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Reading Reviews for Eternity
10 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Dojh167 Eternity

11th March 2016:
Hello, Jayde!

I neglected to read this story when it was story of the month in November, and I'm catching up now!

You paint Ginny is a very relate-able character here. Of course we've all had that feeling of wanting to sleep past our alarm, and then the sweet feeling of realizing we actually could! You also used this to subtly set the scene of when this story is set and what Ginnny's responsibilities are.

The alarm clock did stand out to me as somewhat unusual, as a muggle item. I suppose i could have been enhanced with magic, but the fact that Ginny turned it off by the button and not her wand made that seem unlikely to me.

It also says something about Ginny's selflessness that she wakes up thinking about her children and her husband, and the fact that it's her birthday doesn't even cross her mind until she reads Harry's note.

I really like the format of this chapter, because it allows us to both focus in on a very specific moment in Ginny's life, giving the feel of a normal day, ad also gives us glimpses into their special moments together over the years.

I love that when James was born Teddy's hair is the same color as Harry's.

Seven straight pages of birth photos, haha. Busy couple! It also speaks to the fact that, in between, they were too busy at home to slow down and take many pictures of their growing children.

Overall, this story is incredibly cute. I love how you wove together tiny details to give us a very heartwarming pictures of life at the Potters'.


Author's Response: Hello again Sam! Thank you SO much for another AMAZING review! ♥

I'm glad that you think Ginny is relate-able! And yes, I was hoping that bit at the beginning would help set the scene and explain what time frame this is, so I'm glad to hear that it did!

You know, I'm so glad you pointed out the alarm clock... I hadn't even THOUGHT about it being a muggle artifact that Ginny wouldn't be used to using! Thank you SO much for paying so much attention to detail and bringing it up! I'll have to think of a way to re-word or otherwise better explain that!

Yes, I think Ginny would be a lot like her Mom when it comes to her husband and children, I can imagine her being just as selfless as Molly in that way, and I'm glad you picked up on that!

And thank you for your comment about the format! Honestly, I wanted a way to do exactly what you described - show a specific moment while still focusing on all the sweet moments in Ginny and Harry's relationship, and I'm so happy to hear that you liked it!

Haha, again, you're picking up on such tiny details! I'd honestly forgotten I'd even written in the bit about Teddy's hair, it's been a while since I wrote this. :P Thank you SO much for being such a detailed reader, and I'm happy that you enjoyed it!

Haha, yes, 7 straight pages of birth pictures is quite a lot! Honestly, I'd like to have added in more pages of pictures in between, but this was written for the short and sweet challenge so it was meant to be a one-shot, and I was getting awfully close to the cutoff for the word count limit, so I had to leave out a few things I'd like to have added in. But yes, that could definitely be explained away by them being so busy taking care of their children, so we'll go with that as the reason for no in-between pictures. XD

Aww, thank you SO much, I'm so glad you thought this was cute as that's definitely what I was aiming for!

Thank you again, SO much, for such an amazing review! ♥ *Squish*

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Review #2, by Jayna Eternity

25th December 2015:
Hello Jayde! First off, happy holidays (and a wonderful New Year)! Next this was so sweet and just adorable. I loved how by making the present a picture book, you included little stories within stories about each page.

I think my favorite part was the note before the blank pages, and even though it was a bit cheesy, it fit perfectly and seemed totally like something Harry would write.

I also really enjoyed the style you wrote those little snapshots in. It really felt like I was glancing from one photo to the next, the way you didn't go very in-depth, but did describe the photo and what it meant to Ginny. Overall, this was a super sweet one-shot and it definitely made me smile.

Lily was super cute, and the only question I had was where was Albus? I mean, he probably would have been at home and I would have loved to see how you wrote him, but I guess it didn't quite fit what was going on.

Again, I'm glad I got a chance to read this, and I hope your holidays are splendid!


P.S: This was a slightly late Hot Seat Review.

Author's Response: Jaynaaa! Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by and leaving this amazing review!

Thank you so much for your compliment - that's actually exactly why I used the book - I wanted to find a way to incorporate lots of wonderful memories for this challenge!

Teehee - I'm glad you liked the note before the blank pages and you thought it was definitely something Harry would write, even though it was a little cheesy! :P

I'm glad you liked the snapshots! I really wanted it to feel like you were flipping from one photo to the next, and I'm glad it felt that way to you! I couldn't go TOO in-depth, because of the word count limit that I was already SERIOUSLY pushing, but I'm glad it still conveyed what the pictures meant to Ginny.

Haha, honestly in my mind, Albus was at home, and so was James, but they were a little older and therefore in their minds "too cool" to come serve their Mom breakfast in bed on her birthday. :P But, maybe I should have included a mention of that somewhere - thanks for pointing that out!

I'm very glad you read this also, thank you so much for this squee-worthy review! I hope your holidays were amazing as well!

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Review #3, by Felpata Lupin Eternity

23rd December 2015:
Hi, Jayde!
Here again for your Hot Seat!!! :D
And I had nearly forgot that I wanted to read this since you won November's SotM... I'm profiting now... :P

And I can totally see why you won! This is really adorable!!! :)
I'm sure Harry would be a wonderful husband, and I can totally imagine him doing this for Ginny. The album is such a sweet idea for a birthday present, and he really did a lovely job with it!

Little Lily, with all her entusiasm, was just so adorable too! And speaking of children, I loved how you described through the pictures the reactions of the older siblings to the younger ones. So cute!!!

Everything about this little story was super cute, actually! I just loved it all!!!
Amazing job, Jayde! You are a great writer!!!

All my love and hugs!

Author's Response: Chiaraaa! You are spoiling me! ♥

Thank you for another AMAZING review!

Awww, thank you so much! I'm glad you think the album was a good idea, and I really agree that Harry would be a great husband to Ginny!

Thanks! I'm glad you liked Lily, and the description of the older childrens' reactions to their siblings being born! :D

Thank you SO MUCH! ♥

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Review #4, by marauderfan Eternity

21st December 2015:

I've already reviewed all of Keeping Secrets so it looks like I'm jumping right in to all of your recent one-shots! I remember this won the featured story in the CR a few months back so I'm excited to read it.

Aww, this was just so cute! The fluff meter was basically off the chart, and I'm pretty impressed by that because I really struggle to write fluff.

I really loved the opening few paragraphs how it's all focused on this unholy sound coming from the alarm clock and why won't it just shut up already - a feeling I think anyone who has ever had to wake up before they wanted to can relate to.

Aw. I think it said a lot that Ginny's first thought was that Harry had to go in to work on a Saturday. It's a nice little touch of realism - their life is not 100% perfect and Ginny's probably annoyed by how often things like this happen. Of course, this isn't what happened, but the way her thoughts drifted to this was such a realistic angle.

I'm glad she was wrong though, and what a wonderful surprise from Harry and Lily! Lily's obliviousness was super cute and I loved the way she wanted to eat the breakfast after spending so long making it :p And that photo album Harry made sounds absolutely lovely, something I'm sure Ginny will cherish for years to come. And of course it's extra special knowing how much Harry loves his photo album of his parents, I just really liked that touch as something that so important to Harry, he would make something like it for his wife.

What an adorable story! ♥

Author's Response: KRISTIN!

Thank you SO much for stopping by with this amazing review!

Awww! I'm so happy that you thought this was cute! I was definitely aiming for fluffy here for the challenge I wrote this for, so I'm happy it paid off! And you can't fool me, I've read quite a few of your pieces and you don't struggle to write anything, missy!! ♥

I'm glad you liked the first few chapters and that stupid alarm clock. YAS, I think everyone knows how frustrating that sound can be! :P

And I'm glad you thought Ginny thinking Harry had to go in to work was a realistic touch!

I'm really thrilled that you enjoyed Lily and photo album as well! I really wanted to include several important and sweet moments from Harry and Ginny's life together, but I couldn't think of a way to do it. And then one day, the photo album just popped into my head and I knew I had a keeper! :P

Thank you again, SO MUCH for this! ♥

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Review #5, by dreamgazer220 Eternity

4th December 2015:
Hey Jayde!

I've been meaning to read this one for a while, and when I saw that it won the November Featured Story, I knew I had to check it out.

THIS WAS SO ADORABLE. I loved the way you wrote Ginny, and the details of Harry's gift that you provided really brought it to life. Lily was also so adorable, and just ugh. It was so good! It makes me want to read more, even though it stands perfectly on its own.

Amazing job!

Author's Response: You are just completely spoiling me with reviews! ♥ Thank you SO much for stopping by to read and review this! *squishes*

Aww, thank you! I'm glad you think it was adorable! Thank you SO much for your amazing compliments, this review just makes me want to squee!!

Thank you!!

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Review #6, by wolfgirl17 Eternity

1st December 2015:
Hey Jayde,

I saw you'd posted this new fic and won November Story of the Month so I've popped over to check out how fantastic you are! My cheeks hurt from smiling so hard as I read this absolutely fabulous one-shot. I completely adored the way you've captured this snippet in Ginny's life.

I love how thoughtful Harry was with his gift and I especially loved the way you captured the memories he included in the picture for the album so well. I was a particular fan of Albus crying when Lily was born. Typical middle sibling syndrome beginning right there.

I adored how cute little Lily was too, though I now have plunnies for her stealing the kiss Harry meant for Ginny because she's a total Daddy's girl. So cute how she wanted to share Ginny's breakfast because she helped make it. You really captured family life within this fic. I loved the fluffiness and the entire story.

You definitely deserved to win the award. This story is truly delightful to read. I don't read a lot of Hinny fics usually, though I'm an avid shipper of them, so it was a lovely surprise to delve into this one and find such a sweet morsel to devour. You've fed the inner fluff-demon with this one, that's for sure!

Thanks so much for all you do with your writing and for contributing such brilliant work to the archives! I love reading your stuff. You're awesome honey!


Author's Response: Ellie!! ♥

Thank you SO much for stopping by to read and review this1 *Squishes*

Awww! Thank you so much for your kind words - I'm so happy that this made you smile!

I'm thrilled that you like the gift, and the memories. Yes, I figured Al would be a little upset at Lily's birth :P

Haha, YES, she's a total Daddy's girl, and if you have plunnies GO WRITE THEMM PLZ! I need to read it! :D

This was my first attempt at pure fluff so I'm glad you liked the fluffiness, as well as that you think I captured family life!

Awww, thank you SO much, I'm so flattered! This review is seriously making me squee and want to cry - THANK YOU! ♥ *squishes*

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Review #7, by CassiePotter Eternity

15th November 2015:
Hi Jayde! I'm here for the November Review Exchange!
THIS WAS SO CUTE. OH MY GOSH. I loved every second of it. I thought you did a wonderful job writing Harry and Ginny. They went through so much when they were younger and fighting in the war, that I always love it when people write stories about them that just focus on their love for each other, and keep things simple.
This story was so sweet, and Harry is such a kind, loving husband! He gave Ginny such a meaningful gift, and it's clear that it's something she's going to cherish for the rest of her life, and it's something that they can add to as their lives together go on, and their love just continues to grow.
I loved your descriptions of the different pictures in the book. I could really picture every milestone for the Potters, and I loved that Ginny got to relive all those happy memories.
The end of this was just the cutest thing! Lily was so adorable! I think the sweetest part was when she asked if she could have some of Ginny's breakfast. You did a great job writing such a young child!
I think this story was so lovely. You did an amazing job showcasing Harry and Ginny's love for each other, and kept things short, sweet, and simple. You didn't overdo it, and really let their love shine through and take center stage. You did a wonderful job with this!
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Cassie!! *Squeals* THIS REVIEW MADE MY WEEK! THANK YOU!!

This is actually my first attempt at Harry/Ginny, so I'm really glad you think I did a good job with it! I'm a sucker for a Harry/Ginny also - they really DID have to overcome a lot of obstacles to be together!

This was actually my first attempt at pure fluff, also, and it was for a fluff challenge, so I'm happy you thought it was sweet! I'm so glad you liked the gift, also!

Thank you SO much for your comments about the description! I'm so flattered! And your comments about little Lily as well! ♥

I am SO happy that you enjoyed this and I just can't stop squeeing about this review! THANK YOU!

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Review #8, by MuggleMaybe Eternity

19th October 2015:
Aw, Jayde, this is SO CUTE I CAN'T EVEN DEAL! :wub:

I really love Harry and Ginny together, and seeing all of those lovely memories of their life after the war is so precious. :') Confession: I totally love Harry. What a catch!

I am the definition of NOT a morning person, and I really like dhow you wrote the opening of this story, with her thoughts not being quite clear. I particularly like that you have her arm fall onto the cold sheet when she reaches for Harry - something about that description practically made me tear up because I could feel how much she loves him.

I just love this! Adding to my favorites! :D

lots of love!

Author's Response: EEk! Your reviews make me squee!

I really love Harry and Ginny together, too - I think they're just made for each other and completely adorable! I'm so happy that you thought the memories were precious! And haha, don't worry, your secret is safe with me! :P

HAHA. Yeah, I'm not really a morning person, either, so that bit was definitely written from experience :P And Awww! I didn't mean to make you tear up, but I'm thrilled that you could feel the love between them!

EEk!! Thank you SO much for the favorite! And this amazing review!

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Review #9, by Lumos_x Eternity

19th October 2015:
Aw, how adorable!! I had a smile on my face the entire time I was reading. I think it's very nicely written and I think you portrayed Ginny's character well, especially as she contemplates giving Robards a piece of her mind if Harry has been dragged into the office! A lovely short story. I did think the ending was quite abrupt, but apart from that I really enjoyed it. :)

Author's Response: Awww, thank you so much! This was written for a Fluff challenge so I'm happy it made you smile!

Thank you SO much for your compliments! I'm so flattered! I'm sorry that the ending was abrupt, but I was working with a word limit and I was already EXTREMELY close to going over it! :(

Thank you again!

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Review #10, by May Eternity

9th October 2015:
Wonderfull short story

Author's Response: Thank you SO much!

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