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Review #1, by Musing Chapter Two

24th December 2015:
Hi Mikaela!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you are enjoying your holidays! I am here for the QTR Holiday Fun!

I chose this novel since I have never read anything about Charlie before. I just read the first two chapters and I'm intrigued, to say the least. The prologue piqued my interest. I really want to know more about what happened to Kinsie and Easton that they were living confined in a flat and what forced Kinsie to get her memory wiped. Chapter 1 introduces Charlie and Charlotte. I really liked the way you introduced Charlie as a fresher at the Cuib Balaur (great name, by the way). Is Charlotte Kinsie? Or those two hold no connection? I can't wait to know!

In my opinion, second person POV is the most difficult to pull. But here, it feels completely natural. I really really love your descriptions. The first few lines of both the chapters were so beautiful, I couldn't help but whisper "Wow!" Seriously, you are great with descriptions!

I really loved the chapters! Can't wait to read more!


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Review #2, by Peeves the Poltergeist Chapter One

11th October 2015:
Hello all! In the spirit of Halloween, I am doing something EXTRA special! If you are reading this, you are now a part of the Poltergeist chain! If you don't review TWO other people using the anonymous review name Peeves the Poltergeist within in TWENTY-FOUR (24) hours, I will drop chairs on your head until All Hallows Eve! You must copy the line and the portion above it and paste it into the beginning of each of your TWO reviews. Please try to review someone who hasn't already been reviewed by Peeves. Repeats are allowed, but discouraged. Happy Halloween!

_ - _ - _ - _ - _ - _ - _ - _ - _ - _ - _ - _ - _

I saw you had a new story and since it's only got one review so far, I thought you'd like some love on it! What an intriguing start to a story! I have so many questions that I'm asking myself after this and really I just want to read on and find out what's going to happen next. Who are the characters? Why are they here? What are they doing?

The narrative was really well written. It was so mysterious because of the fact I didn't recognise any of the names and the present tense worked really well to pull me right into the story regardless of that fact. I'm intrigued about what's going to happen next - is she protecting herself (or someone else) by losing her memory? Overall, this was just a great start to your story and I really enjoyed reading it!

-Peeves the Poltergeist

Author's Response: Hiya Peeves!

I have unfortunately been out of commission for quite a while due to RL responsibilities so I hope the chairs aren't too heavy that you're dropping! xD

But I do have to say, thank you so much for dropping by with a review! New stories make me super nervous when I first post them and getting feedback always helps reassure me that I've got something good going! So really, thanks for that!

As for the questions.I love questions! I love drawing people in, intriguing them by being specifically unspecific and placing out a ton of unknown characters and setting up a plot that doesn't quite make sense. It's one of my favourite things about writing, because now I have this cool little space to create this character in your head and I'm just so excited about it...

But really, I'm glad that the mysterious air held it's ground here. I'm not much of a mystery writer, but I think the slight edge of it will hover around this story for quite a while. Which is percisely what I want. I'm also glad that the present tense helps with that. It's my first time really focusing on POV and tensing like this, as it's two new things, or things I haven't done in a while.

Andd while I haven't really answered any questions in this response, I will gaurantee there will be answers coming in future chapters! Maybe more questions at first, just to play it up a bit, but overall, there will be answers and things will start making sense as we move forward!

Thanks again for the review!

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Review #3, by fwoopersong8 Chapter One

10th October 2015:
Wow, this is intriguing.
Who is this Kinz? Or this Easton? And why is she going to murder the most important person in the world? Or find his body or something. And is she turning herself into a Muggle? Why? And who are these people? And why is she on lockdown? So many questions!
I found a strange typo in the middle of the chapter. "you assure him quietly." I think you meant "she."
This is a very gripping story. It was a little slow at the beginning, as there was a lot of description and long paragraphs, but once we got past the scene with Easton, it picked up. I liked the Easton part, but maybe there could be a little less description. Just a style preference on my part.
Anyway, I hope you post again soon so we can find out what happens after that "Obliviate!"

Author's Response: Hiya Songs!

Thanks for stopping by for a read of this chapter! It's a new story, totally new idea, and totally new writing style! I haven't touched third person in a while and I'm going at this at an angle I haven't tried it's good to get feedback as to what I've crafted.

As for questions? Well, I like them. It means I've left a string of events that don't quite make sense, but is enough to draw interest. It's part of a stylistic thing I'm trying and I'm hoping to ease people into it's part of the reason why it starts with so much description. It sets the stage for how future chapters will come about, I think, and I know it's slow and boring but I think the evolution of how it's significant will help later on. Either that or I'll go on a mass edit and change most of it! xD

As for the weird typo...thanks for pointing it out! I've been strictly writing in second person for a while and it's hard to adjust to third person thanks again for catching that.

As for actual characters? I adore Easton. He's got a good head on his shoulders and he's really good for much as she lets him in. She sort of has her own little flare and the poor guy hasn't quite figured out how to read her as well as she should...but they are really adorable together and I can't wait for the opportunities to write them a little more. As for plot...I've got nothing to say on that for the time being. More will come out as we get going and the other set of characters get introduced...

Thanks so much for readig and leaving a review!

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