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Reading Reviews for The Serpent of Slytherin
6 Reviews Found

Review #1, by princesslily_36 Mother

5th March 2016:

Ysh from the forums here for the HPFF Review-a-thon!

I always love me a good Founders Era fic! I should be honest, snakes creep me out (the actual reptiles :D), and you have described it in such detail that left chills down my spine! The hatching followed by the growing... and how the ignorant Salazaar tried to groom the Basilisk by feeding it a muggle-born's blood!

It's just so wonderful that the whole thing is written from the Basilisk's PoV. The narrative was just so real, and it gives such a different take to the evil Basilisk - brings to light that it isn't the Basilisk that's at fault but the 'Mother', after all, all creatures are born innocent until taught otherwise, right? Bravo, Bravo! This was deep, on so many levels.

As an ardant animal rights supporter, there is one other reason why I loved your story - it was how you brought out that the Basilisk placed it's entire trust in the 'Mother', and despite all the grooming, the Basilisk wasn't human and yet always dependant on the 'Mother', craving love, searching for the mother when it was not there, readily welcoming a new 'mother'... I just felt that this must exactly be how innocent helpless animals feel - wanting love and nothing else.

Also, I loved the description of the egg hatching. Describing the presence o the reptile-placenta just brought the image to life!

That 'Mother' at the end, that was Tom Riddle wasn't it?

Safe to say, your story has alleviated my excessive fear of snakes. I see them now to be innocent creatures that act upon it's instincts. This story has touched me THAT much!

Thank you for stopping by my status and giving me a chance to read this,


Author's Response: Hi Ysh!

Thank you for stopping by! I'm honoured to have touched you so deeply and delighted that the message "between the lines" got through so well! I can relate very well to your fear of snakes! Up until I carried one around my neck (the first minute was overwhelmingly terrifying), I was afraid of snakes myself (oh yes, the irony of a Slytherin scared of snakes, mwhahaha) mostly because they slither and their blank stares. And how cold and yucky their skin is. Yes, snakes are wonderfully creepy :D But in the end, they're still animals. Even a creature like the Basilisk is driven by instinct and follows orders given by "the strongest" or in the case of younglings, "the Mother" (rather than the father. Also, calling Salazar a "mother" makes me smile).
Humans are like that, too, in the beginning. Influences play a role bigger than critical thinking.
I guess I felt that the Basilisk shouldn't constantly be considered as an evil creature and went Hagrid on this one-shot :p
Thank you! The description of the birth was the most difficult yet fascinating part of writing this! I looked up snake anatomy and watched a few hatching videos, keeping in mind that this specific snake is a magical one so I left myself some liberties :D

Thank you again for this wonderful review!

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Review #2, by adluvshp Mother

27th November 2015:
Ooh! This was lovely, Gee! What a beautiful insight into the mind of a Basilisk! I loved how the creature craves the comfort and love of a mother, despite being such a dark and deadly one. You did the prompt complete justice.

Your descriptions here are phenomenal. The hatching of the egg, the newborn, the first feelings as she came into the world, what lovely use of words. I could see the scene unfolding in my mind's eye perfectly.

The interaction between the Basilisk and Salazar Slytherin is nicely written. I like how the Basilisk readily follows her "mother's" commands without question. Little details such as Salazar's 'flat snout' and 'unusually full lips' were a very nice touch - showing that the snake saw the differences and yet accepted the human as her mother.

I loved the bit about Salazar telling the basilisk that the blood of the victim is tainted, and yet the snake not being able to differentiate - because really the blood is not different at all. Lovely concept there.

The growing boredom, the longing to see her mother, these emotions came through beautifully from the basilisk as the narrative progressed, so kudos for actually making me feel for such a creature! Your descriptions really were just exquisite.

The ending bit was very good, with Tom Riddle coming by, nervous and a little afraid, and yet the Basilisk thinking the mother has returned recognising the tone of voice etc. What lovely way to portray things! As I came to end, I did not want it to stop. I wanted to continue reading - and that is a mark of a very well-written one-shot. I loved it so much.

Great job!! 10/10

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Review #3, by Marshal Mother

25th November 2015:

I really liked this. It was such an interesting take. The Basilisk a dark creature was painted so innocent and sweet. I liked it. I makes you sympathize with the creature. And hate the evil of humans which many times does corrupt a good creature. Makes you wonder what the snake would have been like if it wasn't trained and directed by such evil.

Thank you for another interesting and fun read Gee. I think I have read everything but your Fred/George story which I have on my list to read and am looking forward to!


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Review #4, by notreallyblonde44 Mother

17th November 2015:
Happy Hot Seat Gee! Oh this is very interesting, happy I selected another Slytherin-ish-focused one-shot ;)

Poor Basilisk, quite a different take than anything we see in canon or perceive from Magical Beasts and Where to Find Them’s dangerous rating of the basilisks. It’s so sad that the Basilisk was basically abandoned, created to destroy and so lonely :(

I’m not sure why though, but I did find it funny that there was all this confusion of “wait, you’re a girl?” and “yes?” and calling Salazar “Mother” – again don’t know why it was funny, maybe the undermining of Salazar’s snobby take on men being better than women idk. I chuckled nonetheless.

I also enjoyed the basilisk’s birth, the specification of scales and such was so scientific and very unlike things I normally read. It was concrete and textile, so what I did there :P I liked your approach to a birth-so different than the emotions-shows just how cold Salazar’s take on everything was-so distant from even excitement. He gave his orders, and the adorable giant snake followed them without outward question. I know think I feel bad for him, as a tool for murder and not an autonomous creature. Very interesting one-shot :)


Author's Response: Hi Ellie!

Thank you so very much for stopping by!!

I can never resist anything Slytherin-ish :p I did quite enjoy writing the Basilisk as a simple-minded creature rather than an actively evil one. It is, after all, only an animal controlled to kill specific targets and inspire fear. The weapon itself is not the culprit, is it? ^^

I can definitely imagine Salazar to be disappointed by his weapon of choice to be a female and just couldn't resist the jist. Also, if I remember my research correctly (it's been a while so I'm a bit fuzzy on the details) a male Basilisk has some kind of rooster-like extension on the top of its head, which the creature in the movie doesn't have. I think that's what started all this tid bit about gender. Not sure anymore, though... :p
Also, the mother is the most important parent in the animal kingdom, hence why I easily assumed the Basilisk would consider Slytherin to be its mommy.

Thank you very much! I enjoyed writing it a lot and, through the research I made myself do, I actually learned a whole lot more about snakes so that's a big win for me as well, te-he.

Much love!

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Review #5, by Lostmyheart Mother

12th November 2015:
Gee ;___;

My heart is breaking, you did wonderfully well with writing a story about the Basilisk and even one that almost made me cry.
Crying over a basilisk, oh my god. That's something I never thought I'd come close to!

It was a weird thing for it to call Salazar a Mother, but then again - it does not know any better. And I love it's logic thinking, why would Mother tell it to drink the tainted blood? Mother makes no sense. It sort of shows that it isn't evil against the mudbloods by birth.

And then it waited all those years!!! That's what made me so sad... it still longed after Mother, to rest and feel safe. I love how you describe the life it's had in between Salazar and Tom, it seems like time just flew by and it didn't notice it itself, and just kept on waiting.

Gee, I love your writing and this was really a wonderful read! I can't believe you managed to make something like the Basilisk seem so innocent and lovable.

Only you can do it. 10/10.

- Avi

Author's Response: Avi! ♥

I really don't feel bad for the feels, you've made me feel worse :p
The Basilisk is quite pitiful under this perspective, indeed. Although a more "canon" one would have the creature be evil, I went with the fact that it's a hunter, blood-thirsty yes, but only because it's carnivore. Snakes aren't evil :D

Animal instinct reaches out for the mother as soon as birth (who knows, maybe even more); this usually applies to warm-blooded animals like mammals. Motherly instinct and whatnot. I know most snakes don't have that but anacondas, for example, have been shown to protect their offsprings during the first months.
But I also know that a "mother snake" is a myth, as they are born fit for survival and won't have a grown-up snake there (except maybe for rattlesnakes that sometimes eat their young), nursing them.
I just went with the fact that it's a world of magic and if there can be a three-headed dog named Fluffy, I could get away with a puppy-like Basilisk, hehe :p (crediting: puppy resemblance was pointed out by Rose [toomanycurls] at some point in the past)

Yes, I also really enjoyed writing its thoughts that way. It'd make sense that an animal wouldn't differentiate "tainted" from "pure" blood, as those definitions are based on birth status and it would mean wizards and muggles are different on a biological basis. And that would mean Muggleborns are what, mutations? As I'm writing this, I'm thinking of superheroes like Superman and Spiderman. Actually, that's a pretty fun trail of thoughts, I might need to write it down.

Well, I actually left out a bit of exploration of the Lake and the actual encounter with the Squid, it felt unnecessary and just prolonged the read. Other than that, it's not like the Basilisk had much to do beyond exploring the caves and waiting to be released again.
I've often been jealous of parseltongue and I think it's silly that a huge, monster snake was left to wait down there for so long. Not that I'm saying releasing it on students was good, but you know, the responsabilities of having a pet imply taking care of it. In a better, more fitted habitat (omg, Basilisk habitat. Need to write that down!).

Coming from you, Avi, this is a serious compliment, thank you so very much ♥

Much love,

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Review #6, by CambAngst Mother

10th November 2015:
Tagging you from Review Tag!

It's always sad to see a story with no reviews. Let's fix that!

I really like what you did with the Basilisk. It's point of view is limited and innocent. It's a neat contrast to the deadly nature of the creature. The way that it imprints on Salazar Slytherin -- deciding that he is her mother -- was almost cute in a weird way.

obviously, Mother was strongest and it felt reassuringly safe. -- Again, we get that naive perspective. So many conflicting ideas going on here. I love it!

I thought you did a good job with Salazar's arrogance. He doesn't realize that his own blood -- the pure blood of a wizard -- tastes no different to the great snake than the blood of a more common wizard. It's all just iron to her. Nice imagery with that.

The Basilisk saw the man stand in front of her basin, looking for something nervously and reeking of incertitude and fear. -- Neat idea. Even Tom was worried about whether he'd be able to master the monster.

You did a nice job writing this. I like that you kept things short and focused. It fit well with the Basilisk's narrative voice. The story flowed well and I couldn't see a single typo or grammatical problem. Good job!

Author's Response: Hi Dan!

Yes, I know right? But I didn't feel too bad about this one because it's a re-upping from last year (I had a different account on the archives) :p

Indeed, the Basilisk is kind of cute! I find (almost) all animals adorable in the first place but I must admit I had difficulties with snakes (let's not get me started on spiders and bugs). This was written for the "not all creatures are of darkness and decay" prompt and I just didn't want to go for a traditional nice creature (although I did consider a unicorn, for fun ^^).

Most animals tend to imprint on the first being they see, like a duckling as it hatches. Of course, interaction and feeding plays quite the part, but the "mummy's the first one I see when I'm born" instinct is pretty strong.

Oh, yes. I really love the impossibility that is "pure" and "mud" blood. I mean, there's blood that tastes sweet instead of like iron, but clean and sullied blood? Puh-lease. It makes no sense and animals make sense.

Can you imagine if Riddle had done one thing wrong and been eaten by the Basilisk before "turning" into Voldemort? Haha!

Thank you!! I had a great, great help thanks to luvinpadfoot's beta-reading! :p
Your review was a wonderful surprise, thank you so much for tagging me! ♥


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