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Review #1, by The Basilisk Prologue

28th December 2015:
What a dark ssstory. Youíve dropped us right at the end of a huge event, and Iím enjoying the ride. The fact that youíve started here is interesting, in the good way as thereís got to be more to this situation than meets the eye. Iím enjoying your characterization of Rose in contrast with her parents (how old is she?). Did Ron really leave? Poor Hermione. And is this Ms Brown, Lavender? If so, that layer of awkward must be palpable for Hermione and Ron.

Oh and then you took us back to see what happened. I think that maybe this section could be expanded, it kind of seemed rushed as there was a lack of description as opposed to the first section where Rose is observing everything. Surely she would have seen students around the library or stairwell. And Iím not sure how she knew to look towards the Black Lake. And why would Msss Brown show her the lake-to invoke emotion? That seems cruel now! Did Hugo drown? :(

ĎOnly later would they tell her what she had been screaming: Hugo, over and over until it no longer sounded like a name.í I would put a period after Hugo ;)

Happy writing and holidaysss!

Hiss hiss,
The Basilisk

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