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Review #1, by Daphne brown Them

1st May 2017:
Wow... I cannot describe this in words...

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Review #2, by Mandy Aspen Them

28th March 2017:
I LOVE THIS, U ROK MY SOX! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!! I don't know roman numerals. :(

10/10 :)

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Review #3, by Bardic Magic Them

28th January 2016:
I've picked this story in response to the Red vs. Gold Challenge.
First, let me say...whoa! That was some seriously creepy writing there. The Roman numerals and the out-of-sequence paragraphs was a real twist. The first time through, I read it "as written" which, although confusing (which I'm sure was your intent) was also, somewhat unnerving. The second time through I read it in numerical sequence. Surprise! Still creepy! LOL!

I think the biggest twist was when I found that Albus had been to Summerbee, also. I can easily imagine the amount of pressure a child of Harry and Ginny Potter could be under. Living up to those kinds of standards and, presumably, hearing all of the stories from family and friends your whole life...whew! Conversely, in Soleil's case, growing up hearing of how your father was killed by Harry Potter...serious meltdown there, too.

The suspense between xxv and xxvii...did James make it there before Albus to warn his dad? The chronology would say "yes", but Soleil's comments in xxvi would say that she already knew Harry was dead. But, she only saw the ghosts of those her father had killed, so she wouldn't "see" Harry as one of them. The fact that she had been planting the seeds of murder in Albus' head all those years would lead her to believe she had accomplished her goals. Aarg! Very excellent story, Gina! Kudos to you!!

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Review #4, by Unicorn_Charm Them

9th January 2016:
Hey Gina! Here for Team Red for the Review Battle! :)

Oh my goodness, this was incredible! Like it was bone chillingly creepy and just magnificent! I haven't read Darkness and Summerbee, but I so want to after this.

So I read it through as you've written it, and then went back and read it in order of the Roman numerals. What I loved about this story was that it was just as good either way. Actually, I preferred the out of order way that it was written, because I felt like that made it so much creepier. It was like a collection of scattered thoughts. It was brilliantly done.

Poor James. I can't imagine how it would feel to think that your own brother killed, or was planning to kill your father. How horrifying it must had been for him to wake up to that note. I loved how he rushed right home. It totally struck me as like when Harry was about to rush to Grimmauld Place and the Ministry when he had that vision about Sirius. A very Gryffindor/wreckless thing to do.

I can't believe how creepy and cold Albus was in this. I think I'll have a difficult time reading him the same way again after this for a long time. And did he kill Harry?? You don't know! I love that you don't know, but then I hate not knowing and I want to pretend that he didn't but I really think he did. Oh my god that was so good!

Speaking of creepy. I was left feeling so uneasy because of Soleil. That part with the mouse was horrifying. I can't even describe how badly that girl creeped me right out. I have to know more about her though. Which is why I need to read your other story. She's completely horrifying, but totally intriguing at the same time. How in the world did she have enough influence over Al to get him to do that? Or attempt to do that? I'm so intrigued.

This was fantastic! It was so chilling, but so wonderfully written. I loved it so much! Just a great, great job on this!

xoxo Meg

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much for the review! I am still blown away by the positive feedback I've gotten for this story because I was so nervous when I posted it--probably more nervous than I've been for any other story because of how different it was. I had my husband read it before I posted it and he had such an indifferent reaction that I almost didn't post it. But he was also sleep-deprived, so I can't fault him. Haha.

I did leave the ending open on purpose because I wanted the reader to make their own assumptions. In my mind, Harry lives. Albus wrote James the letter (I think) hoping that James would step in and save him. But he was a) hearing voices telling him to kill his father (that's his schizophrenia) and b) wrapped up Soleil's world. I may write another one-shot about Soleil and Albus's relationship, but for the sake of this piece I kept it short. Basically, psychopaths (Soleil) are VERY charismatic. And though they feel very little emotion, they're good at faking it (like when she was holding Albus and comforting him). Albus met Soleil at a very impressionable time in his life, and because she, too, was seeing people, he felt a connection. Combine all of that and you have a powerful bond that led Albus to the final scene in this story. But, as I said, I like to think that James got there in time to stop it, or that Albus chickened out.

Thanks again for the review, Meg! I always appreciate a thoughtful review. :)

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Review #5, by mymischiefmanaged Them

9th January 2016:
Hi Gina! Here to review for team gold :)

ah this whole story was so horrifying but so good! I don't even know what to make of it. Your writing is stunning. I haven't read Darkness and Summerbee but will have to make sure that I do because this is fabulous.

James's concern for his father is sweet but heartbreaking. You've done a really good job of showing him as a teenager, not quite sure how to handle his feelings but old enough to realise that something is very seriously wrong.

The way you pieced together Soleil's story is wonderful. I was confused when you first mentioned her with the mouse, but you drew it altogether beautifully. What happened to her is so sad but at the same time she's caused so much suffering! I don't know what to make of her.

And Albus is just creepy. I suppose it's the combination of his illness and Soleil's influence. I hope that Harry got through to him at the end? I read this and thought he'd killed him, but when I came back to read it again I was less sure. I suppose that's your intention - it could end either way.

I would have liked to see one more section about Ginny, as she felt strangely absent from the story. Where is she when Albus and James are there at the end? And when James comes back to check on Harry? The only thing I'd like to add to this is something more about what Ginny's life is like, perhaps a snapshot of how she feels leaving Albus in the psych ward.

This is such an impressive piece of writing Gina, well done!

Emma xx

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Review #6, by TreacleTart Them

2nd January 2016:
Hey Gina!

I'm here to review your entry in the Pschological Horror Challenge. I'll be breaking this review down into the categories I'll be judging it on. (At least once I finish shouting about how amazing this is. Seriously, THIS WAS PHENOMENAL.)

Ok...regains composure. Let me try to be coherent.

Plot - The whole idea of this story was excellent. I love, love, love a dark Albus story. There's just something about that concept that's so very appealing. Anyway, I love the way you wove Albus' psychopathy into Soleil's and how James is this innocent bystander who gets dragged into it all. The pacing, flow, everything is just right. The description is minimal, but the sparseness of it really allowed my mind to wander and made this far creepier for me than if you had filled this all in.

Characters - I think you nailed the characterization. You've gotten James down to a T. And Soleil, Albus, Nadia, the Healers, all of them were exactly as they should be. Your portrayal of psychopathy was bone chillingly brilliant.

Creep Factor - Of all the stories I've read so far, this one certainly has creeped me out the most. You really played hard on the psychological factor by leaving it open ended and allowing me to ascertain for myself whether or not Harry died.

Spelling/Grammar/Typos - One word for you. FLAWLESS.

Seriously, I'm blown away by this. As you know, I've read a lot of your writing and I've enjoyed it all, but this could possibly be the best thing I've seen from you so far.

Now I have one last question...Did Albus send the letter to James because he has a little shred of a conscience somewhere and he wanted James to warn Harry/stop him or did he send James the letter in hopes that he'd panic, rush home, and then Albus could kill James and Harry in one go?

Great work! You should be really proud of this.


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Review #7, by Marshal Them

10th December 2015:

This was mind blowing. I came by because of Day 9 of the advent calendar. While I know this was written for Halloween type things and so very much not Christmas. I can't help but love a good little twisted dark fic. I love how you ordered things and just how all the little pieces made for a bigger picture. Amazing!

Did you write all the parts in chronological order and then move it all around or did you sort of write it as we see it now? Really amazing job and I bow at your skills to weave things the way you did!


Author's Response: Thanks for stopping by!

I didn't write in chronological order. I knew what chronological order would be, but I wrote the sections in the order they appear to ensure they worked in that order--transitions and all that. So glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #8, by MuggleMaybe Them

5th December 2015:
OH MY GOD. What a story!

Um, I mean... Hi! I'm here to review your entry for the Super Microfiction Challenge.

I have to confess: I'm jealous of myself. I read this for the first time a week or two ago, and now I'm going through to review all the entries so I read it again. Don't get me wrong; this story is INCREDIBLE. But the adrenaline of reading this the first time was out of this world. I wish I could read it for the first time a hundred times!

After my first reading, I made the following notes which I think you might appreciate: "Good lord, I was on the edge of my (expletive) seat. Holy (expletive) Albus. Exhilarating, terrifying."

Honestly, in terms of an actual review, I'm not sure where to even begin. I am blown away. Each moment is perfectly rendered, you offer just the right details to make it real in so few words. And the characters, too, are magnificently drawn despite the concise nature of the scenes.

This was also a brilliant use of the structure. I like the idea, in theory, of presenting things out of chronological order, but I find it hard to figure out what other order to use. You don't seem to have this problem - the revelation of events as you've ordered them does a lot of work to build the tension as much as possible without it being confusing.

I simply cannot do this story justice. Masterful, honestly.

Thanks for entering your incredible story in the challenge! I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to read it!

xoxo Renee

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Review #9, by PeasantGirlFromMars Them

28th October 2015:
Dear Gina,

I think this is an amazing piece of writing! Really enjoyed reading it)) Leaving the ending open was a smart idea, although I personally believe that Albus did kill Harry (since Soleil stopped seeing the ghosts;)
Would you mind, if I translate this fic into Russian and post it on hogwartsnet website (hogwartsnet.ru)? I will make sure to credit you as the author of the fic and share the link to the original text posted on this website. Also, any additional information (like your email or website) can be listed as well, if you wish.
I hope that you will be able to read this message soon and will allow me to share an incredible experience of reading your works with those who don't speak English.

Kind regards,

Author's Response: Hi Julia! Wow, what a flattering review! I would be happy to have you translate this piece. :) Just my author's name as credit will be fine.


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Review #10, by The Basilisk Them

27th October 2015:
Hello, It is I, The Basilisk, come here for a review.

Ooh, this was delightfully creepy. I loved reading it. I am very confused (in a good way) about the ending - did he or did he not kill Harry?! Ghosh.
But seriousssly, what an amazing piece of writing. The random order, the fragmented style, the dessscriptions - it was all perfect. The plot itself was very thrilling and haunting. The narrative only added to itsss brilliance.

Your characterisssation of Soleil and Albus was very interesssting. Psychopath from such young ages, poor kids. I wonder what made Albus thisss way though. It would be so cool to read a one-shot entirely from his perssspective, giving an insight into his thoughts.

The appearance of the figuresss at the end almost gave me shivers - and that's saying something because you know I'm a centuries old snake trapped in a Chamber who doesn't fear anything.

All in all, thisss was a very well-written piece. Psychological horror in the truest sense. I loved reading it. Great, great, great job!!

Hiss Hiss,
The Basilisk

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Review #11, by Aphoride Them

26th October 2015:
Hey there, Gina! :) Dropping by for our review swap! :)

So I think this is the first thing of yours that I've read, which seems like such a shame now - you write so beautifully and I could have been reading your stuff for so much longer!

This was so, so good! It's just so delightfully creepy, and there's this whole sense of tension, like you're waiting for something, throughout the whole thing, which is so great, and just sort of amplifies the suspense from the short sentences and the storyline.

Ah, your characters are great. I loved how you tied them all into it - no one was random or out of place, even if they seemed like it at points (I did wonder what else James had to do with it at the beginning of the story when he sort of vanished for a while), and it just... gah, Albus was so well done. I loved the whole psychopathy element and how he's not safe, he's not cured, but he kinda thinks he is - even though perhaps he's not entirely sure? He and Soleil are just that perfect blend of out of control and yet in control, if that makes sense.

Your writing is gorgeous in this too. I'm not usually a fan of kinda stripped-down writing in this sense, but you pull it off so, so perfectly. Seriously - it's amazing! :) The style you've used is so right for this, and so clever, too - the way you've put the sections non-linear; it's so good! I'm always in awe of people who can do non-linear things because it's so so hard!

Ah, this is such a beautiful one-shot - though admittedly, incredibly creepy and twisted! I'm so so glad we swapped and I got a chance to read this! :)

Aph xx

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Review #12, by Alarte Ascendare Them

26th October 2015:
Oh wow... Just wow...

Did he do it? did he kill Harry??


you're definitely winning both of the challenges...

Okay so to review properly. This story is amazing! Even with these tiny little parts, you tell a different and big story every time. Each little sentence, each little phrase spoke volumes over volumes.

Just, amazing!

I found absolutely no mistakes. There were no typos, no grammatical errors, no irregularities in sentence construction and no complains regarding plot. Your story is just perfect.

What amazes me the most is how you've tapped into the thinking process and the functions of a psychopath. You've made them look so human, way more than usual stories do, and you've shown how they're a victim of themselves. And OH MY GOD did you scare the life outta me! This story is so dark on so many levels that it could just wrench your heart even after you've finished reading it.

Just amazing. seriously. I've never read a better-written dark story other than John Connolly's, and that's saying something.

Do keep writing this kind of stories. You're really good at this.

Author's Response: I hope you know how much this review means to me. I'm thrilled that you enjoyed this piece, especially after I was so nervous to post it because I was afraid it would either confuse the heck out of everyone or fall flat. So thank you.

I left the ending open on purpose because I want YOU to decide if he killed Harry or not. But in my mind, he didn't. In my mind, James got home in enough time to save him, which is what Albus wants (whether he's consciously aware of it or not) and why he sent the letter to James in the first place.

But you are free to "choose your own adventure," as it were. :)

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Review #13, by MargaretLane Them

26th October 2015:
Here for the review swap. Oooh, psychopathy. Sounds intriguing.

Hmm, immediate impression: this is set in a psychiatric ward and James is James Potter II.

Well, I'm right about which James it was anyway.

Hmm, I wonder who Nadia's daughter is. It's possible she's the one who sent the note. But that's far from certain.

*works out how old James and Lily are* Harry had Lily 10 years after he left Hogwarts, so he'd have been about 28. That means she's only about 12. She seems very mature for her age, reassuring a brother 3/4 years older than her. And I wonder where Albus is. Maybe he'd just in a different house than them or just happened not to be with them when James read the note.

Poor Ginny. I actually haven't seen many stories where she is badly effected by the war, but she did basically suffer abuse under the Carrows, so it's not really surprising.

Rowle. This begins to make sense. It's a bit of a coincidence actually because my Halloween story from last year included a character called Rowle who might or might not have been a villain.

AH! That explains why Albus isn't part of the discussion above, because the note is in his handwriting. If he DID write it, I wonder why. If not, was somebody imitating his handwriting and why? Hmm.

Albus seems a pretty scary character here. More so than Soleil in a way. I think it is understandable to some degree that she would feel hatred towards the man who killed her father. The way Albus holds his brother's gaze...I don't know. It just seems odd.

Seven seems YOUNG to diagnose a child as a psychopath.

The term "doctor" doesn't seem to be used in the wizarding world, so I would expect the character who diagnoses Soleil to be called a Healer.

Oooh, that part about Albus being nothing like his father is creepy.

Al spent time in Summerbee? Oooh, this gets more and more intriguing.

Oooh, that part about the people actually appearing at the end is creepy.

I really like the ending. And am somewhat intrigued both as to how things go from here and as to what issues Albus has and what drove him to the point of thinking killing his father was an option.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much for reviewing as you read. That's actually exactly the kind of feedback I wanted. *squee*

You've mentioned a couple of things that I need to go back and fix. The first is Lily's age. I'm so bad at math, but I was trying to make her 14 in this piece. So that she's old enough to comfort him, but still too naive to be as worried as James. That would make Harry 42? I'll fix that.

Soleil is Thorfinn Rowle's daughter. Thorfinn was one of the Death Eaters that attacked Harry and co. in the Muggle cafe.

When Soleil is seven and the doctor (which I need to switch to Healer--thanks for catching that!) suggests psychopathy, he's not diagnosing her. He's just suggesting it as an option, which is why she's not actually taken to Summerbee until she's almost 12. I imagine they did some major observation/therapy in the meantime and finally came to that conclusion.

I'm glad you're wondering where things go from here. I left the ending open so that you could imagine. Harry Potter may or may not be dead--and that decision is up to you. ;)

Thanks again for reading and pointing out some of those issues. I'm going back in to fix them now.

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