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Reading Reviews for Spirited Away
8 Reviews Found

Review #1, by fluffynorris The Headmistress

18th March 2016:
this made no sense, why would a psycho like her be Headmistress at Hogwarts??? And what's the deal with the hair, seriously??

Author's Response: Hi fluffynorris. Yes indeed, it does not make sense. Thank you for your feedback! The next update will contain answers regarding the Headmistress :)

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Review #2, by rosiful First Contact

16th December 2015:
I'm Rosie from the forums, coming to review you for the Review Exchange *waves*

I just recently watched Spirited Away for the first time, so when I saw this story I knew I had to check it out!

Wow, this story is quite creepy, but funny at the same time! It's almost like reading a parody of Harry Potter, but it does makes sense with the dangers of time travel. This universe you've created is so fascinating! An over-the-top nice/too nice Snape, not so smart Hermione and Snagall -which I don't believe I've read before, but it's a very interesting ship! I wouldn't mind reading more of it I think.

Also, the obsession with hair... loved it. So funny to think of Hermione in a world where keeping your hair in place is top priority!

Really enjoyed reading this, and I'm so curious to see what you've done with Harry and Ron's characters... if they're even there at all o.o


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Review #3, by adluvshp First Contact

27th November 2015:
Oh my Gpd Gee, I am laughing so hard. Poor, poor Hermione. *wipes a tear of laughter*

I am having so much fun reading this! I am not one to usually read humour but this looked intriguing and much more than mindless parody so I decided to give it a shot - and I'm happy with my decision!

Also, can I bow to your amazingness? You write dark and horror as well as you do fluff and humour! You're so versatile, wow!!

Back to the review, I loved it. The idea of the time turner breaking and transporting Hermione into an alternate reality (or whatever it is) is very interesting. You've definitely played around with it well and I'm curious to find out more - I'm guessing it's a mystery that will be solved.

McGonagall and Snape? Oh dear Lord. I love this pompous fun Snape, hahaha. The idea of him addressing his students, much less Hermione, like that is hilarious (and also kinda creepy). Imagining him in this kind of personality is really very funny. And then the alternate Hermione - she's a dumb chick - talk about role reversal or mirror opposites.

All in all, I had a great time reading this and I'm very excited to know what happens next! The story is headed in a superb direction. Can't wait to read more. Hope to be back soon!

10/10 yet again

P.S. Sorry for the review swap/request confusion again!

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Review #4, by EnigmaticEyes16 First Contact

26th November 2015:
Hi! I am here for the Hot Seat!

I know this is only the first chapter but this story is so different from anything I've ever read before. I love that it's inspired by Spirited Away even though it's still quite different from Spirited Away.

I love seeing a kind and handsome Snape and a not smart Hermione. I think it's such an interesting thing to write! And I can't wait to see what some of the other characters are like, like Harry, Ron, Ginny, Neville, Draco... there's so much you can do here with something like this!

I'm especially very curious as to how the other Hermione and Snape will react to knowing that Hermione looks just like their Hermione and has the same exact name. I mean shouldn't they have thought that was at least a possibility with a broken time turner in her possession? Why didn't Snape take her to the Headmaster's office? Surely, not just because her hair was a mess...

I also want to know what the one thing Hermione noticed that disturbed her, that she then forgot was! I'm very curious about that!

Anyway, I think this story has great potential and I can't wait to read the next chapter! Although it might have to wait another day or so because I do need to get to sleep soon.

Great first chapter, Gee!


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Review #5, by Rumpelstiltskin First Contact

17th November 2015:
I love Spirited Away. You and your Snagall ;).

Talk about your mixed up universes! Severus Snape being nice, and Head of Slytherin, while McGonagall seems to have swapped personalities (and houses) with him! This is fantastic! Furthermore, I absolutely adore Hermione's characterization-switch! This is really just too cool! I mean it's totally messing with canon and my head canon, but it's meant to, so that's okay :D.

I really am attempting to appreciate the ship -- I'm sure it will grow on me. I love Hermione's reaction (erm, you know, the typical universe Hermione) when she sees Severus and McGonagall ;).

“With her hair in this state, I can't just bring her to the Hospital Wing now, can I?” -- Oh my Godric, that line was pure genius! I'm dying, really... can't stop laughing!

And despite how brilliantly humorous this all is, I can't help feel bad for Hermione (our Hermione)!

Between the change in everyone's personalities and the utter confusion, I'm absolutely enthralled!

Fantastic job, Gee!


Author's Response: Hi Rumpel!

Ah yes, I'm a huge fan of Snagall. I really should get back to writing about that pairing, it was really fun.

I started off with something a little more simple - upside-down, through the looking glass kind of thing. I really loved destroying canon personalities and expectations. Spirited Away was meant to be very provocative and fun ^^

Thank you so very much for stopping by!

Much love,

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Review #6, by Aphoride First Contact

14th November 2015:
Hey there, Gee - dropping by for our review swap! :) Sorry it's a bit late - uni work kinda took over unexpectedly, but I'm here now! :D

This is such an enticing beginning - with the way it leaves us completely unsure of exactly what's happened - how she's got there, what kind of world she's arrived in, how she'll get home, what obstacles she'll encounter, and whether her appearance will mess things up there or not. I love the mystery you've put into it - it's so good! :)

The way you characterise Hermione (the original one, haha) is so good - I love the panic she has when she realises she's broken the Time Turner, and the curiosity and fear when she realises that she's paused and doesn't know what it does. They're such true emotions and they come through your writing so strongly.

Is it bad that I find the AU Snape just a little bit creepy? Like his whole Lockhart-esque personna kinda squicks me out with the way he talks to the kids, especially teenage girls :/ Although I kinda like that for his character, he doesn't lose the whole 'strange and creepy' part of his personality, if that makes sense?

The Snape/McGonagall bit made me laugh :P I know that's probably not your intention, but the idea of them in a relationship... wow! :P Kudos for going for such a rare pairing - it takes guts! ;)

Your writing in this is lovely, too - you convey the mood of it so perfectly, with the fear and the panic and everything. It's so, so lovely! :)

Thank you so much for the swap - it was great! - and sorry for being late, again! :)

Aph xx

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Review #7, by Marshal The Headmistress

10th November 2015:

You had to know of all the things of yours I would come to review this would be first on the list right? You are weaving a very interesting story here and there were a lot of great questions that were being played that you masterfully answered. Such as the question of their magic with Severus saying he's a Gryffindor and only deals with Earth. You are doing an elemental thing aren't you?

Honestly the story is very interesting and I'm left wanting to see and know more. I'm not sure what you mean in your author's notes with something missing. I did give it some thought but I'm not sure if there really is anything missing.

That being said despite how scary the situation was I amused be the idea of Snape cowering and hiding. It honestly kind of funny looking back at it. I mean I don't blame him but Snape of all people. I know he is different but all the same it is still kind of funny.

As for some "CC" There were some typos here and there that should be pretty easy to clean up. It wasn't enough for me to not want to read the story but it would punch things up as it did distract some.

I am looking forward to the next chapter all the same though! Great work over all.

- Marshal

Author's Response: Aaah yes I've been expecting to read from you :p

Yes! Going with Elementals on this one! The basic idea of this world is "upside-down"/"opposites" so Snape's still kind of Snape-ish but more like Lockhart in his self-confidence and love. McGonagall's principles are not as bright as the ones we know (more on that in later chapters)... I'm pretty sure you'll be thrilled when Hufflepuffs come into the story because I'm having way too much fun jumbling the House properties. ACK, I want to say more but that'd be spoiling that just ain't fun... But I so want to talk about this with somebody xD

Oh yes, picturing Snape cowering and squealing was just so hilarious I couldn't leave it out; since this world is so freakishly AU, I just let go of all restrictions and went with it! Obviously, this story's plot isn't an epic and serious kind of thing, it's super fluff xD

Ah, thanks for picking up on that! I edited this bit quite a few times and I just got sick of re-re-re-reading it so I gave up on proofreading... I'll get a beta-reader's help if I still can't find the motivation to go over that chapter again, haha ^^'

Thank you for the lovely review! I'm so happy you like this story so far, I'll definitely make sure you don't miss the third chapter!! :D


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Review #8, by Marshal First Contact

27th October 2015:

You knew I was going to to have to read this right? Snagall. Brilliant. This world is so oddly brilliant and I admit I am insanely curious to know what is going on in this new world that you have presented.

An attractive and kind Snape has me laughing out loud, I love it and it amuses me so! The Snagall here is also very amusing! I can't wait for more! You have my interest and you have recruited yourself a faithful reader of this fic!

Seriously fantastic job!

Author's Response: Hi Marshal!!

I'm so glad you came by, I was looking forward to your reaction to Snagall! :D

Oh yes, I actually first wrote him thinking of Lockhart and almost went for the luscious mane of hair to be his, not AU Hermione's, but short hair does suit him so ♥

I must admit updating this story won't be top priority for the next few months because I've entered way too many challenges (waaay too many), but I'll squeeze the second chapter in between because that world escalates quickly and I love writing it. :p

Thank you so much!! I'm so happy I made you laugh ♥


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