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Review #1, by moonbaby11 Out Of It

5th November 2015:
Hello! I am finally getting around to reviewing the entries in the Up for Grabs Challenge, so here I am!

I think this was a wonderfully creepy story! Perhaps it's because Halloween was only a few days ago, but this definitely had the feeling of an old horror movie to it. It was very vague and left a lot to the reader's imagination, but I feel that often times that helps horror stories. Sometimes what the readers imagine is even more terrifying than anything that you could straight out show or tell them. I have a few theories as to what happened in that building, all of them rather creepy, and I like the fact that it was all left up to my imagination!

That being said, I felt that this was a little short. Maybe a bit more description would aid this story. I enjoyed the eeriness, but I didn't feel like it lasted long enough. I would suggest adding more in the middle of the story -- not the end because I like the sort of ambiguous ending! -- just to make this story even better!

I like the banner that you've chosen. I think the look of Pansy and the colour and lighting scheme really give off the idea of a mystery. It certainly fits the genre that you ended up writing for, so I think it was a very good choice!

All in all, I think you have a strong mystery/horror story here! This was a great read and I want to thank you for entering my challenge :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much

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Review #2, by Peeves Out Of It

17th October 2015:
Hllo all! In the spirit of Halloween, I am doing something EXTRA special! If you are reading this, you are now a part of the Poltergeist chain! If you don't review TWO other people using the anonymous review name Peeves the Poltergeist within in TWENTY-FOUR (24) hours, I will drop chairs on your head until All Hallows Eve! You must copy the line and the portion above it and paste it into the beginning of each of your TWO reviews. Please try to review someone who hasn't already been reviewed by Peeves. Repeats are allowed, but discouraged. Happy Halloween!

Well now, this was interesting! Though, now you have me wondering what those creepy ladies really are...whatever they might be, I can't say I particuarly like them. They're as freaky as the Bloody Boron! Oh, how I'd love to ransack that place, it would be oh-so-fun to wipe away those grins!

Is there by chance a possibility you'll expand on this? Like Pansy, I too have a natural curiosity, as anyone who's met me knows. Getting in on juicy gossip, finding out people's secrets, taking diaries, it's all very entertaining. Unlike Pansy, I don't think I'd have stuck around...not without the proper equipment, that is. But honestly, you really should give a little more information. Left on a bit of a cliffie there.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review Peeves it was rather nice of you to stop by and say something nice and not rude :D I actually am going to expand on it soon I too felt it needs more but I wanted to get it in before it was due for the challenge. Thanks again

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