
Hi there!

So happy Valentine's day from your secret cupid! Although, it seems that poor lavender isn't having the best day...

Okay so this was my-jaw-smacked-the-floor amazing. I've never read anything like this on the archives and it was so impressive. It was basically poetry and wow am I impressed. I absolutely loved it.

You did an amazing job summing up Lavender's story. From the very beginning of dreaming of love, the little inclusion of Parvati to show a regular normal side of her, daydreaming of love as every 16 year old girl does. The naive and strong belief that her knight will come. You captured the feeling perfectly. And then Ron came and smashed it, leaving Lavender feeling as though she was the one who wronged him I just wow I loved this so much. WHY HAVE I NEVER READ THIS BEFORE!?!

Amazing one shot here. Loved it to pieces.

Author's Response: HI (a month later), THANK YOU SO MUCH &heart

Hope you had a lovely v-day :)

Thank you *beams* this was written on a complete whim, so I appreciate your praise and enjoyment! I'm happy I crafted something so original, lovely, and (what I consider) strange haha.

*hugs* thanks again for the review!

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Review #4, by Misty_Rey gaslights

12th November 2015:
I actually really dug this! Believe me, it was the farthest thing from a rambling mess. Honestly, with the rhyming, I thought it was just my imagination playing tricks on me. Then I got to the end and the rhyming was intentional? So cool! Such a wonderful piece of writing that says so much in 500 words. I have a soft spot for experimental writing like this and you really did a great job with it. Lavender came alive as with her thoughts, emotions and situations. At that age, everything is intensified so I don't blame her for her emotions and reactions. Actually, I'm still in awe with how well-written this was. So lovely, almost lyrical in a sense. My sister is watching 'Into the Woods' as I read and review this so that might be why this seemed like a song that flowed so wonderfully well.


Author's Response: Hi Misty! What a lovely, unexpected review--thank you :)

Yes, the rhyming was intentional. I'm glad you enjoyed the experimental silliness on my end! I was aiming for a certain lyrical pattern, so I think you felt how I meant it, so I'm glad that came across!! I don't have anyone read over my stuff before posting, so I'm never sure how things work or don't work. I am curious which "Into the Woods" moment inspired the songlike feel :)

Thanks again, glad you enjoyed the essence of Lavender!


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Review #5, by adluvshp gaslights

12th November 2015:
Hey there! Random review alert, so I apologise in advance for meaningless gushing xP

Wow, this was splendid. It is so different from what I've usually read around the archives. The poetic rhyming style was interesting and made for such a smooth flowing narrative. Don't call it nonsense - it was a lovely read!

The idea behind you writing this is so sweet - I'm glad you're trying to see past the stigma of overly emotional women. Merlin forbid, I think I'm one of them, so it warms me to see writers like you trying to portray the plight of somebody like Lavender.

I loved how this started off with Lavender all happy and sweet and excited about the whole "love" thing - it made a lot of sense for a sixteen year old girl to act like that - and then it was sad to see her emotions come crashing down as the story progressed. The ending was quite powerful and nicely done too. It showed how much the incident changed her. She was understandably upset and angry, and the emotion showed.

I dont know what else to say except Wow! I had not thought it'd be possible to rhyme so much and at the same time get a story out of it plus make it all so beautiful sounding. But you totally managed the feat. Great job! Glad I dropped by xD


Author's Response: Hi Angie -hugggs- Thank you for dropping by and doing such a sweet random review (and MTA page visit)! You're the best *love*

Awww thanks. I'm glad you feel this is different and lovely. Yes, I'm definitely trying to eliminate all the backwards feels on, well, feelings. I'm emotional too and there's nothing wrong with that, nor should there be :)

Yes Lav was definitely jaded, ideally a bit more grounded in her next approach to finding love, and will find someone that truly likes her and wants to get to know her in the future! Glad you felt that I captured the emotions and everything in such a short amount of words, and in a rhyming fashion haha. Thanks again, darling!


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Review #6, by Felpata Lupin gaslights

11th November 2015:
Here for our swap!
I decided to read this one-shot, since it didn't have any reviews yet (even if I'm not the biggest fan of Lavender... I think I'm a bit guilty of gaslighting myself, feeling very ashamed now...)

I didn't notice the rhyme thing since I was around half way with the story (but that's because I'm very distracted...) but when I did I thought it was genius! I love this sort of things!!! :D

Poor Lav... She really believed in her and Ron's relationship, she really loved him, and she was suddenly abandoned like that... Now that you make me reflect about it, Ron wasn't very kind to her. The poor girl...

I loved that you started and closed with Divination. There is this point of sadness with the Grim, too...

I really enjoyed reading this little piece! Thank you so much for swapping! :)

Much love,

Author's Response: Hi Chiara! Thanks for swapping by :)

Haha, to be fair I'm not the biggest fan of her either, but the girl deserves some pity and compassion to some extent. I felt like Ron was misleading in some ways, in other ways she just is young and doesn't know different. But is entitled to her feelings here. Thank you, glad you enjoyed and the rhyming wasn't too awful haha


P.S. In my review you to, you asked what "ta for now" meant, I meant it as short for Tata, like a form of goodbye.

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