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Review #1, by Vini Nothing Is What It Seems (part 1)

13th March 2017:
Is this story going to see the light if the day, or has it ,been abandoned ?...it'd be a shame if it so...please continue and it wld be lovely if it's updated soon:)

Author's Response: i'm so sorry about the story... i've been awfully busy lately so i couldn't upload the story... i'll update soon

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Review #2, by Mia Nothing Is What It Seems (part 1)

26th February 2017:
Are you going to continue this story? Really like it.

Author's Response: i am going to continue the story... my studies are keeping me very busy...

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Review #3, by Serpendor Nothing Is What It Seems (part 1)

22nd December 2016:
Where is Midnight? I'm starting to miss a character that I don't even know!

This story is great so far I hope that you're able to update soon :)

Author's Response: She will come in to the picture soon, i hope... because sometimes my characters don't listen to me... i have to take it there way

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Review #4, by AppreciativeReader Fateful Night

19th December 2016:
Please continue the story.

The story thus far has generated a considerable intrigue in it. Your style of writing is elegant, no un-necessary dramatics, the style reminds me of subtle & dignified way of introducing characters and then moving on to the next.

I will look forward to the chapter 5 eagerly.

Author's Response: thank u... i'll write more

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Review #5, by J Confusion

19th December 2016:
Really looking forward to the next chapter, you've risen to my favorites in only 4 chapters!

Author's Response: Thank you... i will write more

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Review #6, by AppreciativeReader Confusion

19th December 2016:
The story is getting interesting. I had though you had given up on the story as I did not see any updates for a long time after the 2nd chapter.

Please continue the story.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.

Author's Response: don't worry.. i would never give upon this story... this is just my life

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Review #7, by I_am_Luna_Lovegood Confusion

18th December 2016:
I wish you'd write more in it :)))

Author's Response: i will... a lil bxy bcx of my studies

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Review #8, by Serpendor Confusion

17th December 2016:
Love your story so far! I've never even thought about a Hogwarts Reunion! Very original!

One thing though, at one point you said Angelina is pregnant with Fred's child, which was a wee bit confusing. I think you meant to say George.

Great job so far keep up the good work! I hope you update soon!

Author's Response: Thank u for bringing that to my attention
it's George actually

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Review #9, by Sd Fateful Night

24th August 2016:
Just found Hidden
Looking forward to more
I especially liked the image of Lucius being the protector

Author's Response: Thank u Sd

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Review #10, by Chrissy Fateful Night

19th March 2016:
You have me hooked!
Can't wait for more :-)

Author's Response: i will write more

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Review #11, by Cissy Back to Hogwarts

24th November 2015:
Please please next chapter.

Author's Response: Will write soon... was on holiday

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Review #12, by Miumiu Reunion

17th November 2015:
Hello there, I like your story but there's a mistake in your story. I think you meant to say miscarriage not abortion for Hermione. Abortion is when you purposely get rid of the child you don't want whereas miscarriage is when you lose a child unintentionally :)

Author's Response: thank you for bringing that to my attention :)

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Review #13, by Ore Reunion

16th November 2015:
I am pleasantly intrigued by this story please write more.

Author's Response: of course... thank u

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Review #14, by Face the Facts. Reunion

13th November 2015:
Draco was not a victim of the Dark Lord he was a servant of the Dark Lord.

Author's Response: Sorry for the mistake

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Review #15, by Secret Santa Reunion

12th November 2015:
Ho ho ho! I know that I am a little early for sending Christmas greetings but next month I'll be busy putting the finishing touches on toys and finalizing my route for Christmas Eve. While I have some down time, I thought I would drop in and leave some reviews for deserving authors as an early Christmas present. Now on to your present.

It's nice to see somethings never change. Ron still has an immense amount of hatred towards Slytherins and still has a temper. I am curious about who he married now (I just read the summary and saw that this was a Dramione and I was sold I didn't even look at anything else) and what happened to Hermione.

I think the idea of a reunion quidditch match is an excellent idea but I'm sort of unhappy that Ginny isn't able to play...just who are Demezla and Jimmy?

I'm going to end on this note and let you know that overall I think this is an amazing start to what looks to be an interesting story and I would love to continue reading this in the future.

Merry Christmas

Your Secret Santa

Author's Response: Merry Christmas!
I just absolutely loved to see your review!

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Review #16, by Chrissy Reunion

10th November 2015:
I am liking this story so far. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: i have a lot of surprises in store for my readers... so keep reading

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