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Review #1, by Secret Cupid Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

14th February 2016:
Can you feel the love tonight? I certainly hope so!

Hi Emm! :) I have returned to spread love on this wonderful, wonderful story! I hope you've been having a great day and that my gifts have brought at the very least a smile to your face. I come now to obsess over this masterful work!

You've got such a creative mind, Emm! I'm seriously in awe of how unique the two stories of yours that I've read thus far have been. You've been given prompts that leave a lot up to you and you've run with it beautifully. Great job with this!

I've never really imagined Quirrell's background much at all-- or at least, I hadn't thought that I had, until this story, because it's somehow flipped expectations I didn't even know I had! (Sorry if that sentence didn't actually make any sense...)

This story adds so much to canon, and the motivations behind Quirrell! I'm really in awe of how you've explained what we do see in canon, like the stuttering and obviously the whole Dark-Lord-on-the-back-of-the-head situation. Quirrell as we know him is not actually so different from what he started out as-- nervous, awkward, tripping over himself. It's only in his search for a change that he gets more than he bargained for.

The way you've described his almost indescribable pain is so evocative and vivid that I almost feel like my head should hurt! I've really never considered how uncomfortable it must be to have another person attach themselves to the back of your head...that's crazy. Ahh, I just went back to reread the initial attachment, and that was so intense! I hope your writing of that isn't based on real experiences or anything, because it reads so realistically!!

(I have thought about how weird it would be to be with Lord Voldemort all the time...if you've ever seen A Very Potter Musical, that really put those thoughts in my head (hehe) but that's a very lighthearted approach to the situation :P)

It's also a really interesting thought that Voldemort is controlling Quirrell more through pain than anything else, as he must have some degree of control over him. (The pronouns got confusing in that sentence-- I meant Voldemort over Quirrell.) Quirrell always came off as terrified of the Dark Lord in the books, but this really fleshes that out and adds to it. It really shows that Quirrell had no choice in the matter, and once Voldemort had decided to use him, there was nothing to be done.

It's really crazy that you've got me feeling sympathetic for Quirrell! Who would've expected that?? (Well...I guess you, because you're the one who had this idea!) You've filled the prompt so perfectly, and I'm still in awe of your originality in thinking through Quirrell like this! It's very impressive. Your writing is also very clear and direct, which fit Quirrell's situation well.

Thanks for sharing this story! It's a great read and I'm glad to have read it (even if it isn't super fitting in with Valentine's Day)!

Until next time,
Secret Cupid

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Review #2, by Dirigible_Plums Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

23rd December 2015:

It's Plums here for the QTR event. I chose to review this because it seemed so interesting. I don't think I've ever read a fic that explored the mind of Quirrel and to be honest, I haven't ever thought about him much. But what you've done here has made me think differently. I love how you show the gradual decline of Quirrel's mind. How he was first a victim and only went along with Voldemort to stop the pain and then how he became nothing more than a puppet. It's very powerful.

This line stood out to me the most: 'The Dark Lord was my soul'. I love how it shows just what Voldemort has done to Quirrel, how he's reduced him to nothing. Souls are extremely important in the HP world - we see that Dementors suck out people's souls with the Kiss and that it's regarded as a fate worse than death; what Voldemort did to his soul was monstrous. So dying that Quirrel's soul is now the Dark Lord is incredibly powerful. I loved it.

Happy holidays :)

Plums xo

Author's Response: Hey Plums!

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving me this lovely review! I am glad you found this interesting. I have also never come across any fic about Quirrell. I just got stuck with this idea and wanted to try it out.

Quirrell had a desire to be noticed by the world. Just like most of the other death eaters, Voldemort latched on this weakness of Quirrell to get what he wanted. Quirrell was too weak to resist him, however he tried in the beginning and eventually became Voldemort's puppet. Like you said, what Voldemort did to his soul was monstrous. I am happy I was able to convey it through the story.

Thanks again for the lovely review!


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Review #3, by cherry_pop94 Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

19th December 2015:
Hi Emm!

I'm here for the Ravenclaw gift tag!

This is a really interesting story! I've never read one about Quirrell before, but you really get the sense here that he was a victim of Voldemort, not a willing participant. Voldemort targeted a vulnerable man and took everything away from him. It's quite sad.

I like how you've managed to tell so much about Quirrell in this short story. He really seems like a whole character, a real person here.

I hope you're having a lovely holiday season!


Author's Response: Hi Stefanie!

Thanks for stopping by. I am happy you found the story interesting. I don't think I've ever seen a story featuring Professor Quirrell here, as well. This was an idea I wanted to try out and I'm glad you liked it. I'm super happy that you could see the vulnerability of Quirrell at the hands of Voldemort and that Quirrell seemed to be a real person here.

Thanks for the lovely review! Hoping you are having great holidays too!

-Emm ^_^

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Review #4, by ravenclaw_princess Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

14th December 2015:
Merry Christmas. Here is a gift for the Ravenclaw gift exchange.

I've never read anything about Prof Quirrell before which is why I was drawn to this one. This is a great take on his life and like how you incorporated so many canon aspects of the book into this story from Quirrells point of view.

It was interesting to get into his head. He just wanted to prove himself to people but he just ended up being a servant to the Dark Lord. I feel a little bad for him. But in the end, he did choose to follow the Dark Lords orders rather than find a way to fight back. I think he's silently screaming for someone to notice that somethings amiss, but they never do, although Snape suspects. But, then again, with the Dark Lord in your head, its probably a little hard to leave clues around. He was, of course, being tortured greatly and Quirrell becomes so subservient, afraid of the punishment if he refuses.

The story flows pretty well and covers the key events from the books. I did have to read the first section twice as I didn't realise it was a flash back at first, but understood second time round. I also recommend using contractions a little more, such as I'm and and I'd; I feel that this is how people usually read things and they sound less formal.

I love the stuttering of Quirrells, I found the first stuttered line particularly poignant as, to me at least, it seemed like this was where the stuttering suddenly began.

Great job. I really enjoyed reading this little gem.


Author's Response: Hi Jacqui!

Thank you for stopping by and leaving all the kind words here! :)

I'm so glad that you could catch everything I wanted to tell here, Quirrell's desire to be noticed and the way he succumbed to Dark Lord's wishes.

Thanks for pointing out the problem with the first scene. I think it comes out too vivid to be a flashback. I think I can fix it! Oh, thanks so much for pointing the bit regarding contractions. It is really helpful! :)

Yay, you got it right! The first stuttered line is really the point where he began stuttering! I am so happy you could understand my intention! :)

Thank you so much for the lovely review!

-Emm ^_^

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Review #5, by ScorpiusRose17 Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

18th November 2015:
Hi again!

So I am continuing the reading and reviewing for all of the lovely challenge entries I have received!

I thought this was great! I really enjoyed how you brought Quirrel to life and easily used what we know from canon to flesh his experience out. It's a lovely lost moment that we never get to fully see or read about in the movies and books! I liked how you included the internal struggle and how you used the proverb. It was well done!

Good Luck with the Challenge! :)


Author's Response: Hi again Jenn!

I am so happy that you liked the story. Quirrell undoubtedly had many faults, but he was human after all, just a puppet in the hands of Voldemort. I am glad that you liked the use of the proverb.

Thanks for the wonderful challenge and the lovely review!

-Emm ^_^

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Review #6, by adluvshp Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

17th November 2015:
Hey! Here for the review swap!

I really loved this. Your depiction of Quirrel was very apt, and you got his characterisation down very well. His emotions and thoughts were on point and got through the narrative intensely.

I felt bad for him, and could feel his pain and fear as Voldemort terrorised him. His thirst to prove himself, the little streak of memories in the beginning depicting what he'd been through, and the use of the proverb along with the little details really enhanced the narrative.

The ending was on a nice note with him realising that Voldemort was the real coward.I think you chose a great plot and wrote it very well.

I am glad I got to be able to read this. It made for a great read!!


Author's Response: Hi Angie!

I am glad you found this depiction of Quirrell apt.

If you felt bad for him, then I can say that this little story was worth something. ;)

I wanted to show that Quirrell was human after all and Voldemort was the bigger evil, hence added the ending that way. I just thought that he needed salvation, at least at the time of his death.

I am so happy you liked the story!

-Emm ^_^

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Review #7, by Veritaserum27 Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

13th November 2015:
Hi there Emm!

I'm here from the BvB to leave you a review on this awesome story!

Wow - you really are talented - I just finished reviewing "They Still Lived..." and now this, suspenseful, dramatic piece and I can't help but be impressed by your breadth as a writer. You actually made me feel bad for Quirrell! And I love your version of the story. He was weak, desperate to prove himself, and without a lot of close personal friends, which made him an excellent target for Voldemort's plan. "No one would suspect p-p-p-poor P-P-Professor Quirrell..." It's still hard for me to feel completely empathetic to him, as he does have many, many faults.

My only bit of cc was that I had to read through the first part a few times to understand that it was a flashback. It was written so vividly that I thought Quirrell had been kidnapped by Voldemort while he was talking to his friends.

The way you describe the pain and torture that Quirrell when through was so uncomfortable to read. I was cringing and I just wanted it to stop - great job with that. The ending was perfect. Quirrell has to come to terms with what he's done and the physical pain was nothing compared to that.

Great job!

♥ Beth

Author's Response: Hi Beth! It feels awesome to have two reviews from you within the same day.

Eeep! I don't consider myself a writer yet, and here you're calling me talented. It means so much to me, coming from a fabulous writer such as yourself. You are really too sweet.

Voldemort always knew how to take advantage of people's weaknesses and Quirrell was no exception. Yes, Quirrell had many, many faults as you pointed out but hey, you felt bad for Quirrell at some point and I am really happy that I could make you feel so.

You are right about the first part not appearing like a flashback. I guess I can leave out a few details to make it appear somewhat like a flashback. Thanks so much for pointing that out.

I was really not sure at all if the physical pain and torture that Quirrell went through would seem realistic or would the story look like just a mass of words with the word 'pain' thrown in every so often. :P I am glad that it actually had some effect. :D

I felt that Quirrell was still human and Voldemort was the bigger evil, hence provided him a bit of solace at the end.

I am so happy that you liked it. Thank you so much for a wonderful review.

-Emm ^_^

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Review #8, by oldershouldknowbetter Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

12th November 2015:
Hi there, back again for a bit of BvB action

So here we have a missing moment, what was happening with the young Quirrell before we came to know him as Professor Quirrell.

I never knew, after the revelation of his possession by Voldemort, how much of Quirrell's personality was his own and how much of it came from the strain of being possessed by Voldemort. I see, from his interactions with his friends, that you have taken the approach that he was always a bit of a bumbler/no-hoper and this does gel with how Hagrid describes him to Harry in the books.

But it's all just memories of the past we soon find out. Dredged up by the excruciating pain he is experiencing. He is in some sort of forest, and from what we know of where he encountered Voldemort we assume this is what is happening. We don't have to assume for long, because a face begins to form on the back of his head before he succumbs to the pain and passes out. The way you've written the scene is very powerful and for me seems to ring very true to what must have happened.

When he comes to, it is to the sound of the Dark Lord. I always wondered, being so weak as he was, how Voldemort could make Quirrell do what he wanted. But of course, and you explain it well here, he is like a parasite that cares nothing for it's host and will inflict pain until his demands are met. Once Quirrell has been consumed by him, it will be onto the next host.

We see the first meeting between Harry and himself, the point we first see him in the books. It's over pretty quickly, but then it was too in the books. Voldemort spells out his plan to him afterwards and he can do little but obey. He is to be rewarded, but we know that they are empty promises - Quirrell is nothing more than a stepping stone for Voldemort, to be cast aside when no longer of use. I like the way you have put that in, Voldemort is clever enough to know that he has to use the Carrot and the Stick in his control of Quirrell.

In a rare moment that he is released from the immediate control of Voldemort, we see the Horror that is now the life of Quirrell, and what's more, he is fully aware of the horror. He is disgusted with it and himself. And here is where you tie the prompt in and it is well done. It mirrors what he says to Harry at the end of Philosophers Stone, when he mentions his stutter and remarks that no one sees past the bumbling fool he is pretending to be. It rings true to me that Voldemort in this weakened state would have to leave Quirrell alone sometimes to muster his strength. But he would also keep and eye out (an ear open, what ever it is you do when you are a face in the back of someone else's head) for any sign of dissension. When he does, the punishment is swift and terrible. How you say that Quirrell has never gotten used to the pain is also well done - it means that nothing has gotten better and never will. The future for Quirrell is pretty bleak.

Ah, I was wondering how you were going to reconcile the bumbling Quirrell you established in the beginning of this story with how he acted at the end of the book. In the end he seemed to be quite sure of himself, and sure of his reward from his master. This is how you do it and it rings very true: he has had to convince himself that the reward will come just to keep himself going and get through the torment of Voldemort.

In the end you do give him a moment of solace, he thinks the world will judge him a coward - they do think better of him than that in the end - but he knows who the true coward is when he feels Voldemort's spirit flee.

This is a good story, fitting in with what we know of the character of Quirrel and dovetailing in nicely with the events of the books. Well done.


Author's Response: Hi Andrew! It's great to have a review from you again.

JKR, in one of her writings published at Pottermore, described Quirrell as a bright boy, but he was teased during school by his friends and classmates due to his timidity. I tried picturing him that way for this one-shot.

I was really unsure that the torture Quirrell went through in the forest when Voldemort took him captive would come out as I wanted or not. It feels great that you found the scene powerful.

Voldemort always took advantage of people's weaknesses. Some had a weakness for power (like Snape, Bellatrix) and some just feared him (possibly Draco). Quirrell was weak mentally and couldn't fight the evil spirit growing within him. Thus, it became easier for Voldemort to just inflict physical pain on him and get his deeds done. He was a parasite, as you very clearly pointed out. Hence, it was perfectly fitting his character that he would torture another being to follow his orders. I'm glad you liked it.

I thought that Quirrell was at least a human, unlike Voldemort, and would have a bit of conscience left somewhere inside him to be disgusted with himself. But, Voldemort didn't leave him and his thoughts alone long enough to dwell on such thoughts. Through his eyes or ears (I don't know what, myself :P) he keeps clear tabs on Quirrell's movements and reigns him back. Yeah, I felt he needed a saving grace at least at the time of his death. After all, Voldemort was the bigger evil. Thus, I added the last bit there.

It's great that you felt that the prompt was well tied in the story. Thanks so much for the lovely review.

-Emm ^_^

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