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Reading Reviews for The Trials of Scorpius Malfoy
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Review #1, by bigblackdog Chapter Ten

6th March 2016:
it's kind of breaking my heart right now that scorpius is so keen on keeping up this fake relationship with rose. albus doesn't seem too pleased does he? poor dear! i feel sorry for scorpius about the pressure draco is putting on him, but i still want him to have a little more spine, especially concerning albus.

and especially after albus works so hard helping him prepare for the task! that was so sweet, and i liked the genuine preparation for the task. i like getting caught up in the romance but romance needs a backbone! and you've provided it- such a realistic and thoroughly written discovery of the clue and prep for the task.

of course, I'M DYING TO READ ABOUT THE YULE BALL. which reminds me- i really like the friendship you've set up between lin and our hogwarts friends. even though the press is focusing on the gossip-y parts of the tournament, i like that your tournament is actually fostering "international cooperation" like it's supposed to.

thanks for the great read Roisin!


Author's Response: Oof, Scorpius is def making a huge mess of things with this fake relationship fiasco. And DEF taking Al for granted. While I like the idea of Al being a Slytherin (for epilogue reasons), I feel like Gryffindor would have been a strong second for him. So yeah, he has way more going on in the backbone department than Scorpius.

But mostly, I just keep having this impulse to mess things up between Al and Scorpius, because otherwise they would be All Adorable, All the Time, and that would be boring :p

I based a lot of the Learning to Fly sequence on my friend teaching me how to skateboard :p (she was all like "just stand on it" and I was like "NO")

I didn't have a lot of set plans about what to do with Lin going into this, and then just sort of immediately liked her the second I started writing her. And since Scorpius is a Hufflepuff, I figured he'd be much more drawn to collaboration than competition. (I imagine that's why the Puff Quidditch team was so bad in canon - they were just all like "yay, practicing is fun! we're having fun!" and were more interested in having a good time than in winning.) Yay for international magical cooperation and friendship!

Ye thank you so much for these reviews! Now to respond to your email :)


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Review #2, by bigblackdog Chapter Nine

6th March 2016:
hey Roisin! i'm here for the hpff review-athon!

i really didn't mind wandering over to the house cup stories and finding the first chapters of this story because i know to expect a quality story from you. that said, i wonder if you'd considered asking a mod or a validator to take down those chapters since the house cup is over, and posting them here? this is such a great story that has me totally hooked on what's going to happen- it'd be nice to see it all together. (is it presumptuous to offer to beta those earlier chapters so you could bring it together?)

anyway! on to the story! oh sweet, flawed, darling scorpius! i love the way you've characterized draco- completely on eggshells and paranoidly keen on staying out of sight. it's brilliant because it's exactly the opposite of who he was when he was at hogwarts, and people do have a way of swinging to the opposite after a traumatic experience.

you've also realistically communicated the fear and sadness scorpius has surrounding his father and his father's expectations for his behavior. but that doesn't mean i'm still not a little frustrated with scorpius- especially concerning this yule ball to-do. i love that about your characters- you're able to make me root for someone even while i'm doubting their choices.

i feel like you've set up a tenuous relationship between albus and scorpius and i can't help but wonder how long albus is going to be ok with rose/scorpius' fake relationship, with not going to the yule ball with his boyfriend, etc.

you've done a great job of writing the triwizard tournament! all that action and i'm completely curious about the next task! i like that the first task and clue follow a set precedent and that they're researching harry's participation in the tournament.

can't wait to keep reading!


Author's Response: YAY here with my official response! EEE, thank you so much for picking this story to review - and ESPECIALLY for going through the awkward treasure hunt of finding the first chapters!

I always love the idea of an eggshells-y Draco - that characterization manages to find its way into pretty much every nextgen story I do that has Draco in it :p I LOVE your point about people pivoting towards an opposite after a trauma, and I def agree that's going on here. Like, Draco was so desperate for attention as a kid, so now post-war, he's all like "keep your head down!"

I'm so glad the Scorpius Frustration came across! Like, Scorpius is the sweetest and the cutest, but also has quite a few flaws. He's self-involved, not always honest with himself about his motivations, and has an unfortunate tendency to project his feelings onto others (and then sometimes blame them for it). And yeah, everything about the fake ScoRose is bound to wear on Albus.

A lot of credit re: the tournament goes to BookDinosaur. She and I had this really long chat while I sobbed and tore out my hair about what to do, and she basically held my hand through the whole thing. A ton of what ended up happening came from us bouncing ideas back and forth, and the "golden horn" idea was hers.

And yeah, I figured there had to be books about the 94-95 tournament, what with all the cray that happened then and the fact that HP was involved, so there's a pretty modern precedent to look into. Also, heh, I thought a lot about the GoF tasks when figuring out my own, so I thought it would make sense for the characters to do the same :p


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Review #3, by Rainboy Chapter Ten

25th February 2016:
I read this story from the first chapter to the current one in a day. It's interesting to read and I like almost all of the main characters and their interactions. Thanks for sharing this story with us, I'm looking forward to the next chapters ;)

Author's Response: Oh yay I'm so happy to hear that! I'm also glad that you're connecting with the main cast. Scorpius is definitely flawed in various ways, as all the characters are, but I hoped that I could make him a little complicated while still keeping him sympathetic to readers.

I just got a beta (!!!) so updates might be a little slower while I wait for her feedback, but the chapters will also be better and have less stupid little errors as a result.

Thanks so much for taking the time to review!

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