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Reading Reviews for When the Wind Blows...
10 Reviews Found

Review #1, by alicia and anne Cradle and all

13th January 2016:
Sorry this is a bit later than planned, I got distracted by chicken run.

:O Who is Narcissa holding?! A girl!? And why is she giving her up?! WHOSE HOUSE IS SHE OUTSIDE OF! SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Awww poor Narcissa, I hate to think that Lucius would react badly to not having a son first, but with a family so regal and powerful I know he would :(

:O She swapped with the Abbotts! She has got to be found out at some point, she won't be able to keep that a secret for long, and I bet that she'll be wanting to see her actual baby at some point.

This is so original and so interesting and I really want you to write more haha to see what Narcissa's reaction would be to seeing her actual child on the station or something, and if she'll know it's her baby?

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Review #2, by velajune Cradle and all

5th January 2016:
That was amazing. The build up using the song really makes the skin crawl. It's such a different take to the Narcissa that I have created in my head and it's wonderful. I'm so in love with the creep factor and the evilness of this story. It surpasses all sorts of dark/evil that is in characters like Voldemort or Umbridge or even her own husband, Lucius. Stealing a baby, omg. What if that was true? Love it. The whole story flowed very well also. Great job!


Author's Response: Hi June!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing this! I am really glad that you liked it and found it believable!

I really kind of think that if this were true that maybe that is why she gave Harry a reprieve in the end of Deathly Hallows... you never know! :)

Thank you so much again!


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Review #3, by Rumpelstiltskin Cradle and all

29th October 2015:

Wow! What a unique concept. I'm totally in love with this idea!

Narcissa being upset that she'd birthed a girl makes logical sense (you know, in the Pureblood mindset, not for normal, sane people ;) ). Lucius, of course, would want a boy to carry on the Malfoy name -- without a son he'd have no heir, and the Malfoy lineage may very well die out.

That fact that Narcissa went to such extreme lengths -- swapping her daughter for the Abbott's baby -- to put right what she thought was wrong was monumentally wicked of her. I love the light you've portrayed her in, because I don't typically get to see that side of her in fanfiction, and I love it when people break my head canon with a sound argument!

Fantastic one-shot. I'd like to add it to my November Story Recs on my Profile Page on the Forums, if you don't mind!


Author's Response: Hi Rumpel!

I have started and stopped writing my response to this email several times because I just don't know how to say thank you enough for such a wonderful review!

I am very happy that you enjoyed this and that I was able to make this believable. I really wanted to show Narcissa in a different way and I am excited to know that it worked and payed off.

Darkness seems to know no bounds even in those that are already wicked.

I would be more than honored for it to be one of your November Story Recs! :)

Thank you again a million + 1 times for such a lovely review!!! It truly means the world to me!


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Review #4, by notreallyblonde44 Cradle and all

27th October 2015:
Happy Hot Seat Again!

‘The bundle in her arms wriggled’ - I’m confused :/ Narcissa’s arms or the women in the nurseries?
‘Her face filled with a manic expression” – Again, who’s? When juggling characters make sure you’ve got your modifiers going back to the right person. In both instances you referred to one female then switched to the other without a name, so the back and forth ‘hers’ get confusing. This is easily fixed by using Narcissa’s name more.

Ahhh poor Narcissa, I wish she would have been told that the man’s reproductive organs select the sex of the baby! What a dilemma she’s in, and it’s awful that she can’t want a girl. BO! But yes, she’s very desperate and given what we know of these maniacal purebloods, I can totally see Narcissa doing this crazy desperate thing and being like “oh, yeah, this is a great idea to make my life easier and husband happy” - nuts, but totally believable.

‘to a local farmer and his wife who she had gone to school with.’ Primary school? What school did she consort with muggle farmers at? Seems strange given her lineage. Or are they not muggles? Like what if the baby she swapped wasn’t magical – yikes, what a situation! Oh plot twist, Abbot baby. Goodness. This story may need to go into full novel mode, like switched at birth on purpose dealings and like wah wah Hannah Abbot is actually a Malfoy that later marries Neville and yada yada the plunny potential!

Another great one-shot. I think I like this one better because it was creepy and really different from anything I’ve read on the archives before. I think you’ve really got something here and I like the darkness of the tone and how you flipped the script on the Malfoy narrative, kudos!

xx Ellie

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Review #5, by EnigmaticEyes16 Cradle and all

26th October 2015:
Hi! I am finally here to start giving my Hot Seat reviews!

This was such an interesting story! Narcissa must have been mad to switch babies like that just so she could tell Lucius she had a boy. I mean, there's no reason she couldn't have tried again, she didn't have to stop at one child.

I'm a little surprised she'd do something so crazy though as switch babies. I feel like something extreme would have had to have happened before this to make her think it was okay to do something like this and it makes me wonder about her relationship with Lucius, and maybe even her family. But also considering Narcissa was one of three girls, I don't think she'd feel forced to have to produce a son, but I could be wrong.

But anyway, this was a great one-shot to read! I do like the crazy factor you've added in. Although the beginning of the story was a little confusing for me to read, I didn't quite understand what was happening at first. Originally, I thought maybe she was watching Lucius with someone else. And then was completely thrown off when you mention the baby in her arms. But it all made sense in the end and was fun to read.

Great one-shot!

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Review #6, by rosiful Cradle and all

26th October 2015:
Hello! I'm Rosie from the forums here to give you a Hot Seat Review!

Okay, so this was pretty darn scary. I wasn't exactly sure what I was expecting, I knew it would be dark because of the challenge you've entered, but this is just so creepy! And kinda plausible too. It's terrifying to think about, but things like this most likely do happen. And coming from a pureblood family where having a boy to carry on the family name is so incredibly important makes the perfect scenario for this! And adding the nursery rhyme was really good too, made it even more creepy *shudders*

I did notice one little mistake, about halfway through you accidentally wrote 'Beefore' instead of before, but other than that it was perfect! This was a really great one shot!

Best of luck with the challenge. This definitely fits it!


Author's Response: Hi Rosie!

I am so glad that you enjoyed this One-shot. I am beyond happy that the creepiness came through and that it is a plausible scenario. I really wanted the chance to write something dark. :)

I will have to go back and change that. Thank you for pointing it out! :)

Thanks so much again!!


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Review #7, by Gabriella Hunter Cradle and all

25th October 2015:

This is Gabbie from the forums here with your review for our multi-chapter/one-shot swap! Thank you so much for the review you gave for Transparent. Its been a while since anyone stopped by!

So, this!


I wasn't really sure what was going on in the beginning because I never read Narcissa tales and the few that I have were never like this. I love this angle of her, being desperate for a son and knowing that she's never going to be held accountable for it.

I have to say, what's scary about this is that it actually happens. I wasn't sure what was going to happen, I thought that Narcissa was going to murder the mom or kill her baby. I was freaking out! I think that you built up some good tension with this though because I never saw her swapping the babies. Lucius sounds like an overbearing jerk though and it really makes you wonder about the pureblood society, though I do wonder how he would have reacted if she had simply shown her their own baby. What a cool idea though, I would read a novel about this in heartbeat if you continued on with it. Hahaha. The poor Abbott's though! Ugh. What vile thing for Narcissa to do but you wrote this so wonderfully well, I'm so glad that I checked this out!

Much love,


Author's Response: Hi Gabbie!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing this story!! :)

I am glad that you enjoyed this and that it isn't like the ones you've read before.

I wanted to make reality well... real. And it is funny that you mention her killing the mom because I seriously considered that when writing, but thought that would have taken it a bit far.

I really wanted to show how extremely radical the pureblood society could be. I mean when you think of it it is sort of like World War II. If you weren't part of a supreme race then... As for Lucius, yeah he isn't such a nice guy. I think that Narcissa would have paid dearly had she shown him a girl instead of a boy. I mean the death eaters are kill happy, so it is plausible.

I will have to think about expanding it!

Thanks again for such another lovely review!


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Review #8, by wolfgirl17 Cradle and all

16th October 2015:
Hey Jenn!

Wolfgirl here checking out your super speedy entry for my Dark Side challenge and oh my gosh it is exactly the type of thing I was thinking of with this challenge!

I loved it!

This has completely altered the way I look at the Harry Potter world. I can just imagine Narcissa would be the type to do exactly this kind of thing, stealing another woman's baby and claiming it as he own. All for the sake of maintaining appearances and seeming like a good and dutiful wife when she was raised in such an antiquated society regarding wifely duties.

The idea of Draco and Hannah being swapped at birth has completely rocked me to my core. I can just imagine all the implications that would come from such actions. Like, he wouldn't look as much like Lucius anymore, so Narcissa's treachery would have to continue. She'd have to charm him to make him look like a proper Malfoy. I can just imagine her one day, late in life, looking at Hannah Abbott and thinking to herself about what she had done.

I wonder if she would ever regret it.

I doubt it. Knowing how much she loves her son makes me doubt she would ever even think twice about the daughter she abandonned for the son she stole. Seriously, I'll never be able to look at Narcissa the same ever again!

What have you done to me with this?? Oh my gosh, what a great way to utilize your character and incorporate her into this Dark Side Challenge. Also, a huge kudos to you for such a speedy entry, you totally rock for getting it written so fast, especially when it's such a wonderful take on the whole challenge concept!

Argh, I can't even stop grinning and my head is spinning with this new concept. Such a fantastic entry Jenn. :hug: You totally made my day with this!

Keep up the positively fantastic work, my friend!


Author's Response: Hi Ellie!

I am so relieved to hear that this was right on with the type of dark side you were thinking of for your challenge! It was very hard to write, but a bit too much fun at the same time! As I wrote it I sort of became worried that this may not be what you were looking for.

Narcissa, while yes she totally saves Harry's life in the end of Deathly Hallows, is still cruel and cold just like her entire family so I am glad that you find it believable that she would be capable of doing something like this.

I chose Hannah because she is blonde and when we see her in GoF she is mean and cruel to Harry... very Dracoish if you ask me! :)

I don't think she would regret it because she is so busy trying to cover it up. She may privately mourn, but I don't think she would ever let it eat away at her.

I am so happy that you enjoyed this and I was so excited to have an idea come so quickly! I am truly happy that this made your day!!

Thanks for such an awesome Challenge!!


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Review #9, by MrsJaydeMalfoy Cradle and all

16th October 2015:
So, I saw your post on the forums and something just made me click on the link.. and I'm so glad I did!

This is the most shocking, creepy, out-of-the-box, original thing... just, GAH! *Flails*

The thought that Draco isn't actually a Malfoy, considering all he went through, is just.. asdjf;

And Narcissa being willing to do SO much, even after just giving birth, to make sure she had a SON to show Lucius, is creepy and just all around bad and just WOW. You did a GREAT job with this challenge!

And adding that Lullabye? EXTRA creepy!

Really well done, lovely!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review this! I am so happy that you did and that you weren't disappointed about it!

:) I really cannot help grinning from ear to ear as I read this review! It makes me feel more confident about my writing then I have in a long time!!

I decided that Hannah would be a good choice to switch since when we see her in GoF she is awful to Harry... it just seemed so very Dracoish. :)

Narcissa is well just as her name suggests... she is about herself and making sure that nothing changes that. I am sure that it was sort of like Henry the VIII in terms of pressure to produce a male. I would suspect that she would feel like an utter failure and that her position would be compromised if she could not obtain a son for her husband.

Yeah... the lullabye... I was hoping it would come off as really creepy and make people think of the movies you see now a days where you have that disembodied child's voice singing a simple lullabye and making it sound frightening.

Thank you again!!! :D


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Review #10, by AngelEyez3954 Cradle and all

16th October 2015:

This is creepy and beautifully written - I just love it! It is so believable with Narcissa's character.

The only thing I am surprised is that she didn't obliviate the two midwitches, so they could not come forward later to say the baby was really a girl.

Otherwise, a truly awesome story! And definitely fitting for the challenge.


Author's Response: LJ!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing this! I am so happy you liked it and found it believable!

Ah yes, oops... I forgot to add that part! Thank you so much for pointing that out and I have already changed it and credited you for catching that!

Thank you Again! :D


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