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Reading Reviews for Slither In, Slither Out
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Review #1, by alicia and anne Slither In, Slither Out

2nd December 2015:
Oh I never once though about the ghost of Severus Snape lurking in the place where he died... I wonder if he did remain as a ghost?

I love that Albus is scared about what they'll find, and that they're talking about how terrible Albus' name is. I have to agree with James here, Dobby Hagrid Potter would have been a lot better.

Poor Albus being frightened! I just want to hug him. Aww it was all a ploy to get him to try and face his fears whilst being out of the castle.

Bless them! They're so adorable! I love how you've written them, I love their bickering and the way that they agree to share their dessert with each other.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!
I can see Severus as a ghost, but I don't think he would hang around in the Shrieking Shack. He'd likely be around Lily's grave at all times. I have a headcanon Remus is a ghost and he's in the Shrieking Shack to offer moral support for all werewolves who attend Hogwarts.
Spoiler alert: James ends up hogging all of the treacle tart.

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Review #2, by The Basilisk Slither In, Slither Out

6th November 2015:
Ohh thisss title is for me is it not? Surely it has to be!

Oi! What mockery is thisss, why we are clever, clever beasts. Though thwarted by Potter in every way, but clever and scary! Boo!

Their banter is funny, what adorable brotherly affection. The names are all ridiculous, I agree. I think itís cute that James wanted Albus to get out and have some Halloween thrills. Well written, a bit on the short side, Iím still waiting for a ghost to pop out haha. You know, they could visit Severus in the Headmaster/mistressís portrait area for their next grand adventure, snake free ;) Good luck in the challengesss.

The Basilisk

Author's Response: Thank you, Basilisk! Contrary to canon, you're quite friendly!

You've planted an idea in my head...I will likely do something with it in the future.

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