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Review #1, by marauderfan Brought to Light

23rd January 2017:
Hello! Stopping by with some more review love for you!

This was really good. I've never seen another fic that goes into the events of when Frank and Alice were tortured, and at first I didn't realize this story was going to be about that, and then I reached the part where it said where they were going and I was like O__O But I really liked that you added some background to that moment, which is so talked about in HP but not really shown, even in fic.

You put such an interesting spin on it as well, with Rabastan plotting against Bellatrix from the beginning because he's annoyed at her having more power than him or his brother (mostly just because she's a woman), and how she does things her own way and everyone else goes along with it. It actually put me kind of on the side of Bellatrix, because Rabastan comes off as pretty sexist, but I really shouldn't be on Bellatrix's side at all given that the next thing we know, she storms right in and tortures Alice. Ah! But that's the mark of good writing that you can make me feel some understanding for a villain, even if only for a little bit.

But yeah, I've never felt Bellatrix and Rodolphus' marriage was particularly loving as she was more focused on other things like her own power, but here Rodolphus really does seem to care for her and I almost feel bad for him. And the way you wrote it with how that misunderstanding is the reason they all got caught - because Rabastan wanted to frame Bellatrix and Rodolphus wouldn't let him - that's a wonderful bit of backstory that adds so much.

This was great! Well done :)

Author's Response:
Thank you so much for the review lovely! Getting these surprise reviews seriously made my day when I got them. I admit I haven't gone looking for stories of when Frank and Alice were tortured but I'm surprised there aren't others. It was such a terrible night for Alice and Frank and in some ways I feel terrible telling the story from the bad guy's perspective but Rabastan muse has always wanted his side of the story told.

Ever since doing a role play as Rabastan years ago I concluded that Rabastan hated Bellatrix. I actually talked with a friend who played Rodolphus and we both agreed that with four of them being there that more than likely Bellatrix and Barty did the torture while Rodolphus and Rabastan got into a fight and became distracted and that is how they all got caught. It was a funny thing at the time but I decided to take a more serious look at that concept to write my version of things.

Anyway, as for her gender, I've always figured that pureblood society was a bit patriarical and thus I wanted to play that up with Rabastan. Of course, with Bellatrix being a bit crazy fawning over the Dark Lord that adds to the hate becuase she's supposed to be with Rodolphus, not to mention Rodolphus is sort of smitten and blind to it all. But I'm glad I won points for the bad guys! Not that bad is good but it is fun to get people to see from their perspective. As Tom Hiddelston once said: "Every villain is a hero in his own mind."

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Review #2, by MrsJaydeMalfoy Brought to Light

13th February 2016:
Hello again! Review 2 of 2!

I have to admit, I haven't read many fics about the Lestranges, so I'm really excited to see what you do with them here!

Ooooh! Right from the beginning you've given this a creepy and 'evil' feel - I love your use of the Bible verse and Rabastan's agreeing with it! I think that makes it even creepier! And it was an excellent way to bring us into the scene - without just saying "It was night", you've let us know that something's being done at night. That's very creative!

Oh wow - the resentment towards Bellatrix from her own brother-in-law! I've always thought of the Lestrange's as Voldemort's "commanders" or "generals" as it were, so hearing that they're actually the laughingstock of the Death Eaters is a nice spin on things! And I definitely think more ancient families of purebloods probably WOULD have a problem with a woman running the family. Not to mention, Bellatrix DID always kind of throw herself at the Dark Lord. I'd assume that her being so close to him would definitely cause some resentment for her. And I've always kind of assumed, based on Bellatrix's actions, that her marriage to Rudolphus was loveless and they only married for the sake of being with a pureblood, etc, so I really like your take on things - that Rudolphus is actually quite smitten with her, but she's too stuck on the Dark Lord to notice or care.

Oh no, not the night they went to the Longbottoms'! Oh no!!

Even though I really dread what's coming, I think it's a neat, and very accurate idea, that there would be certain death eaters who specialize in certain things, like Rabastan specializes in breaking through doors/security spells!

Oooh, Rabastan has a plan to get rid of Bellatrix! I wonder what it is!! *Keeps reading*

Oh no! Poor Alice and Frank! And baby Neville! :( Your characterization of Bellatrix here really is spot on! But hm... what's this? Rabastan's plan coming into action already?! But it sounds like Rudolphus is onto him...

Something that really strikes me here is just how little even the Death Eaters knew about what happened to Voldemort. It only makes sense that they think the Aurors would know something about it, even though they don't, but I'd never really realized before reading this just how confused and desperate they must have been - Bellatrix in particular.

And :O *Gasps* Rabastan set Bellatrix up?! I had a feeling his plan would be something like this, I just had no idea it was going to happen THIS night. And what an ironic turn of events the Rabastan got what he wanted, but at the cost of his own freedom!

This was another great one-shot! I don't read stories about death eaters often, sot his was a nice change! Your writing and descriptions in this were amazing, and it all flowed perfectly! Well done!

Congratulations again, and thank you for helping us celebrate HPFF's 15th Birthday!

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Review #3, by Sinterklaas Brought to Light

2nd December 2015:
Ho, Ho, Hello!

How wonderful, a Rabastan story -- I've always wondered what happened to that boy! Bellatrix isn't an easy person to love, so it's understandable why Rabastan didn't take a liking to her!

Oh and I was so frightened for the Longbottoms and Neville, the baby! *Shivers*

Well, I certainly hope your Holiday Season is brighter than this! I did enjoy the story, however!

Author's Response: Thank you.

It was fun exploring the story of Rabastan and what happened with the Longbottoms. Thus far the season has been better than the lives of those involved with the story.

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Review #4, by wolfgirl17 Brought to Light

26th November 2015:
Hey Marshal!

Wolfgirl here checking out your entry for my Everybody's got a Dark side Challenge.

I really liked what you did with Rabastan for this fic. In some ways he was an easy character because he's a Death Eater, but I've found at times it is harder to depict a corrupt man as having a Dark Side because darkness is so much a part of his personality.

I especially enjoyed that you had Rabastan disliking Bellatrix and trying to save his brother from being made a hapless fool by her. It lent a certain humanity to him that would otherwise just be a wicked man doing wicked deeds. As a person with siblings, I can certainly relate to the need to protect a brother from being led around by the wrong head thanks to a woman.

I also kind of liked that you had his plan backfire. Not just because he's a heartless git who deserved to be locked up for his crimes but because betraying even his own fellow Death Eaters is someone even less forgivable.

I've never thought much about Rabastan LeStrange in the past, to be honest. He was just one of those characters in the background and it never really occurred to me to think of him in much capacity at all. This new take on him is interesting to say the least.

You did have a couple of typos throughout the fic that, if you have time, could be amended to improve the flow of the fic. Just a couple of mispelled word and words in the wrong place for the sentence that you missed when you did your edit. There were a few sentences too that felt a bit clunky and run-on.

The best remedy for both is to read what you've written aloud. That way you get a better feel for where the pauses should be and for what is too much of a mouthful to spit out. I struggle myself with the run-on sentence problems and if definitely helps to read it out loud.

Thanks so much for entering my challenge. I really enjoyed this new take on Rabastan. Your title was very accurate. For me you've brought Rabastan to light in a way I never imagined. Really cool concept for his drive to protect his family and extricate the parts that had begun too rot. Guess he just didn't realize he was part of the rotted section.

Cool stuff and keep writing!


Author's Response: Hey Ellie,

I was surprised to see a review so soon! I'm glad you liked the idea and premise of the story! Rabastan is by far my favorite Death Eater. I know little is known of him in cannon but he had been very clearly developed in my head for a long time. I had this idea bounding around in my mind for years so your challenge was the perfect chance for me to explore the idea. I don't think I would have written this otherwise and the idea would have just sat in my head never seeing the light of day.

I appreciate the CC. Though I'm not sure what words are misspelled? Is it a matter of Brit spelling versus US spelling? IE color vs colour. I had a beta go over it and Alexis is very good at catching my mistakes as is Word. Nothing had the notation of spelling error in word. Sadly not knowing what is spelled wrong and Word not pointing it out those might have to sadly stay, but I certainly will take time to read through things again to look for clunky points.

Thanks for the review all the same!

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Review #5, by Gail Welin Brought to Light

10th November 2015:
Hey Marshal!

Alright, since I love Bellatrix I kinda really like the Lestranges (not as much as I love the Blacks, though, but considering the "pureblood" family is a very big, incestuous tradition, there's not much difference, haha) and I just love how you wrote this in Rabastan's POV! It's great to read about Bellatrix from such a perspective!!

Wow. I always thought what happened to Alice & Frank was terrible but I never actually pictured it... And thinking of baby Neville being in the next room, crying and oh so vulnerable... God, the goosebumps! I don't want to think about what would've happened if Bellatrix had gone into the wrong room (Neville's room) first... Oh, the horror...!
I'm just so relieved Rabastan hates Bellatrix so much he actually went and had planned for Aurors to come arrest her! But it fits so well that she'd be caught because a Death Eater ratted her out, and it fits even better that it was Rabastan!
I can totally see how he'd hate her guts and be angry at his brother for marrying her. I admit, I cracked up at the "she wasn't even born a Lestrange" bit, not because it was funny but because, well, a Lestrange marrying another Lestrange would be totally normal. Which is sick, haha.

In a way, it's kind of sweet that Rodolphus wouldn't leave without his bat-crap crazy wife.
And the tension between the two brothers was great! That bit about respect fit wonderfully and I love the "I'm the eldest" attitude!

The only "CC" I have would be that you missed a tiny bit while writing/editing here: "This it was time Frank."

This was an awesome read!! ♥

Author's Response: Gee,

Your review was so wonderful to wake up to this morning! I've honestly been dying for some feedback on this! So you leaving a review on it is so amazing.

Admittedly I have a massive fondness for Rabastan. He's by far my favorite death eater because he is so overlooked and I consider him to be quite brilliant. (Gotta love a brilliant villain!)

As for the "CC" hopefully that will all be cleared up in a few hours. I've submitted some edits just recently as Alexis Black was so kind as to beta it for me. I've also tweaked the ending a bit because that always felt a little off to me and I'm hoping the end is better for it.

Again thank you for the review! You know I'll be getting to your stories here soon! I'm looking forward to reading them.

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