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Review #1, by NW2017 Epilogue

3rd February 2018:
Nooo... I need more! Loved this story

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Review #2, by bunnyboo19 Epilogue

29th December 2017:
I loved the whole story and my what a perfect ending! You definitely have a believable way of writing dramione fics! Hope to read more in the future.

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Review #3, by Alyssa Epilogue

18th December 2017:
I loved this story, it was written very well.

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Review #4, by Lollie Day Chapter 5: Snow Fort

16th December 2017:
WOW!! I love this story - original and well written!! I would really recommend this story!!!

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Review #5, by Lovebone Epilogue

14th December 2017:
Amazing story, I was definitely crying at the end. Perfect balance of fluff and angst and sadness.

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Review #6, by Lovebone Epilogue

14th December 2017:
Amazing story, I was definitely crying at the end. Perfect balance of fluff and angst and sadness.

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Review #7, by Lovebone Chapter Four: Wrapped in Red

13th December 2017:
4 chapters in and my cats are looking at me like I'm mad because I can't stop exclaiming while reading. I'm so hooked on this story. You really portray the two of them perfectly.

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Review #8, by NotDobby Epilogue

29th November 2017:
Eh no you can just end like that I need a yes from Granger! Hahaha

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Review #9, by Murishka21 Epilogue

25th November 2017:
That was an excellent story! I absolutely loved it. I got started and then just couldnít stop. I love the way you had the characters grow into new people while still keeping their original personalities and keeping with the story line too. You did an excellent job. Definitely a favorite.

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Review #10, by p0tter fan Epilogue

17th November 2017:
Definitely one of my very favorite stories Iíve read. So much emotion, really fantastic!

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Review #11, by Kerry Epilogue

8th November 2017:
love , love ,love reminded me of my christmas school days , Dromonie are so cute , and would love to read about Harry and Notts relationship

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Review #12, by SAKURA Epilogue

26th October 2017:
Holy Lord... I am a Druna shipper, but Dramione is my second favorite, and UGH, this was so perfect!!! Thank you for this masterpiece

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Review #13, by earivera Epilogue

18th October 2017:
I loved the ending. absolutely loved it. short and sweet story.

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Review #14, by DaFossil Epilogue

18th October 2017:
Great story! Would love a sequel.

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Review #15, by AppreciativeReader Epilogue

17th October 2017:
Superb ending. Loved the way you have concluded the story.
I have enjoyed the story very much.

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Review #16, by Meg Draco

13th September 2017:
Write more please! Love this one!

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Review #17, by Glisten  Draco

20th July 2017:
I totally intended on reviewing after each chapter but I swear I wasn't able to stop reading! Gosh, I kept on trying to stop and review but the urge to read was too strong! Instead, after telling myself "Oh, I'll go back and review after this chapter!" about five times I realized maybe it would be more practical of me to just type a really long review summing up how I feel at the end.

Goodness, where should I even start? Perhaps at your mastery of characterization? The details you add really tie your fiction back to the original book characters. The way you described the different presents by her bed, for example, was really cool. I especially enjoyed how you described Luna's gift paper as being painted herself! Very original and fun.

I like the reason you came up with for the mistletoe always choosing them. It makes sense that, around the holidays, the plant would target negative energy and use its magical powers to try and transform the moment into something positive. The first time was totally surprising but you made it so that Hermione was stubbornly waiting for another solution, which made it believable. I find that many fictions rush into the romance to the point where it's unrealistic, but that wasn't the case with this one! The first kiss really made a path for their relationship to become better.

I feel like Draco knew from the beginning that Hermione was the one who had been his Secret Santa. I mean, she'd just mentioned previously that she liked to knit and he'd even incorporated that into her gift so obviously he remembered when she'd said that. I feel like Draco had the slight advantage in figuring out who gave him his gift, since it's much more believable for Hermione to go overboard on something even though she hates the assignment than for Draco to go all out on it.

The way he was fiddling with the metal puzzles in class was an interesting thing as well. I wonder if, while he was solving them and resolving them, he was thinking about her? Rather than just considering the gifts cool and using them because of that, I feel like he liked them because of the connection they had back to Hermione. Seeing those things reminded him of her, I feel, and that's why he wore the scarf all winter and had the metal puzzles tucked in his pocket during class.

Oh, and the promise ring! I do believe it's the last mystery that needs to be solved? Ugh how am I going to be able to wait? I'm REALLY hoping that you haven't abandoned this story or anything because I'm really hooked to this one. I remember you said that there was a glint of a ring on Malfoy's finger when she was looking across the Hall at him in one of the earlier chapters? I wonder what that is for! Maybe in order for the magic in her ring to work he has to be wearing one just like it? H M M M . . .

I'm also wondering if Lucius is going to find out that Draco likes a muggleborn. Obviously he would disapprove of it greatly as Hermione mentioned a few times and maybe even punish Draco for it. After all, he sent Draco to his room without dinner when he was little just for pretending to be a hero when he played by himself. What if he were to learn that he'd not only snogged her a couple times, but actually had affections for her? The shop owner witnessed the whole thing of course but did he end up going and blabbing to his father? I hope not!

I really liked the part where they were stuck together in the library. They shared a lot of really deep thoughts that got me thinking. They both recognized the value of those hours they shared in silence, knowing that doom would be approaching and that it was the last chance for them to just be there and appreciate eachother for who they are rather than have to hate eachother for their side or blood status. I particularly liked the part where they shared those pieces of their childhood. It's really sad because it shows that even though Hermione was born with an opportunity to do the right thing Draco is trapped on the bad side of things, forced to act on narrow-minded belief systems.

The snowball fighting scene was really awesome in my opinion and not just because of the Dramione action. That part just really went to show that even though they are Death-Eater's kids and soon-to-be heroes, they are also just regular teenagers who enjoy a good snowball fight just as much as anyone else. They werent even fighting Slytherin vs Gryffindor or with any other kinds of group division. In that scene they were just teenagers having a bit of fun, not caring if they hit a friend or foe. Even Ronald, who is just about the most hard-minded character who only ever had hate for Slytherins was enjoying the moment where they were just acting like normal people.

I really like how you added the part about Theodore Nott liking Harry. I mean, it really does justify why, in the books, Draco pretends not to recognize Harry in the manor. Of course, that action was protecting Hermione as well but still! The way you described all of this really helps me to see it actually being something that happened behind the scenes in the actual books. Nott liking Harry is something I've never seen in a HP fiction before. It was certainly a unique little surprise!

I'm in love with your writing style and I'm craving more! I hope you'll be able to update this story sometime soon. I know this review is ridiculously long but I just have so much to say about your story! I literally only noticed that I'd been rambling when the site told me that I'd exceeded my character limit... yikes! I went back and shortened it enough to write this. Sorry, I know there's probably a bunch of typos up there but everything I had to say was kind of just gushing from my fingers onto the keyboard, lol!

Thanks for writing this! It's so much fun to read even though it's midsummer. H M M I wonder if this will be 12 chapters for the 12 days of Christmas? I hope to hear back from you whenever you are able to read this! 10/10 :)

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Review #18, by Glisten  Chapter 2: Secret Santa

20th July 2017:
It's so much fun to read all the strategies these students have come up with in order to figure out what their person wants! The part about Ron yelling about Chudley Cannons and sugar mice was hilarious.

Of course Hermione would think to throw people off by talking to everyone! So clever, and very true to her character. I wonder who Harry got? Probably a Slytherin. Crabbe or Goyle maybe?

I wonder if Hermione's going to stop stalking him now that she saw him looking at Sour Apple Bites and Pepper Imps? Maybe not since, like a McGonagall said, Honeydukes gifts are frowned upon since it's just sweets. Then again, she brought the whole event idea up to Dumbledore so I'd be kind of weird if she ended up not following the rules of the gift exchange.

I thought that the money range was a little bit low. I mean, I get that they're trying to make it so that everyone can participate, but what are you supposed to buy with 5-20 sickles? That's only £1.45-£5.80 and in U.S. dollars that's $2.50-$9.20. I can't imagine being able to get more than a sweet with that price cap.

Your writing style reminds me a bit of J.K.'s! Just like in the actual Harry Potter series you add fun little details to make it interesting and don't describe everything down to the last detail to leave some imagining to the reader.

Good work with this chapter!

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Review #19, by ms simone Draco

20th July 2017:
Hope herimone not harm, or caught.. good moment between theo & draco. looking forward to seeing another chapie!

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Review #20, by Glisten  Chapter 1: Christmas Cheer

19th July 2017:
I love the idea of a Hogwarts Secret Santa! Or, pardon me, "Seasonal Hogwarts Gift Exchange". It's actually quite funny reading Hermione get all excited about the suggestion and even help put it into place when I already know she's going to get her worst enemy! I wonder how she's going to feel about this whole inter house unity thing when she reads Draco's name? Haha!

I love the way you described the holiday seasons at Hogwarts! You even added the little detail about Professor Flitwick. I can just picture the short little guy humming and decorating the Great Hall! I enjoy the writing style and your attention to detail when you're making your story.

I saw the description of this fanfic and even though it's literally the middle of summer I just had to read this! It's a very cute concept and I'm long overdue to read a Dramione. I hope that you're still an active author and that I'm not too late with my reviews. . . anyway very nice chapter!

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Review #21, by Silvia Draco

26th June 2017:
I am in love with this fic hope you update soon =)

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Review #22, by ella Draco

17th June 2017:
this is my new favorite thing bless u. please update soon!

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Review #23, by Sarah Draco

27th April 2017:
Yay! New chapter! I'm so glad you've updated. I started this when you first published and have loved all of it! Looking forward to reading more!

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Review #24, by iamyourlucifer Draco

23rd April 2017:
I greatly enjoyed reading what you have so far.
I'm excited to see how you will take the story!

Keep up the good work!

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Review #25, by BBHP Draco

20th April 2017:
I'm so anxious! Even though I sort of know what will happen. It's interesting to see the story from Draco's point of view. You can tell he truly cares about Hermione. I can't believe he would actually Imperio her though! But then again it makes sense. I'm dying to read more. Not sure how I feel about the whole Nott/Harry thing, but I think Harry will still end up with Ginny. I almost screamed when I saw that there wasn't another chapter posted! Keep 'em coming!

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