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Reading Reviews for Your Hand
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Review #1, by Ignis The Imp Your Hand

20th March 2016:

It is I, Ignis The Imp, here to read your fabulous story. As an Imp, I am normally more inclined to jokes, humour, and pranks, but this story seemed too tantalizing to pass up.

Lavender and Parvati are two girls I remember quite well. At Hogwarts they were always together and though most of the other students thought they were just best friends, I often wondered if there wasn't something a bit more to it.

Parvati is being such a wonderful friend by staying and holding Lavender's hand, even if she feels that Lavender will never respond. It got me right in my little Imp heart. I almost wanted to pull a prank on one of the Healer's to make Parvati laugh, but considering the situation, I thought that might be considered rude.

I do hope that Lavender will wake some day and that Parvati will have a chance to tell her she loves her while she holds her hand. I hope she has the chance to do more than hold her hand some day.

Now, I am off to find a story about pranks to dry the tears from my eyes. Yes! Imps cry too! Don't judge me!

Ignis The Imp

Author's Response: Hello, Ignis!

Thank you very much for venturing to read a story outside of your usual preferences. Your presence her certainly helped cheer me up, prank or no!

I am glad that this story brought out some powerful emotions in you and that you recognized the characterizations of Parvati and Lavender.

Thanks again for the review. I hope you find a story that cheers you up!


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Review #2, by Jayna Your Hand

4th March 2016:
For the HPFF Review-A-Thon!

Hey there Sam! I thought that as one of the now three people sponsoring this review-a-thon, that it would only be fair for you to receive at least some of the reviews, and it seemed that this story could use a little love :)

Let me just say that I was not prepared for this. You capture Parvati's anguish oh-so-well, and it's impossible not to feel like your own heart is breaking. The ending packs a powerful punch, and it definitely makes you need a moment to recover from the sheer intensity of this piece.

In addition, all of this is just incredibly poetic and really the only word to accurately describe this piece is intense. Just plain intense.

I loved the bit about how at eleven they held hands for this, at twelve for this, ect. It really helped capture what Lavender's friendship (and eventually more?) was to Parvati, and how they changed over time. In addition, I also liked that little background on why hand holding was so important to Parvati, and adding in that bit about her being separated from her sister was great. Another thing that was really good were the small details, the ones like how she could only hold her right hand, and how even now, Parvati still does that. It definitely made the whole thing feel a lot more realistic, a lot more poignant.

Overall, FANTASTIC job on this!


Author's Response: Yay, thank you! And this is my first review received for the Reiew-A-Thon, so extra hugs!

Thank you for finding a story in need of love too =) I wrote this one at a time when I hadn't written for quite a while (like now, haha), and I kind of got out of that slump by choosing to write something semi-autobiographical. The circumstances are more dramatic than what I've gone through, but the feelings are right out of my heart.

I'm glad you liked this. Good luck on the Review-A-Thon!


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Review #3, by Diogenissa Your Hand

22nd January 2016:
Hello dearest Sam and happy belated Hot Seat! Iím most sincerely sorry for taking forever and a day to get this done but am here now!

I must first admit that while Iíve had a fair share of both reading and writing slash in my past, femslash is something very new to me so I donít have a lot of experience with it, so here I am wanting to gain that experience.

And this story is just so absolutely moving itís not even funnyóIíve always felt that if you can move someone to tears with writing then youíve done something right. The emotion here is so intense, so raw, so real . There were several spots in which I found my own heart breaking for Parvati.

But yet I also took joy from this as she reminisced how Lavanderís hand felt in hers and how it brought back some of the for better (and worse) memories of growing up at school.

I absolutely LOVE your descriptions and the words you used were very strong and conveyed a great deal more than I think you might realize. I could visualize everything with ease and felt like I was right there in that room with them. You also did a fantastic job keeping the holding of hands theme throughout!

You ended this very powerfully and I could feel that pain deep inside of Parvati as if it was my own. It sincerely makes me wish, hope and pray that Lavander will get better and make a full recovery for both of their sakes.

Overall this was a lovely, emotional, heart-wrenching and beautiful story darlin'. You should be very proud of it and thank you so much for sharing it!

Karen xoxo

Author's Response: Belated review response for belated hot seat!

Femslash is everything (or, at least, to a growing degree everything on my page). While I fully support diverse reading, I don't think it's really something you get "experience" in. It's just a matter of reading about different types of characters. Whichever gender they are/are attracted to, romance is pretty much romance.

Spoiler: This story is so real because much of it is based on my own experience. Yup, when I can't write I throw the blurry line of fiction out the window.

I'm glad I made you feel so many things! Thanks, in particular, for your compliments on my descriptions.

Thank you so much for the review, and in particular for taking the time for it although you missed my Hot Seat day


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Review #4, by marauderfan Your Hand

21st December 2015:

Well, I'm here for the Hot Seat again (fun fact: at first I accidentally typed Hog Seat) and saw that this didn't have many reviews but Lavender/Parvati sounded too good to not read. The first fic I ever read about Lavender was a femslash and ever since then, that's kind of been my headcanon for her so I couldn't resist reading this one!

The walls are blank and white, trapping us on a canvas that will never feel the touch of a brush. -- GAH, YOUR DESCRIPTIONS. They are incredible. I just love the imagery of this one and the loneliness conveyed through it without even saying anything about loneliness.

I also really love the description of the progression of Parvati and Lavender's friendship just through the seven sentences about holding each other's hands. At first, it's because they're both in a new place and they're scared. The hand holding is about comfort. Then it's about support. And by sixth year, it's something more, for Parvati at least. And gahhh, the end is so sad, when Parvati realizes she'll never be able to tell Lavender she loves her. :'( That's such a real thing, her wishing she'd said something before it was too late. And even though Lavender isn't dead, Parvati seems to sense that she won't wake up - the 'emptiness disguised as peace'. It's just so sad and the emotion radiating off the page is so raw.

This is really beautiful, and I'm so impressed with how much you said in so few words. That really is a talent. Amazing work on this.

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Review #5, by toomanycurls Your Hand

11th December 2015:
You're breaking my heart! I'm not sure if I want to think Lavender is dead and that's why they won't confess their love or if she's alive and their relationship kept platonic for other reasons. I feel like there's still hope for them with the way the story started but at the end it's all misery and desolation. Love how this made me feel.

Author's Response: Hey Rose,

Thank you so much for stopping by with a review when I needed it (and apologies for waiting so long to respond)

I suppose I may not have made Lavender's state entirely clear. The idea is that she is in a coma-like state, which is my head canon because I refuse to acknowledge that she died in the battle.

Haha, I love that you move how hope turned to misery and desolation makes you feel.

Much love!


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