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Review #1, by Santosh 24- Presents With Pretence

22nd March 2018:
loved these last few chapter please update ASAP!

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Review #2, by Art 24- Presents With Pretence

24th February 2018:
Thanks for the read ! Sorry to be terse but I've honestly run out of nice adjectives at the moment ! Looking forward to the next update.

Author's Response: Hahaha! Thanks! Well I hope you find some more soon because I've got BIG plans for this trilogy

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Review #3, by Art 23- On Thick Ice

25th December 2017:
It's good.We're warming up again.Realistic and methodical battle scenes as always.Thanks for the update.Is the next scheduled for January?
Happy holidays.

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it!! I'm hoping to get the next chapter up for late January/early February. A combination of other projects have kinda kept me busy so I'm not as far ahead as I'd like.

See ya then :D

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Review #4, by Art 22- The Ministry of Magic for Mongolia

23rd December 2017:
Thanks for the update.A job well done.

Author's Response: Thanks, expect the next chapter on Christmas! Happy Holidays! :D

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Review #5, by Art 21- Hunters of Gold

25th October 2017:
Thanks for the update.This seems to be another 'build-up' chapter and it does its part well by maintaining the theme. Will there be cracks in the alliance? Is Cecilia your typical lone wolf? And most importantly,where do we all go from here?
Thanks again for the truckloads of fun.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review and I'm glad you're enjoying it. I personally don't see her as a lone wolf persay, to a certain extent she does trust Cadmir and the loyalty of the Nightcrawlers but she's far more focused on her need for revenge and, in her mind, to set things right.
As for the Alliance, they've never been more united, just not the way they wanted to be.

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Review #6, by Art 20- Choosing a Kiss

3rd October 2017:
This is interesting.Is this the end of the beginning? Or the beginning of the end?

Author's Response: The first for some, and the latter for others ;)

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Review #7, by Rwalker 20- Choosing a Kiss

3rd October 2017:
Incredible story and chapter. When is the next installment due?

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Not to long now, I try to get chapters out at around a monthly basis.
Thanks :)

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Review #8, by Art 19- The Winning Condition

21st August 2017:
You know,for a while back there I had a genuine fear of you abandoning this story.Thankfully,the bleak foreboding's yet to pass and all's well with the world ! Thanks for the update.
Now for the chapter.I do not want to re-quote myself,but you're a dab hand in fleshing out character and maintaining control of the storyline,while conjuring a fiesta.With no disrepect to JKR,these were some of the areas of inconsistency in the 7 books,and you have definitely,what,upped the bar?Kudos.
You have been consistently developing the characters with real-life touches that make the edifice of the baseline stronger,the main players believable and the plot brillianter (Is that actually a word? Never mind,'cause I find it an apt describer of my feelings.). The slight shift of topic in this chapter is a necessary reprieve from the web of complexities you built up over the last year,and ,as an example of writerlyly skills,very intelligently drawn out.(How do you manage and keep track of all the alternating P.O.V.S so smoothly?Must be a hell of a job.It is quite reminiscent of Tolstoy's War and Peace and even unconscious,half-hearted emulation of that style of writing is exemplary at worst!)
Believe me,I have read post-Hogwarts fanfic for quite some time,and yours is definitely one of a kind.Someday(I hope!) when all the three books are over,I'll be looking forward to rereading from the first word and sum up my emotions in this very page.But,for just my sake,I do wish it to be in the very distant future.
Keep the good work.You're good at it.(Lookout for one more demo of my rather bad english. XDXD.).
P.S. Would it be very annoying if I look for quicker updates?

Author's Response: Thank you so much! And don't worry, I have no intentions of abandoning this and, even in the highly unlikely situation that I do, I'd be sure to make an update to let everyone know.
Updates should be a bit quicker know I'm not re-editing the entirety of the first book and I'm really chugging along to try and finish writing this book before the New Year.

Thanks again and I look forward to your reactions on the next chapters!

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Review #9, by Santosh 18- Mother and Father

4th August 2017:
Hi just checking in!!! I see that you haven't posted in a while. Just wondering when you will post again! Please respond soon.

Author's Response: Hey! Yes, the next chapt will soon be up, I've just been spending a while completely re-editing the first book (Battle of the Survivors). The new changed should be up now.

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Review #10, by Santosh 18- Mother and Father

14th June 2017:
wow keep posting! i love where this story is going! please update with new chapter ASAP!

Author's Response: Glad you liked it (Honestly this is one of my favorite chapters so far).

B the way the first novel just had a huge re-edit including new scenes and a Prologue so if you're looking for something to tide you over, that's the place to be.

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Review #11, by Art 18- Mother and Father

14th May 2017:
Thanks for a delectable read ! And the ending was so cathartic after the long months of wait! Good ol' Hollywood seems to have a hand in the last line...XDXDXD ! Looking forward for the next update !

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it and felt that way!
One of the reasons this chapter took a while to upload was because I wanted to do everything I could for this important part in Marietta's arc.

Thanks again and looking forward to your reactions on the next few chapters :D

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Review #12, by Art 17- Before the Sneak

6th May 2017:
Glad to see the update in a long are building the parallel povs admirably;and while the storyline has been simmering for a while now,I can hardly wait for the showdown,when the parallel storylines clash.
Once again,Thanks for a thrilling ride.And I know,this will sound rude,so please forgive in advance,but as a reader we need a few more updates.Can hardly wait for the next!!!

Author's Response: Hey! Glad to hear you're enjoying it!!

Don't worry, it's not rude t ask. I try to update around every three-four weeks, sometimes if I've has a lot of spare time it's a bit sooner but ofttimes, as recently, the combination of work, my new relationship and other writing projects steals away some of my attention.
A bit more so recently as I'm re-editing the first story, tBotS, so that it reads better as a story. (That update should hopefully happen the next time I add a new chapter here).

Looking forward to your future reactions and I hope you enjoy Chapt 18 :D

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Review #13, by Santosh 17- Before the Sneak

21st April 2017:
Wow these chapters were really great please update ASAP. Sorry I haven't written in a while I have been busy with college admissions and school testing.

Author's Response: It's alright buddy! Gotta have your priorities.
Glad you enjoyed it! :D

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Review #14, by Santosh 16- The Pansy Route

22nd March 2017:
I've been really busy with school sorry I haven't checked in this chapter is really good! please write more!

Author's Response: Thank buddy!
I should have the next chapter up by the end of of the coming week at the latest so keep an eye out for that.
SiriusAura92 :)

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Review #15, by siriusfan1990 16- The Pansy Route

15th March 2017:
This series is more interesting when we read it fully... I'm reading from the beginning every time you update... Awesome...

This is one of the best action fanfics I have ever read...

Author's Response: THANK YOU SO MUCH!
I should have the next chapter up by the end of of the coming week at the latest.

Thanks again,

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Review #16, by Art 16- The Pansy Route

12th February 2017:
This chapter,at first seemed to be negligible.Only when I went back and re-read the whole story,that I could really appreciate your extreme skill as an author. As I said earlier,you have an almost unearthly ability of not getting carried away by the flow of your own narrative ; a characteristic which demeans the quality of otherwise good pieces of creative writing. The degree of control you have been exercising over the pace of the story is remarkable indeed.
Another good, yet unappreciated, part of your updates has been near-consistent absence of typos and grammatical errors,a fault which has sadly affected fan-fiction in general.
A big Thank You. For providing me with one of the best pieces of creative writing in recent years.Please update ASAP. And btw,are you still up by many chapters ?

Author's Response: Hello there! Thank you so much! I'm so glad you're enjoying it, it really does mean a lot.
I can understand why you might feel a little underwhelmed but when read with the next chapt (or two), I can promise you it will read so much better.

I'm a few more chapters ahead than I was in Dec so chapts should go up more regularly (hopefully about once a month or so at most).

Thanks again

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Review #17, by Santosh 15- The Defeat in Victory

6th January 2017:
this chapter was fairly good and I really liked it! I really liked how Alice Mulvenna finally had to explain her actions and why she did what she did and I kind of feel a sense of sympathy with Alice Mulvenna because and the end of the day the take away point is that we all want we all want peace no matter what. But it does matter who we make peace with whether it's in this story or in the real world today you want to make peace with those who are morally correct. So yeah! You've done a terrific job and keep writing and please update ASAP!

Author's Response: Thanks bud, glad you enjoyed it. I'm gona see if I can nail down a few chapters this month so hopfully you should get an update early Feb.
SiriusAura92 :D

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Review #18, by Art 15- The Defeat in Victory

25th December 2016:
Hello again and a very Merry Christmas to you!This chapter seemed to be sort of a filler,a sort of lull between storms ,if you will.It's nice to see that you have not been lost in your action portrayal and varying the pace of the story,keeping it interesting in the process. I've always loved the way you show adult Harry's mind weighing between responsibility,duty and his moral dilemma,and his use of the Unforgivable against Morgana Bowtown adds a nice dark touch to the chapter;this grants an alternate horrifying perspective to the war which I RELISH. The best part about your writing is you're being a realist and have complete creative control over the subtleties of that fine line separating fiction and life.
I've got only a oh-so-negligible complaint regarding this chapter.It's a little less involved than expected from the aftermath of a gory battle and seems to be a tad hurriedly penned.But of course,you;re the author and I KNOW FOR A FACT from your earlier works that my confidence on you has never been unfounded and I am counting on you,friend,to show your usual mastery in dishing out a mouthwatering spectacle.However, you must admit that you committed a thoroughly dishonourable ,if I might say so,crime by leaving me as a reader on the brink,for nearly 2 months.I didn't like that,especially for such a nice piece of writing as yours...:D
Thank you.It's being a pleasure to read your work and here's looking forward to the next chapter(For Harry's sake,update fast ! XDXDXD).
Thank you and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR !(Is there a cat in hell's chance of seeing you earlier ?)

Author's Response: Hey there, thank you SO much for your review.

Yes, part of the reason why it feels rushed is because within the majority of the chapter (the end of the battle) a lot happens within a very short time frame and dragging things out made it feel very unnatural when I was writing out drafts. As for being more involved, that was really the job of the previous chapter and feels more that way (I believed) when they were read together (and not, I'll admit 1 or 2 months apart). Most of the detailing was already done and making this chapter just as dark/gritty after an 8000 word battle would make for quite heavy reading (especially as this chapter is telling the turnaround for our heroes).

I'm hoping to get more chapters done before I start a big job in Jan so my aim is to get the next chapter by the beginning of Feb latest.

Thank you again so so much for your review and please keep them coming!
Hope you had a great Christmas and have a great New Year,
SiriusAura92 :D

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Review #19, by Art 14- The Battle for Russia

3rd December 2016:
Hello friend ! Been reading your trilogy and loving it! The intense chapters can rival the original series itself (my opinion...XDXDXD) !! Great job !
P.S.waiting more than a month...please update soon...looking forward to it !
P.P.S.Please.a longer chapter ??? XDXDXD

Author's Response: Hi! Wow that's a big a compliment as you can give haha! Thank you!
As for the release dates, IRL things (the good kind) are picking up giving me less time to write SoA. The next chapt should be up for the site's xmas break.

Thanks and looking forward to your future reviews!

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Review #20, by Santosh 14- The Battle for Russia

11th November 2016:
wow this chapter had me at the edge of my seat wanting more. I loved it! please put up the next chapter as soon as possible!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'll be putting the next chapt up sometime before the xmas break!

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Review #21, by siriusfan1990 14- The Battle for Russia

30th October 2016:
Wow. Awesome Battle scene... Great... One of the best action docs I ever read, reading.

Author's Response: Thanks! So glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #22, by Santosh 13- Reward and Loss

5th October 2016:
wow cant wait for the next chapter! it battle time! please update soon!

Author's Response: Hell yeh! It should be up before the month is out! :)

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Review #23, by Santosh 12- The Minister Subdued

13th September 2016:
Wow did not see Naomi coming with an entire army this just got a whole lot more complicated for everybody. I wonder what will happen next with an entire army marching towards Russian ministry. This is very exciting and nerve wrecking please update soon!

Author's Response: Glad you're enjoying it! Hoping to get the next chapt up quicker than this one.

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Review #24, by siriusfan1990 12- The Minister Subdued

7th September 2016:
Awesome buildup... Can feel the battle brewing slowly... Too many countries and people might confuse at times but the story is absolutely a gem...

Author's Response: I'm so glad you're enjoying. Yes I knew that would be a problem but with the scale the story is reaching, it would've been very difficult (and somewhat unbelievable) to scale it down.
Looking forward to your reaction for the next chapters! :D


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Review #25, by Santosh 11- The Tale of Twin Paths

31st August 2016:
sorry I have not reviewed in a while I have been on summer vacation but now i'm back and I have enjoyed reading the past few chapters please update soon!

Author's Response: Hey, glad you're enjoying it. Just posting the new chapt now!

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