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Review #1, by The Raven Rise, Dance.

19th August 2016:
First off, I must apologize. In my previous review, I forgot to mention that these are gifts from your secret admirer for the Pass It Along Challenge.

Now that thatís been taken care, off we go with another minor character story. Tell me dear, why do you adore minor characters so much? Not that Iím complaining, you have such a deft way of handling them that itís a pleasure to read.

So Andromeda Ö I havenít really read anything about her, but immediately itís easy to sympathize with her. Imagine having a life of luxury only to give it up for love. The strain that could easily put on a marriage, as could struggling financially.

Ted is a sweetheart and perfect gentleman. I adore how he holds her in the kitchen when he first arrivs and then later bringing out the gramophone and dancing with her.

Such a sweet tale. You strike a perfect balance here - itís fluffy, yes, but not the tooth-rotting syrupy variety. Well done!

Yours most cordially,
The Raven

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Review #2, by julietlove Rise, Dance.

26th May 2016:
I love this so much! You write them so well! This was beautiful.

Author's Response: I'm so pleased you liked it! I have a soft spot for Ted and Andromeda and I'm glad you enjoyed reading about my version of them. Thank you for the review!

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Review #3, by TheEmotionalTeaspoon Rise, Dance.

10th April 2016:
Oh wow! This was so sweet!

Your description of the flat was really vivid, and I could completely understand why Andromeda was having difficulties adjusting to her new life. I'm sure it would be easy to feel down if you were cold and struggling for money all the time! So the way you brought the mood around with Ted's arrival was really sweet; I think the way you showed Andromeda's dependance on him for things like cooking and washing up charms really gave a glimpse into the couple's dynamic.

The final dancing scene was so lovely to read, I think you did a brilliant job of it, and the overall piece!

-Kate x

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Review #4, by Dojh167 Rise, Dance.

10th April 2016:
Hello lovely, I am here to hug you and your story ♥

I could definitely use some short and sweet tonight. How did you know?

Andromeda is such a great character, and I really like how you've explored her here. It can be a little too easy to fall into the trap of making her too idealistic and too separated from her roots personality-wise, but I think you've hit a good balance here, while still keeping things light.

I like that although you're writing outside of your typical comfort zone here, you keep the story grounded in something that feels realistic. You don't try to make everything overly cheery, and instead start out with a very real description of what their life is like and why she has doubts, which makes the sweetness to come more meaningful.

I also like how you emphasize the non-magical aspects of their home - the electricity, the cooler, the poor heating.

I think it's interesting that Andromeda thinks he has sacrificed a lot to be with her. Normally she is characterized as the one who has made the biggest sacrifice, so I'm wondering what he has given up in the world of this story.

Haha, I just had the thought that probably a lot of people weren't listening during the home ec section of Charms class.

I think the gramophone is such a sweet gift. It is such a muggle thing, but it also something beautiful and romantic, and that is such a meaningful gesture to Andromeda.

(for some reason I'm imagining Like A Phoenix has the same tune as Like A Virgin. Don't mind me)

Oh, and that ending is so sweet! I love how you bring back the failing electricity. It really connects the whole story together, and I love the image of them dancing together in the dark (no matter to what tune).

I really loved this! It definitely still had your style in it, even though it is not the kind of thing you usually write.

Loved it as always!


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Review #5, by secret cupid Rise, Dance.

15th February 2016:
Hello there!
This is a beautifully described one-shot. you've written some gorgeous descriptive phrases, like the wallpaper peeling off in huge strips and the tomato juice all over her hands. i feel like I can really see their crummy apartment.

it makes such an impact reading about their apartment which makes andromeda so uncomfortable and their relationship, which toward the end of the chapter is so comforting. The contrast you build up between them is wonderful.

i also love the little details you include which refer back to an earlier time in their relationship- like the train tickets and how she heard that song the day they met. knowing those sweet little details really makes me root for them.

thanks for the great read!

your secret cupid

Author's Response: Hi Elise! It's taken me far too long to reply to these lovely reviews, but I hope you know that I loved them and they really made me smile!

I'm really pleased you liked the descriptions in this piece! I wanted to try and build up a picture for the reader so they could contrast it with the sort of opulence that is normally associated with pureblood characters, because I had this really clear image in my mind. I'm glad you liked it and felt able to see it too!

I love Andromeda and Ted as a couple, and the more I write about them, the more I love them - I'm so glad that you were rooting for them!

Thank you for this lovely review!

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Review #6, by Owlpost68 Rise, Dance.

19th January 2016:
This was different than anything I'd read about Dromeda and Ted. I hadn't thought of them living with muggles. Was it because they were in hiding? That was what I didn't quite understand. Were they married yet? He called her Black, so I wondered. I thought it was funny she couldn't cook and clean, that makes a lot of sense. Being so used to house elves I can understand that. I thought it was nice that you did a story about how hard it can be changing your entire life, even if it is for the better, it's still change and still hard. Great job!

Reviewed for the Gold team of the review battle!

Author's Response: Hi Heather!

I might not have made it clear enough in this story, but I imagine this is where Ted and Andromeda ended up after they left Hogwarts. Since Ted was from a Muggle family I can imagine them going to live in the Muggle world since Andromeda's family wouldn't have as much influence there. I imagine them going to live together for a while before they get married, because not many people get married when they're eighteen.

I'm glad you liked the fact that I wrote a story about their struggle to adapt to their new life - especially Andromeda - and the way I characterised her. Thank you for a lovely review!

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Review #7, by Felpata Lupin Rise, Dance.

10th January 2016:
Hi, Sian!

So, I'm a horrible person and I've fallen so horribly behind schedule with birthday reviews...
So, very very late, I'll wish you in one go

Ok, now onto the story!

This was so lovely! I can imagine Andromeda's frustration, having grown up in a sort of aristocratic environment and finding herself struggling with lack of money, electricity not working and housekeeping (I can relate on that point... I'm an awful housewife...)

But Ted is so adorable... He is such a caring and sweet boyfriend, and he clearly loves her so much! It is so sweet how he can make her feel serene with just a touch. They are so adorable together!!!

And his surprise was just so lovely, too! And the dance... Does Ted have a brother (as adorable as him) I can borrow? Just saying...

I loved this piece! I loved Ted and Dromeda and I loved the fact that happiness can be found in the little things, even when life seems hard! I'm so glad you decided to try the short and sweet challenge, because you created a little masterpiece here!

Great work! Hope you had a lovely birthday and a great holiday season!

Much, much love!

Author's Response: Chiara ♥ Ah, this was so unexpected and so completely sweet of you, thank you so much for stopping by to leave a review!

I always imagined that for Andromeda, one of the biggest difficulties for her starting out a new life with Ted would be the fact that her circumstances had changed so much; there's suddenly so much of life that she's not prepared for, and I think that would put a lot of strain on their relationship. I'm glad that it made sense to you and you can imagine her frustration!

I'm really pleased you liked Ted! He's so sweet and I always imagine him as being a grounding influence for Andromeda, in some ways - he's probably had a lot more experience of doing things for himself (especially since he's not been able to do magic in his holidays). But he's so thoughtful and kind (he's such a 'Puff :D) and I really wanted him to have a lovely surprise for her.

Hehe, I'll ask him for you but I'm not sure on that one ;)

Thank you so much for your lovely, thoughful review! ♥ I'm so glad that you enjoyed this story!

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Review #8, by TreacleTart Rise, Dance.

21st October 2015:
Hey Sian!

Back for another review for the Red vs. Gold review battle!

Fluff is one of those categories that I'm always terrified to read because I find that I'm so very critical of it. I'm not a fan of syrupy sweet unrealistic love, so I was a bit nervous going into this, but it became quickly apparent that I had nothing to worry about. You made it fluff, but you did it in a way that seemed to fit reality.

I could imagine someone like Andromeda coming from a Pureblood family silently resenting being poor for the first time. It would be a hard life for a woman like her to suddenly give up magic and start doing things by hand. I think the lack of heat and electricity would really be frustrating.

Ted is just so adorable in this as well. His thoughtfulness and his ability to understand how Andromeda is feeling are just amazing. Where can I find me a guy like that? just kidding. But seriously, I loved how thoughtful he was and how he knew exactly what would make her feel better.

I always wish that I could provide you with some sort of CC, but alas, as usual your writing is flawless and i have nothing constructive to offer.

Great job at something a bit lighter than usual!


Author's Response: Hi Kaitlin!

I'm not a big fan of fluff either - I do like reading it from time to time, but when it comes to writing it, I find it so difficult to achieve something that seems realistic and believable but at the same time sweet. I'm glad that you liked the way that I wrote this, though!

When I started writing this, I definitely imagined that Andromeda would have had a lot of difficulty adjusting to a life without everything that she was used to. So many stories portray life straight out of Hogwarts as something easy and fun, but I find that so unrealistic and I wanted to portray that aspect here. I'm so glad you thought that made sense.

Ted is so sweet ♥ The more I write and read of Andromeda and Ted, I think he's such a wonderful character. He's so sweet and thoughtful and I really think that Andromeda is lucky to have him - I'm so happy you liked him too!

Thank you again for another lovely review!

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Review #9, by Peeves the Poltergeist Rise, Dance.

10th October 2015:
Hello all! In the spirit of Halloween, I am doing something EXTRA special! If you are reading this, you are now a part of the Poltergeist chain! If you don't review TWO other people using the anonymous review name Peeves the Poltergeist within in TWENTY-FOUR (24) hours, I will drop chairs on your head until All Hallows Eve! You must copy the line and the portion above it and paste it into the beginning of each of your TWO reviews. Please try to review someone who hasn't already been reviewed by Peeves. Repeats are allowed, but discouraged. Happy Halloween!

_ - _ - _ - _ - _ - _ - _ - _ - _ - _ - _ - _ - _

Aww! This was so sweet! I really enjoyed reading this story and I think you did a wonderful job on it. I really liked the way the title kind of ties into the story and (am i reading too much into this?) symbolizes Andromeda's new life, how she rose from the ashes of who she used to be and is now becoming a new person, one who is exposed to love and light, instead of darkness and hate. The ending was really striking in this story and I could really empathize with both Ted and Andromeda in this story. Overall, this was just a pleasure to read and I'm so glad that you ventured out of your comfort zone and wrote this!

-Peeves the Poltergeist

Author's Response: Peeves! Ah, you're being so nice... I'm a little worried that this means you're planning to wreak havoc later on. But I'll thank you cautiously for this lovely review first of all!

I'm really pleased that you enjoyed the story! And nope, you're not reading too much into it at all - the title is definitely meant to symbolise Andromeda's new life, hence why it's her favourite song as well - I'm so pleased you picked up on it :D Thank you for your lovely review, and I'm happy you liked it!

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Review #10, by daliha Rise, Dance.

10th October 2015:
I saw this on your status and I was curious to see this one shot. I love the way you describe Andromeda missing her old life, definitely realistic, it a sweet romantic story and you achieved it in so little words, Congrats there, I wish you luck on that challenge :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm really pleased you enjoyed it; I always thought that it would be difficult for Andromeda to experience so much change in her life but I'm glad you thought that was realistic. Thank you for your lovely review, too!

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Review #11, by confessions of a Gryffindor Rise, Dance.

8th October 2015:
Adorable! I love it.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #12, by Shadowkat Rise, Dance.

8th October 2015:
I love it! Ted and Andromeda is one of my favorite ships, and I think you certainly did them justice here. I can imagine it would be extremely hard on her, but she goes through it for him, for the ability to have each other. It's so sweet.

Author's Response: Ah, I'm really pleased you enjoyed it! I love Ted and Andromeda together, too, and it was so fun to write this one-shot and I'm really glad you liked it! Thank you for the review!

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Review #13, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing Rise, Dance.

8th October 2015:
Ahh you posted!! I'm so excited Sian!! Okay this isn't going to be a review, more like a squee fest because I've already read this through so many times and it's just perfect. I loved every single part of it and now I'll try and put that into coherent sentences.

There aren't nearly enough stories about Ted and Andromeda and in all honesty I find them fascinating as characters. They give up and risk so much to be with each other than you just know they're love has to be strong, just to get through it. You encompass all that in such a short fic and it is truly a beautiful thing. This is exactly the kind of Ted/Andromeda I have in head.

I think what Andromeda feels at the beginning is perfectly natural. It can't have been easy giving everything up but she knows that it's what's best and even though she goes through all the low points, she's still there at the end of the day, waiting for Ted when he comes home. She focuses too much on the negative and doesn't realise how strong she is to turn her back on her life and family to do what is right, and of course, be with the man she loves.

But Ted! He's just so warm and lovely and caring and gah. He's not fooled, he knows exactly what's going through Andromedas head and he just picks her up and makes her feel better with very little effort on his part, showing just how much they are in tune with each other and how deep their feelings truly run. The thoughtfulness of his gift is just astounding too. The scene at the end couldn't be any more perfect.

Your description and word choice throughout this was beautiful and I felt like I watched the whole thing play out in my head with ease. It literally melted my heart into a pile of mush when they were dancing, it was such an adorable moment.

It's so good to see you venture into writing some fluff! You do it well, I hope you'll try writing some more and give me lots more warm fuzzies and feels very very soon ♥

As promised this was all squee and no content so apologies for that but I hope you know how much I adore this story. Honestly. I really truly do!!

Lauren ♥

Author's Response: Lauren! ♥ This review is just so sweet and nice and lovely and I don't know how to respond, because I'm just blushing and so thankful ♥

I really love Ted and Andromeda too! I love reading stories about them because they really are fascinating characters and exploring them here was great fun. I'm so pleased that the Ted and Andromeda I wrote about here are the way that you see them too - they really have to be strong and believe in their love to do what they do and it's just such a heartwarming story in some ways, even though they don't have a happy ending, they do have all these years of happiness before they're torn apart.

Andromeda has been used to such a sheltered and comfortable life, and even though she's learnt that she doesn't agree with her family's values and she doesn't want to follow their lifestyle and the way that they perpetuate pureblood ideals, it's still hard at times for her to adapt to such a different life, and on those occasions it's a lot easier to remember the positive sides of the past and miss them.

Ted is adorable, and I love him so much - I really wanted to portray him this way, and he knows exactly how hard it must be for Andromeda and suspects what she's feeling even when she doesn't say anything. I think him knowing her that well is part of what helps to make them so strong, since she's not from the sort of family that's used to sharing things. I loved writing him - he's like the epitome of a Hufflepuff, kind and caring and so sweet to her. I'm really pleased you liked my characterisation of him!

Thank you so, so much for this lovely review and all the compliments on my writing, Lauren, I can't tell you how much it means to me! ♥

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