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Reading Reviews for turn to dust.
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Review #1, by Gail Welin five.

6th March 2016:
Hi Nim ;)


This is one of the pieces I've been meaning to read for a while but it's so intense that I must admit it scared me a little :)

Alright, so the first bit is obviously James' POV, Harry is in the nursery and the three Potters are hidden (and locked) away.
The second bit is tricky. I though Remus at first, maybe with another werewolf because of the snarling and the mention of the curse... But Remus wouldn't cuss... (Well if he did then not like that, right?) So I thought maybe Sirius (I am, after all, just getting used to the awesomeness of wolfstar)? I'm not 100% sure.
The third bit became easier to guess when the person dives into the gutters - a rat, so Peter. He'd be the only one I can think of that is so underrated by all around him that he could get to pretend to have a sickly mother even though she's been dead for years. Also, him watching the two confirms the second bit most probably being about Sirius.
The fourth, gloating and evil bit reeks of Voldemort - it's the "old man" that decided me.
The last bit is even trickier. Hagrid is the one that rescued Harry from the ruins, then came Sirius to give him his bike before going after Peter - I don't recall Dumbledore being one of the first at the scene. But the use of the word "alas" and the way James and Lily are referred to as "two mighty souls" hints towards an educated mind (so maybe not Hagrid) calm and distant (so not Sirius or Remus or Severus even). So maybe Dumbledore.

To capture the essence of specific characters in 100 words for each is not only an amazing feat, it's also kind of terrifying :o
This was very saddening - but I'm glad I finally read this. And that I had a glass of wine :p


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Review #2, by ReeBee five.

9th December 2015:
Oh my god erin your writing style. like wow. I'm completely breathless!!! Anyways here for our review swap and picked this because the idea of a 100 word story challenge was super interesting!!! like thats such a good idea and you did it so well!! like seriously!!

wait is the first one Jily well thats how i interpreted it and it broke my heart like how could you do this to me!! Somehow in 100 words you showed the effects of war on Lily and the last part made my heart wrench and wow erin. and the last two words were so beautiful and sad and ugh.

and i have no idea who the second one is but again i love the denial where the end with i don't love you but it sounds like the characters saying it to themselves. AND THE THIRD ONE. again no idea who it is but i love that- idk why maybe its because i just read something else but it seems like an awkward third wheeling situation where there's three friends and two of them start going out or something. or thats just my crazed imagination. either way that made me really sad.


this was super fun to read and everything was so mysterious like who are these people!! swap again later yeah? thank you!

-Reebs xx

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Review #3, by MuggleMaybe five.

5th December 2015:
Hello Theia! I'm here to review your entry for the Microfiction Challenge. :)

First of all, my guesses:
i: James
ii: Sirius
iii: Peter
iv: Voldemort
v: Dumbledore

When writing teachers give that infamous advice - "show, don't tell" - I think this must be what they're imagining. Your language is very tactile, and you're able to say so much just from what you let us see.

This piece is absolutely full of angst and I love it. I think the first three parts are just slightly stronger than the others. Peter - I don't know how people manage to write him so well, but you have.
"If they'd ever bothered to ask, they'd know she's been dead eleven years now."
Oh, my. I loathe Peter, but I can't help but pity him.

I'm honored that you broke your hiatus with an entry for my challenge. It's fabulous.

xoxo Renee

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Review #4, by Lostmyheart five.

12th November 2015:
Erin, you magnificent writer!

Five short stories into this chapter?? And with so few words??? Omg. You're incredible.
They're so well written and intense at the same time, I really can't see who's who when I'm reading them and I sort of don't feel the need to know who they are.
They're so sad, most of them I think, and I nearly swooned from reading the first story. I've missed your writing!!!

Love you, and happy Hot Seat week!

- Avi

*throws the 10/10 after you*

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Review #5, by Rumpelstiltskin five.

12th November 2015:

This was awesome, and tragic.

Section I. (James)

Their illusion ideal life as husband and wife, also as mother and father, has been shattered by the war. I think you captured this brilliantly

Section II. (Sirius)

Not to mention, wolfstar? :D I love this section. The pain that Sirius is experiencing is raw and real, as is his love.

Section III. (Uhm...)

I want to say Remus with the sick mother portion, but I'm also drawn to Peter. I want to lean on Peter a little more with this, feeling neglected between the Jily and the Wolfstar happening. They're blind with love, and Peter is feeling overwhelmingly alone.

Section IV: (Voldemort)

His voice comes through the most clear over the others, most probably because he's the big bad guy. His hatred for love is immutable.

Section V: (Dumbledore)

I find it extremely difficult to write Dumbledore, but I think you've done a fantastic job with him. My favorite lines are in this section, "But alas, now there is nothing left. Nothing to cast our hearts towards"

I love the way you've written this. Each section has its own distinct voice, and I think that is very clever. Fantastic job, this absolutely blew me away!


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Review #6, by notreallyblonde44 five.

9th November 2015:
Happy Hot Seat, Theia!

So spoilers to those who the read the comments before the fic, let me see if I get these pairing rights:

1. James/Lily: so sad. So so sad. But beautiful. You really captured James here and his dilemma. Heís been chasing this girl around for AGES Ė lands her, then theyíre whole life is ruined so young by a war and hate. And itís so sad. Lovely. Well done.

2. Wolfstar (though I could be remiss and say tonks, I donít want to): Hot! The passion and the longing, needing pace you captured so well. I would love love love seeing this full scale and all yas. Adore wolfstar! Thank you!

3. Peter: Bye Felicia to him! No one wants you, dude. Ugh the hate I feel, yet the pity. Why do you make me pity this creature?? Donít want to feel for him in any way.

4. Voldemort??: I only got this because of the emphasis on ďloveĒ in there. Quite a big leap/change from the last three POVS, but still good at capturing the character is such a small snippet.

5. Dumbledore: Well, I am only guessing this because the emphasis on Harry makes me think of the Dumbly actor in some movie, maybe the 4th, and his voice seems rather omniscient as opposed to the otherís Ė less focused on love, but the bigger picture. Which is how I imagined him to think.

Overall, really strong narrative and characterizations. I assume the line that runs through each of these fics is the first war-beginning to end? Iíll echo that there was a bit of a hop in character based on the progression, but regardless I think you did an excellent job capturing each of these POVS and in 100 words, so impressive! Hope you come back from your hiatus soon and keep cranking on goodness :)


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Review #7, by adluvshp five.

9th November 2015:
Hey Erin!

My goodness, you never fail to floor me with your writing. I come here expecting to leave a decent review but all I can get out is a random gushing of words like omg omg this was so amazing i loved it i dont even know what to say your descriptions are spectacular and i just asdfghjkl;

Okay but I'll try to be coherent now. This was absolutely amazingly written. The beauty in your writing is rare. I have seldom come across writers who can express themselves with such grace and you're one of them. You always, always inspire me.

This whole micro fiction idea was brilliant and you pulled it off so well. I could feel the emotion in each segment really powerfully. Your descriptions were just marvellous. It was also not that difficult to guess the characters but also not so easy - just enough intrigue to keep the reader pondering. Great job there.

So, my guesses:

1) James
2) Sirius
3) Peter? I initially thought Remus but then realised it must be Peter.
4) Not 100% sure about this but Voldemort?
5) Dumbledore.

You have to tell me whether I guessed correctly xD

And yes, I'd like to conclude this review with my favourite line from the story that really resonated with me:

"There is no friendship when lovers intervene."

I just loved that. You have such a wonderful way with words, Erin. I look up to you. Great, absolutely perfect, piece of writing. Keep writing more and more and one day you'll be one of India's (and hey maybe even the world's) top authors.


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Review #8, by Felpata Lupin five.

6th November 2015:
Oh, Erin... Wow... I don't even know what to say...
This is so beautiful, and so sad, and so heartbreaking... You nearly had me in tears here!
(Also, it's the Marauders... And I believe you know how much I adore the Marauders!)

Ok, let's go with order...
James. How hard must it be? The both of them, prisoners in their own house. It's so sad. And it's so sweet that he mostly feels bad for her, guilty for bringing her in that situation. In such a short space you showed all his love for her. It's so sweet.

Sirius? A Wolfstar moment? I'm quite sure, but not 100% sure. I loved the passion in the section. It was so powerful, so heartfelt! It's just this moment of complete freedom and forgetfulness amidst the horror of the war. And it is just so beautiful.

Peter, right? Abandoned and cut out, ignored and unimportant... I do feel a bit sorry for him, but I can't forgive what he did.

This one is hard. I really have no idea... sounds a bit Voldemort-like to me, but I'm probably completely out of track... I'm a bit lost about this section, I'll admit...

Sirius again? Or Remus, more likely? Or am I completely out of track here, too? That day was the end of everything for both of them... It's just so sad... And James and Lily losing their lives, when they were both so young... Sorry, but I really have to go cry now...

Wonderful job! You are such an amazing writer!!!

All my love, hugs and kisses!

PS. I gave a quick look to the other reviews and saw they guessed Dumbledore for the last section... I think they are absolutely right, it makes much more sense than my guesses... :P

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Review #9, by krazyboutharryginny five.

4th November 2015:
Hey Erin! I saw that you wanted some feedback on this, and then I saw the Remus/Sirius tag and I was like "YEP TIME TO READ" so here I am haha.

Linguistically, this entire thing is absolutely stunning. Like, it took my breath away. (Literally, after I read 2 I had to stop for a minute to take some deep breaths and get my emotions under control.) And I can definitely understand you finding this overwhelming emotionally while writing. There is SO much emotion crammed into so few words (I didn't want to say "crammed into" because it sounds like it doesn't fit - it does, it's amazing, I'm in awe, but I couldn't think how else to word it).

Now, here's the thing with the PoVs. I got 1 and 2 easily. At 3, it got harder. The first line suggested that it was Remus' PoV, but I think that I was thrown off by the timeline - it sort of jumps back to their school days for a minute, and that had me a bit confused. And then, as far as I can tell, 4 is Voldemort and 5 is Dumbledore, but I had to look at the tags again to make sure I wasn't imagining things/guessing wrong. I think my problem there was that you had 3 Marauder point of view sections in a row, then suddenly it was from Voldemort's point of view, which is quite a leap. This is probably just me and the way my brain works/makes connections though. If anything, maybe you could put some additional separation between 1/2/3 and 4/5?

I'm not sure if any of this is helpful, but I hope it was! And I want to make sure it's absolutely clear that section 2 absolutely CRUSHED my poor Wolfstar-shipping heart :( In just 100 words you managed to capture so much of what I imagine about their relationship and in such a poignant way. I'm blown away.

Overall, this is VERY impressive and I was completely in awe while reading it. Amazing work, Erin!


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Review #10, by Seasons_Greetings five.

3rd November 2015:
Hello Erin.

My name is SeasonsGreetings and I'm currently trying to spread as much love as possible across the forums/archives throughout the holiday seasons.

I happened across your story after I saw you posting about it on the forums and it sounded cool. I enjoyed the concept of splitting the story into 5 smaller stories. It gives the reader only a momentary glance into what's going on in each character's life, but the way you've done it is quite effective.

Now, which character is which? Here are my guesses. You'll have to let me know how I've done.

1. James
2. Sirius
3. Peter
4. Voldemort
5. Dumbledore

Your lovely usage of description stood out to me quite a bit. I could almost envision Lily floating down the hallway, her cheeks drawn and her body skeletal. I could see James reaching out to her and wanting to console her. I could see Remus and Sirius fighting their feelings for one another. It was very well done.

Now, since this was all a bit sad, I'm off to go fix myself a large mug of hot cocoa. Yes, that's just the thing I need to cheer me up.

I'll leave you with wishes for a fabulous holiday season!


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