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Review #1, by Mirrormirrorlove Surprise

2nd December 2015:
Oh my gosh this story is so cute and just so perfectly done. I feel myself getting so giddy reading this over. It's so enticing, and detailed and I just love albus and scorpius together. I could not stop smiling when reading this and each of your three stories keep just getting better than the next(though I still love the jarvey ;)
Please make another one of these! I would love to see how thier relationship now develops once their officially together

Author's Response: Omg you made my day with this review! Thank you :) (Jarvey is one of my favorites!)

I plan on keeping on going with them. I like them too much!

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Review #2, by May Surprise

9th November 2015:
I have read this story again I like it a lot it's so full of love and romance and a good quididich match

Author's Response: Thanks May :) hopefully I can write another one soon!

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Review #3, by ScorpiusRose17 Surprise

19th October 2015:

I can not begin to thank you enough for dedicating such a wonderful story to me! I am truly honored and so grateful!!

This was so wonderful! I loved seeing the match and seeing Albus worry about how his team would do, but that Gryffindor courage wins out in the end. I remember so well how those first lasts felt while in school and I thought you did it justice with describing the feelings that come along with those moments. I also really liked the match. It wasn't drawn out, but you give enough detail to really be able to picture the entire thing. I love that Slytherin won... that could be a bias opinion though! ;)

Thank you for not making Harry, Ginny, Astoria and Draco hate one another! I have read so many stories where the families dislike one another and it gets old. I thought it was great that they were able to really get a long and accept their children's relationship. It's believable. I have always seen Harry as the more reasonable when it comes to Draco after the war then Ron and Hermione. You kept to that.

I loved how the walls broke down and I love how they held hands even though they were being hugged. It showed the depth of their connection.

This is just a great way to really bring their relationship into the open and to really do justice to how their relationship began and bring it full circle.

Again, Thank you so much for dedicating such a wonderful story to me. Words just really cannot express how grateful I am! I did have quite a few tears of happiness for the both of them!!!

Thank you for being an awesome friend!


Author's Response: Jenn!

This review left me in tears. Seriously you always know how to make my day brighter. I really wanted them to be happy in the end, or really just come out as like "hey this is what is going on and i am not ashamed of it." so I hope I got that feeling across!

I don't think that they would have hated each other. I think there was some bond formed when Harry saved Draco and then the entire wizarding world. They may not be chummy but cordial. Gah.

Your words make me proud of myself so thank you thank you thank you! You are a great friend :) and I hope I can be there for you whatever you need!

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Review #4, by May Surprise

19th October 2015:
Wonderfull story I loved the match it was great

Author's Response: Thank you, May. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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